Update libjpeg from 6b to 8b.
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2 CHANGES - changes for libpng
4 version 0.2
5 added reader into png.h
6 fixed small problems in stub file
8 version 0.3
9 added pull reader
10 split up pngwrite.c to several files
11 added pnglib.txt
12 added example.c
13 cleaned up writer, adding a few new transformations
14 fixed some bugs in writer
15 interfaced with zlib 0.5
16 added K&R support
17 added check for 64 KB blocks for 16 bit machines
19 version 0.4
20 cleaned up code and commented code
21 simplified time handling into png_time
22 created png_color_16 and png_color_8 to handle color needs
23 cleaned up color type defines
24 fixed various bugs
25 made various names more consistent
26 interfaced with zlib 0.71
27 cleaned up zTXt reader and writer (using zlib's Reset functions)
28 split transformations into pngrtran.c and pngwtran.c
30 version 0.5
31 interfaced with zlib 0.8
32 fixed many reading and writing bugs
33 saved using 3 spaces instead of tabs
35 version 0.6
36 added png_large_malloc() and png_large_free()
37 added png_size_t
38 cleaned up some compiler warnings
39 added png_start_read_image()
41 version 0.7
42 cleaned up lots of bugs
43 finished dithering and other stuff
44 added test program
45 changed name from pnglib to libpng
47 version 0.71 [June, 1995]
48 changed pngtest.png for zlib 0.93
49 fixed error in libpng.txt and example.c
51 version 0.8
52 cleaned up some bugs
53 added png_set_filler()
54 split up pngstub.c into pngmem.c, pngio.c, and pngerror.c
55 added #define's to remove unwanted code
56 moved png_info_init() to png.c
57 added old_size into png_realloc()
58 added functions to manually set filtering and compression info
59 changed compression parameters based on image type
60 optimized filter selection code
61 added version info
62 changed external functions passing floats to doubles (k&r problems?)
63 put all the configurable stuff in pngconf.h
64 enabled png_set_shift to work with paletted images on read
65 added png_read_update_info() - updates info structure with
66 transformations
68 version 0.81 [August, 1995]
69 incorporated Tim Wegner's medium model code (thanks, Tim)
71 version 0.82 [September, 1995]
72 [unspecified changes]
74 version 0.85 [December, 1995]
75 added more medium model code (almost everything's a far)
76 added i/o, error, and memory callback functions
77 fixed some bugs (16 bit, 4 bit interlaced, etc.)
78 added first run progressive reader (barely tested)
80 version 0.86 [January, 1996]
81 fixed bugs
82 improved documentation
84 version 0.87 [January, 1996]
85 fixed medium model bugs
86 fixed other bugs introduced in 0.85 and 0.86
87 added some minor documentation
89 version 0.88 [January, 1996]
90 fixed progressive bugs
91 replaced tabs with spaces
92 cleaned up documentation
93 added callbacks for read/write and warning/error functions
95 version 0.89 [July, 1996]
96 added new initialization API to make libpng work better with shared libs
97 we now have png_create_read_struct(), png_create_write_struct(),
98 png_create_info_struct(), png_destroy_read_struct(), and
99 png_destroy_write_struct() instead of the separate calls to
100 malloc and png_read_init(), png_info_init(), and png_write_init()
101 changed warning/error callback functions to fix bug - this means you
102 should use the new initialization API if you were using the old
103 png_set_message_fn() calls, and that the old API no longer exists
104 so that people are aware that they need to change their code
105 changed filter selection API to allow selection of multiple filters
106 since it didn't work in previous versions of libpng anyways
107 optimized filter selection code
108 fixed png_set_background() to allow using an arbitrary RGB color for
109 paletted images
110 fixed gamma and background correction for paletted images, so
111 png_correct_palette is not needed unless you are correcting an
112 external palette (you will need to #define PNG_CORRECT_PALETTE_SUPPORTED
113 in pngconf.h) - if nobody uses this, it may disappear in the future.
114 fixed bug with Borland 64K memory allocation (Alexander Lehmann)
115 fixed bug in interlace handling (Smarasderagd, I think)
116 added more error checking for writing and image to reduce invalid files
117 separated read and write functions so that they won't both be linked
118 into a binary when only reading or writing functionality is used
119 new pngtest image also has interlacing and zTXt
120 updated documentation to reflect new API
122 version 0.90 [January, 1997]
123 made CRC errors/warnings on critical and ancillary chunks configurable
124 libpng will use the zlib CRC routines by (compile-time) default
125 changed DOS small/medium model memory support - needs zlib 1.04 (Tim Wegner)
126 added external C++ wrapper statements to png.h (Gilles Dauphin)
127 allow PNG file to be read when some or all of file signature has already
128 been read from the beginning of the stream. ****This affects the size
129 of info_struct and invalidates all programs that use a shared libpng****
130 fixed png_filler() declarations
131 fixed? background color conversions
132 fixed order of error function pointers to match documentation
133 current chunk name is now available in png_struct to reduce the number
134 of nearly identical error messages (will simplify multi-lingual
135 support when available)
136 try to get ready for unknown-chunk callback functions:
137 - previously read critical chunks are flagged, so the chunk handling
138 routines can determine if the chunk is in the right place
139 - all chunk handling routines have the same prototypes, so we will
140 be able to handle all chunks via a callback mechanism
141 try to fix Linux "setjmp" buffer size problems
142 removed png_large_malloc, png_large_free, and png_realloc functions.
144 version 0.95 [March, 1997]
145 fixed bug in pngwutil.c allocating "up_row" twice and "avg_row" never
146 fixed bug in PNG file signature compares when start != 0
147 changed parameter type of png_set_filler(...filler...) from png_byte
148 to png_uint_32
149 added test for MACOS to ensure that both math.h and fp.h are not #included
150 added macros for libpng to be compiled as a Windows DLL (Andreas Kupries)
151 added "packswap" transformation, which changes the endianness of
152 packed-pixel bytes (Kevin Bracey)
153 added "strip_alpha" transformation, which removes the alpha channel of
154 input images without using it (not necessarily a good idea)
155 added "swap_alpha" transformation, which puts the alpha channel in front
156 of the color bytes instead of after
157 removed all implicit variable tests which assume NULL == 0 (I think)
158 changed several variables to "png_size_t" to show 16/32-bit limitations
159 added new pCAL chunk read/write support
160 added experimental filter selection weighting (Greg Roelofs)
161 removed old png_set_rgbx() and png_set_xrgb() functions that have been
162 obsolete for about 2 years now (use png_set_filler() instead)
163 added macros to read 16- and 32-bit ints directly from buffer, to be
164 used only on those systems that support it (namely PowerPC and 680x0)
165 With some testing, this may become the default for MACOS/PPC systems.
166 only calculate CRC on data if we are going to use it
167 added macros for zTXt compression type PNG_zTXt_COMPRESSION_???
168 added macros for simple libpng debugging output selectable at compile time
169 removed PNG_READ_END_MODE in progressive reader (Smarasderagd)
170 more description of info_struct in libpng.txt and png.h
171 more instructions in example.c
172 more chunk types tested in pngtest.c
173 renamed pngrcb.c to pngset.c, and all png_read_<chunk> functions to be
174 png_set_<chunk>. We now have corresponding png_get_<chunk>
175 functions in pngget.c to get information in info_ptr. This isolates
176 the application from the internal organization of png_info_struct
177 (good for shared library implementations).
179 version 0.96 [May, 1997]
180 fixed serious bug with < 8bpp images introduced in 0.95
181 fixed 256-color transparency bug (Greg Roelofs)
182 fixed up documentation (Greg Roelofs, Laszlo Nyul)
183 fixed "error" in pngconf.h for Linux setjmp() behaviour
184 fixed DOS medium model support (Tim Wegner)
185 fixed png_check_keyword() for case with error in static string text
186 added read of CRC after IEND chunk for embedded PNGs (Laszlo Nyul)
187 added typecasts to quiet compiler errors
188 added more debugging info
190 version 0.97 [January, 1998]
191 removed PNG_USE_OWN_CRC capability
192 relocated png_set_crc_action from pngrutil.c to pngrtran.c
193 fixed typecasts of "new_key", etc. (Andreas Dilger)
194 added RFC 1152 [sic] date support
195 fixed bug in gamma handling of 4-bit grayscale
196 added 2-bit grayscale gamma handling (Glenn R-P)
197 added more typecasts. 65536L becomes (png_uint_32)65536L, etc. (Glenn R-P)
198 minor corrections in libpng.txt
199 added simple sRGB support (Glenn R-P)
200 easier conditional compiling, e.g. define PNG_READ/WRITE_NOT_FULLY_SUPPORTED;
201 all configurable options can be selected from command-line instead
202 of having to edit pngconf.h (Glenn R-P)
203 fixed memory leak in pngwrite.c (free info_ptr->text) (Glenn R-P)
204 added more conditions for png_do_background, to avoid changing
205 black pixels to background when a background is supplied and
206 no pixels are transparent
207 repaired PNG_NO_STDIO behaviour
208 tested NODIV support and made it default behaviour (Greg Roelofs)
209 added "-m" option and PNGTEST_DEBUG_MEMORY to pngtest (John Bowler)
210 regularized version numbering scheme and bumped shared-library major
211 version number to 2 to avoid problems with libpng 0.89 apps (Greg Roelofs)
213 version 0.98 [January, 1998]
214 cleaned up some typos in libpng.txt and in code documentation
215 fixed memory leaks in pCAL chunk processing (Glenn R-P and John Bowler)
216 cosmetic change "display_gamma" to "screen_gamma" in pngrtran.c
217 changed recommendation about file_gamma for PC images to .51 from .45,
218 in example.c and libpng.txt, added comments to distinguish between
219 screen_gamma, viewing_gamma, and display_gamma.
220 changed all references to RFC1152 to read RFC1123 and changed the
222 added png_invert_alpha capability (Glenn R-P -- suggestion by Jon Vincent)
223 changed srgb_intent from png_byte to int to avoid compiler bugs
225 version 0.99 [January 30, 1998]
226 free info_ptr->text instead of end_info_ptr->text in pngread.c (John Bowler)
227 fixed a longstanding "packswap" bug in pngtrans.c
228 fixed some inconsistencies in pngconf.h that prevented compiling with
230 fixed some typos and made other minor rearrangement of libpng.txt (Andreas)
231 changed recommendation about file_gamma for PC images to .50 from .51 in
232 example.c and libpng.txt, and changed file_gamma for sRGB images to .45
233 added a number of functions to access information from the png structure
234 png_get_image_height(), etc. (Glenn R-P, suggestion by Brad Pettit)
235 added TARGET_MACOS similar to zlib-1.0.8
236 define PNG_ALWAYS_EXTERN when __MWERKS__ && WIN32 are defined
237 added type casting to all png_malloc() function calls
238 version 0.99a [January 31, 1998]
239 Added type casts and parentheses to all returns that return a value.(Tim W.)
240 version 0.99b [February 4, 1998]
241 Added type cast png_uint_32 on malloc function calls where needed.
242 Changed type of num_hist from png_uint_32 to int (same as num_palette).
243 Added checks for rowbytes overflow, in case png_size_t is less than 32 bits.
244 Renamed makefile.elf to makefile.lnx.
245 version 0.99c [February 7, 1998]
246 More type casting. Removed erroneous overflow test in pngmem.c.
247 Added png_buffered_memcpy() and png_buffered_memset(), apply them to rowbytes.
248 Added UNIX manual pages libpng.3 (incorporating libpng.txt) and png.5.
249 version 0.99d [February 11, 1998]
250 Renamed "far_to_near()" "png_far_to_near()"
251 Revised libpng.3
252 Version 99c "buffered" operations didn't work as intended. Replaced them
253 with png_memcpy_check() and png_memset_check().
254 Added many "if (png_ptr == NULL) return" to quell compiler warnings about
255 unused png_ptr, mostly in pngget.c and pngset.c.
256 Check for overlength tRNS chunk present when indexed-color PLTE is read.
257 Cleaned up spelling errors in libpng.3/libpng.txt
258 Corrected a problem with png_get_tRNS() which returned undefined trans array
259 version 0.99e [February 28, 1998]
260 Corrected png_get_tRNS() again.
261 Add parentheses for easier reading of pngget.c, fixed "||" should be "&&".
262 Touched up example.c to make more of it compileable, although the entire
263 file still can't be compiled (Willem van Schaik)
264 Fixed a bug in png_do_shift() (Bryan Tsai)
265 Added a space in png.h prototype for png_write_chunk_start()
266 Replaced pngtest.png with one created with zlib 1.1.1
267 Changed pngtest to report PASS even when file size is different (Jean-loup G.)
268 Corrected some logic errors in png_do_invert_alpha() (Chris Patterson)
269 version 0.99f [March 5, 1998]
270 Corrected a bug in pngpread() introduced in version 99c (Kevin Bracey)
271 Moved makefiles into a "scripts" directory, and added INSTALL instruction file
272 Added makefile.os2 and pngos2.def (A. Zabolotny) and makefile.s2x (W. Sebok)
273 Added pointers to "note on libpng versions" in makefile.lnx and README
274 Added row callback feature when reading and writing nonprogressive rows
275 and added a test of this feature in pngtest.c
276 Added user transform callbacks, with test of the feature in pngtest.c
277 version 0.99g [March 6, 1998, morning]
278 Minor changes to pngtest.c to suppress compiler warnings.
279 Removed "beta" language from documentation.
280 version 0.99h [March 6, 1998, evening]
281 Minor changes to previous minor changes to pngtest.c
284 Added user transform capability
286 version 1.00 [March 7, 1998]
287 Changed several typedefs in pngrutil.c
288 Added makefile.wat (Pawel Mrochen), updated makefile.tc3 (Willem van Schaik)
289 replaced "while(1)" with "for(;;)"
290 added PNGARG() to prototypes in pngtest.c and removed some prototypes
291 updated some of the makefiles (Tom Lane)
292 changed some typedefs (s_start, etc.) in pngrutil.c
293 fixed dimensions of "short_months" array in pngwrite.c
294 Replaced ansi2knr.c with the one from jpeg-v6
296 version 1.0.0 [March 8, 1998]
297 Changed name from 1.00 to 1.0.0 (Adam Costello)
298 Added smakefile.ppc (with SCOPTIONS.ppc) for Amiga PPC (Andreas Kleinert)
299 version 1.0.0a [March 9, 1998]
300 Fixed three bugs in pngrtran.c to make gamma+background handling consistent
301 (Greg Roelofs)
302 Changed format of the PNG_LIBPNG_VER integer to xyyzz instead of xyz
303 for major, minor, and bugfix releases. This is 10001. (Adam Costello,
304 Tom Lane)
305 Make months range from 1-12 in png_convert_to_rfc1123
306 version 1.0.0b [March 13, 1998]
307 Quieted compiler complaints about two empty "for" loops in pngrutil.c
308 Minor changes to makefile.s2x
309 Removed #ifdef/#endif around a png_free() in pngread.c
311 version 1.0.1 [March 14, 1998]
312 Changed makefile.s2x to reduce security risk of using a relative pathname
313 Fixed some typos in the documentation (Greg).
314 Fixed a problem with value of "channels" returned by png_read_update_info()
315 version 1.0.1a [April 21, 1998]
316 Optimized Paeth calculations by replacing abs() function calls with intrinsics
317 plus other loop optimizations. Improves avg decoding speed by about 20%.
