[MVDM] hack-fix Clang-CL build
[reactos.git] / subsystems / mvdm / config / CONFIG.NT
1 REM Virtual DOS Machine (VDM) Default Startup File
3 REM NOTE: NTVDM does not use CONFIG.BAT as the default
4 REM environment settings file when running a DOS application. To
5 REM change the default settings for the VDM, change this file
6 REM instead. However, if a DOS Shortcut (PIF) is used, then
7 REM the settings found in the PIF file will be used instead.
9 REM Echo Output Option
10 REM ==================
11 REM When starting up a DOS application, by default, no output
12 REM text is shown to the user as the application starts
13 REM up. To display information from both CONFIG.NT and
14 REM AUTOEXEC.NT, use the option, 'echoconfig'.
15 REM echoconfig
17 REM Command Prompt Option
18 REM =====================
19 REM If the user returns to the Command Prompt either from a TSR,
20 REM or while running a DOS application, by default, VDM runs
21 REM COMMAND.COM. To run cmd.exe instead, use the option, 'ntcmdprompt'.
22 REM However, if COMMAND.COM cannot be found, VDM will use this option
23 REM regardless if it's disabled or not.
24 ntcmdprompt
26 REM DOS-Only Mode
27 REM =============
28 REM By default, any DOS application can run another application,
29 REM regardless if it's DOS-based or not. To prevent DOS applications
30 REM from running non-DOS applications, and therefore possibly preventing
31 REM disruption of the TSR, use the option 'dosonly'.
32 REM dosonly
34 REM Expanded Memory Manager (EMM)
35 REM =============================
36 REM Syntax = EMM [A=AltRegSets] [B=BaseSegment] [RAM]
37 REM
38 REM A = Alternative Mapping Register (AltRegSets)
39 REM * Determines the Alternative Mapping Register Sets supported by the system.
40 REM The supported values goes from 1 to 255.
41 REM * The default value is 8.
42 REM B = Base Segment
43 REM * The default value is 0x4000.
44 REM Random Access Memory (RAM)
45 REM * If used, then only allocate 64kb address space from the Upper Memory
46 REM Block (UMB) for EMM page frames, while allowing the rest (if any) to be
47 REM used by NTVDM for loadhigh and devicehigh commands.
48 REM * By default, all available and possible UMB will be used for page frames.
49 REM
50 REM The size of a program's EMM is determined by it's given PIF file. But
51 REM if no PIF file is provided, the default settings will be used (_default.pif).
52 REM But if the size of the given PIF file is zero, then the EMM will be disabled
53 REM and the options below will be ignored.
54 REM EMM A=8 B=0x4000 64
56 REM Disable PC Speaker Audio
57 REM ========================
58 REM Disables the playback of PC Speaker Audio.
59 REM disablepcspeaker
61 REM Misc. Configuration Options
62 REM ===========================
63 REM dos=high, umb
64 REM device=%SystemRoot%\System32\himem.sys
65 REM files=40