move more dlls
authorGed Murphy <>
Fri, 17 Feb 2006 00:13:37 +0000 (00:13 +0000)
committerGed Murphy <>
Fri, 17 Feb 2006 00:13:37 +0000 (00:13 +0000)
svn path=/trunk/; revision=21029

666 files changed:
reactos/dll/ntdll/Doxyfile [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/Doxyfile with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/csr/api.c [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/csr/api.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/csr/capture.c [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/csr/capture.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/csr/connect.c [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/csr/connect.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/dbg/dbgui.c [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/dbg/dbgui.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/def/ntdll.def [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/def/ntdll.def with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/def/ntdll.rc [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/def/ntdll.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/inc/ntdll.h [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/inc/ntdll.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/inc/ntdllp.h [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/inc/ntdllp.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/ldr/elf.c [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/ldr/elf.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/ldr/startup.c [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/ldr/startup.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/ldr/utils.c [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/ldr/utils.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/main/dispatch.c [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/main/dispatch.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/main/i386/dispatch.S [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/main/i386/dispatch.S with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/ntdll.xml [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/ntdll.xml with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/rtl/libsupp.c [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/rtl/libsupp.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntdll/rtl/version.c [moved from reactos/lib/ntdll/rtl/version.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntmarta/ntmarta.c [moved from reactos/lib/ntmarta/ntmarta.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntmarta/ntmarta.def [moved from reactos/lib/ntmarta/ntmarta.def with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntmarta/ntmarta.h [moved from reactos/lib/ntmarta/ntmarta.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntmarta/ntmarta.rc [moved from reactos/lib/ntmarta/ntmarta.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ntmarta/ntmarta.xml [moved from reactos/lib/ntmarta/ntmarta.xml with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/objsel/factory.c [moved from reactos/lib/objsel/factory.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/objsel/objsel.c [moved from reactos/lib/objsel/objsel.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/objsel/objsel.rc [moved from reactos/lib/objsel/objsel.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/objsel/objsel.spec [moved from reactos/lib/objsel/objsel.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/objsel/objsel.xml [moved from reactos/lib/objsel/objsel.xml with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/objsel/objsel_private.h [moved from reactos/lib/objsel/objsel_private.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/objsel/regsvr.c [moved from reactos/lib/objsel/regsvr.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/antimoniker.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/antimoniker.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/bindctx.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/bindctx.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/clipboard.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/clipboard.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/compobj.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/compobj.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/compobj.spec [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/compobj.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/compobj_private.h [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/compobj_private.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/compositemoniker.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/compositemoniker.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/datacache.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/datacache.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/dcom.h [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/dcom.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/dcom.idl [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/dcom.idl with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/defaulthandler.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/defaulthandler.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/dictionary.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/dictionary.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/dictionary.h [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/dictionary.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/errorinfo.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/errorinfo.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/filemoniker.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/filemoniker.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ftmarshal.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ftmarshal.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/git.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/git.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/hglobalstream.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/hglobalstream.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ifs.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ifs.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ifs.h [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ifs.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/itemmoniker.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/itemmoniker.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/marshal.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/marshal.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/memlockbytes.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/memlockbytes.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/memlockbytes16.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/memlockbytes16.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/moniker.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/moniker.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/moniker.h [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/moniker.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole16.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole16.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole2.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole2.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole2.spec [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole2.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole2_16.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole2_16.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole2conv.spec [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole2conv.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole2impl.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole2impl.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole2nls.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole2nls.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole2nls.spec [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole2nls.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole2prox.spec [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole2prox.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole2stubs.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole2stubs.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole2thk.spec [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole2thk.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole32.spec [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole32.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole32.xml [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole32.xml with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole32_main.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole32_main.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/ole32res.rc [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/ole32res.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/oleobj.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/oleobj.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/oleproxy.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/oleproxy.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/olestd.h [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/olestd.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/regsvr.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/regsvr.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/rpc.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/rpc.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/stg_bigblockfile.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/stg_bigblockfile.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/stg_prop.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/stg_prop.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/stg_stream.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/stg_stream.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/storage.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/storage.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/storage.spec [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/storage.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/storage32.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/storage32.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/storage32.h [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/storage32.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/stubmanager.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/stubmanager.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/usrmarshal.c [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/usrmarshal.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/ole32/version.rc [moved from reactos/lib/ole32/version.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleacc/main.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleacc/main.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleacc/oleacc.spec [moved from reactos/lib/oleacc/oleacc.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleacc/oleacc.xml [moved from reactos/lib/oleacc/oleacc.xml with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/ [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/ with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/connpt.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/connpt.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/connpt.h [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/connpt.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/cursoricon.h [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/cursoricon.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/dispatch.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/dispatch.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/hash.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/hash.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oaidl_p.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oaidl_p.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/ole2disp.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/ole2disp.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/ole2disp.h [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/ole2disp.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/ole2disp.spec [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/ole2disp.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32.spec [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32.xml [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32.xml with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Bg.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Bg.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Cz.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Cz.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_De.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_De.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Dk.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Dk.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_En.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_En.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Es.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Es.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Fr.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Fr.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Hu.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Hu.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_It.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_It.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Ja.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Ja.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Ko.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Ko.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Nl.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Nl.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_No.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_No.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Pl.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Pl.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Pt.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Pt.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Ru.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Ru.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Sv.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Sv.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Th.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Th.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/oleaut32_Uk.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/oleaut32_Uk.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/olefont.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/olefont.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/olepicture.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/olepicture.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/recinfo.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/recinfo.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/regsvr.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/regsvr.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/resource.h [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/resource.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/safearray.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/safearray.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/stubs.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/stubs.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/tmarshal.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/tmarshal.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/typelib.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/typelib.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/typelib.h [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/typelib.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/typelib.spec [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/typelib.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/typelib16.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/typelib16.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/typelib2.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/typelib2.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/usrmarshal.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/usrmarshal.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/varformat.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/varformat.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/variant.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/variant.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/variant.h [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/variant.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/vartype.c [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/vartype.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oleaut32/version.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oleaut32/version.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/ [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/ with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/insobjdlg.c [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/insobjdlg.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg.spec [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg.xml [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg.xml with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_Cs.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_Cs.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_De.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_De.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_En.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_En.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_Es.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_Es.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_Fr.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_Fr.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_Hu.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_Hu.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_It.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_It.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_Ja.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_Ja.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_Ko.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_Ko.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_Nl.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_Nl.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_No.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_No.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_Pt.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_Pt.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_Ru.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_Ru.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/oledlg_main.c [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/oledlg_main.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/resource.h [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/resource.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/oledlg/rsrc.rc [moved from reactos/lib/oledlg/rsrc.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/olepro32/README [moved from reactos/lib/olepro32/README with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/olepro32/olepro32.rc [moved from reactos/lib/olepro32/olepro32.rc with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/olepro32/olepro32.spec [moved from reactos/lib/olepro32/olepro32.spec with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/olepro32/olepro32.xml [moved from reactos/lib/olepro32/olepro32.xml with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/olepro32/olepro32stubs.c [moved from reactos/lib/olepro32/olepro32stubs.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/opengl32/gl.c [moved from reactos/lib/opengl32/gl.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/opengl32/glfuncs.h [moved from reactos/lib/opengl32/glfuncs.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/opengl32/icdlist.h [moved from reactos/lib/opengl32/icdlist.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/opengl32/icdtable.h [moved from reactos/lib/opengl32/icdtable.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/opengl32/opengl32.c [moved from reactos/lib/opengl32/opengl32.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/opengl32/opengl32.def [moved from reactos/lib/opengl32/opengl32.def with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/opengl32/opengl32.dsp [moved from reactos/lib/opengl32/opengl32.dsp with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/opengl32/opengl32.dsw [moved from reactos/lib/opengl32/opengl32.dsw with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/opengl32/opengl32.h [moved from reactos/lib/opengl32/opengl32.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/opengl32/opengl32.xml [moved from reactos/lib/opengl32/opengl32.xml with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/opengl32/teb.h [moved from reactos/lib/opengl32/teb.h with 100% similarity]
reactos/dll/opengl32/wgl.c [moved from reactos/lib/opengl32/wgl.c with 100% similarity]
reactos/lib/mesa32/Makefile.ReactOS [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/README.ReactOS [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/amesa.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/directfbgl.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/dmesa.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/fxmesa.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/ggimesa.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/gl.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/gl_mangle.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/glext.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/glu.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/glu_mangle.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/glx.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/glx_mangle.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/glxext.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/internal/dri_interface.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/internal/glcore.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/internal/sarea.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/mesa_wgl.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/mglmesa.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/osmesa.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/svgamesa.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/uglglutshapes.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/uglmesa.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/vms_x_fix.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/wmesa.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/xmesa.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/xmesa_x.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/xmesa_xf86.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GLView.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/mesa32.xml [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/Makefile [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/Makefile.DJ [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/Makefile.mgw [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/array_cache/ac_context.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/array_cache/ac_context.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/array_cache/ac_import.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/array_cache/acache.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/array_cache/descrip.mms [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/depend [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/descrip.mms [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/common/descrip.mms [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/common/driverfuncs.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/common/driverfuncs.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/fx/fxopengl.def [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/fx/fxwgl.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gdi/colors.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gdi/mesa.def [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gdi/wgl.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gdi/wmesa.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gdi/wmesadef.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/ddlog.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/ddlog.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/dglcontext.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/dglcontext.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/dglglobals.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/dglglobals.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/dglmacros.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/dglpf.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/dglpf.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/dglwgl.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/dglwgl.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/dll_main.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/dllmain.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/gld_debug_clip.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/gld_debug_norm.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/gld_debug_xform.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/gld_dispatch.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/gld_driver.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/gld_driver.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/gldlame8.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/opengl32.def [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/gldirect/pixpack.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/icd/icd.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/icd/icdlist.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/drivers/windows/icd/mesa.def [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/glapi/descrip.mms [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/glapi/dispatch.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/glapi/glapi.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/glapi/glapi.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/glapi/glapioffsets.