[reactos.git] / base / shell / cmd / lang / sk-SK.rc
1 /* Slovak translation for CMD
2 * TRANSLATOR: Mário Kaèmár /Mario Kacmar/ aka Kario (kario@szm.sk)
3 * DATE OF TR: 21-03-2009
4 * LastChange: 10-08-2010
5 * _________________________________________________________________
6 * NOTE : this file is not fully translated
7 */
13 STRING_ASSOC_HELP, "Modify file extension associations.\n\n\
14 assoc [.ext[=[FileType]]]\n\
15 \n\
16 assoc (print all associations)\n\
17 assoc .ext (print specific association)\n\
18 assoc .ext= (remove specific association)\n\
19 assoc .ext=FileType (add new association)\n"
21 STRING_ATTRIB_HELP, "Displays or changes file attributes.\n\n\
22 ATTRIB [+R | -R] [+A | -A] [+S | -S] [+H | -H] file ...\n\
23 [/S [/D]]\n\n\
24 + Sets an attribute\n\
25 - Clears an attribute\n\
26 R Read-only file attribute\n\
27 A Archive file attribute\n\
28 S System file attribute\n\
29 H Hidden file attribute\n\
30 /S Processes matching files in the current directory\n\
31 and all subdirectories\n\
32 /D Processes directories as well\n\n\
33 Type ATTRIB without a parameter to display the attributes of all files.\n"
35 STRING_ALIAS_HELP, "Sets, removes or shows aliases.\n\n\
36 ALIAS [alias=[command]]\n\n\
37 alias Name for an alias.\n\
38 command Text to be substituted for an alias.\n\n\
39 To list all aliases:\n\
40 ALIAS\n\n\
41 To set a new or replace an existing alias:\n\
42 ALIAS da=dir a:\n\n\
43 To remove an alias from the alias list:\n\
44 ALIAS da="
46 STRING_BEEP_HELP, "Pípnutie reproduktora.\n\nBEEP\n"
48 STRING_CALL_HELP, "Calls one batch program from another.\n\n\
49 CALL [drive:][path]filename [batch-parameter]\n\n\
50 batch-parameter Specifies any command-line information required by the\n\
51 batch program."
53 STRING_CD_HELP, "Changes the current directory or displays it's name\n\n\
54 CHDIR [/D][drive:][path]\n\
55 CHDIR[..|.]\n\
56 CD [/D][drive:][path]\n\
57 CD[..|.]\n\n\
58 .. parent directory\n\
59 . current directory\n\
60 /D Will change current drive and current directory.\n\n\
61 Type CD drive: to display the current directory on the specified drive.\n\
62 Type CD without a parameter to display the current drive and directory.\n"
64 STRING_CHCP_HELP, "Displays or sets the active code page number.\n\n\
65 CHCP [nnn]\n\n\
66 nnn Specifies the active code page number.\n\n\
67 Type CHCP without a parameter to display the active code page number.\n"
69 STRING_CHOICE_HELP, "Waits for the user to choose one of a set of choices.\n\n\
70 CHOICE [/C[:]choices][/N][/S][/T[:]c,nn][text]\n\n\
71 /C[:]choices Specifies allowable keys. Default is YN.\n\
72 /N Do not display choices and ? at the end of the prompt string.\n\
73 /S Treat choice keys as case sensitive.\n\
74 /T[:]c,nn Default choice to c after nn seconds.\n\
75 text Prompt string to display.\n\n\
76 ERRORLEVEL is set to offset of key user presses in choices.\n"
78 STRING_CLS_HELP, "Vyma\9ee obrazovku.\n\nCLS\n"
80 STRING_CMD_HELP1, "\nInternal commands available:\n"
82 STRING_CMD_HELP2, "\nFeatures available:"
84 STRING_CMD_HELP3," [aliases]"
86 STRING_CMD_HELP4," [history]"
88 STRING_CMD_HELP5," [unix filename completion]"
90 STRING_CMD_HELP6," [directory stack]"
92 STRING_CMD_HELP7," [redirections and piping]"