318 Commented out i386istic "align" compiler flags in makefile.lnx.
319 Reduced the default warning level in some makefiles, to make them consistent.
320 Removed references to IJG and JPEG in the ansi2knr.c copyright statement.
321 Fixed a bug in png_do_strip_filler with XXRRGGBB => RRGGBB transformation.
322 Added grayscale and 16-bit capability to png_do_read_filler().
323 Fixed a bug in pngset.c, introduced in version 0.99c, that sets rowbytes
324 too large when writing an image with bit_depth < 8 (Bob Dellaca).
325 Corrected some bugs in the experimental weighted filtering heuristics.
326 Moved a misplaced pngrutil code block that truncates tRNS if it has more
327 than num_palette entries -- test was done before num_palette was defined.
328 Fixed a png_convert_to_rfc1123() bug that converts day 31 to 0 (Steve Eddins).
329 Changed compiler flags in makefile.wat for better optimization (Pawel Mrochen).
330 version 1.0.1b [May 2, 1998]
331 Relocated png_do_gray_to_rgb() within png_do_read_transformations() (Greg).
332 Relocated the png_composite macros from pngrtran.c to png.h (Greg).
333 Added makefile.sco (contributed by Mike Hopkirk).
334 Fixed two bugs (missing definitions of "istop") introduced in libpng-1.0.1a.
335 Fixed a bug in pngrtran.c that would set channels=5 under some circumstances.
336 More work on the Paeth-filtering, achieving imperceptible speedup (A Kleinert).
337 More work on loop optimization which may help when compiled with C++ compilers.
338 Added warnings when people try to use transforms they've defined out.
339 Collapsed 4 "i" and "c" loops into single "i" loops in pngrtran and pngwtran.
340 Revised paragraph about png_set_expand() in libpng.txt and libpng.3 (Greg)
341 version 1.0.1c [May 11, 1998]
342 Fixed a bug in pngrtran.c (introduced in libpng-1.0.1a) where the masks for
343 filler bytes should have been 0xff instead of 0xf.
344 Added max_pixel_depth=32 in pngrutil.c when using FILLER with palette images.
346 out of the PNG_WRITE_TRANSFORMS_NOT_SUPPORTED block of pngconf.h
347 Added "PNG_NO_WRITE_TRANSFORMS" etc., as alternatives for *_NOT_SUPPORTED,
348 for consistency, in pngconf.h
349 Added individual "ifndef PNG_NO_[CAPABILITY]" in pngconf.h to make it easier
350 to remove unwanted capabilities via the compile line
351 Made some corrections to grammar (which, it's) in documentation (Greg).
352 Corrected example.c, use of row_pointers in png_write_image().
353 version 1.0.1d [May 24, 1998]
354 Corrected several statements that used side effects illegally in pngrutil.c
355 and pngtrans.c, that were introduced in version 1.0.1b
356 Revised png_read_rows() to avoid repeated if-testing for NULL (A Kleinert)
357 More corrections to example.c, use of row_pointers in png_write_image()
358 and png_read_rows().
359 Added pngdll.mak and pngdef.pas to scripts directory, contributed by
360 Bob Dellaca, to make a png32bd.dll with Borland C++ 4.5
361 Fixed error in example.c with png_set_text: num_text is 3, not 2 (Guido V.)
362 Changed several loops from count-down to count-up, for consistency.
363 version 1.0.1e [June 6, 1998]
364 Revised libpng.txt and libpng.3 description of png_set_read|write_fn(), and
365 added warnings when people try to set png_read_fn and png_write_fn in
366 the same structure.
367 Added a test such that png_do_gamma will be done when num_trans==0
368 for truecolor images that have defined a background. This corrects an
369 error that was introduced in libpng-0.90 that can cause gamma processing
370 to be skipped.
371 Added tests in png.h to include "trans" and "trans_values" in structures
373 Add png_free(png_ptr->time_buffer) in png_destroy_read_struct()
374 Moved png_convert_to_rfc_1123() from pngwrite.c to png.c
375 Added capability for user-provided malloc_fn() and free_fn() functions,
376 and revised pngtest.c to demonstrate their use, replacing the
377 PNGTEST_DEBUG_MEM feature.
378 Added makefile.w32, for Microsoft C++ 4.0 and later (Tim Wegner).
380 version 1.0.2 [June 14, 1998]
381 Fixed two bugs in makefile.bor .
382 version 1.0.2a [December 30, 1998]
383 Replaced and extended code that was removed from png_set_filler() in 1.0.1a.
384 Fixed a bug in png_do_filler() that made it fail to write filler bytes in
385 the left-most pixel of each row (Kevin Bracey).
386 Changed "static pngcharp tIME_string" to "static char tIME_string[30]"
387 in pngtest.c (Duncan Simpson).
388 Fixed a bug in pngtest.c that caused pngtest to try to write a tIME chunk
389 even when no tIME chunk was present in the source file.
390 Fixed a problem in pngrutil.c: gray_to_rgb didn't always work with 16-bit.
391 Fixed a problem in png_read_push_finish_row(), which would not skip some
392 passes that it should skip, for images that are less than 3 pixels high.
393 Interchanged the order of calls to png_do_swap() and png_do_shift()
394 in pngwtran.c (John Cromer).
395 Added #ifdef PNG_DEBUG/#endif surrounding use of PNG_DEBUG in png.h .
396 Changed "bad adaptive filter type" from error to warning in pngrutil.c .
397 Fixed a documentation error about default filtering with 8-bit indexed-color.
398 Separated the PNG_NO_STDIO macro into PNG_NO_STDIO and PNG_NO_CONSOLE_IO
399 (L. Peter Deutsch).
400 Added png_set_rgb_to_gray() and png_get_rgb_to_gray_status() functions.
401 Added png_get_copyright() and png_get_header_version() functions.
402 Revised comments on png_set_progressive_read_fn() in libpng.txt and example.c
403 Added information about debugging in libpng.txt and libpng.3 .
404 Changed "ln -sf" to "ln -s -f" in makefile.s2x, makefile.lnx, and makefile.sco.
405 Removed lines after Dynamic Dependencies" in makefile.aco .
406 Revised makefile.dec to make a shared library (Jeremie Petit).
407 Removed trailing blanks from all files.
408 version 1.0.2a [January 6, 1999]
409 Removed misplaced #endif and #ifdef PNG_NO_EXTERN near the end of png.h
410 Added "if" tests to silence complaints about unused png_ptr in png.h and png.c
411 Changed "check_if_png" function in example.c to return true (nonzero) if PNG.
412 Changed libpng.txt to demonstrate png_sig_cmp() instead of png_check_sig()
413 which is obsolete.
415 version 1.0.3 [January 14, 1999]
416 Added makefile.hux, for Hewlett Packard HPUX 10.20 and 11.00 (Jim Rice)
417 Added a statement of Y2K compliance in png.h, libpng.3, and Y2KINFO.
418 version 1.0.3a [August 12, 1999]
419 Added check for PNG_READ_INTERLACE_SUPPORTED in pngread.c; issue a warning
420 if an attempt is made to read an interlaced image when it's not supported.
421 Added check if png_ptr->trans is defined before freeing it in pngread.c
422 Modified the Y2K statement to include versions back to version 0.71
423 Fixed a bug in the check for valid IHDR bit_depth/color_types in pngrutil.c
424 Modified makefile.wat (added -zp8 flag, ".symbolic", changed some comments)
425 Replaced leading blanks with tab characters in makefile.hux
426 Changed "dworkin.wustl.edu" to "ccrc.wustl.edu" in various documents.
427 Changed (float)red and (float)green to (double)red, (double)green
428 in png_set_rgb_to_gray() to avoid "promotion" problems in AIX.
429 Fixed a bug in pngconf.h that omitted <stdio.h> when PNG_DEBUG==0 (K Bracey).
430 Reformatted libpng.3 and libpngpf.3 with proper fonts (script by J. vanZandt).
431 Updated documentation to refer to the PNG-1.2 specification.
432 Removed ansi2knr.c and left pointers to the latest source for ansi2knr.c
433 in makefile.knr, INSTALL, and README (L. Peter Deutsch)
434 Fixed bugs in calculation of the length of rowbytes when adding alpha
435 channels to 16-bit images, in pngrtran.c (Chris Nokleberg)
436 Added function png_set_user_transform_info() to store user_transform_ptr,
437 user_depth, and user_channels into the png_struct, and a function
438 png_get_user_transform_ptr() to retrieve the pointer (Chris Nokleberg)
439 Added function png_set_empty_plte_permitted() to make libpng useable
440 in MNG applications.
441 Corrected the typedef for png_free_ptr in png.h (Jesse Jones).
442 Correct gamma with srgb is 45455 instead of 45000 in pngrutil.c, to be
443 consistent with PNG-1.2, and allow variance of 500 before complaining.
444 Added assembler code contributed by Intel in file pngvcrd.c and modified
445 makefile.w32 to use it (Nirav Chhatrapati, INTEL Corporation, Gilles Vollant)
446 Changed "ln -s -f" to "ln -f -s" in the makefiles to make Solaris happy.
447 Added some aliases for png_set_expand() in pngrtran.c, namely
448 png_set_expand_PLTE(), png_set_expand_depth(), and png_set_expand_tRNS()
449 (Greg Roelofs, in "PNG: The Definitive Guide").
450 Added makefile.beo for BEOS on X86, contributed by Sander Stok.
451 version 1.0.3b [August 26, 1999]
452 Replaced 2147483647L several places with PNG_MAX_UINT macro, defined in png.h
453 Changed leading blanks to tabs in all makefiles.
454 Define PNG_USE_PNGVCRD in makefile.w32, to get MMX assembler code.
455 Made alternate versions of png_set_expand() in pngrtran.c, namely
456 png_set_gray_1_2_4_to_8, png_set_palette_to_rgb, and png_set_tRNS_to_alpha
457 (Greg Roelofs, in "PNG: The Definitive Guide"). Deleted the 1.0.3a aliases.
458 Relocated start of 'extern "C"' block in png.h so it doesn't include pngconf.h
459 Revised calculation of num_blocks in pngmem.c to avoid a potentially
460 negative shift distance, whose results are undefined in the C language.
461 Added a check in pngset.c to prevent writing multiple tIME chunks.
462 Added a check in pngwrite.c to detect invalid small window_bits sizes.
463 version 1.0.3d [September 4, 1999]
464 Fixed type casting of igamma in pngrutil.c
465 Added new png_expand functions to scripts/pngdef.pas and pngos2.def
466 Added a demo read_user_transform_fn that examines the row filters in pngtest.c
468 version 1.0.4 [September 24, 1999]
469 Define PNG_ALWAYS_EXTERN in pngconf.h if __STDC__ is defined
470 Delete #define PNG_INTERNAL and include "png.h" from pngasmrd.h
471 Made several minor corrections to pngtest.c
472 Renamed the makefiles with longer but more user friendly extensions.
473 Copied the PNG copyright and license to a separate LICENSE file.
474 Revised documentation, png.h, and example.c to remove reference to
475 "viewing_gamma" which no longer appears in the PNG specification.
476 Revised pngvcrd.c to use MMX code for interlacing only on the final pass.
477 Updated pngvcrd.c to use the faster C filter algorithms from libpng-1.0.1a
478 Split makefile.win32vc into two versions, makefile.vcawin32 (uses MMX
479 assembler code) and makefile.vcwin32 (doesn't).
480 Added a CPU timing report to pngtest.c (enabled by defining PNGTEST_TIMING)
481 Added a copy of pngnow.png to the distribution.
482 version 1.0.4a [September 25, 1999]
483 Increase max_pixel_depth in pngrutil.c if a user transform needs it.
484 Changed several division operations to right-shifts in pngvcrd.c
485 version 1.0.4b [September 30, 1999]
486 Added parentheses in line 3732 of pngvcrd.c
487 Added a comment in makefile.linux warning about buggy -O3 in pgcc 2.95.1
488 version 1.0.4c [October 1, 1999]
489 Added a "png_check_version" function in png.c and pngtest.c that will generate
490 a helpful compiler error if an old png.h is found in the search path.
491 Changed type of png_user_transform_depth|channels from int to png_byte.
492 version 1.0.4d [October 6, 1999]
493 Changed 0.45 to 0.45455 in png_set_sRGB()
494 Removed unused PLTE entries from pngnow.png
495 Re-enabled some parts of pngvcrd.c (png_combine_row) that work properly.
496 version 1.0.4e [October 10, 1999]
497 Fixed sign error in pngvcrd.c (Greg Roelofs)
498 Replaced some instances of memcpy with simple assignments in pngvcrd (GR-P)
499 version 1.0.4f [October 15, 1999]
500 Surrounded example.c code with #if 0 .. #endif to prevent people from
501 inadvertently trying to compile it.
502 Changed png_get_header_version() from a function to a macro in png.h
503 Added type casting mostly in pngrtran.c and pngwtran.c
504 Removed some pointless "ptr = NULL" in pngmem.c
505 Added a "contrib" directory containing the source code from Greg's book.
507 version 1.0.5 [October 15, 1999]
508 Minor editing of the INSTALL and README files.
509 version 1.0.5a [October 23, 1999]
510 Added contrib/pngsuite and contrib/pngminus (Willem van Schaik)
511 Fixed a typo in the png_set_sRGB() function call in example.c (Jan Nijtmans)
512 Further optimization and bugfix of pngvcrd.c
513 Revised pngset.c so that it does not allocate or free memory in the user's
514 text_ptr structure. Instead, it makes its own copy.
515 Created separate write_end_info_struct in pngtest.c for a more severe test.
516 Added code in pngwrite.c to free info_ptr->text[i].key to stop a memory leak.
517 version 1.0.5b [November 23, 1999]
519 PNG_FLAG_WROTE_tIME from flags to mode.
520 Added png_write_info_before_PLTE() function.
521 Fixed some typecasting in contrib/gregbook/*.c
522 Updated scripts/makevms.com and added makevms.com to contrib/gregbook
523 and contrib/pngminus (Martin Zinser)
524 version 1.0.5c [November 26, 1999]
525 Moved png_get_header_version from png.h to png.c, to accommodate ansi2knr.
526 Removed all global arrays (according to PNG_NO_GLOBAL_ARRAYS macro), to
527 accommodate making DLL's: Moved usr_png_ver from global variable to function
528 png_get_header_ver() in png.c. Moved png_sig to png_sig_bytes in png.c and
529 eliminated use of png_sig in pngwutil.c. Moved the various png_CHNK arrays
530 into pngtypes.h. Eliminated use of global png_pass arrays. Declared the
531 png_CHNK and png_pass arrays to be "const". Made the global arrays
532 available to applications (although none are used in libpng itself) when
533 PNG_NO_GLOBAL_ARRAYS is not defined or when PNG_GLOBAL_ARRAYS is defined.
534 Removed some extraneous "-I" from contrib/pngminus/makefile.std
535 Changed the PNG_sRGB_INTENT macros in png.h to be consistent with PNG-1.2.
536 Change PNG_SRGB_INTENT to PNG_sRGB_INTENT in libpng.txt and libpng.3
537 version 1.0.5d [November 29, 1999]
538 Add type cast (png_const_charp) two places in png.c
539 Eliminated pngtypes.h; use macros instead to declare PNG_CHNK arrays.
540 Renamed "PNG_GLOBAL_ARRAYS" to "PNG_USE_GLOBAL_ARRAYS" and made available
541 to applications a macro "PNG_USE_LOCAL_ARRAYS".