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/glapi/glapitable.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/glapi/glapitemp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/glapi/glprocs.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/glapi/glthread.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/glapi/glthread.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/accum.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/accum.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/api_arrayelt.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/api_arrayelt.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/api_eval.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/api_loopback.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/api_loopback.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/api_noop.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/api_noop.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/api_validate.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/api_validate.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/attrib.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/attrib.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/blend.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/blend.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/bufferobj.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/bufferobj.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/buffers.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/buffers.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/clip.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/clip.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/colormac.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/colortab.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/colortab.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/config.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/context.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/context.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/convolve.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/convolve.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/dd.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/debug.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/debug.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/depth.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/depth.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/descrip.mms [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/dispatch.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/dlist.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/dlist.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/drawpix.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/drawpix.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/enable.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/enable.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/enums.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/enums.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/eval.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/eval.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/execmem.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/extensions.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/extensions.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/fbobject.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/fbobject.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/feedback.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/feedback.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/fog.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/fog.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/framebuffer.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/framebuffer.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/get.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/get.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/getstring.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/glheader.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/hash.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/hash.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/hint.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/hint.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/histogram.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/histogram.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/image.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/image.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/imports.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/imports.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/light.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/light.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/lines.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/lines.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/macros.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/matrix.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/matrix.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/mm.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/mm.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/mtypes.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/occlude.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/occlude.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/pixel.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/pixel.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/points.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/points.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/polygon.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/polygon.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/rastpos.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/rastpos.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/renderbuffer.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/renderbuffer.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/simple_list.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/state.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/state.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/stencil.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/stencil.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texcompress.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texcompress.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texcompress_fxt1.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texcompress_s3tc.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texenvprogram.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texenvprogram.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texformat.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texformat.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texformat_tmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/teximage.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/teximage.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texobj.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texobj.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texrender.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texrender.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texstate.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texstate.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texstore.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/texstore.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/varray.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/varray.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/version.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/vsnprintf.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/vtxfmt.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/vtxfmt.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/main/vtxfmt_tmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/descrip.mms [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_clip_tmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_copy_tmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_debug.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_debug_clip.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_debug_norm.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_debug_util.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_debug_xform.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_dotprod_tmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_eval.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_eval.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_matrix.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_matrix.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_norm_tmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_trans_tmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_translate.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_translate.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_vector.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_vector.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_xform.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_xform.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/m_xform_tmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/math/mathmod.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/ppc/common_ppc.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/ppc/common_ppc_features.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/arbfragparse.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/arbfragparse.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/arbprogparse.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/arbprogparse.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/arbprogram.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/arbprogram.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/arbprogram_syn.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/arbvertparse.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/arbvertparse.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/atifragshader.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/atifragshader.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/descrip.mms [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/grammar/descrip.mms [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/grammar/grammar.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/grammar/grammar.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/grammar/grammar_crt.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/grammar/grammar_crt.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/grammar/grammar_mesa.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/grammar/grammar_mesa.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/grammar/grammar_syn.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/nvfragparse.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/nvfragparse.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/nvfragprog.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/nvprogram.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/nvprogram.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/nvvertexec.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/nvvertexec.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/nvvertparse.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/nvvertparse.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/nvvertprog.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/program.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/program.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/shaderobjects.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/shaderobjects.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/shaderobjects_3dlabs.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/shaderobjects_3dlabs.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/descrip.mms [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/library/gc_to_bin.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/library/slang_common_builtin_gc.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/library/slang_common_builtin_gc_bin.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/library/slang_core_gc.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/library/slang_core_gc_bin.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/library/slang_fragment_builtin_gc.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/library/slang_fragment_builtin_gc_bin.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/library/slang_shader_syn.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/library/slang_version_syn.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/library/slang_vertex_builtin_gc.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/library/slang_vertex_builtin_gc_bin.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_assemble.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_assemble.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_assemble_assignment.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_assemble_assignment.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_assemble_conditional.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_assemble_conditional.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_assemble_constructor.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_assemble_constructor.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_assemble_typeinfo.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_assemble_typeinfo.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_compile.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_compile.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_execute.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_execute.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_mesa.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_preprocess.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_preprocess.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_storage.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_storage.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_utility.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/slang_utility.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/shader/slang/traverse_wrap.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/sources [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/sparc/clip.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/sparc/glapi_sparc.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/sparc/norm.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/sparc/sparc.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/sparc/sparc.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/sparc/sparc_matrix.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/sparc/xform.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/descrip.mms [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_aaline.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_aaline.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_aalinetemp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_aatriangle.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_aatriangle.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_aatritemp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_accum.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_accum.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_alpha.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_alpha.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_atifragshader.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_atifragshader.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_bitmap.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_blend.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_blend.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_buffers.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_context.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_context.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_copypix.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_depth.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_depth.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_drawpix.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_drawpix.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_feedback.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_feedback.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_fog.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_fog.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_fragprog_to_c.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_imaging.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_lines.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_lines.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_linetemp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_logic.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_logic.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_masking.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_masking.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_nvfragprog.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_nvfragprog.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_pixeltex.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_pixeltex.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_points.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_points.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_pointtemp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_readpix.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_span.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_span.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_spantemp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_stencil.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_stencil.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_tcc.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_texstore.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_texture.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_texture.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_triangle.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_triangle.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_trispan.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_tritemp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_zoom.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/s_zoom.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast/swrast.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast_setup/descrip.mms [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast_setup/ss_context.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast_setup/ss_context.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast_setup/ss_triangle.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast_setup/ss_triangle.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast_setup/ss_tritmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast_setup/ss_vb.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/swrast_setup/swrast_setup.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/descrip.mms [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_array_api.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_array_api.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_array_import.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_array_import.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_context.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_context.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_pipeline.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_pipeline.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_save_api.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_save_api.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_save_loopback.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_save_playback.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_arbprogram.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_arbprogram.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_arbprogram_sse.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_cliptmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_cull.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_fog.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_light.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_lighttmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_normals.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_points.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_program.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_render.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_rendertmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_texgen.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_texmat.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vb_vertex.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vertex.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vertex.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vertex_generic.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vertex_sse.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vp_build.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vp_build.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vtx_api.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vtx_api.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vtx_eval.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vtx_exec.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vtx_generic.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vtx_x86.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/t_vtx_x86_gcc.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl/tnl.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/imm/NOTES.imm [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/imm/t_dd_imm_capi.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/imm/t_dd_imm_napi.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/imm/t_dd_imm_primtmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/imm/t_dd_imm_tapi.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/imm/t_dd_imm_vapi.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/imm/t_dd_imm_vb.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/imm/t_dd_imm_vbtmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/t_dd.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/t_dd_dmatmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/t_dd_dmatmp2.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/t_dd_rendertmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/t_dd_triemit.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/t_dd_tritmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/t_dd_unfilled.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/t_dd_vb.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/t_dd_vbtmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/tnl_dd/t_dd_vertex.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86-64/Makefile [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86-64/glapi_x86-64.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86-64/matypes.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86-64/x86-64.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86-64/x86-64.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86-64/xform4.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/3dnow.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/3dnow.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/3dnow_normal.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/3dnow_xform1.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/3dnow_xform2.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/3dnow_xform3.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/3dnow_xform4.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/Makefile [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/assyntax.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/clip_args.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/common_x86.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/common_x86_asm.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/common_x86_asm.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/common_x86_features.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/common_x86_macros.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/gen_matypes.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/glapi_x86.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/matypes.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/mmx.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/mmx_blend.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/mmx_blendtmp.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/norm_args.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/read_rgba_span_x86.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/read_rgba_span_x86.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/rtasm/x86sse.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/rtasm/x86sse.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/sse.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/sse.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/sse_normal.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/sse_xform1.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/sse_xform2.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/sse_xform3.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/sse_xform4.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/x86.c [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/x86.h [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/x86_cliptest.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/x86_xform2.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/x86_xform3.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/x86_xform4.S [deleted file]
reactos/lib/mesa32/src/x86/xform_args.h [deleted file]

diff --git a/reactos/lib/mesa32/Makefile.ReactOS b/reactos/lib/mesa32/Makefile.ReactOS
deleted file mode 100644 (file)
index cf46467..0000000
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,82 +0,0 @@
-# Makefile to import Mesa3D into ReactOS
-# Place this into Mesa/src/mesa and run make -f Makefile.ReactOS to create 
-# a mesa32 output directory which contains the source code and a mesa32.xml
-# rbuild file.