94 STRING_CMD_HELP8, "Starts a new instance of the ReactOS command line interpreter.\n\n\
95 CMD [/[C|K] command][/P][/Q][/T:bf]\n\n\
96 /C command Runs the specified command and terminates.\n\
97 /K command Runs the specified command and remains.\n\
98 /P CMD becomes permanent and runs autoexec.bat\n\
99 (cannot be terminated).\n\
100 /T:bf Sets the background/foreground color (see COLOR command).\n"
102 STRING_COLOR_HELP1, "Sets the default foreground and background colors.\n\n\
103 COLOR [attr [/-F]] \n\n\
104 attr Specifies color attribute of console output\n\
105 /-F Does not fill the console blank space with color attribute\n\n\
106 There are three ways to specify the colors:\n\
107 1) [bright] name on [bright] name (only the first three letters are required)\n\
108 2) decimal on decimal\n\
109 3) two hex digits\n\n\
110 Colors are:\n\
111 dec hex name dec hex name\n\
112 0 0 Black 8 8 Gray(Bright black)\n\
113 1 1 Blue 9 9 Bright Blue\n\
114 2 2 Green 10 A Bright Green\n\
115 3 3 Cyan 11 B Bright Cyan\n\
116 4 4 Red 12 C Bright Red\n\
117 5 5 Magenta 13 D Bright Magenta\n\
118 6 6 Yellow 14 E Bright Yellow\n\
119 7 7 White 15 F Bright White\n"
121 STRING_COPY_HELP1, "Prepísa\9d %s (Yes/No/All)? "
123 STRING_COPY_HELP2, "Skopíruje jeden alebo viac súborov na iné umiestnenie.\n\n\
124 COPY [/V][/Y|/-Y][/A|/B] source [/A|/B]\n\
125 [+ source [/A|/B] [+ ...]] [destination [/A|/B]]\n\n\
126 source Specifies the file or files to be copied.\n\
127 /A Indicates an ASCII text file.\n\
128 /B Indicates a binary file.\n\
129 destination Specifies the directory and/or filename for the new file(s).\n\
130 /V Verifies that new files are written correctly.\n\
131 /Y Suppresses prompting to confirm you want to overwrite an\n\
132 existing destination file.\n\
133 /-Y Causes prompting to confirm you want to overwrite an\n\
134 existing destination file.\n\n\
135 The switch /Y may be present in the COPYCMD environment variable.\n\
136 ...\n"
138 STRING_DATE_HELP1, "\nZadajte nový dátum (mm%cdd%crrrr): "
140 STRING_DATE_HELP2, "\nZadajte nový dátum (dd%cmm%crrrr): "
142 STRING_DATE_HELP3, "\nZadajte nový dátum (rrrr%cmm%cdd): "
144 STRING_DATE_HELP4, "Zobrazí alebo nastaví dátum.\n\n\
145 DATE [/T][date]\n\n\
146 /T display only\n\n\
147 Type DATE without parameters to display the current date setting and\n\
148 a prompt for a new one. Press ENTER to keep the same date.\n"
150 STRING_DEL_HELP1, "Deletes one or more files.\n\n\
151 DEL [/N /P /T /Q /S /W /Y /Z /A[[:]attributes]] file ...\n\
152 DELETE [/N /P /T /Q /S /W /Y /Z /A[[:]attributes]] file ...\n\
153 ERASE [/N /P /T /Q /S /W /Y /Z /A[[:]attributes]] file ...\n\n\
154 file Specifies the file(s) to delete.\n\n\
155 /N Nothing.\n\
156 /P Prompt. Ask before deleting each file.\n\
157 /T Total. Display total number of deleted files and freed disk space.\n\
158 /Q Quiet.\n\
159 /W Wipe. Overwrite the file with random numbers before deleting it.\n\
160 /Y Yes. Kill even *.* without asking.\n\
161 /F Force Delete hidden, read-only and system files.\n\
162 /S Delete file from all sub directory\n\
163 /A Select files to be deleted based on attributes.\n\
164 attributes\n\
165 R Read Only files\n\
166 S System files\n\
167 A Archiveable files\n\
168 H Hidden Files\n\
169 - prefix meaning not\n"