542 #ifdef out all the new declarations when PNG_USE_GLOBAL_ARRAYS is defined.
543 Added PNG_EXPORT_VAR macro to accommodate making DLL's.
544 version 1.0.5e [November 30, 1999]
545 Added iCCP, iTXt, and sPLT support; added "lang" member to the png_text
546 structure; refactored the inflate/deflate support to make adding new chunks
547 with trailing compressed parts easier in the future, and added new functions
548 png_free_iCCP, png_free_pCAL, png_free_sPLT, png_free_text, png_get_iCCP,
549 png_get_spalettes, png_set_iCCP, png_set_spalettes (Eric S. Raymond).
550 NOTE: Applications that write text chunks MUST define png_text->lang
551 before calling png_set_text(). It must be set to NULL if you want to
552 write tEXt or zTXt chunks. If you want your application to be able to
553 run with older versions of libpng, use
555 #ifdef PNG_iTXt_SUPPORTED
556 png_text[i].lang = NULL;
557 #endif
559 Changed png_get_oFFs() and png_set_oFFs() to use signed rather than unsigned
560 offsets (Eric S. Raymond).
562 PNG_cHNK_SUPPORTED and combined the three types of PNG_text_SUPPORTED
563 macros, leaving the separate macros also available.
564 Removed comments on #endifs at the end of many short, non-nested #if-blocks.
565 version 1.0.5f [December 6, 1999]
566 Changed makefile.solaris to issue a warning about potential problems when
567 the ucb "ld" is in the path ahead of the ccs "ld".
568 Removed "- [date]" from the "synopsis" line in libpng.3 and libpngpf.3.
569 Added sCAL chunk support (Eric S. Raymond).
570 version 1.0.5g [December 7, 1999]
571 Fixed "png_free_spallettes" typo in png.h
572 Added code to handle new chunks in pngpread.c
573 Moved PNG_CHNK string macro definitions outside of PNG_NO_EXTERN block
574 Added "translated_key" to png_text structure and png_write_iTXt().
575 Added code in pngwrite.c to work around a newly discovered zlib bug.
576 version 1.0.5h [December 10, 1999]
577 NOTE: regarding the note for version 1.0.5e, the following must also
578 be included in your code:
579 png_text[i].translated_key = NULL;
580 Unknown chunk handling is now supported.
581 Option to eliminate all floating point support was added. Some new
582 fixed-point functions such as png_set_gAMA_fixed() were added.
583 Expanded tabs and removed trailing blanks in source files.
584 version 1.0.5i [December 13, 1999]
585 Added some type casts to silence compiler warnings.
586 Renamed "png_free_spalette" to "png_free_spalettes" for consistency.
587 Removed leading blanks from a #define in pngvcrd.c
588 Added some parameters to the new png_set_keep_unknown_chunks() function.
589 Added a test for up->location != 0 in the first instance of writing
590 unknown chunks in pngwrite.c
591 Changed "num" to "i" in png_free_spalettes() and png_free_unknowns() to
592 prevent recursion.
593 Added png_free_hIST() function.
594 Various patches to fix bugs in the sCAL and integer cHRM processing,
595 and to add some convenience macros for use with sCAL.
596 version 1.0.5j [December 21, 1999]
597 Changed "unit" parameter of png_write_sCAL from png_byte to int, to work
598 around buggy compilers.
599 Added new type "png_fixed_point" for integers that hold float*100000 values
600 Restored backward compatibility of tEXt/zTXt chunk processing:
601 Restored the first four members of png_text to the same order as v.1.0.5d.
602 Added members "lang_key" and "itxt_length" to png_text struct. Set
603 text_length=0 when "text" contains iTXt data. Use the "compression"
604 member to distinguish among tEXt/zTXt/iTXt types. Added
606 The "Note" above, about backward incompatibility of libpng-1.0.5e, no
607 longer applies.
608 Fixed png_read|write_iTXt() to read|write parameters in the right order,
609 and to write the iTXt chunk after IDAT if it appears in the end_ptr.
610 Added pnggccrd.c, version of pngvcrd.c Intel assembler for gcc (Greg Roelofs)
611 Reversed the order of trying to write floating-point and fixed-point gAMA.
612 version 1.0.5k [December 27, 1999]
613 Added many parentheses, e.g., "if (a && b & c)" becomes "if (a && (b & c))"
614 Added png_handle_as_unknown() function (Glenn)
615 Added png_free_chunk_list() function and chunk_list and num_chunk_list members
616 of png_ptr.
617 Eliminated erroneous warnings about multiple sPLT chunks and sPLT-after-PLTE.
618 Fixed a libpng-1.0.5h bug in pngrutil.c that was issuing erroneous warnings
619 about ignoring incorrect gAMA with sRGB (gAMA was in fact not ignored)
620 Added png_free_tRNS(); png_set_tRNS() now malloc's its own trans array (ESR).
621 Define png_get_int_32 when oFFs chunk is supported as well as when pCAL is.
622 Changed type of proflen from png_int_32 to png_uint_32 in png_get_iCCP().
623 version 1.0.5l [January 1, 2000]
624 Added functions png_set_read_user_chunk_fn() and png_get_user_chunk_ptr()
625 for setting a callback function to handle unknown chunks and for
626 retrieving the associated user pointer (Glenn).
627 version 1.0.5m [January 7, 2000]
628 Added high-level functions png_read_png(), png_write_png(), png_free_pixels().
629 version 1.0.5n [January 9, 2000]
630 Added png_free_PLTE() function, and modified png_set_PLTE() to malloc its
631 own memory for info_ptr->palette. This makes it safe for the calling
632 application to free its copy of the palette any time after it calls
633 png_set_PLTE().
634 version 1.0.5o [January 20, 2000]
635 Cosmetic changes only (removed some trailing blanks and TABs)
636 version 1.0.5p [January 31, 2000]
637 Renamed pngdll.mak to makefile.bd32
638 Cosmetic changes in pngtest.c
639 version 1.0.5q [February 5, 2000]
640 Relocated the makefile.solaris warning about PATH problems.
641 Fixed pngvcrd.c bug by pushing/popping registers in mmxsupport (Bruce Oberg)
642 Revised makefile.gcmmx
644 version 1.0.5r [February 7, 2000]
645 Removed superfluous prototype for png_get_itxt from png.h
646 Fixed a bug in pngrtran.c that improperly expanded the background color.
647 Return *num_text=0 from png_get_text() when appropriate, and fix documentation
648 of png_get_text() in libpng.txt/libpng.3.
649 version 1.0.5s [February 18, 2000]
650 Added "png_jmp_env()" macro to pngconf.h, to help people migrate to the
651 new error handler that's planned for the next libpng release, and changed
652 example.c, pngtest.c, and contrib programs to use this macro.
653 Revised some of the DLL-export macros in pngconf.h (Greg Roelofs)
654 Fixed a bug in png_read_png() that caused it to fail to expand some images
655 that it should have expanded.
656 Fixed some mistakes in the unused and undocumented INCH_CONVERSIONS functions
657 in pngget.c
658 Changed the allocation of palette, history, and trans arrays back to
659 the version 1.0.5 method (linking instead of copying) which restores
660 backward compatibility with version 1.0.5. Added some remarks about
661 that in example.c. Added "free_me" member to info_ptr and png_ptr
662 and added png_free_data() function.
663 Updated makefile.linux and makefile.gccmmx to make directories conditionally.
664 Made cosmetic changes to pngasmrd.h
665 Added png_set_rows() and png_get_rows(), for use with png_read|write_png().
666 Modified png_read_png() to allocate info_ptr->row_pointers only if it
667 hasn't already been allocated.
668 version 1.0.5t [March 4, 2000]
669 Changed png_jmp_env() migration aiding macro to png_jmpbuf().
670 Fixed "interlace" typo (should be "interlaced") in contrib/gregbook/read2-x.c
671 Fixed bug with use of PNG_BEFORE_IHDR bit in png_ptr->mode, introduced when
672 PNG_FLAG_HAVE_CHUNK_HEADER was moved into png_ptr->mode in version 1.0.5b
673 Files in contrib/gregbook were revised to use png_jmpbuf() and to select
674 a 24-bit visual if one is available, and to allow abbreviated options.
675 Files in contrib/pngminus were revised to use the png_jmpbuf() macro.
676 Removed spaces in makefile.linux and makefile.gcmmx, introduced in 1.0.5s
677 version 1.0.5u [March 5, 2000]
678 Simplified the code that detects old png.h in png.c and pngtest.c
679 Renamed png_spalette (_p, _pp) to png_sPLT_t (_tp, _tpp)
680 Increased precision of rgb_to_gray calculations from 8 to 15 bits and
681 added png_set_rgb_to_gray_fixed() function.
682 Added makefile.bc32 (32-bit Borland C++, C mode)
683 version 1.0.5v [March 11, 2000]
684 Added some parentheses to the png_jmpbuf macro definition.
685 Updated references to the zlib home page, which has moved to freesoftware.com.
686 Corrected bugs in documentation regarding png_read_row() and png_write_row().
687 Updated documentation of png_rgb_to_gray calculations in libpng.3/libpng.txt.
688 Renamed makefile.borland,turboc3 back to makefile.bor,tc3 as in version 1.0.3,
689 revised borland makefiles; added makefile.ibmvac3 and makefile.gcc (Cosmin)
691 version 1.0.6 [March 20, 2000]
692 Minor revisions of makefile.bor, libpng.txt, and gregbook/rpng2-win.c
693 Added makefile.sggcc (SGI IRIX with gcc)
694 version 1.0.6d [April 7, 2000]
695 Changed sprintf() to strcpy() in png_write_sCAL_s() to work without STDIO
696 Added data_length parameter to png_decompress_chunk() function
697 Revised documentation to remove reference to abandoned png_free_chnk functions
698 Fixed an error in png_rgb_to_gray_fixed()
699 Revised example.c, usage of png_destroy_write_struct().
700 Renamed makefile.ibmvac3 to makefile.ibmc, added libpng.icc IBM project file
701 Added a check for info_ptr->free_me&PNG_FREE_TEXT when freeing text in png.c
702 Simplify png_sig_bytes() function to remove use of non-ISO-C strdup().
703 version 1.0.6e [April 9, 2000]
704 Added png_data_freer() function.
705 In the code that checks for over-length tRNS chunks, added check of
706 info_ptr->num_trans as well as png_ptr->num_trans (Matthias Benckmann)
707 Minor revisions of libpng.txt/libpng.3.
708 Check for existing data and free it if the free_me flag is set, in png_set_*()
709 and png_handle_*().
711 is defined.
712 Changed several instances of PNG_NO_CONSOLE_ID to PNG_NO_STDIO in pngrutil.c
713 and mentioned the purposes of the two macros in libpng.txt/libpng.3.
714 version 1.0.6f [April 14, 2000]
715 Revised png_set_iCCP() and png_set_rows() to avoid prematurely freeing data.
716 Add checks in png_set_text() for NULL members of the input text structure.
717 Revised libpng.txt/libpng.3.
718 Removed superfluous prototype for png_set_itxt from png.h
719 Removed "else" from pngread.c, after png_error(), and changed "0" to "length".
720 Changed several png_errors about malformed ancillary chunks to png_warnings.
721 version 1.0.6g [April 24, 2000]
722 Added png_pass-* arrays to pnggccrd.c when PNG_USE_LOCAL_ARRAYS is defined.
723 Relocated paragraph about png_set_background() in libpng.3/libpng.txt
724 and other revisions (Matthias Benckmann)
725 Relocated info_ptr->free_me, png_ptr->free_me, and other info_ptr and
726 png_ptr members to restore binary compatibility with libpng-1.0.5
727 (breaks compatibility with libpng-1.0.6).
728 version 1.0.6h [April 24, 2000]
729 Changed shared library so-number pattern from 2.x.y.z to xy.z (this builds
730 libpng.so.10 & libpng.so.10.6h instead of libpng.so.2 & libpng.so.
731 This is a temporary change for test purposes.
732 version 1.0.6i [May 2, 2000]
733 Rearranged some members at the end of png_info and png_struct, to put
734 unknown_chunks_num and free_me within the original size of the png_structs
735 and free_me, png_read_user_fn, and png_free_fn within the original png_info,
736 because some old applications allocate the structs directly instead of
737 using png_create_*().
738 Added documentation of user memory functions in libpng.txt/libpng.3
739 Modified png_read_png so that it will use user_allocated row_pointers
740 if present, unless free_me directs that it be freed, and added description
741 of the use of png_set_rows() and png_get_rows() in libpng.txt/libpng.3.
742 Added PNG_LEGACY_SUPPORTED macro, and #ifdef out all new (since version
743 1.00) members of png_struct and png_info, to regain binary compatibility
744 when you define this macro. Capabilities lost in this event
745 are user transforms (new in version 1.0.0),the user transform pointer
746 (new in version 1.0.2), rgb_to_gray (new in 1.0.5), iCCP, sCAL, sPLT,
747 the high-level interface, and unknown chunks support (all new in 1.0.6).
748 This was necessary because of old applications that allocate the structs
749 directly as authors were instructed to do in libpng-0.88 and earlier,
750 instead of using png_create_*().
752 can be used to detect codes that directly allocate the structs, and
753 code to check these modes in png_read_init() and png_write_init() and
754 generate a libpng error if the modes aren't set and PNG_LEGACY_SUPPORTED
755 was not defined.
756 Added makefile.intel and updated makefile.watcom (Pawel Mrochen)
757 version 1.0.6j [May 3, 2000]
758 Overloaded png_read_init() and png_write_init() with macros that convert
759 calls to png_read_init_2() or png_write_init_2() that check the version
760 and structure sizes.
761 version 1.0.7beta11 [May 7, 2000]
763 which are no longer used.
764 Eliminated the three new members of png_text when PNG_LEGACY_SUPPORTED is
765 defined or when neither PNG_READ_iTXt_SUPPORTED nor PNG_WRITE_iTXT_SUPPORTED
766 is defined.