-.PHONY: import_mesa3d
-doonly: import_mesa3d
-# Output directory
-OUTPUT = mesa32
-# Enable the OpenGL ICD interface
-# Enable x86 optimizations
-include Makefile.mgw
-# rbuild XML creation
-RBUILD_HEADER = '<!-- Autogeneratd by Makefile.ReactOS -->\n'
-RBUILD_HEADER += '<module name="mesa32" type="win32dll" baseaddress="$${BASEADDRESS_MESA32}" installbase="system32" installname="mesa32.dll" allowwarnings="true">\n'
-RBUILD_HEADER += '\t<importlibrary definition="src/$(GL_DEF)" />\n'
-RBUILD_HEADER += '\t<linkerflag>-Wl,--enable-stdcall-fixup</linkerflag>\n'
-RBUILD_HEADER += '\t<library>ntdll</library>\n'
-RBUILD_HEADER += '\t<library>kernel32</library>\n'
-RBUILD_HEADER += '\t<define name="__USE_W32API" />\n'
-RBUILD_HEADER += '\t<define name="USE_EXTERNAL_DXTN_LIB" />\n'
-RBUILD_HEADER += '\t<!-- The following is autogenrated by Makefile.ReactOS -->\n'
-RBUILD_FOOTER += '</module>\n'
-define rbuild_xml_include
-       INC = $(1:-I$(TOP)/src/mesa%=src%)
-       INC2 = $(INC:-I$(TOP)/%=%)
-       ifneq ($(INC2),)
-               RBUILD_OUTPUT += '\t<include base="mesa32">$(INC2)</include>\n'
-       endif
-define rbuild_xml_library
-       RBUILD_OUTPUT += '\t<library>$(1:-l%=%)</library>\n'
-define rbuild_xml_define
-       RBUILD_OUTPUT += '\t<define name="$(1:-D%=%)" />\n'
-define rbuild_xml_file
-       RBUILD_OUTPUT += '\t<file>src/$(1)</file>\n'
-       $(foreach library,$(filter -l%,$(LDLIBS)),$(eval $(call rbuild_xml_library,$(library))))
-       $(foreach define,$(filter -D%,$(CFLAGS)),$(eval $(call rbuild_xml_define,$(define))))
-       $(foreach include,$(filter -I%,$(INCLUDE_DIRS)),$(eval $(call rbuild_xml_include,$(include))))
-       $(foreach file,$(SOURCES),$(eval $(call rbuild_xml_file,$(file))))
-       @echo -ne $(RBUILD_HEADER)$(RBUILD_OUTPUT)$(RBUILD_FOOTER) > $(OUTPUT)/mesa32.xml
-# Main import target
-define import_add_dir
-       DIR = $(firstword $(subst /, ,$(dir $(1))))
-       ifeq ($(filter $(DIR),$(SOURCE_DIRS)),)
-               SOURCE_DIRS += $(DIR)
-       endif
-       test -d $(OUTPUT) || mkdir -p $(OUTPUT)
-import_mesa3d: $(OUTPUT) rbuild_makefile
-       $(foreach file,$(SOURCES),$(eval $(call import_add_dir,$(file))))
-       cp -r $(TOP)/include $(OUTPUT)
-       test -d $(OUTPUT)/src || mkdir -p $(OUTPUT)/src
-       cp -r $(SOURCE_DIRS) $(OUTPUT)/src
diff --git a/reactos/lib/mesa32/README.ReactOS b/reactos/lib/mesa32/README.ReactOS
deleted file mode 100644 (file)
index 13ad07b..0000000
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,8 +0,0 @@
-This is Mesa-6.4 ( with an ICD interface.
-The ICD functions are in src/drivers/windows/icd/icd.c
-I have created a Makefile.ReactOS which will generate a mesa32 output directory
-containing the needed sources and a mesa32.xml rbuild file.
- --blight
diff --git a/reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/amesa.h b/reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/amesa.h
deleted file mode 100644 (file)
index 852d34c..0000000
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,65 +0,0 @@
- * Mesa 3-D graphics library
- * Version:  3.3
- * 
- * Copyright (C) 1999-2000  Brian Paul   All Rights Reserved.
- * 
- * Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a
- * copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"),
- * to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation
- * the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense,
- * and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the
- * Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
- * 
- * The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included
- * in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
- * 
- */
-/* Allegro (DJGPP) driver by Bernhard Tschirren ( */
-#ifndef AMESA_H
-#define AMESA_H
-typedef struct amesa_visual  *AMesaVisual;
-typedef struct amesa_buffer  *AMesaBuffer;
-typedef struct amesa_context *AMesaContext;
-extern AMesaVisual AMesaCreateVisual(GLboolean dbFlag, GLint depth,
-                                     GLint depthSize,
-                                     GLint stencilSize,
-                                     GLint accumSize);
-extern void AMesaDestroyVisual(AMesaVisual visual);
-extern AMesaBuffer AMesaCreateBuffer(AMesaVisual visual,
-                                     GLint width, GLint height);
-extern void AMesaDestroyBuffer(AMesaBuffer buffer);
-extern AMesaContext AMesaCreateContext(AMesaVisual visual,
-                                       AMesaContext sharelist);
-extern void AMesaDestroyContext(AMesaContext context);
-extern GLboolean AMesaMakeCurrent(AMesaContext context, AMesaBuffer buffer);
-extern void AMesaSwapBuffers(AMesaBuffer buffer);
-#endif /* AMESA_H */
diff --git a/reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/directfbgl.h b/reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/directfbgl.h
deleted file mode 100644 (file)
index 984c4b1..0000000
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,89 +0,0 @@
-   (c) Copyright 2001  convergence integrated media GmbH.
-   All rights reserved.
-   Written by Denis Oliver Kropp <> and
-              Andreas Hundt <>.
-   This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
-   modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
-   License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
-   version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
-   This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
-   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
-   Lesser General Public License for more details.
-   You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
-   License along with this library; if not, write to the
-   Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
-   Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
-#ifndef __DIRECTFBGL_H__
-#define __DIRECTFBGL_H__
-#include <directfb.h>
-#ifdef __cplusplus
-extern "C"
-typedef struct {
-     int        buffer_size;
-     int        depth_size;
-     int        stencil_size;
-     int        aux_buffers;
-     int        red_size;
-     int        green_size;
-     int        blue_size;
-     int        alpha_size;
-     int        accum_red_size;
-     int        accum_green_size;
-     int        accum_blue_size;
-     int        accum_alpha_size;
-     DFBBoolean double_buffer;
-     DFBBoolean stereo;
-} DFBGLAttributes;
-   /** Context handling **/
-     /*
-      * Acquire the hardware lock.
-      */
-     DFBResult (*Lock) (
-          IDirectFBGL              *thiz
-     );
-     /*
-      * Release the lock.
-      */
-     DFBResult (*Unlock) (
-          IDirectFBGL              *thiz
-     );
-     /*
-      * Query the OpenGL attributes.
-      */
-     DFBResult (*GetAttributes) (
-          IDirectFBGL              *thiz,
-          DFBGLAttributes          *attributes
-     );
-#ifdef __cplusplus
diff --git a/reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/dmesa.h b/reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/dmesa.h
deleted file mode 100644 (file)
index e67b342..0000000
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,160 +0,0 @@
- * Mesa 3-D graphics library
- * Version:  6.1
- * 
- * Copyright (C) 1999-2004  Brian Paul   All Rights Reserved.
- * 
- * Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a
- * copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"),
- * to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation
- * the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense,
- * and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the
- * Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
- * 
- * The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included
- * in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
- * 
- */
- * DOS/DJGPP device driver v1.7 for Mesa
- *
- *  Copyright (C) 2002 - Daniel Borca
- *  Email :
- *  Web   :
- */
-#ifndef DMESA_H_included
-#define DMESA_H_included
-/* Sample Usage:
- *
- * 1. Call DMesaCreateVisual() to initialize graphics.
- * 2. Call DMesaCreateContext() to create a DMesa rendering context.
- * 3. Call DMesaCreateBuffer() to define the window.
- * 4. Call DMesaMakeCurrent() to bind the DMesaBuffer to a DMesaContext.
- * 5. Make gl* calls to render your graphics.
- * 6. Use DMesaSwapBuffers() when double buffering to swap front/back buffers.
- * 7. Before exiting, destroy DMesaBuffer, DMesaContext and DMesaVisual.
- */
-typedef struct dmesa_context *DMesaContext;
-typedef struct dmesa_visual *DMesaVisual;
-typedef struct dmesa_buffer *DMesaBuffer;
-#ifdef __cplusplus
-extern "C" {
- * Create a new Visual and set graphics mode.
- */
-DMesaVisual DMesaCreateVisual (GLint width,        /* X res */
-                               GLint height,       /* Y res */
-                               GLint colDepth,     /* BPP */
-                               GLint refresh,      /* refresh rate: 0=default */
-                               GLboolean dbFlag,   /* double-buffered */
-                               GLboolean rgbFlag,  /* RGB mode */
-                               GLint alphaSize,    /* requested bits/alpha */
-                               GLint depthSize,    /* requested bits/depth */
-                               GLint stencilSize,  /* requested bits/stencil */
-                               GLint accumSize);   /* requested bits/accum */
- * Destroy Visual and restore screen.
- */
-void DMesaDestroyVisual (DMesaVisual v);
- * Create a new Context for rendering.
- */
-DMesaContext DMesaCreateContext (DMesaVisual visual, DMesaContext share);
- * Destroy Context.
- */
-void DMesaDestroyContext (DMesaContext c);
- * Return a handle to the current context.
- */
-DMesaContext DMesaGetCurrentContext (void);
- * Create a new Buffer (window).
- */
-DMesaBuffer DMesaCreateBuffer (DMesaVisual visual,
-                               GLint xpos, GLint ypos,
-                               GLint width, GLint height);
- * Destroy Buffer.
- */
-void DMesaDestroyBuffer (DMesaBuffer b);
- * Return a handle to the current buffer.
- */
-DMesaBuffer DMesaGetCurrentBuffer (void);
- * Swap the front and back buffers for the given Buffer.
- * No action is taken if the buffer is not double buffered.
- */
-void DMesaSwapBuffers (DMesaBuffer b);
- * Bind Buffer to Context and make the Context the current one.
- */
-GLboolean DMesaMakeCurrent (DMesaContext c, DMesaBuffer b);
- * Move/Resize current Buffer.
- */
-GLboolean DMesaMoveBuffer (GLint xpos, GLint ypos);
-GLboolean DMesaResizeBuffer (GLint width, GLint height);
- * Set palette index, using normalized values.
- */
-void DMesaSetCI (int ndx, GLfloat red, GLfloat green, GLfloat blue);
- * DMesa functions
- */
-typedef void (*DMesaProc) (void);
-DMesaProc DMesaGetProcAddress (const char *name);
- * DMesa state retrieval.
