[LWIP] Fix src/core/init.c a bit (#1620)
[reactos.git] / sdk / lib / crt / README.txt
1 Big chunks of this CRT library are taken from Wine's msvcrt implementation,
2 you can find a list of synced files in README.WINE file.
4 Notes:
5 1. When syncing, omit MSVCRT_ prefix where possible, Wine has to keep this
6 because they are linking with *both* original crt, and ms crt implementation.
7 ReactOS has the only CRT, so no need to make distinct functions.
8 2. ReactOS compiles two versions of the CRT library, one for usermode
9 (called just "crt"), and one version for kernelmode usage (called "libcntpr").
10 In order to separate the code, you can use #ifdef _LIBCNT_ for libcntpr code.