767 Made PNG_NO_READ|WRITE_iTXt the default setting, to avoid memory
768 overrun when old applications fill the info_ptr->text structure directly.
769 Added PNGAPI macro, and added it to the definitions of all exported functions.
770 Relocated version macro definitions ahead of the includes of zlib.h and
771 pngconf.h in png.h.
772 version 1.0.7beta12 [May 12, 2000]
773 Revised pngset.c to avoid a problem with expanding the png_debug macro.
774 Deleted some extraneous defines from pngconf.h
775 Made PNG_NO_CONSOLE_IO the default condition when PNG_BUILD_DLL is defined.
776 Use MSC _RPTn debugging instead of fprintf if _MSC_VER is defined.
777 Added png_access_version_number() function.
778 Check for mask&PNG_FREE_CHNK (for TEXT, SCAL, PCAL) in png_free_data().
779 Expanded libpng.3/libpng.txt information about png_data_freer().
780 version 1.0.7beta14 [May 17, 2000] (beta13 was not published)
781 Changed pnggccrd.c and pngvcrd.c to handle bad adaptive filter types as
782 warnings instead of errors, as pngrutil.c does.
783 Set the PNG_INFO_IDAT valid flag in png_set_rows() so png_write_png()
784 will actually write IDATs.
785 Made the default PNG_USE_LOCAL_ARRAYS depend on PNG_DLL instead of WIN32.
786 Make png_free_data() ignore its final parameter except when freeing data
787 that can have multiple instances (text, sPLT, unknowns).
788 Fixed a new bug in png_set_rows().
789 Removed info_ptr->valid tests from png_free_data(), as in version 1.0.5.
790 Added png_set_invalid() function.
791 Fixed incorrect illustrations of png_destroy_write_struct() in example.c.
792 version 1.0.7beta15 [May 30, 2000]
793 Revised the deliberately erroneous Linux setjmp code in pngconf.h to produce
794 fewer error messages.
795 Rearranged checks for Z_OK to check the most likely path first in pngpread.c
796 and pngwutil.c.
797 Added checks in pngtest.c for png_create_*() returning NULL, and mentioned
798 in libpng.txt/libpng.3 the need for applications to check this.
799 Changed names of png_default_*() functions in pngtest to pngtest_*().
800 Changed return type of png_get_x|y_offset_*() from png_uint_32 to png_int_32.
801 Fixed some bugs in the unused PNG_INCH_CONVERSIONS functions in pngget.c
802 Set each pointer to NULL after freeing it in png_free_data().
803 Worked around a problem in pngconf.h; AIX's strings.h defines an "index"
804 macro that conflicts with libpng's png_color_16.index. (Dimitri Papadapoulos)
805 Added "msvc" directory with MSVC++ project files (Simon-Pierre Cadieux).
806 version 1.0.7beta16 [June 4, 2000]
807 Revised the workaround of AIX string.h "index" bug.
808 Added a check for overlength PLTE chunk in pngrutil.c.
809 Added PNG_NO_POINTER_INDEXING macro to use array-indexing instead of pointer
810 indexing in pngrutil.c and pngwutil.c to accommodate a buggy compiler.
811 Added a warning in png_decompress_chunk() when it runs out of data, e.g.
812 when it tries to read an erroneous PhotoShop iCCP chunk.
813 Added PNG_USE_DLL macro.
814 Revised the copyright/disclaimer/license notice.
815 Added contrib/msvctest directory
816 version 1.0.7rc1 [June 9, 2000]
817 Corrected the definition of PNG_TRANSFORM_INVERT_ALPHA (0x0400 not 0x0200)
818 Added contrib/visupng directory (Willem van Schaik)
819 version 1.0.7beta18 [June 23, 2000]
820 Revised PNGAPI definition, and pngvcrd.c to work with __GCC__
821 and do not redefine PNGAPI if it is passed in via a compiler directive.
822 Revised visupng/PngFile.c to remove returns from within the Try block.
823 Removed leading underscores from "_PNG_H" and "_PNG_SAVE_BSD_SOURCE" macros.
824 Updated contrib/visupng/cexcept.h to version 1.0.0.
825 Fixed bugs in pngwrite.c and pngwutil.c that prevented writing iCCP chunks.
826 version 1.0.7rc2 [June 28, 2000]
827 Updated license to include disclaimers required by UCITA.
828 Fixed "DJBPP" typo in pnggccrd.c introduced in beta18.
830 version 1.0.7 [July 1, 2000]
831 Revised the definition of "trans_values" in libpng.3/libpng.txt
832 version 1.0.8beta1 [July 8, 2000]
833 Added png_free(png_ptr, key) two places in pngpread.c to stop memory leaks.
834 Changed PNG_NO_STDIO to PNG_NO_CONSOLE_IO, several places in pngrutil.c and
835 pngwutil.c.
836 Changed PNG_EXPORT_VAR to use PNG_IMPEXP, in pngconf.h.
837 Removed unused "#include <assert.h>" from png.c
838 Added WindowsCE support.
839 Revised pnggccrd.c to work with gcc-2.95.2 and in the Cygwin environment.
840 version 1.0.8beta2 [July 10, 2000]
841 Added project files to the wince directory and made further revisions
842 of pngtest.c, pngrio.c, and pngwio.c in support of WindowsCE.
843 version 1.0.8beta3 [July 11, 2000]
844 Only set the PNG_FLAG_FREE_TRNS or PNG_FREE_TRNS flag in png_handle_tRNS()
845 for indexed-color input files to avoid potential double-freeing trans array
846 under some unusual conditions; problem was introduced in version 1.0.6f.
847 Further revisions to pngtest.c and files in the wince subdirectory.
848 version 1.0.8beta4 [July 14, 2000]
849 Added the files pngbar.png and pngbar.jpg to the distribution.
850 Added makefile.cygwin, and cygwin support in pngconf.h
851 Added PNG_NO_ZALLOC_ZERO macro (makes png_zalloc skip zeroing memory)
852 version 1.0.8rc1 [July 16, 2000]
853 Revised png_debug() macros and statements to eliminate compiler warnings.
855 version 1.0.8 [July 24, 2000]
856 Added png_flush() in pngwrite.c, after png_write_IEND().
857 Updated makefile.hpux to build a shared library.
858 version 1.0.9beta1 [November 10, 2000]
859 Fixed typo in scripts/makefile.hpux
860 Updated makevms.com in scripts and contrib/* and contrib/* (Martin Zinser)
861 Fixed seqence-point bug in contrib/pngminus/png2pnm (Martin Zinser)
862 Changed "cdrom.com" in documentation to "libpng.org"
863 Revised pnggccrd.c to get it all working, and updated makefile.gcmmx (Greg).
864 Changed type of "params" from voidp to png_voidp in png_read|write_png().
865 Make sure PNGAPI and PNG_IMPEXP are defined in pngconf.h.
866 Revised the 3 instances of WRITEFILE in pngtest.c.
867 Relocated "msvc" and "wince" project subdirectories into "dll" subdirectory.
868 Updated png.rc in dll/msvc project
869 Revised makefile.dec to define and use LIBPATH and INCPATH
870 Increased size of global png_libpng_ver[] array from 12 to 18 chars.
871 Made global png_libpng_ver[], png_sig[] and png_pass_*[] arrays const.
872 Removed duplicate png_crc_finish() from png_handle_bKGD() function.
873 Added a warning when application calls png_read_update_info() multiple times.
874 Revised makefile.cygwin
875 Fixed bugs in iCCP support in pngrutil.c and pngwutil.c.
876 Replaced png_set_empty_plte_permitted() with png_permit_mng_features().
877 version 1.0.9beta2 [November 19, 2000]
878 Renamed the "dll" subdirectory "projects".
879 Added borland project files to "projects" subdirectory.
880 Set VS_FF_PRERELEASE and VS_FF_PATCHED flags in msvc/png.rc when appropriate.
881 Add error message in png_set_compression_buffer_size() when malloc fails.
882 version 1.0.9beta3 [November 23, 2000]
883 Revised PNG_LIBPNG_BUILD_TYPE macro in png.h, used in the msvc project.
884 Removed the png_flush() in pngwrite.c that crashes some applications
885 that don't set png_output_flush_fn.
886 Added makefile.macosx and makefile.aix to scripts directory.
887 version 1.0.9beta4 [December 1, 2000]
888 Change png_chunk_warning to png_warning in png_check_keyword().
889 Increased the first part of msg buffer from 16 to 18 in png_chunk_error().
890 version 1.0.9beta5 [December 15, 2000]
891 Added support for filter method 64 (for PNG datastreams embedded in MNG).
892 version 1.0.9beta6 [December 18, 2000]
893 Revised png_set_filter() to accept filter method 64 when appropriate.
894 Added new PNG_HAVE_PNG_SIGNATURE bit to png_ptr->mode and use it to
895 help prevent applications from using MNG features in PNG datastreams.
896 Added png_permit_mng_features() function.
897 Revised libpng.3/libpng.txt. Changed "filter type" to "filter method".
898 version 1.0.9rc1 [December 23, 2000]
899 Revised test for PNG_HAVE_PNG_SIGNATURE in pngrutil.c
900 Fixed error handling of unknown compression type in png_decompress_chunk().
901 In pngconf.h, define __cdecl when _MSC_VER is defined.
902 version 1.0.9beta7 [December 28, 2000]
904 Revised memory management in png_set_hIST and png_handle_hIST in a backward
905 compatible manner. PLTE and tRNS were revised similarly.
906 Revised the iCCP chunk reader to ignore trailing garbage.
907 version 1.0.9beta8 [January 12, 2001]
908 Moved pngasmrd.h into pngconf.h.
909 Improved handling of out-of-spec garbage iCCP chunks generated by PhotoShop.
910 version 1.0.9beta9 [January 15, 2001]
911 Added png_set_invalid, png_permit_mng_features, and png_mmx_supported to
912 wince and msvc project module definition files.
913 Minor revision of makefile.cygwin.
914 Fixed bug with progressive reading of narrow interlaced images in pngpread.c
915 version 1.0.9beta10 [January 16, 2001]
916 Do not typedef png_FILE_p in pngconf.h when PNG_NO_STDIO is defined.
917 Fixed "png_mmx_supported" typo in project definition files.
918 version 1.0.9beta11 [January 19, 2001]
919 Updated makefile.sgi to make shared library.
920 Removed png_mmx_support() function and disabled PNG_MNG_FEATURES_SUPPORTED
921 by default, for the benefit of DLL forward compatibility. These will
922 be re-enabled in version 1.2.0.
923 version 1.0.9rc2 [January 22, 2001]
924 Revised cygwin support.
926 version 1.0.9 [January 31, 2001]
927 Added check of cygwin's ALL_STATIC in pngconf.h
928 Added "-nommx" parameter to contrib/gregbook/rpng2-win and rpng2-x demos.
929 version 1.0.10beta1 [March 14, 2001]
930 Revised makefile.dec, makefile.sgi, and makefile.sggcc; added makefile.hpgcc.
931 Reformatted libpng.3 to eliminate bad line breaks.
932 Added checks for _mmx_supported in the read_filter_row function of pnggccrd.c
933 Added prototype for png_mmx_support() near the top of pnggccrd.c
934 Moved some error checking from png_handle_IHDR to png_set_IHDR.
936 Revised png_mmx_support() function in pnggccrd.c
937 Restored version 1.0.8 PNG_WRITE_EMPTY_PLTE_SUPPORTED behavior in pngwutil.c
938 Fixed memory leak in contrib/visupng/PngFile.c
939 Fixed bugs in png_combine_row() in pnggccrd.c and pngvcrd.c (C version)
940 Added warnings when retrieving or setting gamma=0.
941 Increased the first part of msg buffer from 16 to 18 in png_chunk_warning().
942 version 1.0.10rc1 [March 23, 2001]
943 Changed all instances of memcpy, strcpy, and strlen to png_memcpy, png_strcpy,
944 and png_strlen.
945 Revised png_mmx_supported() function in pnggccrd.c to return proper value.
946 Fixed bug in progressive reading (pngpread.c) with small images (height < 8).
948 version 1.0.10 [March 30, 2001]
949 Deleted extraneous space (introduced in 1.0.9) from line 42 of makefile.cygwin
950 Added beos project files (Chris Herborth)
951 version 1.0.11beta1 [April 3, 2001]
952 Added type casts on several png_malloc() calls (Dimitri Papadapoulos).
953 Removed a no-longer needed AIX work-around from pngconf.h
954 Changed several "//" single-line comments to C-style in pnggccrd.c
955 version 1.0.11beta2 [April 11, 2001]
956 Removed PNGAPI from several functions whose prototypes did not have PNGAPI.
957 Updated scripts/pngos2.def
958 version 1.0.11beta3 [April 14, 2001]
959 Added checking the results of many instances of png_malloc() for NULL
960 version 1.0.11beta4 [April 20, 2001]
961 Undid the changes from version 1.0.11beta3. Added a check for NULL return
962 from user's malloc_fn().
963 Removed some useless type casts of the NULL pointer.
964 Added makefile.netbsd
966 version 1.0.11 [April 27, 2001]
967 Revised makefile.netbsd
968 version 1.0.12beta1 [May 14, 2001]
969 Test for Windows platform in pngconf.h when including malloc.h (Emmanuel Blot)
970 Updated makefile.cygwin and handling of Cygwin's ALL_STATIC in pngconf.h
971 Added some never-to-be-executed code in pnggccrd.c to quiet compiler warnings.
972 Eliminated the png_error about apps using png_read|write_init(). Instead,
973 libpng will reallocate the png_struct and info_struct if they are too small.
974 This retains future binary compatibility for old applications written for
975 libpng-0.88 and earlier.
976 version 1.2.0beta1 [May 6, 2001]
977 Bumped DLLNUM to 2.
979 by default.
980 Added runtime selection of MMX features.
981 Added png_set_strip_error_numbers function and related macros.
982 version 1.2.0beta2 [May 7, 2001]
983 Finished merging 1.2.0beta1 with version 1.0.11
984 Added a check for attempts to read or write PLTE in grayscale PNG datastreams.
985 version 1.2.0beta3 [May 17, 2001]
986 Enabled user memory function by default.
987 Modified png_create_struct so it passes user mem_ptr to user memory allocator.
988 Increased png_mng_features flag from png_byte to png_uint_32.
989 Bumped shared-library (so-number) and dll-number to 3.
990 version 1.2.0beta4 [June 23, 2001]
991 Check for missing profile length field in iCCP chunk and free chunk_data
992 in case of truncated iCCP chunk.
993 Bumped shared-library number to 3 in makefile.sgi and makefile.sggcc
994 Bumped dll-number from 2 to 3 in makefile.cygwin
995 Revised contrib/gregbook/rpng*-x.c to avoid a memory leak and to exit cleanly
996 if user attempts to run it on an 8-bit display.