171 STRING_DEL_HELP2, "All files in the directory will be deleted!\nAre you sure (Y/N)?"
172 STRING_DEL_HELP3, " %lu file deleted\n"
173 STRING_DEL_HELP4, " %lu files deleted\n"
175 STRING_DELAY_HELP, "pause for n seconds or milliseconds\n\
176 DELAY [/m]n\n\n\
177 /m specifiy than n are milliseconds\n\
178 otherwise n are seconds\n"
180 STRING_DIR_HELP1, "DIR [drive:][path][filename] [/A[[:]attributes]] [/B] [/C] [/D] [/L] [/N]\n\
181 [/O[[:]sortorder]] [/P] [/Q] [/S] [/T[[:]timefield]] [/W] [/X] [/4]\n\n\
182 [drive:][path][filename]\n\
183 Specifies drive, directory, and/or files to list.\n\n\
184 /A Displays files with specified attributes.\n\
185 attributes D Directories R Read-only files\n\
186 H Hidden files A Files ready for archiving\n\
187 S System files - Prefix meaning not\n\
188 /B Uses bare format (no heading information or summary).\n\
189 /C Display the thousand separator in file sizes. This is the\n\
190 default. Use /-C to disable display of separator.\n\
191 /D Same as wide but files are list sorted by column.\n\
192 /L Uses lowercase.\n\
193 /N New long list format where filenames are on the far right.\n\
194 /O List by files in sorted order.\n\
195 sortorder N By name (alphabetic) S By size (smallest first)\n\
196 E By extension (alphabetic) D By date/time (oldest first)\n\
197 G Group directories first - Prefix to reverse order\n\
198 /P Pauses after each screenful of information.\n\
199 /Q Display the owner of the file.\n\
200 /S Displays files in specified directory and all subdirectories.\n\
201 /T Controls which time field displayed or used for sorting\n\
202 timefield C Creation\n\
203 A Last Access\n\
204 W Last Written\n\
205 /W Uses wide list format.\n\
206 /X This displays the short names generated for non-8dot3 file\n\
207 names. The format is that of /N with the short name inserted\n\
208 before the long name. If no short name is present, blanks are\n\
209 displayed in its place.\n\
210 /4 Displays four-digit years\n\n\
211 Switches may be preset in the DIRCMD environment variable. Override\n\
212 preset switches by prefixing any switch with - (hyphen)--for example, /-W.\n"
214 STRING_DIR_HELP2, " Volume in drive %c is %s\n"
215 STRING_DIR_HELP3, " Volume in drive %c has no label.\n"
216 STRING_DIR_HELP4, " Volume Serial Number is %04X-%04X\n"
217 STRING_DIR_HELP5, "\n Total Files Listed:\n%16i File(s)% 14s bytes\n"
218 STRING_DIR_HELP6, "%16i Dir(s)% 15s bytes free\n"
219 STRING_DIR_HELP7, "\n Directory of %s\n\n"
220 STRING_DIR_HELP8, "%16i File(s)% 14s bytes\n"
222 STRING_DIRSTACK_HELP1, "Stores the current directory for use by the POPD command, then\n\
223 changes to the specified directory.\n\n\
224 PUSHD [path | ..]\n\n\
225 path Specifies the directory to make the current directory\n"
227 STRING_DIRSTACK_HELP2, "Changes to the directory stored by the PUSHD command.\n\nPOPD"
229 STRING_DIRSTACK_HELP3, "Prints the contents of the directory stack.\n\nDIRS"
231 STRING_DIRSTACK_HELP4, "Directory stack empty"
233 STRING_ECHO_HELP1, "Display a messages without trailing carriage return and line feed.\n\n\
234 ECHOS message"
236 STRING_ECHO_HELP2, "Displays a message to the standard error output.\n\n\
237 ECHOERR message\n\
238 ECHOERR. prints an empty line"
240 STRING_ECHO_HELP3, "Prints a messages to standard error output without trailing carriage return and line feed.\n\n\
241 ECHOSERR message"
243 STRING_ECHO_HELP4, "Displays a message or switches command echoing on or off.\n\n\
244 ECHO [ON | OFF]\n\
245 ECHO [message]\n\
246 ECHO. prints an empty line\n\n\
247 Type ECHO without a parameter to display the current ECHO setting."
249 STRING_ECHO_HELP5, "ECHO je %s\n"
251 STRING_EXIT_HELP, "Exits the command line interpreter.\n\nEXIT [/b] [ExitCode]\n\n\
252 /B Exits a batch file only. \n\
253 If run outside of a batch file it will exit cmd.exe\n\
254 ExitCode This value will be assigned to ERRORLEVEL on exit\n"
256 STRING_FOR_HELP1, "Runs a specified command for each file in a set of files\n\n\
257 FOR %variable IN (set) DO command [parameters]\n\n\
258 %variable Specifies a replaceable parameter.\n\
259 (set) Specifies a set of one or more files. Wildcards may be used.\n\
260 command Specifies the command to carry out for each file.\n\
261 parameters Specifies parameters or switches for the specified command.\n\n\
262 To use the FOR command in a batch program, specify %%variable instead of\n\
263 %variable.\n"
265 STRING_FREE_HELP1, "\nVolume in drive %s is %-11s\n\
266 Sériové èíslo je %s\n\
267 %16s bytes total disk space\n\
268 %16s bytes used\n\
269 %16s bytes free\n"
271 STRING_FREE_HELP2, "Displays drive information.\n\nFREE [drive: ...]\n"
273 STRING_IF_HELP1, "Performs conditional processing in batch programs.\n\n\
274 IF [NOT] ERRORLEVEL number command\n\
275 IF [NOT] string1==string2 command\n\
276 IF [NOT] EXIST filename command\n\
277 IF [NOT] DEFINED variable command\n\n\
278 NOT Specifies that CMD should carry out the command only if\n\
279 the condition is false\n\
280 ERRORLEVEL number Specifies a true condition if the last program run returned\n\
281 an exit code equal or greater than the number specified.\n\
282 command Specifies the command to carry out if the condition is met.\n\
283 string1==string2 Specifies a true condition if the specified text strings\n\
284 match.\n\
285 EXIST filename Specifies a true condition if the specified filename exists.\n\
286 DEFINED variable Specifies a true condition if the specified variable is\n\
287 defined.\n"
