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[reactos.git] / os2 / doc / how to start.txt
1 Beginning ROS/2-Developement
2 ============================
4 ROS/2-Developement means building the OS/2 subsystem for ReactOS. In order to start the developement you should have CVS-access. For the CVS-access see the reactos-Homepage.
6 Setting up a build environment
7 ------------------------------
8 For the native components (OS2SS.EXE and OS2.EXE) you'll need the same compiler and tools as you need for the rest of ReactOS. If you haven't already set it up, go to the reactos home and see the description there. For now this is the only compiler you need. At some point you'll need a compiler that can generate LX-EXEs. But now also the core dlls and even programs are compiled as PE-win32.
10 Getting documentation
11 ---------------------
12 I'm not the inventor of OS/2. IBM still did the work, and they did also good work in terms of documentation. If you plan to do core-dll work, you'll also need NT-Native-API documentation. There exists a book called "The Native API", but there should be a preliminary PDF-file floating around. OS/2-API documentation is available on the CDs belonging to your OS/2-compiler. If you develope under OS/2 you have an INF-viewer on board. If your developementsystem is NT, I recomend you OVIEW (http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/windows/win_inf.zip). This two 'books' should be, what you need.
14 Contacting me
15 -------------
16 Bevore you start, have a talk with me. We don't want to do useless work or do work twice. So write to ros2@dantepark.de