997 Updated contrib/gregbook
998 Use png_malloc instead of png_zalloc to allocate palette in pngset.c
999 Updated makefile.ibmc
1000 Added some typecasts to eliminate gcc 3.0 warnings. Changed prototypes
1001 of png_write_oFFS width and height from png_uint_32 to png_int_32.
1002 Updated example.c
1003 Revised prototypes for png_debug_malloc and png_debug_free in pngtest.c
1004 version 1.2.0beta5 [August 8, 2001]
1005 Revised contrib/gregbook
1006 Revised makefile.gcmmx
1007 Revised pnggccrd.c to conditionally compile some thread-unsafe code only
1008 when PNG_THREAD_UNSAFE_OK is defined.
1009 Added tests to prevent pngwutil.c from writing a bKGD or tRNS chunk with
1010 value exceeding 2^bit_depth-1
1011 Revised makefile.sgi and makefile.sggcc
1012 Replaced calls to fprintf(stderr,...) with png_warning() in pnggccrd.c
1013 Removed restriction that do_invert_mono only operate on 1-bit opaque files
1015 version 1.2.0 [September 1, 2001]
1016 Changed a png_warning() to png_debug() in pnggccrd.c
1017 Fixed contrib/gregbook/rpng-x.c, rpng2-x.c to avoid crash with XFreeGC().
1018 version 1.2.1beta1 [October 19, 2001]
1019 Revised makefile.std in contrib/pngminus
1020 Include background_1 in png_struct regardless of gamma support.
1021 Revised makefile.netbsd and makefile.macosx, added makefile.darwin.
1022 Revised example.c to provide more details about using row_callback().
1023 version 1.2.1beta2 [October 25, 2001]
1024 Added type cast to each NULL appearing in a function call, except for
1025 WINCE functions.
1026 Added makefile.so9.
1027 version 1.2.1beta3 [October 27, 2001]
1028 Removed type casts from all NULLs.
1029 Simplified png_create_struct_2().
1030 version 1.2.1beta4 [November 7, 2001]
1031 Revised png_create_info_struct() and png_creat_struct_2().
1032 Added error message if png_write_info() was omitted.
1033 Type cast NULLs appearing in function calls when _NO_PROTO or
1034 PNG_TYPECAST_NULL is defined.
1035 version 1.2.1rc1 [November 24, 2001]
1036 Type cast NULLs appearing in function calls except when PNG_NO_TYPECAST_NULL
1037 is defined.
1038 Changed typecast of "size" argument to png_size_t in pngmem.c calls to
1039 the user malloc_fn, to agree with the prototype in png.h
1040 Added a pop/push operation to pnggccrd.c, to preserve Eflag (Maxim Sobolev)
1041 Updated makefile.sgi to recognize LIBPATH and INCPATH.
1042 Updated various makefiles so "make clean" does not remove previous major
1043 version of the shared library.
1044 version 1.2.1rc2 [December 4, 2001]
1045 Always allocate 256-entry internal palette, hist, and trans arrays, to
1046 avoid out-of-bounds memory reference caused by invalid PNG datastreams.
1047 Added a check for prefix_length > data_length in iCCP chunk handler.
1049 version 1.2.1 [December 7, 2001]
1050 None.
1051 version 1.2.2beta1 [February 22, 2002]
1052 Fixed a bug with reading the length of iCCP profiles (Larry Reeves).
1053 Revised makefile.linux, makefile.gcmmx, and makefile.sgi to generate
1054 libpng.a, libpng12.so (not libpng.so.3), and libpng12/png.h
1055 Revised makefile.darwin to remove "-undefined suppress" option.
1056 Added checks for gamma and chromaticity values over 21474.83, which exceed
1057 the limit for PNG unsigned 32-bit integers when encoded.
1058 Revised calls to png_create_read_struct() and png_create_write_struct()
1059 for simpler debugging.
1060 Revised png_zalloc() so zlib handles errors (uses PNG_FLAG_MALLOC_NULL_MEM_OK)
1061 version 1.2.2beta2 [February 23, 2002]
1062 Check chunk_length and idat_size for invalid (over PNG_MAX_UINT) lengths.
1063 Check for invalid image dimensions in png_get_IHDR.
1064 Added missing "fi;" in the install target of the SGI makefiles.
1065 Added install-static to all makefiles that make shared libraries.
1066 Always do gamma compensation when image is partially transparent.
1067 version 1.2.2beta3 [March 7, 2002]
1068 Compute background.gray and background_1.gray even when color_type is RGB
1069 in case image gets reduced to gray later.
1070 Modified shared-library makefiles to install pkgconfig/libpngNN.pc.
1071 Export (with PNGAPI) png_zalloc, png_zfree, and png_handle_as_unknown
1072 Removed unused png_write_destroy_info prototype from png.h
1073 Eliminated incorrect use of width_mmx from pnggccrd.c in pixel_bytes == 8 case
1074 Added install-shared target to all makefiles that make shared libraries.
1075 Stopped a double free of palette, hist, and trans when not using free_me.
1076 Added makefile.32sunu for Sun Ultra 32 and makefile.64sunu for Sun Ultra 64.
1077 version 1.2.2beta4 [March 8, 2002]
1078 Compute background.gray and background_1.gray even when color_type is RGB
1079 in case image gets reduced to gray later (Jason Summers).
1080 Relocated a misplaced /bin/rm in the "install-shared" makefile targets
1081 Added PNG_1_0_X macro which can be used to build a 1.0.x-compatible library.
1082 version 1.2.2beta5 [March 26, 2002]
1083 Added missing PNGAPI to several function definitions.
1084 Check for invalid bit_depth or color_type in png_get_IHDR(), and
1085 check for missing PLTE or IHDR in png_push_read_chunk() (Matthias Clasen).
1086 Revised iTXt support to accept NULL for lang and lang_key.
1087 Compute gamma for color components of background even when color_type is gray.
1088 Changed "()" to "{}" in scripts/libpng.pc.in.
1089 Revised makefiles to put png.h and pngconf.h only in $prefix/include/libpngNN
1090 Revised makefiles to make symlink to libpng.so.NN in addition to libpngNN.so
1091 version 1.2.2beta6 [March 31, 2002]
1092 version 1.0.13beta1 [March 31, 2002]
1093 Prevent png_zalloc() from trying to memset memory that it failed to acquire.
1094 Add typecasts of PNG_MAX_UINT in pngset_cHRM_fixed() (Matt Holgate).
1095 Ensure that the right function (user or default) is used to free the
1096 png_struct after an error in png_create_read_struct_2().
1097 version 1.2.2rc1 [April 7, 2002]
1098 version 1.0.13rc1 [April 7, 2002]
1099 Save the ebx register in pnggccrd.c (Sami Farin)
1100 Add "mem_ptr = png_ptr->mem_ptr" in png_destroy_write_struct() (Paul Gardner).
1101 Updated makefiles to put headers in include/libpng and remove old include/*.h.
1103 version 1.2.2 [April 15, 2002]
1104 version 1.0.13 [April 15, 2002]
1105 Revised description of png_set_filter() in libpng.3/libpng.txt.
1106 Revised makefile.netbsd and added makefile.neNNbsd and makefile.freebsd
1107 version 1.0.13patch01 [April 17, 2002]
1108 version 1.2.2patch01 [April 17, 2002]
1109 Changed ${PNGMAJ}.${PNGVER} bug to ${PNGVER} in makefile.sgi and makefile.sggcc
1110 Fixed VER -> PNGVER typo in makefile.macosx and added install-static to install
1111 Added install: target to makefile.32sunu and makefile.64sunu
1112 version 1.0.13patch03 [April 18, 2002]
1113 version 1.2.2patch03 [April 18, 2002]
1114 Revised 15 makefiles to link libpng.a to libpngNN.a and the include libpng
1115 subdirectory to libpngNN subdirectory without the full pathname.
1116 Moved generation of libpng.pc from "install" to "all" in 15 makefiles.
1117 version 1.2.3rc1 [April 28, 2002]
1118 Added install-man target to 15 makefiles (Dimitri Papadopolous-Orfanos).
1119 Added $(DESTDIR) feature to 24 makefiles (Tim Mooney)
1120 Fixed bug with $prefix, should be $(prefix) in makefile.hpux.
1121 Updated cygwin-specific portion of pngconf.h and revised makefile.cygwin
1122 Added a link from libpngNN.pc to libpng.pc in 15 makefiles.
1123 Added links from include/libpngNN/*.h to include/*.h in 24 makefiles.
1124 Revised makefile.darwin to make relative links without full pathname.
1125 Added setjmp() at the end of png_create_*_struct_2() in case user forgets
1126 to put one in their application.
1127 Restored png_zalloc() and png_zfree() prototypes to version 1.2.1 and
1128 removed them from module definition files.
1129 version 1.2.3rc2 [May 1, 2002]
1130 Fixed bug in reporting number of channels in pngget.c and pngset.c,
1131 that was introduced in version 1.2.2beta5.
1132 Exported png_zalloc(), png_zfree(), png_default_read(), png_default_write(),
1133 png_default_flush(), and png_push_fill_buffer() and included them in
1134 module definition files.
1135 Added "libpng.pc" dependency to the "install-shared" target in 15 makefiles.
1136 version 1.2.3rc3 [May 1, 2002]
1137 Revised prototype for png_default_flush()
1138 Remove old libpng.pc and libpngNN.pc before installing new ones.
1139 version 1.2.3rc4 [May 2, 2002]
1140 Typos in *.def files (png_default_read|write -> png_default_read|write_data)
1141 In makefiles, changed rm libpng.NN.pc to rm libpngNN.pc
1142 Added libpng-config and libpngNN-config and modified makefiles to install them.
1143 Changed $(MANPATH) to $(DESTDIR)$(MANPATH) in makefiles
1144 Added "Win32 DLL VB" configuration to projects/msvc/libpng.dsp
1145 version 1.2.3rc5 [May 11, 2002]
1146 Changed "error" and "message" in prototypes to "error_message" and
1147 "warning_message" to avoid namespace conflict.
1148 Revised 15 makefiles to build libpng-config from libpng-config-*.in
1149 Once more restored png_zalloc and png_zfree to regular nonexported form.
1150 Restored png_default_read|write_data, png_default_flush, png_read_fill_buffer
1151 to nonexported form, but with PNGAPI, and removed them from module def files.
1152 version 1.2.3rc6 [May 14, 2002]
1153 Removed "PNGAPI" from png_zalloc() and png_zfree() in png.c
1154 Changed "Gz" to "Gd" in projects/msvc/libpng.dsp and zlib.dsp.
1155 Removed leftover libpng-config "sed" script from four makefiles.
1156 Revised libpng-config creating script in 16 makefiles.
1158 version 1.2.3 [May 22, 2002]
1159 Revised libpng-config target in makefile.cygwin.
1160 Removed description of png_set_mem_fn() from documentation.
1161 Revised makefile.freebsd.
1162 Minor cosmetic changes to 15 makefiles, e.g., $(DI) = $(DESTDIR)/$(INCDIR).
1163 Revised projects/msvc/README.txt
1164 Changed -lpng to -lpngNN in LDFLAGS in several makefiles.
1165 version 1.2.4beta1 [May 24, 2002]
1166 Added libpng.pc and libpng-config to "all:" target in 16 makefiles.
1167 Fixed bug in 16 makefiles: $(DESTDIR)/$(LIBPATH) to $(DESTDIR)$(LIBPATH)
1168 Added missing "\" before closing double quote in makefile.gcmmx.
1169 Plugged various memory leaks; added png_malloc_warn() and png_set_text_2()
1170 functions.
1171 version 1.2.4beta2 [June 25, 2002]
1172 Plugged memory leak of png_ptr->current_text (Matt Holgate).
1173 Check for buffer overflow before reading CRC in pngpread.c (Warwick Allison)
1174 Added -soname to the loader flags in makefile.dec, makefile.sgi, and
1175 makefile.sggcc.
1176 Added "test-installed" target to makefile.linux, makefile.gcmmx,
1177 makefile.sgi, and makefile.sggcc.
1178 version 1.2.4beta3 [June 28, 2002]
1179 Plugged memory leak of row_buf in pngtest.c when there is a png_error().
1180 Detect buffer overflow in pngpread.c when IDAT is corrupted with extra data.
1181 Added "test-installed" target to makefile.32sunu, makefile.64sunu,
1182 makefile.beos, makefile.darwin, makefile.dec, makefile.macosx,
1183 makefile.solaris, makefile.hpux, makefile.hpgcc, and makefile.so9.
1184 version 1.2.4rc1 and 1.0.14rc1 [July 2, 2002]
1185 Added "test-installed" target to makefile.cygwin and makefile.sco.
1186 Revised pnggccrd.c to be able to back out version 1.0.x via PNG_1_0_X macro.
1188 version 1.2.4 and 1.0.14 [July 8, 2002]
1189 Changed png_warning() to png_error() when width is too large to process.
1190 version 1.2.4patch01 [July 20, 2002]
1191 Revised makefile.cygwin to use DLL number 12 instead of 13.
1192 version 1.2.5beta1 [August 6, 2002]
1193 Added code to contrib/gregbook/readpng2.c to ignore unused chunks.
1194 Replaced toucan.png in contrib/gregbook (it has been corrupt since 1.0.11)
1195 Removed some stray *.o files from contrib/gregbook.
1196 Changed png_error() to png_warning() about "Too much data" in pngpread.c
1197 and about "Extra compressed data" in pngrutil.c.
1198 Prevent png_ptr->pass from exceeding 7 in png_push_finish_row().
1199 Updated makefile.hpgcc
1200 Updated png.c and pnggccrd.c handling of return from png_mmx_support()
1201 version 1.2.5beta2 [August 15, 2002]
1202 Only issue png_warning() about "Too much data" in pngpread.c when avail_in
1203 is nonzero.
1204 Updated makefiles to install a separate libpng.so.3 with its own rpath.
1205 version 1.2.5rc1 and 1.0.15rc1 [August 24, 2002]
1206 Revised makefiles to not remove previous minor versions of shared libraries.
1207 version 1.2.5rc2 and 1.0.15rc2 [September 16, 2002]
1208 Revised 13 makefiles to remove "-lz" and "-L$(ZLIBLIB)", etc., from shared
1209 library loader directive.
1210 Added missing "$OBJSDLL" line to makefile.gcmmx.
1211 Added missing "; fi" to makefile.32sunu.
1212 version 1.2.5rc3 and 1.0.15rc3 [September 18, 2002]
1213 Revised libpng-config script.
1215 version 1.2.5 and 1.0.15 [October 3, 2002]
1216 Revised makefile.macosx, makefile.darwin, makefile.hpgcc, and makefile.hpux,
1217 and makefile.aix.
1218 Relocated two misplaced PNGAPI lines in pngtest.c
1219 version 1.2.6beta1 [October 22, 2002]
1220 Commented out warning about uninitialized mmx_support in pnggccrd.c.
1221 Changed "IBMCPP__" flag to "__IBMCPP__" in pngconf.h.
1222 Relocated two more misplaced PNGAPI lines in pngtest.c
1223 Fixed memory overrun bug in png_do_read_filler() with 16-bit datastreams,
1224 introduced in version 1.0.2.
