Add a maintainers file
[reactos.git] / MAINTAINERS
1 List of maintainers for the ReactOS project
3 This file purpose is to give newcomers to the projet the responsible
4 developers when submitting a pull request on GitHub, or opening a bug
5 report on Jira.
7 This file will notably establish who is responsible for a specific
8 area of ReactOS. Being a maintainer means the following:
9 - that person has good knownledge in the area
10 - that person is able to enforce consistency in the area
11 - that person may be available for giving help in the area
12 Being a maintainer does not mean the following:
13 - that person is dedicated to the area
14 - that person is working full-time on the area/on ReactOS
15 - that person is paid
16 - that person is always available
18 We have no supported (paid) areas in ReactOS.
20 When submitting a pull request on GitHub and looking for reviewers,
21 look at that file and ask for a review from some of the people (M, R
22 - the most recently active in the area) listed in the matching area,
23 also, assign the pull request to the M person. Don't ask for a review
24 from all the listed reviewers.
25 Also, when submitted a pull request on GitHub, rules defined in
26 apply. And if the maintainer is not available and
27 reviewers approved the pull request, developers feeling confident
28 can merge the pull request.
29 When submitting a bug report on Jira, if you want to be sure to have
30 a developer with skills in that area, write @nick from M people.
32 There should be one and only one primary maintainer per area.
34 In case of 3rd party code (also refered as upstream), the maintainer
35 is responsible of updating periodically the source code and of
36 managing local patches. He is not here to upstream code on your behalf.
37 As responsible, he may refuse a local patch if you did not try to
38 upstream your changes.
40 This file uses a similar format to the Linux kernel MAINTAINERS file.
41 Descriptions of section entries used here:
42 M: Primary maintainer. Assign them pull requests
43 Use the GitHub, Jira, Real Name format for entry, squash if
44 some are overlapping
45 R: Reviewers. Ask them for review on pull requests
46 S: Status, one of the following:
47 Maintained: Someone is handling that area
48 Upstream: This is 3rd party code, synced in our tree
49 Abandoned: No one is handling that code anymore
50 F: Files. Directories, files (wildcards allowed) covered in
51 this area
52 C: Comments
54 Cache Manager
55 M: HeisSpiter, Pierre Schweitzer
56 S: Maintained
57 F: ntoskrnl/cc/
59 Cache Manager Rewrite
60 S: Abandonned
61 F: ntoskrnl/cache/
63 File Systems
64 M: HeisSpiter, Pierre Schweitzer
65 S: Maintained
66 F: drivers/filesystems/
67 F: sdk/lib/fslib/
68 C: Also see "Upstream File Systems"
70 File Systems Run Time Library
71 M: HeisSpiter, Pierre Schweitzer
72 S: Maintained
73 F: ntoskrnl/fsrtl/
74 F: sdk/lib/drivers/ntoskrnl_vista/fsrtl.c
76 IO Manager
77 M:
78 R: HeisSpiter, Pierre Schweitzer
79 S: Maintained
80 F: ntoskrnl/io/iomgr/
82 Network File Systems kernel libraries
83 M: HeisSpiter, Pierre Schweitzer
84 S: Maintained
85 F: sdk/lib/drivers/rdbsslib/
86 F: sdk/lib/drivers/rxce/
88 ROS internals tools
89 M: HeisSpiter, Pierre Schweitzer
90 S: Maintained
91 F: modules/rosapps/applications/rosinternals/
93 Upstream File Systems
94 M: HeisSpiter, Pierre Schweitzer
95 S: Upstream
96 F: base/services/nfsd/
97 F: dll/np/nfs/
98 F: dll/shellext/shellbtrfs/
99 F: drivers/filesystems/btrfs/
100 F: drivers/filesystems/cdfs/
101 F: drivers/filesystems/ext2/
102 F: drivers/filesystems/fastfat_new/
103 F: drivers/filesystems/ffs/
104 F: drivers/filesystems/nfs/
105 F: drivers/filesystems/reiserfs/
106 F: media/doc/README.FSD
107 F: sdk/lib/fslib/btrfslib/
108 F: sdk/lib/fslib/ext2lib/
109 F: sdk/lib/fslib/vfatlib/check/
111 Virtual CD-ROM
112 M: HeisSpiter, Pierre Schweitzer
113 S: Maintained
114 F: modules/rosapps/applications/cmdutils/vcdcli/
115 F: modules/rosapps/drivers/vcdrom/
117 Virtual Floppy Disk
118 M: HeisSpiter, Pierre Schweitzer
119 S: Upstream
120 F: modules/rosapps/applications/cmdutils/vfdcmd/
121 F: modules/rosapps/drivers/vfd/
123 Win32 file functions
124 M: HeisSpiter, Pierre Schweitzer
125 S: Maintained
126 F: dll/win32/kernel32/client/file/
128 Windows Network File Systems functions
129 M: HeisSpiter, Pierre Schweitzer
130 S: Upstream
131 F: dll/win32/mpr/wnet.c