- */
-#define DMESA_GET_SCREEN_SIZE 0x0100
-#define DMESA_GET_DRIVER_CAPS 0x0200
-#define DMESA_GET_VIDEO_MODES 0x0300
-#define DMESA_GET_BUFFER_ADDR 0x0400
-#define DMESA_DRIVER_SWDB_BIT 0x1 /* software double-buffered */
-#define DMESA_DRIVER_LLWO_BIT 0x2 /* lower-left window origin */
-int DMesaGetIntegerv (GLenum pname, GLint *params);
-#ifdef __cplusplus
diff --git a/reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/fxmesa.h b/reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/fxmesa.h
deleted file mode 100644 (file)
index f8e9661..0000000
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,103 +0,0 @@
- * Mesa 3-D graphics library
- * Version:  4.0
- * Copyright (C) 1995-2001  Brian Paul
- *
- * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
- * modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
- * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
- * version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
- *
- * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
- * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
- * Library General Public License for more details.
- *
- * You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
- * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free
- * Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
- */
- * FXMesa - 3Dfx Glide driver for Mesa.  Contributed by David Bucciarelli
- *
- * NOTE: This version requires Glide3 (
- */
-#ifndef FXMESA_H
-#define FXMESA_H
-#include <glide.h>
-#ifdef __cplusplus
-extern "C" {
- * Values for attribList parameter to fxMesaCreateContext():
- */
-#define FXMESA_NONE            0       /* to terminate attribList */
-#define FXMESA_ALPHA_SIZE      11      /* followed by an integer */
-#define FXMESA_DEPTH_SIZE      12      /* followed by an integer */
-#define FXMESA_STENCIL_SIZE    13      /* followed by an integer */
-#define FXMESA_ACCUM_SIZE      14      /* followed by an integer */
-#define FXMESA_COLORDEPTH      20      /* followed by an integer */
-#define FXMESA_SHARE_CONTEXT 990099    /* keep in sync with xmesa1.c! */
-typedef struct tfxMesaContext *fxMesaContext;
-#if defined (__BEOS__)
-#pragma export on
-GLAPI fxMesaContext GLAPIENTRY fxMesaCreateContext(GLuint win, GrScreenResolution_t,
-                                                 GrScreenRefresh_t,
-                                                 const GLint attribList[]);
-GLAPI fxMesaContext GLAPIENTRY fxMesaCreateBestContext(GLuint win,
-                                                     GLint width, GLint height,
-                                                     const GLint attribList[]);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY fxMesaDestroyContext(fxMesaContext ctx);
-GLAPI GLint GLAPIENTRY fxMesaSelectCurrentBoard(int n);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY fxMesaMakeCurrent(fxMesaContext ctx);
-GLAPI fxMesaContext GLAPIENTRY fxMesaGetCurrentContext(void);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY fxMesaSwapBuffers(void);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY fxMesaSetNearFar(GLfloat nearVal, GLfloat farVal);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY fxMesaUpdateScreenSize(fxMesaContext ctx);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY fxCloseHardware(void);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY fxGetScreenGeometry (GLint *w, GLint *h);
-#if defined (__BEOS__)
-#pragma export off
-#ifdef __cplusplus
diff --git a/reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/ggimesa.h b/reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/ggimesa.h
deleted file mode 100644 (file)
index 90e0b42..0000000
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,85 +0,0 @@
- * Mesa 3-D graphics library GGI bindings (GGIGL [giggle])
- * Version:  4.0
- * Copyright (C) 1995-2000  Brian Paul
- * Copyright (C) 1998  Uwe Maurer
- * Copyrigth (C) 2001 Filip Spacek
- *
- * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
- * modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
- * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
- * version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
- *
- * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
- * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
- * Library General Public License for more details.
- *
- * You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
- * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free
- * Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
- */
-#ifndef GGIMESA_H
-#define GGIMESA_H
-#ifdef __cplusplus
-extern "C" {
-#include <ggi/ggi.h>
-#include "GL/gl.h"
-typedef struct ggi_mesa_context *ggi_mesa_context_t;
- * Initialize Mesa GGI extension
- */
-int ggiMesaInit(void);
- * Clean up Mesa GGI exension
- */
-int ggiMesaExit(void);
- * Attach Mesa GGI extension to the visual 'vis'
- */
-int ggiMesaAttach(ggi_visual_t vis);
- * Detach Mesa GGI extension from the visual 'vis'
- */
-int ggiMesaDetach(ggi_visual_t vis);
-int ggiMesaExtendVisual(ggi_visual_t vis, GLboolean alpha_flag,
-                       GLboolean stereo_flag, GLint depth_size,
-                       GLint stencil_size, GLint accum_red_size,
-                       GLint accum_green_size, GLint accum_blue_size,
-                       GLint accum_alpha_size, GLint num_samples);
- * Create a new context capable of displaying on the visual vis.
- */
-ggi_mesa_context_t ggiMesaCreateContext(ggi_visual_t vis);
- * Destroy the context 'ctx'
- */
-void ggiMesaDestroyContext(ggi_mesa_context_t ctx);
- * Make context 'ctx' the current context and bind it to visual 'vis'.
- * Note that the context must have been created with respect to that visual.
- */
-void ggiMesaMakeCurrent(ggi_mesa_context_t ctx, ggi_visual_t vis);
-void ggiMesaSwapBuffers(void);
-#ifdef __cplusplus
diff --git a/reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/gl.h b/reactos/lib/mesa32/include/GL/gl.h
deleted file mode 100644 (file)
index 1ea97f3..0000000
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,2261 +0,0 @@
- * Mesa 3-D graphics library
- * Version:  6.3
- *
- * Copyright (C) 1999-2005  Brian Paul   All Rights Reserved.
- *
- * Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a
- * copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"),
- * to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation
- * the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense,
- * and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the
- * Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
- *
- * The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included
- * in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
- *
- */
-#ifndef __gl_h_
-#define __gl_h_
-#if defined(USE_MGL_NAMESPACE)
-#include "gl_mangle.h"
- * Begin system-specific stuff. Do not do any of this when building
- * for SciTech SNAP, as this is all done before this header file is
- * included. 
- */
-#if !defined(__SCITECH_SNAP__)
-#if defined(__BEOS__)
-#include <stdlib.h>     /* to get some BeOS-isms */
-#if !defined(OPENSTEP) && (defined(NeXT) || defined(NeXT_PDO))
-#define OPENSTEP
-#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(__WIN32__) && !defined(__CYGWIN__)
-#define __WIN32__
-#if !defined(OPENSTEP) && (defined(__WIN32__) && !defined(__CYGWIN__))
-#  if (defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(__MINGW32__)) && defined(BUILD_GL32) /* tag specify we're building mesa as a DLL */
-#    define GLAPI __declspec(dllexport)
-#  elif (defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(__MINGW32__)) && defined(_DLL) /* tag specifying we're building for DLL runtime support */
-#    define GLAPI __declspec(dllimport)
-#  else /* for use with static link lib build of Win32 edition only */
-#    define GLAPI extern
-#  endif /* _STATIC_MESA support */
-#  define GLAPIENTRY __stdcall
-#elif defined(__CYGWIN__) && defined(USE_OPENGL32) /* use native windows opengl32 */
-#  define GLAPI extern
-#  define GLAPIENTRY __stdcall
-#elif defined(__GNUC__) && (__GNUC__ * 100 + __GNUC_MINOR__) >= 303
-#  define GLAPI __attribute__((visibility("default")))
-#  define GLAPIENTRY
-#endif /* WIN32 && !CYGWIN */
-#if (defined(__BEOS__) && defined(__POWERPC__)) || defined(__QUICKDRAW__)
-#  define PRAGMA_EXPORT_SUPPORTED              1
- * WINDOWS: Include windows.h here to define APIENTRY.
- * It is also useful when applications include this file by
- * including only glut.h, since glut.h depends on windows.h.
- * Applications needing to include windows.h with parms other
- * than "WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN" may include windows.h before
- * glut.h or gl.h.
- */
-#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(APIENTRY) && !defined(__CYGWIN__)
-#define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN 1
-#include <windows.h>
-#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(_WINGDI_) && !defined(_GNU_H_WINDOWS32_DEFINES) && !defined(OPENSTEP) && !defined(__CYGWIN__)
-#include <GL/mesa_wgl.h>
-#if defined(macintosh) && PRAGMA_IMPORT_SUPPORTED
-#pragma import on
-#ifndef GLAPI
-#define GLAPI extern
-#ifndef APIENTRY
-/* "P" suffix to be used for a pointer to a function */
-#ifndef APIENTRYP
-#define signed
-#pragma export on
-#endif /* !__SCITECH_SNAP__ */
- * End system-specific stuff.