289 STRING_GOTO_HELP1, "Directs CMD to a labeled line in a batch script.\n\n\
290 GOTO label\n\n\
291 label Specifies a text string used in a batch script as a label.\n\n\
292 You type a label on a line by itself, beginning with a colon."
294 STRING_LABEL_HELP1, "Displays or changes drive label.\n\nLABEL [drive:][label]\n"
296 STRING_LABEL_HELP2, "Volume in drive %c: is %s\n"
297 STRING_LABEL_HELP3, "Volume in drive %c: has no label\n"
298 STRING_LABEL_HELP4, "Volume Serial Number is %04X-%04X\n"
299 STRING_LABEL_HELP5, "Drive label (11 Characters, ENTER if none)? "
301 STRING_LOCALE_HELP1, "Aktuálny èas je"
303 STRING_MKDIR_HELP, "Creates a directory.\n\n\
304 MKDIR [drive:]path\nMD [drive:]path"
306 STRING_MKLINK_HELP, "Creates a filesystem link object.\n\n\
307 MKLINK [/D | /H | /J] linkname target\n\n\
308 /D Indicates that the symbolic link target is a directory.\n\
309 /H Create a hard link.\n\
310 /J Create a directory junction.\n\n\
311 If neither /H or /J is specified, a symbolic link is created."
313 STRING_MEMMORY_HELP1, "Displays the amount of system memory.\n\nMEMORY"
315 STRING_MEMMORY_HELP2, "\n %12s%% memory load.\n\n\
316 %13s bytes total physical RAM.\n\
317 %13s bytes available physical RAM.\n\n\
318 %13s bytes total page file.\n\
319 %13s bytes available page file.\n\n\
320 %13s bytes total virtual memory.\n\
321 %13s bytes available virtual memory.\n"
323 STRING_MISC_HELP1, "Press a key to continue...\n" //NOT ANY KEY ?!
325 STRING_MOVE_HELP1, "Overwrite %s (Yes/No/All)? "
327 STRING_MOVE_HELP2, "Moves files and renames files and directories.\n\n\
328 To move one or more files:\n\
329 MOVE [/N][drive:][path]filename1[,...] destination\n\n\
330 To rename a directory:\n\
331 MOVE [/N][drive:][path]dirname1 dirname2\n\n\
332 [drive:][path]filename1 Specifies the location and name of the file\n\
333 or files you want to move.\n\
334 /N Nothing. Do everything but move files or directories.\n\n\
335 Current limitations:\n\
336 - You can't move a file or directory from one drive to another.\n"
338 STRING_MSGBOX_HELP, "display a message box and return user responce\n\n\
339 MSGBOX type ['title'] prompt\n\n\
340 type button displayed\n\
341 possible values are: OK, OKCANCEL,\n\
343 title title of message box\n\
344 prompt text displayed by the message box\n\n\n\
345 ERRORLEVEL is set according the button pressed:\n\n\
346 YES : 10 | NO : 11\n\
347 OK : 10 | CANCEL : 12\n"
349 STRING_PATH_HELP1, "Displays or sets a search path for executable files.\n\n\
350 PATH [[drive:]path[;...]]\nPATH ;\n\n\
351 Type PATH ; to clear all search-path settings and direct the command shell\n\
352 to search only in the current directory.\n\
353 Type PATH without parameters to display the current path.\n"
355 STRING_PROMPT_HELP1, "Changes the command prompt.\n\n\
356 PROMPT [text]\n\n\
357 text Specifies a new command prompt.\n\n\
358 Prompt can be made up of normal characters and the following special codes:\n\n\
359 $A & (Ampersand)\n\
360 $B | (pipe)\n\
361 $C ( (¼avá okrúhla zátvorka)\n\
362 $D Aktuálny dátum\n\
363 $E Escape code (ASCII code 27)\n\
364 $F ) (Pravá okrúhla zátvorka)\n\
365 $G > (greater-than sign)\n\
366 $H Backspace (erases previous character)\n\
367 $L < (less-than sign)\n\
368 $N Current drive\n\
369 $P Current drive and path\n\
370 $Q = (equal sign)\n\
371 $T Aktuálny èas\n\
372 $V Èíslo verzie OS\n\
373 $_ Carriage return and linefeed\n\
374 $$ $ (znak dolára)\n"
376 STRING_PAUSE_HELP1, "Stops the execution of a batch file and shows the following message:\n\
377 'Pokraèujte stlaèením ¾ubovo¾ného klávesu ...' or a user defined message.\n\n\
