[TIMEOUT]: Implement the TIMEOUT utility (found on Win2k3 and upwards). This is an...
[reactos.git] / reactos / base / applications / cmdutils / timeout / lang / en-US.rc
5 IDS_USAGE "ReactOS Timeout Utility\n\
6 \n\
7 TIMEOUT [/?] [/T] delay [/NOBREAK]\n\
8 \n\
9 Description:\n\
10 This tool waits until a specified time period (in seconds) has elapsed,\n\
11 or until any key is pressed. A parameter to ignore the key press is also\n\
12 accepted.\n\
13 \n\
14 Parameters:\n\
15 /? Display this help screen.\n\
16 \n\
17 /T delay Specify the number of seconds to wait (-1 to 99999).\n\
18 A value of -1 means the program will wait until a key is pressed.\n\
19 Note that the ""/T"" specification is optional, you can just\n\
20 specify the delay value without it.\n\
21 \n\
22 /NOBREAK Ignore all keyboard input except for Ctrl+C.\n\
23 "
24 IDS_ERROR_OUT_OF_RANGE "ERROR: The timer value must be within range (-1 to 99999).\n"
25 IDS_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE "ERROR: Unable to get the standard handle for the console (error %lu).\n"
26 IDS_ERROR_READ_INPUT "ERROR: Unable to read the console input (error %lu).\n"
27 IDS_ERROR_NO_TIMER_VALUE "ERROR: The timer value must be specified (-1 to 99999).\n"
28 IDS_ERROR_ONE_TIME "ERROR: Only one timer value is needed.\n"
29 IDS_NOBREAK_INPUT "Press Ctrl+C to quit..."
30 IDS_USER_INPUT "Press any key to continue..."
31 IDS_NOBREAK_INPUT_COUNT "Waiting for %d second(s), press Ctrl+C to quit..."
32 IDS_USER_INPUT_COUNT "Waiting for %d second(s), press any key to continue..."
33 END