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[reactos.git] / posix / Makefile
1 all:
2 @echo To build "posix" there are two paths:
3 @echo ---
4 @echo 1. copy the posix folder into the reactos\modules folder
5 @echo 2. link reactos/modules/posix to posix
6 @echo UNIX
7 @echo cd $${ROS_SRC_ROOT}/reactos/modules
8 @echo ln -s $${ROS_SRC_ROOT}/posix posix
9 @echo WINDOWS
10 @echo cd %%ROS_SRC_ROOT%%\reactos\modules
11 @echo junction posix %%ROS_SRC_ROOT%%\posix
12 @echo ---
13 @echo Eventually you can run "make depends" in the %%ROS_SRC_ROOT%%\reactos
14 @echo directory to compile it.