1225 Revised makefile.macosx, makefile.dec, makefile.aix, and makefile.32sunu.
1226 version 1.2.6beta2 [November 1, 2002]
1227 Added libpng-config "--ldopts" output.
1228 Added "AR=ar" and "ARFLAGS=rc" and changed "ar rc" to "$(AR) $(ARFLAGS)"
1229 in makefiles.
1230 version 1.2.6beta3 [July 18, 2004]
1231 Reverted makefile changes from version 1.2.6beta2 and some of the changes
1232 from version 1.2.6beta1; these will be postponed until version 1.2.7.
1233 Version 1.2.6 is going to be a simple bugfix release.
1234 Changed the one instance of "ln -sf" to "ln -f -s" in each Sun makefile.
1235 Fixed potential overrun in pngerror.c by using strncpy instead of memcpy.
1236 Added "#!/bin/sh" at the top of configure, for recognition of the
1237 'x' flag under Cygwin (Cosmin).
1238 Optimized vacuous tests that silence compiler warnings, in png.c (Cosmin).
1239 Added support for PNG_USER_CONFIG, in pngconf.h (Cosmin).
1240 Fixed the special memory handler for Borland C under DOS, in pngmem.c
1241 (Cosmin).
1242 Removed some spurious assignments in pngrutil.c (Cosmin).
1243 Replaced 65536 with 65536L, and 0xffff with 0xffffL, to silence warnings
1244 on 16-bit platforms (Cosmin).
1245 Enclosed shift op expressions in parentheses, to silence warnings (Cosmin).
1246 Used proper type png_fixed_point, to avoid problems on 16-bit platforms,
1247 in png_handle_sRGB() (Cosmin).
1248 Added compression_type to png_struct, and optimized the window size
1249 inside the deflate stream (Cosmin).
1250 Fixed definition of isnonalpha(), in pngerror.c and pngrutil.c (Cosmin).
1251 Fixed handling of unknown chunks that come after IDAT (Cosmin).
1252 Allowed png_error() and png_warning() to work even if png_ptr == NULL
1253 (Cosmin).
1254 Replaced row_info->rowbytes with row_bytes in png_write_find_filter()
1255 (Cosmin).
1256 Fixed definition of PNG_LIBPNG_VER_DLLNUM (Simon-Pierre).
1257 Used PNG_LIBPNG_VER and PNG_LIBPNG_VER_STRING instead of the hardcoded
1258 values in png.c (Simon-Pierre, Cosmin).
1259 Initialized png_libpng_ver[] with PNG_LIBPNG_VER_STRING (Simon-Pierre).
1261 (Simon-Pierre).
1262 Moved the definition of PNG_HEADER_VERSION_STRING near the definitions
1263 of the other PNG_LIBPNG_VER_... symbols in png.h (Cosmin).
1264 Relocated #ifndef PNGAPI guards in pngconf.h (Simon-Pierre, Cosmin).
1265 Updated scripts/makefile.vc(a)win32 (Cosmin).
1266 Updated the MSVC project (Simon-Pierre, Cosmin).
1267 Updated the Borland C++ Builder project (Cosmin).
1268 Avoided access to asm_flags in pngvcrd.c, if PNG_1_0_X is defined (Cosmin).
1269 Commented out warning about uninitialized mmx_support in pngvcrd.c (Cosmin).
1270 Removed scripts/makefile.bd32 and scripts/pngdef.pas (Cosmin).
1271 Added extra guard around inclusion of Turbo C memory headers, in pngconf.h
1272 (Cosmin).
1273 Renamed projects/msvc/ to projects/visualc6/, and projects/borland/ to
1274 projects/cbuilder5/ (Cosmin).
1275 Moved projects/visualc6/png32ms.def to scripts/pngw32.def,
1276 and projects/visualc6/png.rc to scripts/pngw32.rc (Cosmin).
1277 Added projects/visualc6/pngtest.dsp; removed contrib/msvctest/ (Cosmin).
1278 Changed line endings to DOS style in cbuilder5 and visualc6 files, even
1279 in the tar.* distributions (Cosmin).
1280 Updated contrib/visupng/VisualPng.dsp (Cosmin).
1281 Updated contrib/visupng/cexcept.h to version 2.0.0 (Cosmin).
1282 Added a separate distribution with "configure" and supporting files (Junichi).
1283 version 1.2.6beta4 [July 28, 2004]
1284 Added user ability to change png_size_t via a PNG_SIZE_T macro.
1285 Added png_sizeof() and png_convert_size() functions.
1286 Added PNG_SIZE_MAX (maximum value of a png_size_t variable.
1287 Added check in png_malloc_default() for (size_t)size != (png_uint_32)size
1288 which would indicate an overflow.
1289 Changed sPLT failure action from png_error to png_warning and abandon chunk.
1290 Changed sCAL and iCCP failures from png_error to png_warning and abandon.
1291 Added png_get_uint_31(png_ptr, buf) function.
1292 Added PNG_UINT_32_MAX macro.
1293 Renamed PNG_MAX_UINT to PNG_UINT_31_MAX.
1294 Made png_zalloc() issue a png_warning and return NULL on potential
1295 overflow.
1296 Turn on PNG_NO_ZALLOC_ZERO by default in version 1.2.x
1297 Revised "clobber list" in pnggccrd.c so it will compile under gcc-3.4.
1298 Revised Borland portion of png_malloc() to return NULL or issue
1299 png_error() according to setting of PNG_FLAG_MALLOC_NULL_MEM_OK.
1300 Added PNG_NO_SEQUENTIAL_READ_SUPPORTED macro to conditionally remove
1301 sequential read support.
1302 Added some "#if PNG_WRITE_SUPPORTED" blocks.
1303 #ifdef'ed out some redundancy in png_malloc_default().
1304 Use png_malloc instead of png_zalloc to allocate the pallete.
1305 version 1.0.16rc1 and 1.2.6rc1 [August 4, 2004]
1306 Fixed buffer overflow vulnerability in png_handle_tRNS()
1307 Fixed integer arithmetic overflow vulnerability in png_read_png().
1308 Fixed some harmless bugs in png_handle_sBIT, etc, that would cause
1309 duplicate chunk types to go undetected.
1310 Fixed some timestamps in the -config version
1311 Rearranged order of processing of color types in png_handle_tRNS().
1312 Added ROWBYTES macro to calculate rowbytes without integer overflow.
1313 Updated makefile.darwin and removed makefile.macosx from scripts directory.
1314 Imposed default one million column, one-million row limits on the image
1315 dimensions, and added png_set_user_limits() function to override them.
1316 Revised use of PNG_SET_USER_LIMITS_SUPPORTED macro.
1317 Fixed wrong cast of returns from png_get_user_width|height_max().
1318 Changed some "keep the compiler happy" from empty statements to returns,
1319 Revised libpng.txt to remove 1.2.x stuff from the 1.0.x distribution
1320 version 1.0.16rc2 and 1.2.6rc2 [August 7, 2004]
1321 Revised makefile.darwin and makefile.solaris. Removed makefile.macosx.
1322 Revised pngtest's png_debug_malloc() to use png_malloc() instead of
1323 png_malloc_default() which is not supposed to be exported.
1324 Fixed off-by-one error in one of the conversions to PNG_ROWBYTES() in
1325 pngpread.c. Bug was introduced in 1.2.6rc1.
1326 Fixed bug in RGB to RGBX transformation introduced in 1.2.6rc1.
1327 Fixed old bug in RGB to Gray transformation.
1328 Fixed problem with 64-bit compilers by casting arguments to abs()
1329 to png_int_32.
1330 Changed "ln -sf" to "ln -f -s" in three makefiles (solaris, sco, so9).
1331 Changed "HANDLE_CHUNK_*" to "PNG_HANDLE_CHUNK_*" (Cosmin)
1332 Added "-@/bin/rm -f $(DL)/$(LIBNAME).so.$(PNGMAJ)" to 15 *NIX makefiles.
1333 Added code to update the row_info->colortype in png_do_read_filler() (MSB).
1334 version 1.0.16rc3 and 1.2.6rc3 [August 9, 2004]
1335 Eliminated use of "abs()" in testing cHRM and gAMA values, to avoid
1336 trouble with some 64-bit compilers. Created PNG_OUT_OF_RANGE() macro.
1337 Revised documentation of png_set_keep_unknown_chunks().
1338 Check handle_as_unknown status in pngpread.c, as in pngread.c previously.
1339 Moved "PNG_HANDLE_CHUNK_*" macros out of PNG_INTERNAL section of png.h
1340 Added "rim" definitions for CONST4 and CONST6 in pnggccrd.c
1341 version 1.0.16rc4 and 1.2.6rc4 [August 10, 2004]
1342 Fixed mistake in pngtest.c introduced in 1.2.6rc2 (declaration of
1343 "pinfo" was out of place).
1344 version 1.0.16rc5 and 1.2.6rc5 [August 10, 2004]
1346 section of png.h where they were inadvertently placed in version rc3.
1348 version 1.2.6 and 1.0.16 [August 15, 2004]
1349 Revised pngtest so memory allocation testing is only done when PNG_DEBUG==1.
1350 version 1.2.7beta1 [August 26, 2004]
1351 Removed unused pngasmrd.h file.
1352 Removed references to uu.net for archived files. Added references to
1353 PNG Spec (second edition) and the PNG ISO/IEC Standard.
1354 Added "test-dd" target in 15 makefiles, to run pngtest in DESTDIR.
1355 Fixed bug with "optimized window size" in the IDAT datastream, that
1356 causes libpng to write PNG files with incorrect zlib header bytes.
1357 version 1.2.7beta2 [August 28, 2004]
1358 Fixed bug with sCAL chunk and big-endian machines (David Munro).
1359 Undid new code added in 1.2.6rc2 to update the color_type in
1360 png_set_filler().
1361 Added png_set_add_alpha() that updates color type.
1362 version 1.0.17rc1 and 1.2.7rc1 [September 4, 2004]
1363 Revised png_set_strip_filler() to not remove alpha if color_type has alpha.
1365 version 1.2.7 and 1.0.17 [September 12, 2004]
1366 Added makefile.hp64
1367 Changed projects/msvc/png32ms.def to scripts/png32ms.def in makefile.cygwin
1368 version 1.2.8beta1 [November 1, 2004]
1369 Fixed bug in png_text_compress() that would fail to complete a large block.
1370 Fixed bug, introduced in libpng-1.2.7, that overruns a buffer during
1371 strip alpha operation in png_do_strip_filler().
1372 Added PNG_1_2_X definition in pngconf.h
1373 #ifdef out png_info_init in png.c and png_read_init in pngread.c (as of 1.3.0)
1374 version 1.2.8beta2 [November 2, 2004]
1375 Reduce color_type to a nonalpha type after strip alpha operation in
1376 png_do_strip_filler().
1377 version 1.2.8beta3 [November 3, 2004]
1378 Revised definitions of PNG_MAX_UINT_32, PNG_MAX_SIZE, and PNG_MAXSUM
1379 version 1.2.8beta4 [November 12, 2004]
1380 Fixed (again) definition of PNG_LIBPNG_VER_DLLNUM in png.h (Cosmin).
1381 Added PNG_LIBPNG_BUILD_PRIVATE in png.h (Cosmin).
1382 Set png_ptr->zstream.data_type to Z_BINARY, to avoid unnecessary detection
1383 of data type in deflate (Cosmin).
1384 Deprecated but continue to support SPECIALBUILD and PRIVATEBUILD in favor of
1386 version 1.2.8beta5 [November 20, 2004]
1387 Use png_ptr->flags instead of png_ptr->transformations to pass
1388 PNG_STRIP_ALPHA info to png_do_strip_filler(), to preserve ABI
1389 compatibility.
1390 Revised handling of SPECIALBUILD, PRIVATEBUILD,
1392 version 1.2.8rc1 [November 24, 2004]
1393 Moved handling of BUILD macros from pngconf.h to png.h
1394 Added definition of PNG_LIBPNG_BASE_TYPE in png.h, inadvertently
1395 omitted from beta5.
1396 Revised scripts/pngw32.rc
1397 Despammed mailing addresses by masking "@" with "at".
1398 Inadvertently installed a supposedly faster test version of pngrutil.c
1399 version 1.2.8rc2 [November 26, 2004]
1400 Added two missing "\" in png.h
1401 Change tests in pngread.c and pngpread.c to
1402 if (png_ptr->transformations || (png_ptr->flags&PNG_FLAG_STRIP_ALPHA))
1403 png_do_read_transformations(png_ptr);
1404 version 1.2.8rc3 [November 28, 2004]
1405 Reverted pngrutil.c to version libpng-1.2.8beta5.
1406 Added scripts/makefile.elf with supporting code in pngconf.h for symbol
1407 versioning (John Bowler).
1408 version 1.2.8rc4 [November 29, 2004]
1409 Added projects/visualc7 (Simon-pierre).
1410 version 1.2.8rc5 [November 29, 2004]
1411 Fixed new typo in scripts/pngw32.rc
1413 version 1.2.8 [December 3, 2004]
1414 Removed projects/visualc7, added projects/visualc71.
1416 version 1.2.9beta1 [February 21, 2006]
1418 Initialized some structure members in pngwutil.c to avoid gcc-4.0.0 complaints
1419 Revised man page and libpng.txt to make it clear that one should not call
1420 png_read_end or png_write_end after png_read_png or png_write_png.
1421 Updated references to png-mng-implement mailing list.
1422 Fixed an incorrect typecast in pngrutil.c
1423 Added PNG_NO_READ_SUPPORTED conditional for making a write-only library.
1425 Optimized alpha-inversion loops in pngwtran.c
1426 Moved test for nonzero gamma outside of png_build_gamma_table() in pngrtran.c
1427 Make sure num_trans is <= 256 before copying data in png_set_tRNS().
1428 Make sure num_palette is <= 256 before copying data in png_set_PLTE().
1429 Interchanged order of write_swap_alpha and write_invert_alpha transforms.
1430 Added parentheses in the definition of PNG_LIBPNG_BUILD_TYPE (Cosmin).
1431 Optimized zlib window flag (CINFO) in contrib/pngsuite/*.png (Cosmin).
1432 Updated scripts/makefile.bc32 for Borland C++ 5.6 (Cosmin).
1433 Exported png_get_uint_32, png_save_uint_32, png_get_uint_16, png_save_uint_16,
1434 png_get_int_32, png_save_int_32, png_get_uint_31 (Cosmin).
1435 Added type cast (png_byte) in png_write_sCAL() (Cosmin).
1436 Fixed scripts/makefile.cygwin (Christian Biesinger, Cosmin).
1437 Default iTXt support was inadvertently enabled.
1439 version 1.2.9beta2 [February 21, 2006]
1441 Check for png_rgb_to_gray and png_gray_to_rgb read transformations before
1442 checking for png_read_dither in pngrtran.c
1443 Revised checking of chromaticity limits to accommodate extended RGB
1444 colorspace (John Denker).
