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5 IDS_USAGE "Type ""EVENTCREATE /?"" for usage information.\n"
6 IDS_HELP "\n\
7 EVENTCREATE [/S computer [/U [domain\\]user [/P password]]] /ID EventID\n\
8 {[/L logname] | [/SO source]} /T type /C category /D description\n\
9 \n\
10 Description:\n\
11 This tool enables an administrator to create a custom event in\n\
12 a specified event log.\n\
13 \n\
14 Parameters:\n\
15 /S computer Specifies the remote computer where to connect.\n\
16 \n\
17 /U [domain\\]user Specifies the user account under which the command\n\
18 should execute.\n\
19 \n\
20 /P [password] Specifies the password of the user account.\n\
21 Prompts for input if omitted.\n\
22 \n\
23 /L logname Specifies the name of the log where the event will be\n\
24 created. The valid names are:\n\
25 Application, System, Security\n\
26 (the latter is reserved only for the SYSTEM account).\n\
27 \n\
28 /SO source Specifies the source name to use for the event\n\
29 (if not specified, the default source name\n\
30 will be 'eventcreate').\n\
31 A valid source can be any string and should represent\n\
32 the application or the component that is generating\n\
33 the event.\n\
34 \n\
35 /T type Specifies the type of event to create.\n\
36 The valid types are: SUCCESS, ERROR, WARNING,\n\
38 \n\
39 /C category Specifies the event category (integer) for the event.\n\
40 \n\
41 /ID EventID Specifies the event ID for the event. This must be\n\
42 an integer between 0 and 65535.\n\
43 \n\
44 /D description Specifies the description to use for the newly\n\
45 created event.\n\
46 \n\
47 /? Displays this help screen.\n\
48 "
49 IDS_INVALIDSWITCH "Invalid switch - '%s'.\n"
50 IDS_BADSYNTAX_0 "Bad command line syntax.\n"
51 IDS_BADSYNTAX_1 "Bad command line syntax. The option '%s' requires a value.\n"
52 IDS_BADSYNTAX_2 "Bad command line syntax. The value for the option '%s' cannot be empty.\n"
53 IDS_BADSYNTAX_3 "Bad command line syntax. The value '%s' is not allowed for the option '%s'.\n"
54 IDS_BADSYNTAX_4 "Bad command line syntax. The value cannot be specified for the option '%s'.\n"
55 IDS_BADSYNTAX_5 "Bad command line syntax. The option '%s' is not allowed more than %lu times.\n"
56 IDS_BADSYNTAX_6 "Bad command line syntax. The mandatory option '%s' is absent.\n"
57 // IDS_BADSYNTAX_7 "Bad command line syntax. The value for the option '%s' is outside the allowed range.\n"
58 IDS_BADSYNTAX_7 "Bad command line syntax. The value for the option '%s' must be between %d and %d.\n"
60 IDS_LOG_NOT_FOUND "The log '%s' does not exist. Cannot create the event.\n"
61 IDS_SOURCE_NOCREATE "The new source cannot be created because the log name is not specified.\nPlease use the /L switch to specify the log name.\n"
62 IDS_SOURCE_EXISTS "The source already exists in the log '%s' and cannot be duplicated.\n"
63 IDS_SOURCE_NOT_CUSTOM "The Source parameter is used to identify the custom scripts/applications\n(not the installed applications).\n"
65 IDS_SUCCESS_1 "Operation successful: an event of type '%s' has been created in the log '%s'.\n"
66 IDS_SUCCESS_2 "Operation successful: an event of type '%s' has been created with the source '%s'.\n"
67 IDS_SUCCESS_3 "Operation successful: an event of type '%s' has been created\nin the log '%s' with the source '%s'.\n"
68 IDS_SWITCH_UNIMPLEMENTED "The option '%s' is not currently supported, sorry for the inconvenience!\n"
69 END