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3 -- Compiling
5 Type 'make' to build the kernel on linux using a djgpp cross compiler, or
6 'make -fmakefile.dos' to build the kernel from dos using djgpp. No other
7 configuration are supported at the moment, sorry.
9 -- Running
11 To run the kernel start from a clean dos system (no emm386 or windows) and
12 run 'boot.bat'. The kernel should boot, print diagnostic messages and begin
13 executing a simple user-mode shell. By default the kernel boots with a
14 minimum set of drivers but additional ones can be specified as the arguments
15 to 'boot.bat'.
17 -- Problems
19 This is strictly alpha quality software so expect plenty of those. If you
20 are submitting a bug report, please see the section below. If you have a fix
21 for the problem, even better, please send all patches, fixes, enhancements etc
22 to me (David Welch), our coordinator Dennis Winkley or the kernel mailing
23 list. (See contact addresses below)
25 -- Bug Reports
27 Thank you for taking the time to do this, we can only fix the bugs we know
28 about, however please include as much information as possible. Say what you
29 were trying to do at the time, what messages (if any) were displayed. If the
30 kernel crashed, it should print a message like this
32 Exception s(r)
33 CS:EIP p(q)
34 DS xxxxx ES xxxx FS xxxx
35 ...
36 Frames: xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
38 Please include the exception type and error code (s and r). The eip
39 address (q) is specific to your kernel, to be of use in fixing the problem
40 it needs to be translated to a function name. Do this by running
42 nm --numeric-sort kimage > kernel.sym
44 kernel.sym should include a list of functions and their address, look for the
45 last function with an address less than the eip value. The functions should
46 sorted in ascending order by address.
48 If you suspect the problem is hardware related also include details of what
49 hardware devices you have installed.
51 -- Contact addresses
53 Overall coordinator, Jason Filby (
54 Kernel coordinator, Dennis Winkley (
55 Me, David Welch (
57 Specific components will probably have contact details for the authors in
58 the source file, a partial list of those working on the kernel can be found
59 on the kernel website.
61 -- Additional documentation