378 PAUSE [message]"
380 STRING_PROMPT_HELP2, " $+ Displays the current depth of the directory stack"
382 STRING_PROMPT_HELP3, "\nType PROMPT without parameters to reset the prompt to the default setting."
384 STRING_REM_HELP, "Starts a comment line in a batch file.\n\nREM [Comment]"
386 STRING_RMDIR_HELP, "Removes a directory.\n\n\
387 RMDIR [drive:]path\nRD [drive:]path\n\
388 /S Deletes all files and folders within target\n\
389 /Q Doesnt prompt for user\n"
390 STRING_RMDIR_HELP2, "Directory is not empty!\n"
392 STRING_REN_HELP1, "Renames a file/directory or files/directories.\n\n\
393 RENAME [/E /N /P /Q /S /T] old_name ... new_name\n\
394 REN [/E /N /P /Q /S /T] old_name ... new_name\n\n\
395 /E No error messages.\n\
396 /N Nothing.\n\
397 /P Prompts for confirmation before renaming each file.\n\
398 (Not implemented yet!)\n\
399 /Q Quiet.\n\
400 /S Rename subdirectories.\n\
401 /T Display total number of renamed files.\n\n\
402 Note that you cannot specify a new drive or path for your destination. Use\n\
403 the MOVE command for that purpose.\n"
405 STRING_REN_HELP2, " %lu file renamed\n"
407 STRING_REN_HELP3, " %lu files renamed\n"
409 STRING_REPLACE_HELP1, "Replaces files.\n\n\
410 REPLACE [drive1:][path1]filename [drive2:][path2] [/A] [/P] [/R] [/W]\n\
411 REPLACE [drive1:][path1]filename [drive2:][path2] [/P] [/R] [/S] [/W] [/U]\n\n\
412 [drive1:][path1]filename Specifies the source file or files.\n\
413 [drive2:][path2] Specifies the directory where files are to be\n\
414 replaced.\n\
415 /A Adds new files to destination directory. Cannot\n\
416 use with /S or /U switches.\n\
417 /P Prompts for confirmation before replacing a file or\n\
418 adding a source file.\n\
419 /R Replaces read-only files as well as unprotected\n\
420 files.\n\
421 /S Replaces files in all subdirectories of the\n\
422 destination directory. Cannot use with the /A\n\
423 switch.\n\
424 /W Waits for you to insert a disk before beginning.\n\
425 /U Replaces (updates) only files that are older than\n\
426 source files. Cannot use with the /A switch.\n"
428 STRING_REPLACE_HELP2, "Source path required\n"
430 STRING_REPLACE_HELP3, "No files replaced\n"
432 STRING_REPLACE_HELP4, "%lu file(s) replaced\n"
434 STRING_REPLACE_HELP5, "Replacing %s\n"
436 STRING_REPLACE_HELP6, "Replace %s\n"
438 STRING_REPLACE_HELP7, "No files added\n"
440 STRING_REPLACE_HELP8, "%lu file(s) added\n"
442 STRING_REPLACE_HELP9, "Add %s (Y/N) "
444 STRING_REPLACE_HELP10, "Replace %s (Y/N) "
446 STRING_REPLACE_HELP11, "Adding %s\n"
449 STRING_SHIFT_HELP, "Changes the position of replaceable parameters in a batch file.\n\n\
452 STRING_SCREEN_HELP, "move cursor and optionally print text\n\n\
453 SCREEN row col [text]\n\n\
454 row row to which move the cursor\n\
455 col column to which move the cursor"
457 STRING_SET_HELP, "Displays, sets, or removes environment variables.\n\n\
458 SET [variable[=][string]]\n\n\
459 variable Specifies the environment-variable name.\n\
460 string Specifies a series of characters to assign to the variable.\n\n\
461 Type SET without parameters to display the current environment variables.\n"
463 STRING_START_HELP1, "Starts a command.\n\n\
464 START command\n\n\
465 command Specifies the command to run.\n\n\
466 At the moment all commands are started asynchronously.\n"
468 STRING_TITLE_HELP, "Sets the window title for the command prompt window.\n\n\
469 TITLE [string]\n\n\
470 string Specifies the title for the command prompt window.\n"
472 STRING_TIME_HELP1, "Zobrazí alebo nastaví systémový èas.\n\n\
