[BOOTDATA]: Diverse improvements for mkisofs support and ISO image configuration:
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1 Transparent decompression (-z option) is available on Linux kernels
2 using kernel version 2.4.14 or 2.4.9-ac14 or later.
4 You also need the zisofs-tools package, containing the mkzftree
5 utility, to create the compressed files; this package is available at:
7 ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/fs/zisofs/
9 The mkzftree utility can also be used to read compressed CD-ROMs on
10 systems which do not support transparent decompression.
12 The use of a separate utility allows compression to be controlled on a
13 per-file basis. A file which is not compressed can be read on any
14 system.
16 Transparent decompression is implemented as an extension to Rock
17 Ridge, so Rock Ridge needs to be enabled (-R or -r options.)