- **********************************************************************/
-#ifdef __cplusplus
-extern "C" {
-#define GL_VERSION_1_1   1
-#define GL_VERSION_1_2   1
-#define GL_VERSION_1_3   1
-#define GL_ARB_imaging   1
- * Datatypes
- */
-typedef unsigned int   GLenum;
-typedef unsigned char  GLboolean;
-typedef unsigned int   GLbitfield;
-typedef void           GLvoid;
-typedef signed char    GLbyte;         /* 1-byte signed */
-typedef short          GLshort;        /* 2-byte signed */
-typedef int            GLint;          /* 4-byte signed */
-typedef unsigned char  GLubyte;        /* 1-byte unsigned */
-typedef unsigned short GLushort;       /* 2-byte unsigned */
-typedef unsigned int   GLuint;         /* 4-byte unsigned */
-typedef int            GLsizei;        /* 4-byte signed */
-typedef float          GLfloat;        /* single precision float */
-typedef float          GLclampf;       /* single precision float in [0,1] */
-typedef double         GLdouble;       /* double precision float */
-typedef double         GLclampd;       /* double precision float in [0,1] */
- * Constants
- */
-/* Boolean values */
-#define GL_FALSE                               0x0
-#define GL_TRUE                                        0x1
-/* Data types */
-#define GL_BYTE                                        0x1400
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE                       0x1401
-#define GL_SHORT                               0x1402
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT                      0x1403
-#define GL_INT                                 0x1404
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_INT                                0x1405
-#define GL_FLOAT                               0x1406
-#define GL_2_BYTES                             0x1407
-#define GL_3_BYTES                             0x1408
-#define GL_4_BYTES                             0x1409
-#define GL_DOUBLE                              0x140A
-/* Primitives */
-#define GL_POINTS                              0x0000
-#define GL_LINES                               0x0001
-#define GL_LINE_LOOP                           0x0002
-#define GL_LINE_STRIP                          0x0003
-#define GL_TRIANGLES                           0x0004
-#define GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP                      0x0005
-#define GL_TRIANGLE_FAN                                0x0006
-#define GL_QUADS                               0x0007
-#define GL_QUAD_STRIP                          0x0008
-#define GL_POLYGON                             0x0009
-/* Vertex Arrays */
-#define GL_VERTEX_ARRAY                                0x8074
-#define GL_NORMAL_ARRAY                                0x8075
-#define GL_COLOR_ARRAY                         0x8076
-#define GL_INDEX_ARRAY                         0x8077
-#define GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY                 0x8078
-#define GL_EDGE_FLAG_ARRAY                     0x8079
-#define GL_VERTEX_ARRAY_SIZE                   0x807A
-#define GL_VERTEX_ARRAY_TYPE                   0x807B
-#define GL_VERTEX_ARRAY_STRIDE                 0x807C
-#define GL_NORMAL_ARRAY_TYPE                   0x807E
-#define GL_NORMAL_ARRAY_STRIDE                 0x807F
-#define GL_COLOR_ARRAY_SIZE                    0x8081
-#define GL_COLOR_ARRAY_TYPE                    0x8082
-#define GL_COLOR_ARRAY_STRIDE                  0x8083
-#define GL_INDEX_ARRAY_TYPE                    0x8085
-#define GL_INDEX_ARRAY_STRIDE                  0x8086
-#define GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY_SIZE            0x8088
-#define GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY_TYPE            0x8089
-#define GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY_STRIDE          0x808A
-#define GL_EDGE_FLAG_ARRAY_STRIDE              0x808C
-#define GL_VERTEX_ARRAY_POINTER                        0x808E
-#define GL_NORMAL_ARRAY_POINTER                        0x808F
-#define GL_COLOR_ARRAY_POINTER                 0x8090
-#define GL_INDEX_ARRAY_POINTER                 0x8091
-#define GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY_POINTER         0x8092
-#define GL_EDGE_FLAG_ARRAY_POINTER             0x8093
-#define GL_V2F                                 0x2A20
-#define GL_V3F                                 0x2A21
-#define GL_C4UB_V2F                            0x2A22
-#define GL_C4UB_V3F                            0x2A23
-#define GL_C3F_V3F                             0x2A24
-#define GL_N3F_V3F                             0x2A25
-#define GL_C4F_N3F_V3F                         0x2A26
-#define GL_T2F_V3F                             0x2A27
-#define GL_T4F_V4F                             0x2A28
-#define GL_T2F_C4UB_V3F                                0x2A29
-#define GL_T2F_C3F_V3F                         0x2A2A
-#define GL_T2F_N3F_V3F                         0x2A2B
-#define GL_T2F_C4F_N3F_V3F                     0x2A2C
-#define GL_T4F_C4F_N3F_V4F                     0x2A2D
-/* Matrix Mode */
-#define GL_MATRIX_MODE                         0x0BA0
-#define GL_MODELVIEW                           0x1700
-#define GL_PROJECTION                          0x1701
-#define GL_TEXTURE                             0x1702
-/* Points */
-#define GL_POINT_SMOOTH                                0x0B10
-#define GL_POINT_SIZE                          0x0B11
-#define GL_POINT_SIZE_GRANULARITY              0x0B13
-#define GL_POINT_SIZE_RANGE                    0x0B12
-/* Lines */
-#define GL_LINE_SMOOTH                         0x0B20
-#define GL_LINE_STIPPLE                                0x0B24
-#define GL_LINE_STIPPLE_PATTERN                        0x0B25
-#define GL_LINE_STIPPLE_REPEAT                 0x0B26
-#define GL_LINE_WIDTH                          0x0B21
-#define GL_LINE_WIDTH_GRANULARITY              0x0B23
-#define GL_LINE_WIDTH_RANGE                    0x0B22
-/* Polygons */
-#define GL_POINT                               0x1B00
-#define GL_LINE                                        0x1B01
-#define GL_FILL                                        0x1B02
-#define GL_CW                                  0x0900
-#define GL_CCW                                 0x0901
-#define GL_FRONT                               0x0404
-#define GL_BACK                                        0x0405
-#define GL_POLYGON_MODE                                0x0B40
-#define GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH                      0x0B41
-#define GL_POLYGON_STIPPLE                     0x0B42
-#define GL_EDGE_FLAG                           0x0B43
-#define GL_CULL_FACE                           0x0B44
-#define GL_CULL_FACE_MODE                      0x0B45
-#define GL_FRONT_FACE                          0x0B46
-#define GL_POLYGON_OFFSET_FACTOR               0x8038
-#define GL_POLYGON_OFFSET_UNITS                        0x2A00
-#define GL_POLYGON_OFFSET_POINT                        0x2A01
-#define GL_POLYGON_OFFSET_LINE                 0x2A02
-#define GL_POLYGON_OFFSET_FILL                 0x8037
-/* Display Lists */
-#define GL_COMPILE                             0x1300
-#define GL_COMPILE_AND_EXECUTE                 0x1301
-#define GL_LIST_BASE                           0x0B32
-#define GL_LIST_INDEX                          0x0B33
-#define GL_LIST_MODE                           0x0B30
-/* Depth buffer */
-#define GL_NEVER                               0x0200
-#define GL_LESS                                        0x0201
-#define GL_EQUAL                               0x0202
-#define GL_LEQUAL                              0x0203
-#define GL_GREATER                             0x0204
-#define GL_NOTEQUAL                            0x0205
-#define GL_GEQUAL                              0x0206
-#define GL_ALWAYS                              0x0207
-#define GL_DEPTH_TEST                          0x0B71
-#define GL_DEPTH_BITS                          0x0D56
-#define GL_DEPTH_CLEAR_VALUE                   0x0B73
-#define GL_DEPTH_FUNC                          0x0B74
-#define GL_DEPTH_RANGE                         0x0B70
-#define GL_DEPTH_WRITEMASK                     0x0B72
-#define GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT                     0x1902
-/* Lighting */
-#define GL_LIGHTING                            0x0B50
-#define GL_LIGHT0                              0x4000
-#define GL_LIGHT1                              0x4001
-#define GL_LIGHT2                              0x4002
-#define GL_LIGHT3                              0x4003
-#define GL_LIGHT4                              0x4004
-#define GL_LIGHT5                              0x4005
-#define GL_LIGHT6                              0x4006
-#define GL_LIGHT7                              0x4007
-#define GL_SPOT_EXPONENT                       0x1205
-#define GL_SPOT_CUTOFF                         0x1206
-#define GL_CONSTANT_ATTENUATION                        0x1207
-#define GL_LINEAR_ATTENUATION                  0x1208
-#define GL_QUADRATIC_ATTENUATION               0x1209
-#define GL_AMBIENT                             0x1200
-#define GL_DIFFUSE                             0x1201
-#define GL_SPECULAR                            0x1202
-#define GL_SHININESS                           0x1601
-#define GL_EMISSION                            0x1600
-#define GL_POSITION                            0x1203
-#define GL_SPOT_DIRECTION                      0x1204
-#define GL_AMBIENT_AND_DIFFUSE                 0x1602
-#define GL_COLOR_INDEXES                       0x1603
-#define GL_LIGHT_MODEL_TWO_SIDE                        0x0B52
-#define GL_LIGHT_MODEL_LOCAL_VIEWER            0x0B51
-#define GL_LIGHT_MODEL_AMBIENT                 0x0B53
-#define GL_FRONT_AND_BACK                      0x0408
-#define GL_SHADE_MODEL                         0x0B54
-#define GL_FLAT                                        0x1D00
-#define GL_SMOOTH                              0x1D01
-#define GL_COLOR_MATERIAL                      0x0B57
-#define GL_COLOR_MATERIAL_FACE                 0x0B55
-#define GL_COLOR_MATERIAL_PARAMETER            0x0B56
-#define GL_NORMALIZE                           0x0BA1
-/* User clipping planes */
-#define GL_CLIP_PLANE0                         0x3000
-#define GL_CLIP_PLANE1                         0x3001
-#define GL_CLIP_PLANE2                         0x3002
-#define GL_CLIP_PLANE3                         0x3003
-#define GL_CLIP_PLANE4                         0x3004
-#define GL_CLIP_PLANE5                         0x3005
-/* Accumulation buffer */
-#define GL_ACCUM_RED_BITS                      0x0D58
-#define GL_ACCUM_GREEN_BITS                    0x0D59
-#define GL_ACCUM_BLUE_BITS                     0x0D5A
-#define GL_ACCUM_ALPHA_BITS                    0x0D5B
-#define GL_ACCUM_CLEAR_VALUE                   0x0B80
-#define GL_ACCUM                               0x0100
-#define GL_ADD                                 0x0104
-#define GL_LOAD                                        0x0101
-#define GL_MULT                                        0x0103
-#define GL_RETURN                              0x0102
-/* Alpha testing */
-#define GL_ALPHA_TEST                          0x0BC0
-#define GL_ALPHA_TEST_REF                      0x0BC2
-#define GL_ALPHA_TEST_FUNC                     0x0BC1
-/* Blending */
-#define GL_BLEND                               0x0BE2
-#define GL_BLEND_SRC                           0x0BE1
-#define GL_BLEND_DST                           0x0BE0
-#define GL_ZERO                                        0x0
-#define GL_ONE                                 0x1
-#define GL_SRC_COLOR                           0x0300
-#define GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_COLOR                 0x0301
-#define GL_SRC_ALPHA                           0x0302
-#define GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA                 0x0303
-#define GL_DST_ALPHA                           0x0304
-#define GL_ONE_MINUS_DST_ALPHA                 0x0305
-#define GL_DST_COLOR                           0x0306
-#define GL_ONE_MINUS_DST_COLOR                 0x0307
-#define GL_SRC_ALPHA_SATURATE                  0x0308
-/* Render Mode */
-#define GL_FEEDBACK                            0x1C01
-#define GL_RENDER                              0x1C00
-#define GL_SELECT                              0x1C02
-/* Feedback */
-#define GL_2D                                  0x0600
-#define GL_3D                                  0x0601
-#define GL_3D_COLOR                            0x0602
-#define GL_3D_COLOR_TEXTURE                    0x0603
-#define GL_4D_COLOR_TEXTURE                    0x0604
-#define GL_POINT_TOKEN                         0x0701
-#define GL_LINE_TOKEN                          0x0702
-#define GL_LINE_RESET_TOKEN                    0x0707