1445 Changed line endings in some of the project files to CRLF, even in the
1446 "Unix" tar distributions (Cosmin).
1447 Made png_get_int_32 and png_save_int_32 always available (Cosmin).
1448 Updated scripts/pngos2.def, scripts/pngw32.def and projects/wince/png32ce.def
1449 with the newly exported functions.
1450 Eliminated distributions without the "configure" script.
1451 Updated INSTALL instructions.
1453 version 1.2.9beta3 [February 24, 2006]
1455 Fixed CRCRLF line endings in contrib/visupng/VisualPng.dsp
1456 Made libpng.pc respect EXEC_PREFIX (D. P. Kreil, J. Bowler)
1457 Removed reference to pngasmrd.h from Makefile.am
1458 Renamed CHANGES to ChangeLog.
1459 Renamed LICENSE to COPYING.
1460 Renamed ANNOUNCE to NEWS.
1461 Created AUTHORS file.
1463 version 1.2.9beta4 [March 3, 2006]
1465 Changed definition of PKGCONFIG from $prefix/lib to $libdir in configure.ac
1466 Reverted to filenames LICENSE and ANNOUNCE; removed AUTHORS and COPYING.
1467 Removed newline from the end of some error and warning messages.
1468 Removed test for sqrt() from configure.ac and configure.
1469 Made swap tables in pngtrans.c PNG_CONST (Carlo Bramix).
1470 Disabled default iTXt support that was inadvertently enabled in
1471 libpng-1.2.9beta1.
1472 Added "OS2" to list of systems that don't need underscores, in pnggccrd.c
1473 Removed libpng version and date from *.c files.
1475 version 1.2.9beta5 [March 4, 2006]
1476 Removed trailing blanks from source files.
1477 Put version and date of latest change in each source file, and changed
1478 copyright year accordingly.
1479 More cleanup of configure.ac, Makefile.ac, and associated scripts.
1480 Restored scripts/makefile.elf which was inadvertently deleted.
1482 version 1.2.9beta6 [March 6, 2006]
1483 Fixed typo (RELEASE) in configuration files.
1485 version 1.2.9beta7 [March 7, 2006]
1486 Removed libpng.vers and libpng.sym from libpng12_la_SOURCES in Makefile.am
1487 Fixed inconsistent #ifdef's around png_sig_bytes() and png_set_sCAL_s()
1488 in png.h.
1489 Updated makefile.elf as suggested by debian.
1490 Made cosmetic changes to some makefiles, adding LN_SF and other macros.
1491 Made some makefiles accept "exec_prefix".
1493 version 1.2.9beta8 [March 9, 2006]
1494 Fixed some "#if defined (..." which should be "#if defined(..."
1495 Bug introduced in libpng-1.2.8.
1496 Fixed inconsistency in definition of png_default_read_data()
1497 Restored blank that was lost from makefile.sggcc "clean" target in beta7.
1498 Revised calculation of "current" and "major" for irix in ltmain.sh
1499 Changed "mkdir" to "MKDIR_P" in some makefiles.
1500 Separated PNG_EXPAND and PNG_EXPAND_tRNS.
1501 Added png_set_expand_gray_1_2_4_to_8() and deprecated
1502 png_set_gray_1_2_4_to_8() which also expands tRNS to alpha.
1504 version 1.2.9beta9 [March 10, 2006]
1505 Include "config.h" in pngconf.h when available.
1506 Added some checks for NULL png_ptr or NULL info_ptr (timeless)
1508 version 1.2.9beta10 [March 20, 2006]
1509 Removed extra CR from contrib/visualpng/VisualPng.dsw (Cosmin)
1510 Made pnggccrd.c PIC-compliant (Christian Aichinger).
1511 Added makefile.mingw (Wolfgang Glas).
1512 Revised pngconf.h MMX checking.
1514 version 1.2.9beta11 [March 22, 2006]
1515 Fixed out-of-order declaration in pngwrite.c that was introduced in beta9
1516 Simplified some makefiles by using LIBSO, LIBSOMAJ, and LIBSOVER macros.
1518 version 1.2.9rc1 [March 31, 2006]
1519 Defined PNG_USER_PRIVATEBUILD when including "pngusr.h" (Cosmin).
1520 Removed nonsensical assertion check from pngtest.c (Cosmin).
1522 version 1.2.9 [April 14, 2006]
1523 Revised makefile.beos and added "none" selector in ltmain.sh
1525 version 1.2.10beta1 [April 15, 2006]
1526 Renamed "config.h" to "png_conf.h" and revised Makefile.am to add
1527 -DPNG_BUILDING_LIBPNG to compile directive, and modified pngconf.h
1528 to include png_conf.h only when PNG_BUILDING_LIBPNG is defined.
1530 version 1.2.10beta2 [April 15, 2006]
1531 Manually updated Makefile.in and configure. Changed png_conf.h.in
1532 back to config.h.
1534 version 1.2.10beta3 [April 15, 2006]
1535 Change png_conf.h back to config.h in pngconf.h.
1537 version 1.2.10beta4 [April 16, 2006]
1538 Change PNG_BUILDING_LIBPNG to PNG_CONFIGURE_LIBPNG in config/Makefile*.
1540 version 1.2.10beta5 [April 16, 2006]
1541 Added a configure check for compiling assembler code in pnggccrd.c
1543 version 1.2.10beta6 [April 17, 2006]
1544 Revised the configure check for pnggccrd.c
1546 Added @LIBPNG_DEFINES@ to arguments when building libpng.sym
1548 version 1.2.10beta7 [April 18, 2006]
1549 Change "exec_prefix=$prefix" to "exec_prefix=$(prefix)" in makefiles.
1551 version 1.2.10rc1 [April 19, 2006]
1552 Ensure pngconf.h doesn't define both PNG_USE_PNGGCCRD and PNG_USE_PNGVCRD
1553 Fixed "LN_FS" typo in makefile.sco and makefile.solaris.
1555 version 1.2.10rc2 [April 20, 2006]
1556 Added a backslash between -DPNG_CONFIGURE_LIBPNG and -DPNG_NO_ASSEMBLER_CODE
1557 in configure.ac and configure
1558 Made the configure warning about versioned symbols less arrogant.
1560 version 1.2.10rc3 [April 21, 2006]
1561 Added a note in libpng.txt that png_set_sig_bytes(8) can be used when
1562 writing an embedded PNG without the 8-byte signature.
1563 Revised makefiles and configure to avoid making links to libpng.so.*
1565 version 1.2.10 [April 23, 2006]
1566 Reverted configure to "rc2" state.
1568 version 1.2.11beta1 [May 31, 2006]
1569 scripts/libpng.pc.in contained "configure" style version info and would
1570 not work with makefiles.
1571 The shared-library makefiles were linking to libpng.so.0 instead of
1572 libpng.so.3 compatibility as the library.
1574 version 1.2.11beta2 [June 2, 2006]
1575 Increased sprintf buffer from 50 to 52 chars in pngrutil.c to avoid
1576 buffer overflow.
1577 Fixed bug in example.c (png_set_palette_rgb -> png_set_palette_to_rgb)
1579 version 1.2.11beta3 [June 5, 2006]
1580 Prepended "#! /bin/sh" to ltmail.sh and contrib/pngminus/*.sh (Cosmin).
1581 Removed the accidental leftover Makefile.in~ (Cosmin).
1582 Avoided potential buffer overflow and optimized buffer in
1583 png_write_sCAL(), png_write_sCAL_s() (Cosmin).
1584 Removed the include directories and libraries from CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
1585 in scripts/makefile.gcc (Nelson A. de Oliveira, Cosmin).
1587 version 1.2.11beta4 [June 6, 2006]
1588 Allow zero-length IDAT chunks after the entire zlib datastream, but not
1589 after another intervening chunk type.
1591 version 1.0.19rc1, 1.2.11rc1 [June 13, 2006]
1592 Deleted extraneous square brackets from [config.h] in configure.ac
1594 version 1.0.19rc2, 1.2.11rc2 [June 14, 2006]
1595 Added prototypes for PNG_INCH_CONVERSIONS functions to png.h
1596 Revised INSTALL and autogen.sh
1597 Fixed typo in several makefiles (-W1 should be -Wl)
1598 Added typedef for png_int_32 and png_uint_32 on 64-bit systems.
1600 version 1.0.19rc3, 1.2.11rc3 [June 15, 2006]
1601 Removed the new typedefs for 64-bit systems (delay until version 1.4.0)
1602 Added one zero element to png_gamma_shift[] array in pngrtran.c to avoid
1603 reading out of bounds.
1605 version 1.0.19rc4, 1.2.11rc4 [June 15, 2006]
1606 Really removed the new typedefs for 64-bit systems.
1608 version 1.0.19rc5, 1.2.11rc5 [June 22, 2006]
1609 Removed png_sig_bytes entry from scripts/pngw32.def
1611 version 1.0.19, 1.2.11 [June 26, 2006]
1612 None.
1614 version 1.0.20, 1.2.12 [June 27, 2006]
1615 Really increased sprintf buffer from 50 to 52 chars in pngrutil.c to avoid
1616 buffer overflow.
1618 version 1.2.13beta1 [October 2, 2006]
1619 Removed AC_FUNC_MALLOC from configure.ac
1620 Work around Intel-Mac compiler bug by setting PNG_NO_MMX_CODE in pngconf.h
1621 Change "logical" to "bitwise" throughout documentation.
1622 Detect and fix attempt to write wrong iCCP profile length.
1624 version 1.0.21, 1.2.13 [November 14, 2006]
1625 Fix potential buffer overflow in sPLT chunk handler.
1626 Fix Makefile.am to not try to link to noexistent files.
1627 Check all exported functions for NULL png_ptr.
1629 version 1.2.14beta1 [November 17, 2006]
1630 Relocated three misplaced tests for NULL png_ptr.
1631 Built Makefile.in with automake-1.9.6 instead of 1.9.2.
1632 Build configure with autoconf-2.60 instead of 2.59
1634 version 1.2.14beta2 [November 17, 2006]
1635 Added some typecasts in png_zalloc().
1637 version 1.2.14rc1 [November 20, 2006]
1638 Changed "strtod" to "png_strtod" in pngrutil.c
1640 version 1.0.22, 1.2.14 [November 27, 2006]
1641 Added missing "$(srcdir)" in Makefile.am and Makefile.in
1643 version 1.2.15beta1 [December 3, 2006]
1644 Generated configure with autoconf-2.61 instead of 2.60
1645 Revised configure.ac to update libpng.pc and libpng-config.
1647 version 1.2.15beta2 [December 3, 2006]
1648 Always export MMX asm functions, just stubs if not building pnggccrd.c
1650 version 1.2.15beta3 [December 4, 2006]
1651 Add "png_bytep" typecast to profile while calculating length in pngwutil.c
1653 version 1.2.15beta4 [December 7, 2006]
1654 Added scripts/CMakeLists.txt
1655 Changed PNG_NO_ASSEMBLER_CODE to PNG_NO_MMX_CODE in scripts, like 1.4.0beta
1657 version 1.2.15beta5 [December 7, 2006]
1658 Changed some instances of PNG_ASSEMBLER_* to PNG_MMX_* in pnggccrd.c
1659 Revised scripts/CMakeLists.txt
1661 version 1.2.15beta6 [December 13, 2006]
1662 Revised scripts/CMakeLists.txt and configure.ac
1664 version 1.2.15rc1 [December 18, 2006]
1665 Revised scripts/CMakeLists.txt
1667 version 1.2.15rc2 [December 21, 2006]
1668 Added conditional #undef jmpbuf in pngtest.c to undo #define in AIX headers.
1669 Added scripts/makefile.nommx
1671 version 1.2.15rc3 [December 25, 2006]
1672 Fixed shared library numbering error that was introduced in 1.2.15beta6.
1674 version 1.2.15rc4 [December 27, 2006]
1675 Fixed handling of rgb_to_gray when png_ptr->color.gray isn't set.
1677 version 1.2.15rc5 [December 31, 2006]
1678 Revised handling of rgb_to_gray.
1680 version 1.0.23, 1.2.15 [January 5, 2007]
1681 Added some (unsigned long) typecasts in pngtest.c to avoid printing errors.
1683 version 1.2.16beta1 [January 6, 2007]
1684 Fix bugs in makefile.nommx
1686 version 1.2.16beta2 [January 16, 2007]
1687 Revised scripts/CMakeLists.txt
1689 version 1.0.24, 1.2.16 [January 31, 2007]
1690 No changes.
1692 version 1.2.17beta1 [March 6, 2007]
1693 Revised scripts/CMakeLists.txt to install both shared and static libraries.
1694 Deleted a redundant line from pngset.c.
1696 version 1.2.17beta2 [April 26, 2007]
1697 Relocated misplaced test for png_ptr == NULL in pngpread.c
1698 Change "==" to "&" for testing PNG_RGB_TO_GRAY_ERR & PNG_RGB_TO_GRAY_WARN
1699 flags.
1700 Changed remaining instances of PNG_ASSEMBLER_* to PNG_MMX_*
1701 Added pngerror() when write_IHDR fails in deflateInit2().
1702 Added "const" to some array declarations.
1703 Mention examples of libpng usage in the libpng*.txt and libpng.3 documents.
1705 version 1.2.17rc1 [May 4, 2007]
1706 No changes.
1708 version 1.2.17rc2 [May 8, 2007]
1709 Moved several PNG_HAVE_* macros out of PNG_INTERNAL because applications
1710 calling set_unknown_chunk_location() need them.
1711 Changed transformation flag from PNG_EXPAND_tRNS to PNG_EXPAND in
1712 png_set_expand_gray_1_2_4_to_8().
1713 Added png_ptr->unknown_chunk to hold working unknown chunk data, so it
1714 can be free'ed in case of error. Revised unknown chunk handling in
1715 pngrutil.c and pngpread.c to use this structure.
1717 version 1.2.17rc3 [May 8, 2007]
1718 Revised symbol-handling in configure script.
1720 version 1.2.17rc4 [May 10, 2007]
1721 Revised unknown chunk handling to avoid storing unknown critical chunks.
1723 version 1.0.25 [May 15, 2007]
1724 version 1.2.17 [May 15, 2007]
1725 Added "png_ptr->num_trans=0" before error return in png_handle_tRNS,
1726 to eliminate a vulnerability (CVE-2007-2445, CERT VU#684664)
1728 version 1.0.26 [May 15, 2007]
1729 version 1.2.18 [May 15, 2007]
1730 Reverted the libpng-1.2.17rc3 change to symbol-handling in configure script
1732 version 1.2.19beta1 [May 18, 2007]
1733 Changed "const static" to "static PNG_CONST" everywhere, mostly undoing
1734 change of libpng-1.2.17beta2. Changed other "const" to "PNG_CONST"
1735 Changed some handling of unused parameters, to avoid compiler warnings.
1736 "if (unused == NULL) return;" becomes "unused = unused".
