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1 -*-text-*-
3 Read the INSTALL file for the complete instructions.
5 The Midnight Commander by default will use the Slang screen
6 manager, if something fails with the Slang screen manager, you may
7 compile the program with your system curses (You will need a SysV
8 compatible curses, in case you don't have such, read the README file
9 for directions on getting the ncurses package, a freely available
10 replacement for SysV curses).
12 1. Configure the package for your system.
14 Normally, you just `cd' to the package main directory and type
15 `./configure'.
17 The most often needed options to configure are following:
19 `--prefix=PATH'
20 By default, `make install' will install the package's files in
21 `/usr/local/bin', `/usr/local/man', etc. or to `/usr/bin',
22 `/usr/man', etc. depending on the location of an old mc binary.
23 If you have none in your system, default will be `/usr/local'.
24 You can specify an installation prefix other than default by giving
25 `configure' the option `--prefix=PATH'.
27 `--with-slang' (default)
28 The easy way to get the Commander running: Slang is part of
29 the distribution. This is the default screen manager, if you run
30 configure without any --with-*curses parameter.
32 `--with-ncurses[=PATH]'
33 Use the flag without =PATH if you want to compile with ncurses
34 (default is in version 3.0 the SLang screen manager included
35 in the distribution).
36 Use this flag with =PATH part, if you want to compile with ncurses
37 and your ncurses is not installed in any of the
38 places configure checks (/usr/include, /usr/include/ncurses,
39 /usr/local/include and /usr/local/include/ncurses). The
40 configure script will append `lib' and `include' to find the
41 libncurses.a and ncurses.h files respectively.
43 `--with-gpm-mouse[=PATH]'
44 Use this flag if your GPM mouse package cannot be detected by the
45 configure. Use =PATH if it is installed in a non-standard place.
46 The configure will append `lib' and `include' to find the libgpm.a
47 and gpm.h files respectively.
49 `--with-sco'
50 If you are compiling on a SCO machine.
52 You may also want to specify CFLAGS for the compiler, even if it finds
53 itself some defaults by typing e.g.
55 `CFLAGS=-O2 ./configure'
57 2. Type `make' to compile the package.
59 3. Type `make install' (as root) to install programs, data files, and
60 documentation. If you're on a Linux system, this will install the
61 `cons.saver' utility, which allows the Midnight Commander to save and
62 restore the screen contents. If you're making a mc binary distribution for
63 other people and want to tar the whole binary later, you may want to specify
64 `make install DESTDIR=PATH', which will make PATH the root for installation
65 (but in the installed stuff will be still stored only --prefix).
67 3a. Type `make mcfninstall' to get an interactive program check if you
68 want to define an useful alias for the Midnight Commander.
70 4. Type `mc' and enjoy!