re-worked ndis to do device detection from a win2k-style registry enum database,...
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1 Perform at your own risk.
3 Directions for patching NTVDM on Windows 2000
5 1) Start a Command Prompt Window
6 2) Start Task Manager. Sort by Name. If NTVDM.EXE is a task End Process.
7 3) Execute NTVDMPAT.EXE from this ZIP file.
9 Notes:
10 With no arguments the executable patches both the DLLCACHE (for system file
11 protection) and the version in SYSTEM32. The image is a Win32 executable
12 (launching a DJGPP image will require NTVDM, locking the DLL so it can't
13 be patched). It saves the old version into NTVDM.ORI if you want to go
14 back. If you specify arguments on the command line it will patch the
15 executables you specify instead of automating the process (if you want to
16 do the archives/patches/moves yourself). Good luck.
18 Source included if you want to hack your own version.