1738 version 1.2.19beta2 [May 18, 2007]
1739 Only use the valid bits of tRNS value in png_do_expand() (Brian Cartier)
1741 version 1.2.19beta3 [May 19, 2007]
1742 Add some "png_byte" typecasts in png_check_keyword() and write new_key
1743 instead of key in zTXt chunk (Kevin Ryde).
1745 version 1.2.19beta4 [May 21, 2007]
1746 Add png_snprintf() function and use it in place of sprint() for improved
1747 defense against buffer overflows.
1749 version 1.2.19beta5 [May 21, 2007]
1750 Fixed png_handle_tRNS() to only use the valid bits of tRNS value.
1751 Changed handling of more unused parameters, to avoid compiler warnings.
1752 Removed some PNG_CONST in pngwutil.c to avoid compiler warnings.
1754 version 1.2.19beta6 [May 22, 2007]
1755 Added some #ifdef PNG_MMX_CODE_SUPPORTED where needed in pngvcrd.c
1756 Added a special "_MSC_VER" case that defines png_snprintf to _snprintf
1758 version 1.2.19beta7 [May 22, 2007]
1759 Squelched png_squelch_warnings() in pnggccrd.c and added an
1760 #ifdef PNG_MMX_CODE_SUPPORTED block around the declarations that caused
1761 the warnings that png_squelch_warnings was squelching.
1763 version 1.2.19beta8 [May 22, 2007]
1764 Removed __MMX__ from test in pngconf.h.
1766 version 1.2.19beta9 [May 23, 2007]
1767 Made png_squelch_warnings() available via PNG_SQUELCH_WARNINGS macro.
1768 Revised png_squelch_warnings() so it might work.
1769 Updated makefile.sgcc and makefile.solaris; added makefile.solaris-x86.
1771 version 1.2.19beta10 [May 24, 2007]
1772 Resquelched png_squelch_warnings(), use "__attribute__((used))" instead.
1774 version 1.2.19beta11 [May 28, 2007]
1775 Return 0 from png_get_sPLT() and png_get_unknown_chunks() if png_ptr is NULL;
1776 changed three remaining instances of png_strcpy() to png_strncpy() (David
1777 Hill).
1778 Make test for NULL row_buf at the beginning of png_do_read_transformations
1779 unconditional.
1781 version 1.2.19beta12 [May 28, 2007]
1782 Revised pnggccrd.c.
1784 version 1.2.19beta13 [June 14, 2007]
1785 Prefer PNG_USE_PNGVCRD when _MSC_VER is defined in pngconf.h
1787 version 1.2.19beta14 [June 16, 2007]
1788 Fix bug with handling of 16-bit transparency, introduced in 1.2.19beta2
1790 version 1.2.19beta15 [June 17, 2007]
1791 Revised pnggccrd.c.
1793 version 1.2.19beta16 [June 18, 2007]
1794 Revised pnggccrd.c again.
1795 Updated contrib/gregbook.
1796 Changed '#include "pnggccrd.c"' to 'include "$srcdir/pnggccrd.c"'
1797 in configure.ac
1799 version 1.2.19beta17 [June 19, 2007]
1800 Revised many of the makefiles, to set -DPNG_NO_MMX_CODE where needed
1801 and to not use -O3 unless -DPNG_NO_MMX_CODE is also set.
1803 version 1.2.19beta18 [June 23, 2007]
1804 Replaced some C++ style comments with C style comments in pnggccrd.c.
1805 Copied optimized C code from pnggccrd.c to pngrutil.c, removed dependency
1806 on pnggccrd.o from many makefiles.
1807 Added sl and dylib to list of extensions be installed by Makefile.am
1809 version 1.2.19beta19 [June 28, 2007]
1810 Fixed testing PNG_RGB_TO_GRAY_ERR & PNG_RGB_TO_GRAY_WARN in pngrtran.c
1811 More cleanup of pnggccrd.c and pngvcrd.c
1813 version 1.2.19beta20 [June 29, 2007]
1814 Rebuilt Makefile.in and configure using libtool-1.5.24.
1815 Fixed typo in pnggccrd.c
1817 version 1.2.19beta21 [June 30, 2007]
1818 More revision of pnggccrd.c
1819 Added "test" target to Makefile.in and Makefile.am
1821 version 1.2.19beta22 [July 3, 2007]
1822 Added info about pngrutil/pnggccrd/pngvcrd to png_get_header_version()
1823 Fix type definition of dummy_value_a, b in pnggccrd.c
1825 version 1.2.19beta23 [July 10, 2007]
1826 Revert change to type definition of dummy_value_a, b in pnggccrd.c
1827 Make sure __PIC__ is defined in pnggccrd.c when PIC is defined.
1828 Require gcc-4.1 or better to use PNG_HAVE_MMX_FILTER_ROW on x86_64 platforms
1830 version 1.2.19beta24 [July 14, 2007]
1832 Added contrib/pngminim to demonstrate building minimal encoder and decoder
1834 version 1.2.19beta25 [July 15, 2007]
1835 Removed the new PNG_NO_READ_FILTER macro since it would make the library
1836 unable to read valid PNG files, and filtering is at the heart of the
1837 PNG format.
1839 version 1.2.19beta26 [July 16, 2007]
1840 Changed "png_free(str)" to "png_free(png_ptr,str)" in pngrutil.c WinCE
1841 code (Yves Piguet). This bug was introduced in libpng-1.2.14.
1842 Updated scripts/CMakeLists.txt
1843 Relocated a misplaced #endif in pnggccrd.c
1845 version 1.2.19beta27 [July 17, 2007]
1846 Fixed incorrect stride and number of bytes copied (was 4 instead of
1847 6 bytes) in the cleanup loop of pnggccrd.c and pngvcrd.c for handling
1848 the end of 48-bit interlaced rows (Glenn R-P).
1850 version 1.2.19beta28 [July 19, 2007]
1851 Removed requirement for gcc-4.1 or better to use PNG_HAVE_MMX_FILTER_ROW
1852 on x86_64 platforms
1853 Added png_warning() in pngrutil.c for short iCCP, iTXt, sPLT, or zTXT chunks.
1854 Revised pngtest.c so warnings are displayed regardless of PNG_NO_STDIO.
1856 version 1.2.19beta29 [July 20, 2007]
1857 Fix typo in pnggccrd.c (%%eax should be %%ax in secondloop48)
1859 version 1.2.19beta30 [July 26, 2007]
1860 Revised pnggccrd.c
1862 version 1.2.19beta31 [July 27, 2007]
1863 Fix typos in pnggccrd.c
1865 version 1.0.27rc1 and 1.2.19rc1 [July 31, 2007]
1867 Enable PNG_MMX_READ_FILTER_* by default, except when gcc-3.x is being
1868 used (they were inadvertently disabled in libpng-1.2.19beta23).
1869 Fix some debugging statements in pnggccrd.c and pngrutil.c
1870 Added information about disabling the MMX code in libpng documentation.
1872 version 1.0.27rc2 and 1.2.19rc2 [August 4, 2007]
1873 Removed some "#if 0" blocks.
1874 Made a global struct local in pngvcrd.c to make it thread safe.
1875 Issue a png_error() if application attempts to transform a row tht
1876 has not been initialized.
1878 version 1.0.27rc3 and 1.2.19rc3 [August 9, 2007]
1879 Slightly revised pngvcrd.c
1881 version 1.0.27rc4 and 1.2.19rc4 [August 9, 2007]
1882 Revised pnggccrd.c debugging change of rc1, which was broken.
1883 Revised scripts/CMakeLists.txt
1884 Change default to PNG_NO_GLOBAL_ARRAYS for MSVC.
1885 Turn off PNG_FLAG_ROW_INIT flag when setting transforms that expand pixels.
1887 version 1.0.27rc5 and 1.2.19rc5 [August 10, 2007]
1888 Fix typo (missing '"') in pnggccrd.c
1889 Revise handling of png_strtod in recent versions of WINCE
1891 version 1.0.27rc6 and 1.2.19rc6 [August 15, 2007]
1892 Fix typo (missing ',') in contrib/gregbook/readpng2.c
1893 Undid row initialization error exit added to rc2 and rc4.
1895 version 1.0.27 and 1.2.19 [August 18, 2007]
1896 Conditionally restored row initialization error exit.
1898 version 1.2.20beta01 [August 19, 2007]
1899 Fixed problem with compiling pnggccrd.c on Intel-Apple platforms.
1900 Changed png_malloc() to png_malloc_warn() in png_set_sPLT().
1901 Added PNG_NO_ERROR_TEXT feature, with demo in contrib/pngminim
1902 Removed define PNG_WARN_UNINITIALIZED_ROW 1 /* 0: warning; 1: error */
1903 because it caused some trouble.
1905 version 1.2.20beta02 [August 20, 2007]
1906 Avoid compiling pnggccrd.c on Intel-Apple platforms.
1908 version 1.2.20beta03 [August 20, 2007]
1909 Added "/D PNG_NO_MMX_CODE" to the non-mmx builds of projects/visualc6
1910 and visualc71.
1912 version 1.2.20beta04 [August 21, 2007]
1913 Revised pngvcrd.c for improved efficiency (Steve Snyder).
1915 version 1.2.20rc1 [August 23, 2007]
1916 Revised pngconf.h to set PNG_NO_MMX_CODE for gcc-3.x compilers.
1918 version 1.2.20rc2 [August 27, 2007]
1919 Revised scripts/CMakeLists.txt
1920 Revised #ifdefs to ensure one and only one of pnggccrd.c, pngvcrd.c,
1921 or part of pngrutil.c is selected.
1923 version 1.2.20rc3 [August 30, 2007]
1924 Remove a little more code in pngwutil.c when PNG_NO_WRITE_FILTER is selected.
1925 Added /D _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS to visual6c and visualc71 projects.
1926 Compile png_mmx_support() in png.c even when PNG_NO_MMX_CODE is defined.
1927 Restored a "superfluous" #ifdef that was removed from 1.2.20rc2 pnggccrd.c,
1928 breaking the png_mmx_support() function.
1930 version 1.2.20rc4 [September 1, 2007]
1931 Removed Intel contributions (MMX, Optimized C).
1933 version 1.2.20rc5 [September 2, 2007]
1934 Restored configure and Makefile.in to rc3 and put a snippet of code in
1935 pnggccrd.c, to ensure configure makes the same PNG_NO_MMX_CODE selection
1937 version 1.2.20rc6 [September 2, 2007]
1938 Fixed bugs in scripts/CMakeLists.txt
1939 Removed pngvcrd.c references from msvc projects.
1941 version 1.0.28 and 1.2.20 [September 8, 2007]
1942 Removed "(NO READ SUPPORT)" from png_get_header_version() string.
1944 version 1.2.21beta1 [September 14, 2007]
1945 Fixed various mistakes reported by George Cook and Jeff Phillips:
1946 logical vs bitwise NOT in pngrtran.c, bug introduced in 1.2.19rc2
1947 16-bit cheap transparency expansion, bug introduced in 1.2.19beta2
1948 errors with sizeof(unknown_chunk.name), bugs introduced in 1.2.19beta11
1949 <= compare with unsigned var in pngset.c, should be ==.
1951 version 1.2.21beta2 [September 18, 2007]
1952 Removed some extraneous typecasts.
1954 version 1.2.21rc1 [September 25, 2007]
1955 Fixed potential out-of-bounds reads in png_handle_pCAL() and
1956 png_handle_ztXt() ("flayer" results reported by Tavis Ormandy).
1958 version 1.2.21rc2 [September 26, 2007]
1959 Fixed potential out-of-bounds reads in png_handle_sCAL(),
1960 png_handle_iTXt(), and png_push_read_tEXt().
1961 Remove some PNG_CONST declarations from pngwutil.c to avoid compiler warnings
1962 Revised makefiles to update paths in libpng.pc properly.
1964 version 1.2.21rc3 [September 27, 2007]
1965 Revised makefiles to update "Libs" in libpng.pc properly.
1967 version 1.0.29 and 1.2.21rc3 [October 4, 2007]
1968 No changes.
1970 version 1.2.22beta1 [October 4, 2007]
1971 Again, fixed logical vs bitwise NOT in pngrtran.c, bug introduced
1972 in 1.2.19rc2
1974 version 1.2.22beta2 [October 5, 2007]
1975 Fixed string length error in pngset.c (caused crashes while decoding iCCP)
1976 Add terminating NULL after each instance of png_strncpy().
1978 version 1.2.22beta3 [October 6, 2007]
1979 Fix two off-by-one terminating NULL after png_strncpy().
1981 version 1.2.22beta4 [October 7, 2007]
1982 Changed some 0 to '\0'.
1984 version 1.0.30rc1 and 1.2.22rc1 [October 8, 2007]
1985 No changes.
1987 version 1.0.30 and 1.2.22 [October 13, 2007]
1988 No changes.
1990 version 1.2.23beta01 [October 15, 2007]
1991 Reduced number of invocations of png_strlen() in pngset.c.
1992 Changed [azAZ09_] to [_abcde...89] in Makefile.am for better localization.
1994 version 1.2.23beta02 [October 16, 2007]
1995 Eliminated png_strncpy() and png_strcpy() (Pierre Poissinger)
1996 Changed $AN to $(AN) in Makefile.am.
1998 version 1.2.23beta03 [October 16, 2007]
1999 Fixed off-by-one error in pngset.c
2000 Restore statement to set last character of buffer to \0 in pngerror.c
2002 version 1.2.23beta04 [October 23, 2007]
2003 Reject attempt to set all-zero cHRM values.
2005 version 1.2.23beta05 [October 26, 2007]
2006 Add missing quotes in projects/visualc6, lost in version 1.2.20rc3
2008 version 1.2.23rc01 [November 2, 2007]
2009 No changes.
2011 version 1.2.23 [November 6, 2007]
2012 No changes.
2014 version 1.2.24beta01 [November 19, 2007]
2015 Moved misplaced test for malloc failure in png_set_sPLT(). This bug was
2016 introduced in libpng-1.2.20beta01.
2017 Ifdef out avg_row etc from png.h and pngwrite.c when PNG_NO_WRITE_FILTER
2018 Do not use png_ptr->free_fn and png_ptr->mem_fn in png_destroy_read_struct()
2019 when png_ptr is NULL (Marshall Clow).
2020 Updated handling of symbol prefixes in Makefile.am and configure.ac (Mike
2021 Frysinger).
2023 version 1.2.24beta02 [November 30, 2007]
2024 Removed a useless test and fixed incorrect test in png_set_cHRM_fixed()
2025 (David Hill).
2027 version 1.2.24rc01 [December 7, 2007]
2028 No changes.
2030 version 1.2.24 [December 14, 2007]
2031 Make sure not to redefine _BSD_SOURCE in pngconf.h
2032 Revised gather.sh and makefile.std in contrib/pngminim to avoid compiling
2033 unused files.
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