473 TIME [/T][time]\n\n\
474 /T display only\n\n\
475 Type TIME with no parameters to display the current time setting and a prompt\n\
476 for a new one. Press ENTER to keep the same time.\n"
478 STRING_TIME_HELP2, "Zadajte nový èas: "
480 STRING_TIMER_HELP1, "Elapsed %d msecs\n"
482 STRING_TIMER_HELP2, "Elapsed %02d%c%02d%c%02d%c%02d\n"
484 STRING_TIMER_HELP3, "allow the use of ten stopwatches.\n\n\
485 TIMER [ON|OFF] [/S] [/n] [/Fn]\n\n\
486 ON set stopwatch ON\n\
487 OFF set stopwatch OFF\n\
488 /S Split time. Return stopwatch split\n\
489 time without changing its value\n\
490 /n Specifiy the stopwatch number.\n\
491 Stopwatches available are 0 to 9\n\
492 If it is not specified default is 1\n\
493 /Fn Format for output\n\
494 n can be:\n\
495 0 milliseconds\n\
496 1 hh%cmm%css%cdd\n\n\
497 if none of ON, OFF or /S is specified the command\n\
498 will toggle stopwatch state\n\n"
500 STRING_TYPE_HELP1, "Displays the contents of text files.\n\nTYPE [drive:][path]filename \n\
501 /P Shows one screen of output at a time.\n"
503 STRING_VERIFY_HELP1, "This command is just a dummy!!\n\
504 Sets whether to verify that your files are written correctly to a\n\
505 disk.\n\n\
506 VERIFY [ON | OFF]\n\n\
507 Type VERIFY without a parameter to display the current VERIFY setting.\n"
511 STRING_VERIFY_HELP3, "Must specify ON or OFF."
513 STRING_VERSION_HELP1, "Displays shell version information\n\n\
514 VER [/C][/R][/W]\n\n\
515 /C Displays credits.\n\
516 /R Displays redistribution information.\n\
517 /W Displays warranty information."
519 STRING_VERSION_HELP2, " comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details\n\
520 type: `ver /w'. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute\n\
521 it under certain conditions; type `ver /r' for details. Type `ver /c' for a\n\
522 listing of credits."
524 STRING_VERSION_HELP3, "\n This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,\n\
525 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of\n\
527 GNU General Public License for more details."
529 STRING_VERSION_HELP4, "\n This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify\n\
530 it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by\n\
531 the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or\n\
532 (at your option) any later version.\n"
534 STRING_VERSION_HELP5, "\nHlásenia o chybách zasielajte na <ros-dev@reactos.org>.\n\
535 Aktualizácie sú dostupné na: http://www.reactos.org"
537 STRING_VERSION_HELP6, "\nFreeDOS version written by:\n"
539 STRING_VERSION_HELP7, "\nReactOS version written by:\n"
541 STRING_VOL_HELP1, " Volume in drive %c is %s\n"
542 STRING_VOL_HELP2, " Volume in drive %c has no label.\n"
543 STRING_VOL_HELP3, " Volume Serial Number is %04X-%04X\n"
544 STRING_VOL_HELP4, "Displays the disk volume label and serial number, if they exist.\n\nVOL [drive:]"
546 STRING_WINDOW_HELP1, "change console window aspect\n\n\
547 WINDOW [/POS[=]left,top,width,heigth]\n\
548 [MIN|MAX|RESTORE] ['title']\n\n\
549 /POS specify window placement and dimensions\n\
550 MIN minimalizova\9d okno\n\
551 MAX maximalizujte okno\n\
552 RESTORE obnovi\9d okno"
554 STRING_WINDOW_HELP2, "change console window aspect\n\n\
555 ACTIVATE 'window' [/POS[=]left,top,width,heigth]\n\
556 [MIN|MAX|RESTORE] ['title']\n\n\
557 window tile of window on which perform actions\n\
558 /POS specify window placement and dimensions\n\
559 MIN minimalizova\9d okno\n\
560 MAX maximalizujte okno\n\
561 RESTORE obnovi\9d okno\n\
562 title new title\n"
