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1 Create_nls - .nls file creation tool
2 ------------------------------------
4 Create_nls is a tool to create binary .nls files from codepage mapping
5 files provided by Unicode Inc. Due to the confusing license these files
6 are not part of the ReactOS source tree.
9 You can easily download the files from 'http://www.unicode.org/public' or
10 'ftp://ftp.unicode.org/pub'. Download the directory structure of the web/ftp
11 site into the unicode.org subdirectory and create_nls will build the .nls
12 files.
14 Makefile targets:
15 'make': builds create_nls tool.
16 'make clean': deletes all executable and object files
17 'make nls': generates binary .nls files.
18 'make clean_nls': deletes binary .nls files.
20 Since the binary .nls files are part of the ReactOS source tree it is not
21 necessary to build these files yourself. Therefore create_nls is not
22 integrated with the main makefile. You will have to build and run it
23 separately.