- Get oskittcp to compile on msvc.
[reactos.git] / reactos / drivers / lib / oskittcp / notes.txt
1 The story so far: 20040819
3 This is from memory so it might not be completely accurate.
5 tcp_input is called from OskitTCPReceiveDatagram ... I'm not so sure that
6 this part is correct. I believe that at least the ACK number calculation
7 is correct as is. Reads are wierd and i'm not sure where the problem is.
8 We get the wrong number of bytes back in some cases, and strange characters
9 received. I think this is because the ip header is double counted at some
10 point the way we do things. We at least seem to ack the 'right' packet at
11 this point.
13 sosend is currently doing wierd stuff.
14 We send data into sosend and it appears to make it intact into tcp_usrreq.
15 After that, the data that goes on the wire seems to have the first 20 bytes
16 uninitialized, so i believe that something thinks we should submit this data
17 differently. Not sure why it's doing that.
19 I think we have our timeouts right as retransmission appears to work. We
20 need to verify that all types of retransmission are properly served.
22 I'm seeing some wierd errors in sbflush and sbappend. Not sure what these
23 mean or why they're happening. I'm trying to figure out sbappend especially
24 by looking over bsd cross-reference but it's one of the more lightly
25 documented parts of bsd. A wierd thing about sbappend is that it seems to
26 want to see an M_EOR flag at the end of the so->so_rcv->sb_mb chain. When
27 it gets there it should append the input chain.
31 tcp_output: between line 511 and 614 m is initialized. Where i was printing
32 it it didn't have data yet.