565 STRING_HELP1, "Zoznam v\9aetkých dostupných príkazov (+ popis)\n\n\
566 príkaz /? Pre viac informácií o konkrétnom príkaze\n\n\
567 ? Zoznam v\9aetkých dostupných príkazov (bez popisu).\n\
568 ALIAS Sets, removes or shows aliases.\n\
569 ATTRIB Displays or changes file attributes.\n\
570 BEEP Pípnutie reproduktora.\n\
571 CALL Calls one batch program from another.\n\
572 CD Displays the name of or changes the current directory.\n\
573 CHCP Displays or sets the active code page number.\n\
574 CHOICE Waits for the user to choose one of a set of choices.\n\
575 CLS Vyma\9ee obrazovku.\n\
576 CMD Starts a new instance of the ReactOS command interpreter.\n\
577 COLOR Sets the default console foreground and background colors.\n\
578 COPY Skopíruje jeden alebo viac súborov na iné umiestnenie.\n\
579 DATE Zobrazí alebo nastaví dátum.\n\
580 DELETE Deletes one or more files.\n\
581 DIR Displays a list of files and subdirectories in a directory.\n\
582 ECHO Displays messages, or turns command echoing on or off.\n\
583 ERASE Deletes one or more files.\n\
584 EXIT Quits the CMD.EXE program (command interpreter).\n\
585 FOR Runs a specified command for each file in a set of files.\n\
586 FREE (free) disc space.\n\
587 GOTO Directs the ReactOS command interpreter to a labeled line in\n\
588 a batch program.\n\
589 HELP Provides Help information for ReactOS commands.\n\
590 HISTORY List all commands which has been used\n\
591 IF Performs conditional processing in batch programs.\n\
592 LABEL Creates, changes, or deletes the volume label of a disk.\n\
593 MD Vytvorí adresár.\n\
594 MKDIR Vytvorí adresár.\n\
595 MKLINK Creates a filesystem link object.\n\
596 MOVE Moves one or more files from one directory to another\n\
597 directory.\n\
598 PATH Displays or sets a search path for executable files.\n\
599 PAUSE Suspends processing of a batch file and displays a message.\n\
600 POPD Restores the previous value of the current directory saved by\n\
601 PUSHD.\n\
602 PROMPT Changes the command prompt.\n\
603 PUSHD Saves the current directory then changes it.\n\
604 RD Removes a directory.\n\
605 REM Records comments (remarks) in batch files.\n\
606 REN Premenuje súbor alebo súbory.\n\
607 RENAME Premenuje súbor alebo súbory.\n\
608 REPLACE Replaces files.\n\
609 RMDIR Removes a directory.\n\
610 SCREEN Move cursor and optionally print text.\n\
611 SET Displays, sets, or removes ReactOS environment variables.\n\
612 SHIFT Shifts the position of replaceable parameters in batch files.\n"
613 STRING_HELP2, "START Starts a separate window to run a specified program or command.\n\
614 Executes command.\n\
615 TIME Zobrazí alebo nastaví systémový èas.\n\
616 TIMER Allow the use of ten stopwatches.\n\
617 TITLE Sets the window title for a CMD.EXE session.\n\
618 TYPE Displays the contents of a text file.\n\
619 VER Displays the ReactOS version.\n\
620 VERIFY Tells ReactOS whether to verify that your files are written\n\
621 correctly to a disk.\n\
622 VOL Displays a disk volume label and serial number.\n"
628 STRING_ASSOC_ERROR, "File association not found for extension %s\n"
629 STRING_ALIAS_ERROR, "Command line too long after alias expansion!\n"
630 STRING_BATCH_ERROR, "Error opening batch file\n"
631 STRING_CHCP_ERROR1, "Active code page: %u\n"
632 STRING_CHCP_ERROR4, "Invalid code page\n"
633 STRING_CHOICE_ERROR, "Invalid option. Expected format: /C[:]options"
634 STRING_CHOICE_ERROR_TXT, "Invalid option. Expected format: /T[:]c,nn"
635 STRING_CHOICE_ERROR_OPTION, "Illegal Option: %s"
636 STRING_MD_ERROR, "A subdirectory or file already exists.\n"
637 STRING_MD_ERROR2, "The path to the new folder does not exist.\n"
638 STRING_CMD_ERROR1, "Can't redirect input from file %s\n"
639 STRING_CMD_ERROR2, "Error creating temporary file for pipe data\n"
640 STRING_CMD_ERROR3, "Can't redirect to file %s\n"
641 STRING_CMD_ERROR4, "Running %s...\n"
642 STRING_CMD_ERROR5, "Running cmdexit.bat...\n"