-#define GL_POLYGON_TOKEN                       0x0703
-#define GL_BITMAP_TOKEN                                0x0704
-#define GL_DRAW_PIXEL_TOKEN                    0x0705
-#define GL_COPY_PIXEL_TOKEN                    0x0706
-#define GL_PASS_THROUGH_TOKEN                  0x0700
-#define GL_FEEDBACK_BUFFER_POINTER             0x0DF0
-#define GL_FEEDBACK_BUFFER_SIZE                        0x0DF1
-#define GL_FEEDBACK_BUFFER_TYPE                        0x0DF2
-/* Selection */
-#define GL_SELECTION_BUFFER_POINTER            0x0DF3
-#define GL_SELECTION_BUFFER_SIZE               0x0DF4
-/* Fog */
-#define GL_FOG                                 0x0B60
-#define GL_FOG_MODE                            0x0B65
-#define GL_FOG_DENSITY                         0x0B62
-#define GL_FOG_COLOR                           0x0B66
-#define GL_FOG_INDEX                           0x0B61
-#define GL_FOG_START                           0x0B63
-#define GL_FOG_END                             0x0B64
-#define GL_LINEAR                              0x2601
-#define GL_EXP                                 0x0800
-#define GL_EXP2                                        0x0801
-/* Logic Ops */
-#define GL_LOGIC_OP                            0x0BF1
-#define GL_INDEX_LOGIC_OP                      0x0BF1
-#define GL_COLOR_LOGIC_OP                      0x0BF2
-#define GL_LOGIC_OP_MODE                       0x0BF0
-#define GL_CLEAR                               0x1500
-#define GL_SET                                 0x150F
-#define GL_COPY                                        0x1503
-#define GL_COPY_INVERTED                       0x150C
-#define GL_NOOP                                        0x1505
-#define GL_INVERT                              0x150A
-#define GL_AND                                 0x1501
-#define GL_NAND                                        0x150E
-#define GL_OR                                  0x1507
-#define GL_NOR                                 0x1508
-#define GL_XOR                                 0x1506
-#define GL_EQUIV                               0x1509
-#define GL_AND_REVERSE                         0x1502
-#define GL_AND_INVERTED                                0x1504
-#define GL_OR_REVERSE                          0x150B
-#define GL_OR_INVERTED                         0x150D
-/* Stencil */
-#define GL_STENCIL_TEST                                0x0B90
-#define GL_STENCIL_WRITEMASK                   0x0B98
-#define GL_STENCIL_BITS                                0x0D57
-#define GL_STENCIL_FUNC                                0x0B92
-#define GL_STENCIL_VALUE_MASK                  0x0B93
-#define GL_STENCIL_REF                         0x0B97
-#define GL_STENCIL_FAIL                                0x0B94
-#define GL_STENCIL_PASS_DEPTH_PASS             0x0B96
-#define GL_STENCIL_PASS_DEPTH_FAIL             0x0B95
-#define GL_STENCIL_CLEAR_VALUE                 0x0B91
-#define GL_STENCIL_INDEX                       0x1901
-#define GL_KEEP                                        0x1E00
-#define GL_REPLACE                             0x1E01
-#define GL_INCR                                        0x1E02
-#define GL_DECR                                        0x1E03
-/* Buffers, Pixel Drawing/Reading */
-#define GL_NONE                                        0x0
-#define GL_LEFT                                        0x0406
-#define GL_RIGHT                               0x0407
-/*GL_FRONT                                     0x0404 */
-/*GL_BACK                                      0x0405 */
-/*GL_FRONT_AND_BACK                            0x0408 */
-#define GL_FRONT_LEFT                          0x0400
-#define GL_FRONT_RIGHT                         0x0401
-#define GL_BACK_LEFT                           0x0402
-#define GL_BACK_RIGHT                          0x0403
-#define GL_AUX0                                        0x0409
-#define GL_AUX1                                        0x040A
-#define GL_AUX2                                        0x040B
-#define GL_AUX3                                        0x040C
-#define GL_COLOR_INDEX                         0x1900
-#define GL_RED                                 0x1903
-#define GL_GREEN                               0x1904
-#define GL_BLUE                                        0x1905
-#define GL_ALPHA                               0x1906
-#define GL_LUMINANCE                           0x1909
-#define GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA                     0x190A
-#define GL_ALPHA_BITS                          0x0D55
-#define GL_RED_BITS                            0x0D52
-#define GL_GREEN_BITS                          0x0D53
-#define GL_BLUE_BITS                           0x0D54
-#define GL_INDEX_BITS                          0x0D51
-#define GL_SUBPIXEL_BITS                       0x0D50
-#define GL_AUX_BUFFERS                         0x0C00
-#define GL_READ_BUFFER                         0x0C02
-#define GL_DRAW_BUFFER                         0x0C01
-#define GL_DOUBLEBUFFER                                0x0C32
-#define GL_STEREO                              0x0C33
-#define GL_BITMAP                              0x1A00
-#define GL_COLOR                               0x1800
-#define GL_DEPTH                               0x1801
-#define GL_STENCIL                             0x1802
-#define GL_DITHER                              0x0BD0
-#define GL_RGB                                 0x1907
-#define GL_RGBA                                        0x1908
-/* Implementation limits */
-#define GL_MAX_LIST_NESTING                    0x0B31
-#define GL_MAX_ATTRIB_STACK_DEPTH              0x0D35
-#define GL_MAX_MODELVIEW_STACK_DEPTH           0x0D36
-#define GL_MAX_NAME_STACK_DEPTH                        0x0D37
-#define GL_MAX_PROJECTION_STACK_DEPTH          0x0D38
-#define GL_MAX_TEXTURE_STACK_DEPTH             0x0D39
-#define GL_MAX_EVAL_ORDER                      0x0D30
-#define GL_MAX_LIGHTS                          0x0D31
-#define GL_MAX_CLIP_PLANES                     0x0D32
-#define GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE                    0x0D33
-#define GL_MAX_PIXEL_MAP_TABLE                 0x0D34
-#define GL_MAX_VIEWPORT_DIMS                   0x0D3A
-/* Gets */
-#define GL_ATTRIB_STACK_DEPTH                  0x0BB0
-#define GL_CLIENT_ATTRIB_STACK_DEPTH           0x0BB1
-#define GL_COLOR_CLEAR_VALUE                   0x0C22
-#define GL_COLOR_WRITEMASK                     0x0C23
-#define GL_CURRENT_INDEX                       0x0B01
-#define GL_CURRENT_COLOR                       0x0B00
-#define GL_CURRENT_NORMAL                      0x0B02
-#define GL_CURRENT_RASTER_COLOR                        0x0B04
-#define GL_CURRENT_RASTER_DISTANCE             0x0B09
-#define GL_CURRENT_RASTER_INDEX                        0x0B05
-#define GL_CURRENT_RASTER_POSITION             0x0B07
-#define GL_CURRENT_TEXTURE_COORDS              0x0B03
-#define GL_INDEX_CLEAR_VALUE                   0x0C20
-#define GL_INDEX_MODE                          0x0C30
-#define GL_INDEX_WRITEMASK                     0x0C21
-#define GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX                    0x0BA6
-#define GL_MODELVIEW_STACK_DEPTH               0x0BA3
-#define GL_NAME_STACK_DEPTH                    0x0D70
-#define GL_PROJECTION_MATRIX                   0x0BA7
-#define GL_PROJECTION_STACK_DEPTH              0x0BA4
-#define GL_RENDER_MODE                         0x0C40
-#define GL_RGBA_MODE                           0x0C31
-#define GL_TEXTURE_MATRIX                      0x0BA8
-#define GL_TEXTURE_STACK_DEPTH                 0x0BA5
-#define GL_VIEWPORT                            0x0BA2
-/* Evaluators */
-#define GL_AUTO_NORMAL                         0x0D80
-#define GL_MAP1_COLOR_4                                0x0D90
-#define GL_MAP1_INDEX                          0x0D91
-#define GL_MAP1_NORMAL                         0x0D92
-#define GL_MAP1_TEXTURE_COORD_1                        0x0D93
-#define GL_MAP1_TEXTURE_COORD_2                        0x0D94
-#define GL_MAP1_TEXTURE_COORD_3                        0x0D95
-#define GL_MAP1_TEXTURE_COORD_4                        0x0D96
-#define GL_MAP1_VERTEX_3                       0x0D97
-#define GL_MAP1_VERTEX_4                       0x0D98
-#define GL_MAP2_COLOR_4                                0x0DB0
-#define GL_MAP2_INDEX                          0x0DB1
-#define GL_MAP2_NORMAL                         0x0DB2
-#define GL_MAP2_TEXTURE_COORD_1                        0x0DB3
-#define GL_MAP2_TEXTURE_COORD_2                        0x0DB4
-#define GL_MAP2_TEXTURE_COORD_3                        0x0DB5
-#define GL_MAP2_TEXTURE_COORD_4                        0x0DB6
-#define GL_MAP2_VERTEX_3                       0x0DB7
-#define GL_MAP2_VERTEX_4                       0x0DB8
-#define GL_MAP1_GRID_DOMAIN                    0x0DD0
-#define GL_MAP1_GRID_SEGMENTS                  0x0DD1
-#define GL_MAP2_GRID_DOMAIN                    0x0DD2
-#define GL_MAP2_GRID_SEGMENTS                  0x0DD3
-#define GL_COEFF                               0x0A00
-#define GL_DOMAIN                              0x0A02
-#define GL_ORDER                               0x0A01
-/* Hints */
-#define GL_FOG_HINT                            0x0C54
-#define GL_LINE_SMOOTH_HINT                    0x0C52
-#define GL_POINT_SMOOTH_HINT                   0x0C51
-#define GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH_HINT                 0x0C53
-#define GL_DONT_CARE                           0x1100
-#define GL_FASTEST                             0x1101
-#define GL_NICEST                              0x1102
-/* Scissor box */
-#define GL_SCISSOR_TEST                                0x0C11
-#define GL_SCISSOR_BOX                         0x0C10
-/* Pixel Mode / Transfer */
-#define GL_MAP_COLOR                           0x0D10
-#define GL_MAP_STENCIL                         0x0D11
-#define GL_INDEX_SHIFT                         0x0D12
-#define GL_INDEX_OFFSET                                0x0D13
-#define GL_RED_SCALE                           0x0D14
-#define GL_RED_BIAS                            0x0D15
-#define GL_GREEN_SCALE                         0x0D18
-#define GL_GREEN_BIAS                          0x0D19
-#define GL_BLUE_SCALE                          0x0D1A
-#define GL_BLUE_BIAS                           0x0D1B
-#define GL_ALPHA_SCALE                         0x0D1C
-#define GL_ALPHA_BIAS                          0x0D1D
-#define GL_DEPTH_SCALE                         0x0D1E
-#define GL_DEPTH_BIAS                          0x0D1F
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_S_TO_S_SIZE               0x0CB1
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_I_TO_I_SIZE               0x0CB0
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_I_TO_R_SIZE               0x0CB2
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_I_TO_G_SIZE               0x0CB3
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_I_TO_B_SIZE               0x0CB4
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_I_TO_A_SIZE               0x0CB5
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_R_TO_R_SIZE               0x0CB6
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_G_TO_G_SIZE               0x0CB7
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_B_TO_B_SIZE               0x0CB8
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_A_TO_A_SIZE               0x0CB9
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_S_TO_S                    0x0C71
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_I_TO_I                    0x0C70
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_I_TO_R                    0x0C72
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_I_TO_G                    0x0C73
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_I_TO_B                    0x0C74
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_I_TO_A                    0x0C75
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_R_TO_R                    0x0C76
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_G_TO_G                    0x0C77
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_B_TO_B                    0x0C78
-#define GL_PIXEL_MAP_A_TO_A                    0x0C79
-#define GL_PACK_ALIGNMENT                      0x0D05
-#define GL_PACK_LSB_FIRST                      0x0D01
-#define GL_PACK_ROW_LENGTH                     0x0D02
-#define GL_PACK_SKIP_PIXELS                    0x0D04
-#define GL_PACK_SKIP_ROWS                      0x0D03
-#define GL_PACK_SWAP_BYTES                     0x0D00
-#define GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT                    0x0CF5
-#define GL_UNPACK_LSB_FIRST                    0x0CF1
