[reactos.git] / reactos / base / applications / network / telnet / resource / tnmsg.rc
1 #include "tnmsg.h"
5 // String Table
8 MSG_COPYRIGHT "Telnet Win32 v2.1b2, Copyright (C) 2000 Paul Brannan <pbranna@clemson.edu>\nand the team. This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details\nread LICENSE.TXT. "
9 MSG_COPYRIGHT_1 "This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute\nit under certain conditions.\n\n"
10 MSG_USAGE "Usage: TELNET [params][host [port]]\n\n params\n -d:FILENAME.EXT Dumps all incoming data to FILENAME.EXT.\n host Host name or IP address of the remote host to connect to.\n"
11 MSG_USAGE_1 " port Service port to open (default is telnet port 23).\n\n"
12 MSG_HELP "Commands may be abbreviated. Commands are:\n \ncl[ose] close current connection\nop[en] connect to a site\nq[uit] exit telnet\n"
13 MSG_HELP_1 "ke[ys] changes/displays keymaps (write keys to see the options)\nse[t] displays/alters configuration options\nz suspend\n? h[elp] print help information\n"
14 MSG_INVCMD "Invalid command. Type ? for help.\n"
15 MSG_ERROR "%1 failed.\n"
16 MSG_INFO "%1\n"
17 MSG_WARNING "%1\n"
18 MSG_TRYING "Trying %1.%2.%3.%4:%5...\n"
19 MSG_CONNECTED "Connected to %1. Escape key is ALT-%2.\n"
20 MSG_TERMBYREM "Connection terminated.\n"
21 MSG_KEYMAP "Loading %1 from %2.\n"
22 MSG_ERRKEYMAP "Error loading keymap.\n"
23 MSG_DUMPFILE "Writing output to file %1.\n"
24 MSG_CONFIG "Loading configuration options from %1.\n"
25 MSG_NOINI "Error loading configuration file %1.\nLoading default options.\n"
26 MSG_BADVAL "Warning: invalid variable %1.\n"
27 MSG_NOSPAWN "Unable to spawn process.\n"
28 MSG_RESOLVING "Looking up host: %1..."
29 MSG_NOSERVICE "Could not find TCP service %1.\n"
30 MSG_SIZEALIAS "Warning: size of alias %1 is too big, ignoring.\n"
31 MSG_ERRPIPE "Error: unable to spawn process for pipe.\n"
32 MSG_BADUSAGE "Error: invalid usage of command.\n"
33 MSG_ALREADYCONNECTED "Already connected to %1.\n"
35 MSG_WSAEINTR "Interrupted function call.\n"
37 MSG_WSAEACCESS "Permission denied.\n"
39 MSG_WSAEINVAL "Invalid argument.\n"
40 MSG_WSAEMFILE "Too many open files.\n"
41 MSG_WSAEWOULDBLOCK "Resource temporalily unavailable.\n"
42 MSG_WSAEINPROGRESS "Operation now in progress.\n"
43 MSG_WSAEALREADY "Operation already in progress.\n"
44 MSG_WSAENOTSOCK "Socket operation on non-socket.\n"
45 MSG_WSAEDESTADDRREQ "Destination address required.\n"
46 MSG_WSAEMSGSIZE "Message too long.\n"
47 MSG_WSAEPROTOTYPE "Protocol wrong type for socket.\n"
48 MSG_WSAENOPROTOOPT "Bad protocol option.\n"
49 MSG_WSAEPROTONOTSUPPORT "Protocol not supported.\n"
50 MSG_WSAESOCKNOTSUPPORT "Socket type not supported.\n"
51 MSG_WSAEOPNOTSUPP "Operation not supported.\n"
52 MSG_WSAEPFNOTSUPPORT "Protocol family not supported.\n"
53 MSG_WSAEAFNOTSUPPORT "Address family not supported by protocol family.\n"
54 MSG_WSAEADDRINUSE "Address already in use.\n"
55 MSG_WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL "Cannot assign requested address.\n"
56 MSG_WSAENETDOWN "Network is down.\n"
57 MSG_WSAENETUNREACH "Network is unreachable.\n"
58 MSG_WSAENETRESET "Network dropped connection on reset.\n"
59 MSG_WSAECONNABORTED "Software caused connection abort.\n"
60 MSG_WSAECONNRESET "Connection reset by peer.\n"
61 MSG_WSAENOBUFS "No buffer space available.\n"
62 MSG_WSAEISCONN "Socket is already connected.\n"
63 MSG_WSAENOTCONN "Socket is not connected.\n"
64 MSG_WSAESHUTDOWN "Cannot send after socket shutdown.\n"
66 MSG_WSAETIMEDOUT "Connection timed out.\n"
67 MSG_WSAECONNREFUSED "Connection refused.\n"
69 MSG_WSAENAMETOOLONG "Name too long.\n"
70 MSG_WSAEHOSTDOWN "Host is down.\n"
71 MSG_WSAEHOSTUNREACH "No route to host.\n"
72 MSG_WSAESYSNOTREADY "Network subsystem is unavailable.\n"
73 MSG_WSAVERNOTSUPPORTED "WINSOCK.DLL version out of range.\n"
74 MSG_WSANOTINITIALISED "Successful WSAStartup not yet performed.\n"
75 MSG_WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND "Host not found.\n"
76 MSG_WSATRY_AGAIN "Non-authoritative host not found.\n"
77 MSG_WSANO_RECOVERY "This is a non-recoverable error.\n"
78 MSG_WSANO_DATA "Valid name, no data record of requested type.\n"
80 MSG_KEYNOVAL "[GLOBAL]: No value for %1.\n"
81 MSG_KEYBADVAL "[GLOBAL]: Bad value for %1.\n"
82 MSG_KEYBADSTRUCT "%1: Bad structure.\n"
83 MSG_KEYBADCHARS "%1: Bad chars? %1 -> %3.\n"
84 MSG_KEYUNEXPLINE "Unexpected line ""%1"".\n"
85 MSG_KEYUNEXPEOF "Unexpended end of file.\n"
86 MSG_KEYUNEXPTOK "Unexpected token %1.\n"
87 MSG_KEYUNEXPTOKIN "Unexpected token in %1.\n"
88 MSG_KEYUNEXP "Unexpected end of file or token.\n"
89 MSG_KEYNOGLOBAL "No [GLOBAL] definition!\n"
91 MSG_KEYUSECONFIG "Use configuration: %1.\n"
92 MSG_KEYNOSWKEY "No switch key for ""%1"".\n"
93 MSG_KEYCANNOTDEF "You cannot define switch key for default keymap - ignored.\n"
94 MSG_KEYDUPSWKEY "Duplicate switching key.\n"
95 MSG_KEYUNKNOWNMAP "Unknown keymap %1.\n"
96 MSG_KEYNOCHARMAPS "No charmaps loaded.\n"
97 MSG_KEYNOKEYMAPS "No keymaps loaded.\n"
98 MSG_KEYNUMMAPS "There are %1 maps.\n"
99 MSG_KEYBADMAP "Bad keymap number - try 'keys display'\n"
100 MSG_KEYMAPSWITCHED "keymap switched.\n"
101 END
103 #if defined(__MINGW32__) || defined(__CYGWIN__)
104 TelnetIcon ICON "telnet.ico"
105 #else
106 TelnetIcon ICON "../telnet.ico"
107 #endif