643 STRING_COLOR_ERROR1, "Same colors error! (Background and foreground can't be the same color)"
644 STRING_COLOR_ERROR2, "error in color specification"
645 STRING_COLOR_ERROR3, "Color %x\n"
646 STRING_COLOR_ERROR4, "same colors error!"
647 STRING_CONSOLE_ERROR, "Neznáma chyba: %d\n"
648 STRING_COPY_ERROR1, "Chyba: Cannot open source - %s!\n"
649 STRING_COPY_ERROR2, "Chyba: Can't copy onto itself!\n"
650 STRING_COPY_ERROR3, "Error writing destination!\n"
651 STRING_COPY_ERROR4, "Chyba: Zatia¾ neimplementované!\n" //Not implemented yet
652 STRING_DATE_ERROR, "Neplatný dátum."
653 STRING_DEL_ERROR5, "The file %s will be deleted! "
654 STRING_DEL_ERROR6, "Ste si istý (Y/N)?"
655 STRING_DEL_ERROR7, "Deleting: %s\n"
656 STRING_ERROR_ERROR1, "Neznáma chyba! Kód chyby: 0x%lx\n"
657 STRING_ERROR_ERROR2, "Syntax error"
658 STRING_FOR_ERROR1, "'in' missing in for statement."
659 STRING_FOR_ERROR2, "no brackets found."
660 STRING_FOR_ERROR3, "'do' missing."
661 STRING_FOR_ERROR4, "no command after 'do'."
662 STRING_FREE_ERROR1, "Invalid drive"
663 STRING_FREE_ERROR2, "unlabeled"
664 STRING_GOTO_ERROR1, "No label specified for GOTO"
665 STRING_GOTO_ERROR2, "Label '%s' not found\n"
668 STRING_MOVE_ERROR2, "[Chyba]\n"
670 STRING_REN_ERROR1, "MoveFile() failed. Error: %lu\n"
672 STRING_START_ERROR1, "No batch support at the moment!"
674 STRING_TIME_ERROR1, "Neplatný èas."
676 STRING_TYPE_ERROR1, "Invalid option '/%s'\n"
678 STRING_WINDOW_ERROR1, "okno sa nena\9alo"
681 STRING_ERROR_PARAMETERF_ERROR, "Parameter format not correct - %c\n"
682 STRING_ERROR_INVALID_SWITCH, "Neplatný prepínaè - /%c\n"
683 STRING_ERROR_TOO_MANY_PARAMETERS, "Príli\9a ve¾a parametrov - %s\n"
684 STRING_ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND, "Cesta sa nena\9ala\n"
685 STRING_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND, "Súbor sa nena\9aiel\n"
686 STRING_ERROR_REQ_PARAM_MISSING, "Required parameter missing\n"
687 STRING_ERROR_INVALID_DRIVE, "Invalid drive specification\n"
688 STRING_ERROR_INVALID_PARAM_FORMAT, "Invalid parameter format - %s\n"
689 STRING_ERROR_BADCOMMAND, "Chybný príkaz alebo názov súboru - %s\n"
690 STRING_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY, "Chyba (z) nedostatku pamäte.\n" //Out of memory error.
691 STRING_ERROR_CANNOTPIPE, "Chyba! Cannot pipe! Cannot open temporary file!\n"
692 STRING_ERROR_D_PAUSEMSG, "Pokraèujte stlaèením ¾ubovo¾ného klávesu ..."
693 STRING_ERROR_DRIVER_NOT_READY, "Jednotka nie je pripravená"
695 STRING_PATH_ERROR, "CMD: Not in environment '%s'\n"
697 STRING_REPLACE_ERROR1, "Neplatný prepínaè - %s\n"
698 STRING_REPLACE_ERROR2, "Cesta sa nena\9ala - %s\n"
699 STRING_REPLACE_ERROR3, "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.\n"
700 STRING_REPLACE_ERROR4, "Invalid parameter combination\n"
701 STRING_REPLACE_ERROR5, "Prístup zamietnutý - %s\n"
702 STRING_REPLACE_ERROR6, "\8eiadne súbory sa nena\9ali - %s\n"
703 STRING_REPLACE_ERROR7, "Extended Error 32\n"
705 STRING_REACTOS_VERSION, "Operaèný systém ReactOS [Verzia %s-%s]\n"
706 STRING_CMD_SHELLINFO, "\nInterpréter príkazového riadku systému ReactOS\nVerzia %s %s"
707 STRING_VERSION_RUNVER, " running on %s"
708 STRING_COPY_FILE , " %d súbor(ov) skopírovaný(ch)\n"
710 STRING_FOR_ERROR, "bad variable specification."
711 STRING_SCREEN_COL, "neplatná hodnota pre ståpec"
712 STRING_SCREEN_ROW, "neplatná hodnota pre riadok"
713 STRING_TIMER_TIME "Timer %d is %s: "
714 STRING_MKLINK_CREATED_SYMBOLIC, "Symbolic link created for %s <<===>> %s\n"
715 STRING_MKLINK_CREATED_HARD, "Hard link created for %s <<===>> %s\n"
716 STRING_MKLINK_CREATED_JUNCTION, "Junction created for %s <<===>> %s\n"
717 STRING_MORE, "Viac? " //"More? "
718 STRING_CANCEL_BATCH_FILE, "\r\nStlaèené Ctrl-Break. Cancel batch file? (Yes/No/All) "
720 STRING_INVALID_OPERAND, "Invalid operand."
722 STRING_EXPECTED_NUMBER_OR_VARIABLE,"Oèakávané èíslo alebo názov premennej."
723 STRING_SYNTAX_COMMAND_INCORRECT, "Nesprávna syntax príkazu."
725 END