-#define GL_UNPACK_ROW_LENGTH                   0x0CF2
-#define GL_UNPACK_SKIP_PIXELS                  0x0CF4
-#define GL_UNPACK_SKIP_ROWS                    0x0CF3
-#define GL_UNPACK_SWAP_BYTES                   0x0CF0
-#define GL_ZOOM_X                              0x0D16
-#define GL_ZOOM_Y                              0x0D17
-/* Texture mapping */
-#define GL_TEXTURE_ENV                         0x2300
-#define GL_TEXTURE_ENV_MODE                    0x2200
-#define GL_TEXTURE_1D                          0x0DE0
-#define GL_TEXTURE_2D                          0x0DE1
-#define GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_S                      0x2802
-#define GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_T                      0x2803
-#define GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER                  0x2800
-#define GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER                  0x2801
-#define GL_TEXTURE_ENV_COLOR                   0x2201
-#define GL_TEXTURE_GEN_S                       0x0C60
-#define GL_TEXTURE_GEN_T                       0x0C61
-#define GL_TEXTURE_GEN_MODE                    0x2500
-#define GL_TEXTURE_BORDER_COLOR                        0x1004
-#define GL_TEXTURE_WIDTH                       0x1000
-#define GL_TEXTURE_HEIGHT                      0x1001
-#define GL_TEXTURE_BORDER                      0x1005
-#define GL_TEXTURE_COMPONENTS                  0x1003
-#define GL_TEXTURE_RED_SIZE                    0x805C
-#define GL_TEXTURE_GREEN_SIZE                  0x805D
-#define GL_TEXTURE_BLUE_SIZE                   0x805E
-#define GL_TEXTURE_ALPHA_SIZE                  0x805F
-#define GL_TEXTURE_LUMINANCE_SIZE              0x8060
-#define GL_TEXTURE_INTENSITY_SIZE              0x8061
-#define GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST              0x2700
-#define GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR               0x2702
-#define GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST               0x2701
-#define GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR                        0x2703
-#define GL_OBJECT_LINEAR                       0x2401
-#define GL_OBJECT_PLANE                                0x2501
-#define GL_EYE_LINEAR                          0x2400
-#define GL_EYE_PLANE                           0x2502
-#define GL_SPHERE_MAP                          0x2402
-#define GL_DECAL                               0x2101
-#define GL_MODULATE                            0x2100
-#define GL_NEAREST                             0x2600
-#define GL_REPEAT                              0x2901
-#define GL_CLAMP                               0x2900
-#define GL_S                                   0x2000
-#define GL_T                                   0x2001
-#define GL_R                                   0x2002
-#define GL_Q                                   0x2003
-#define GL_TEXTURE_GEN_R                       0x0C62
-#define GL_TEXTURE_GEN_Q                       0x0C63
-/* Utility */
-#define GL_VENDOR                              0x1F00
-#define GL_RENDERER                            0x1F01
-#define GL_VERSION                             0x1F02
-#define GL_EXTENSIONS                          0x1F03
-/* Errors */
-#define GL_NO_ERROR                            0x0
-#define GL_INVALID_VALUE                       0x0501
-#define GL_INVALID_ENUM                                0x0500
-#define GL_INVALID_OPERATION                   0x0502
-#define GL_STACK_OVERFLOW                      0x0503
-#define GL_STACK_UNDERFLOW                     0x0504
-#define GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY                       0x0505
-/* glPush/PopAttrib bits */
-#define GL_CURRENT_BIT                         0x00000001
-#define GL_POINT_BIT                           0x00000002
-#define GL_LINE_BIT                            0x00000004
-#define GL_POLYGON_BIT                         0x00000008
-#define GL_POLYGON_STIPPLE_BIT                 0x00000010
-#define GL_PIXEL_MODE_BIT                      0x00000020
-#define GL_LIGHTING_BIT                                0x00000040
-#define GL_FOG_BIT                             0x00000080
-#define GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT                    0x00000100
-#define GL_ACCUM_BUFFER_BIT                    0x00000200
-#define GL_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT                  0x00000400
-#define GL_VIEWPORT_BIT                                0x00000800
-#define GL_TRANSFORM_BIT                       0x00001000
-#define GL_ENABLE_BIT                          0x00002000
-#define GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT                    0x00004000
-#define GL_HINT_BIT                            0x00008000
-#define GL_EVAL_BIT                            0x00010000
-#define GL_LIST_BIT                            0x00020000
-#define GL_TEXTURE_BIT                         0x00040000
-#define GL_SCISSOR_BIT                         0x00080000
-#define GL_ALL_ATTRIB_BITS                     0x000FFFFF
-/* OpenGL 1.1 */
-#define GL_PROXY_TEXTURE_1D                    0x8063
-#define GL_PROXY_TEXTURE_2D                    0x8064
-#define GL_TEXTURE_PRIORITY                    0x8066
-#define GL_TEXTURE_RESIDENT                    0x8067
-#define GL_TEXTURE_BINDING_1D                  0x8068
-#define GL_TEXTURE_BINDING_2D                  0x8069
-#define GL_TEXTURE_INTERNAL_FORMAT             0x1003
-#define GL_ALPHA4                              0x803B
-#define GL_ALPHA8                              0x803C
-#define GL_ALPHA12                             0x803D
-#define GL_ALPHA16                             0x803E
-#define GL_LUMINANCE4                          0x803F
-#define GL_LUMINANCE8                          0x8040
-#define GL_LUMINANCE12                         0x8041
-#define GL_LUMINANCE16                         0x8042
-#define GL_LUMINANCE4_ALPHA4                   0x8043
-#define GL_LUMINANCE6_ALPHA2                   0x8044
-#define GL_LUMINANCE8_ALPHA8                   0x8045
-#define GL_LUMINANCE12_ALPHA4                  0x8046
-#define GL_LUMINANCE12_ALPHA12                 0x8047
-#define GL_LUMINANCE16_ALPHA16                 0x8048
-#define GL_INTENSITY                           0x8049
-#define GL_INTENSITY4                          0x804A
-#define GL_INTENSITY8                          0x804B
-#define GL_INTENSITY12                         0x804C
-#define GL_INTENSITY16                         0x804D
-#define GL_R3_G3_B2                            0x2A10
-#define GL_RGB4                                        0x804F
-#define GL_RGB5                                        0x8050
-#define GL_RGB8                                        0x8051
-#define GL_RGB10                               0x8052
-#define GL_RGB12                               0x8053
-#define GL_RGB16                               0x8054
-#define GL_RGBA2                               0x8055
-#define GL_RGBA4                               0x8056
-#define GL_RGB5_A1                             0x8057
-#define GL_RGBA8                               0x8058
-#define GL_RGB10_A2                            0x8059
-#define GL_RGBA12                              0x805A
-#define GL_RGBA16                              0x805B
-#define GL_CLIENT_PIXEL_STORE_BIT              0x00000001
-#define GL_CLIENT_VERTEX_ARRAY_BIT             0x00000002
-#define GL_ALL_CLIENT_ATTRIB_BITS              0xFFFFFFFF
-#define GL_CLIENT_ALL_ATTRIB_BITS              0xFFFFFFFF
- * Miscellaneous
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glClearIndex( GLfloat c );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glClearColor( GLclampf red, GLclampf green, GLclampf blue, GLclampf alpha );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glClear( GLbitfield mask );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glIndexMask( GLuint mask );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColorMask( GLboolean red, GLboolean green, GLboolean blue, GLboolean alpha );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glAlphaFunc( GLenum func, GLclampf ref );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glBlendFunc( GLenum sfactor, GLenum dfactor );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLogicOp( GLenum opcode );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCullFace( GLenum mode );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glFrontFace( GLenum mode );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPointSize( GLfloat size );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLineWidth( GLfloat width );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLineStipple( GLint factor, GLushort pattern );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPolygonMode( GLenum face, GLenum mode );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPolygonOffset( GLfloat factor, GLfloat units );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPolygonStipple( const GLubyte *mask );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetPolygonStipple( GLubyte *mask );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEdgeFlag( GLboolean flag );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEdgeFlagv( const GLboolean *flag );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glScissor( GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width, GLsizei height);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glClipPlane( GLenum plane, const GLdouble *equation );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetClipPlane( GLenum plane, GLdouble *equation );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glDrawBuffer( GLenum mode );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glReadBuffer( GLenum mode );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEnable( GLenum cap );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glDisable( GLenum cap );
-GLAPI GLboolean GLAPIENTRY glIsEnabled( GLenum cap );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEnableClientState( GLenum cap );  /* 1.1 */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glDisableClientState( GLenum cap );  /* 1.1 */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetBooleanv( GLenum pname, GLboolean *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetDoublev( GLenum pname, GLdouble *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetFloatv( GLenum pname, GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetIntegerv( GLenum pname, GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPushAttrib( GLbitfield mask );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPopAttrib( void );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPushClientAttrib( GLbitfield mask );  /* 1.1 */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPopClientAttrib( void );  /* 1.1 */
-GLAPI GLint GLAPIENTRY glRenderMode( GLenum mode );
-GLAPI GLenum GLAPIENTRY glGetError( void );
-GLAPI const GLubyte * GLAPIENTRY glGetString( GLenum name );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glFinish( void );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glFlush( void );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glHint( GLenum target, GLenum mode );
- * Depth Buffer
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glClearDepth( GLclampd depth );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glDepthFunc( GLenum func );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glDepthMask( GLboolean flag );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glDepthRange( GLclampd near_val, GLclampd far_val );
- * Accumulation Buffer
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glClearAccum( GLfloat red, GLfloat green, GLfloat blue, GLfloat alpha );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glAccum( GLenum op, GLfloat value );
- * Transformation
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMatrixMode( GLenum mode );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glOrtho( GLdouble left, GLdouble right,
-                                 GLdouble bottom, GLdouble top,
-                                 GLdouble near_val, GLdouble far_val );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glFrustum( GLdouble left, GLdouble right,
-                                   GLdouble bottom, GLdouble top,
-                                   GLdouble near_val, GLdouble far_val );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glViewport( GLint x, GLint y,
-                                    GLsizei width, GLsizei height );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPushMatrix( void );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPopMatrix( void );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLoadIdentity( void );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLoadMatrixd( const GLdouble *m );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLoadMatrixf( const GLfloat *m );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultMatrixd( const GLdouble *m );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultMatrixf( const GLfloat *m );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRotated( GLdouble angle,
-                                   GLdouble x, GLdouble y, GLdouble z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRotatef( GLfloat angle,
-                                   GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glScaled( GLdouble x, GLdouble y, GLdouble z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glScalef( GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTranslated( GLdouble x, GLdouble y, GLdouble z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTranslatef( GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z );
- * Display Lists
- */
-GLAPI GLboolean GLAPIENTRY glIsList( GLuint list );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glDeleteLists( GLuint list, GLsizei range );
-GLAPI GLuint GLAPIENTRY glGenLists( GLsizei range );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glNewList( GLuint list, GLenum mode );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEndList( void );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCallList( GLuint list );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCallLists( GLsizei n, GLenum type,
-                                     const GLvoid *lists );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glListBase( GLuint base );
- * Drawing Functions
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glBegin( GLenum mode );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEnd( void );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex2d( GLdouble x, GLdouble y );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex2f( GLfloat x, GLfloat y );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex2i( GLint x, GLint y );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex2s( GLshort x, GLshort y );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex3d( GLdouble x, GLdouble y, GLdouble z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex3f( GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex3i( GLint x, GLint y, GLint z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex3s( GLshort x, GLshort y, GLshort z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex4d( GLdouble x, GLdouble y, GLdouble z, GLdouble w );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex4f( GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z, GLfloat w );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex4i( GLint x, GLint y, GLint z, GLint w );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex4s( GLshort x, GLshort y, GLshort z, GLshort w );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex2dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex2fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex2iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex2sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex3dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex3fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex3iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex3sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex4dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex4fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex4iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertex4sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glNormal3b( GLbyte nx, GLbyte ny, GLbyte nz );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glNormal3d( GLdouble nx, GLdouble ny, GLdouble nz );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glNormal3f( GLfloat nx, GLfloat ny, GLfloat nz );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glNormal3i( GLint nx, GLint ny, GLint nz );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glNormal3s( GLshort nx, GLshort ny, GLshort nz );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glNormal3bv( const GLbyte *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glNormal3dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glNormal3fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glNormal3iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glNormal3sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glIndexd( GLdouble c );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glIndexf( GLfloat c );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glIndexi( GLint c );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glIndexs( GLshort c );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glIndexub( GLubyte c );  /* 1.1 */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glIndexdv( const GLdouble *c );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glIndexfv( const GLfloat *c );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glIndexiv( const GLint *c );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glIndexsv( const GLshort *c );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glIndexubv( const GLubyte *c );  /* 1.1 */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3b( GLbyte red, GLbyte green, GLbyte blue );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3d( GLdouble red, GLdouble green, GLdouble blue );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3f( GLfloat red, GLfloat green, GLfloat blue );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3i( GLint red, GLint green, GLint blue );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3s( GLshort red, GLshort green, GLshort blue );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3ub( GLubyte red, GLubyte green, GLubyte blue );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3ui( GLuint red, GLuint green, GLuint blue );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3us( GLushort red, GLushort green, GLushort blue );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4b( GLbyte red, GLbyte green,
-                                   GLbyte blue, GLbyte alpha );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4d( GLdouble red, GLdouble green,
-                                   GLdouble blue, GLdouble alpha );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4f( GLfloat red, GLfloat green,
-                                   GLfloat blue, GLfloat alpha );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4i( GLint red, GLint green,
-                                   GLint blue, GLint alpha );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4s( GLshort red, GLshort green,
-                                   GLshort blue, GLshort alpha );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4ub( GLubyte red, GLubyte green,
-                                    GLubyte blue, GLubyte alpha );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4ui( GLuint red, GLuint green,
-                                    GLuint blue, GLuint alpha );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4us( GLushort red, GLushort green,
-                                    GLushort blue, GLushort alpha );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3bv( const GLbyte *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3ubv( const GLubyte *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3uiv( const GLuint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor3usv( const GLushort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4bv( const GLbyte *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4ubv( const GLubyte *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4uiv( const GLuint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColor4usv( const GLushort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord1d( GLdouble s );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord1f( GLfloat s );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord1i( GLint s );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord1s( GLshort s );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord2d( GLdouble s, GLdouble t );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord2f( GLfloat s, GLfloat t );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord2i( GLint s, GLint t );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord2s( GLshort s, GLshort t );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord3d( GLdouble s, GLdouble t, GLdouble r );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord3f( GLfloat s, GLfloat t, GLfloat r );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord3i( GLint s, GLint t, GLint r );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord3s( GLshort s, GLshort t, GLshort r );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord4d( GLdouble s, GLdouble t, GLdouble r, GLdouble q );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord4f( GLfloat s, GLfloat t, GLfloat r, GLfloat q );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord4i( GLint s, GLint t, GLint r, GLint q );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord4s( GLshort s, GLshort t, GLshort r, GLshort q );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord1dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord1fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord1iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord1sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord2dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord2fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord2iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord2sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord3dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord3fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord3iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord3sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord4dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord4fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord4iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoord4sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos2d( GLdouble x, GLdouble y );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos2f( GLfloat x, GLfloat y );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos2i( GLint x, GLint y );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos2s( GLshort x, GLshort y );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos3d( GLdouble x, GLdouble y, GLdouble z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos3f( GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos3i( GLint x, GLint y, GLint z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos3s( GLshort x, GLshort y, GLshort z );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos4d( GLdouble x, GLdouble y, GLdouble z, GLdouble w );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos4f( GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z, GLfloat w );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos4i( GLint x, GLint y, GLint z, GLint w );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos4s( GLshort x, GLshort y, GLshort z, GLshort w );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos2dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos2fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos2iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos2sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos3dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos3fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos3iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos3sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos4dv( const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos4fv( const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos4iv( const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRasterPos4sv( const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRectd( GLdouble x1, GLdouble y1, GLdouble x2, GLdouble y2 );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRectf( GLfloat x1, GLfloat y1, GLfloat x2, GLfloat y2 );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRecti( GLint x1, GLint y1, GLint x2, GLint y2 );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRects( GLshort x1, GLshort y1, GLshort x2, GLshort y2 );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRectdv( const GLdouble *v1, const GLdouble *v2 );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRectfv( const GLfloat *v1, const GLfloat *v2 );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRectiv( const GLint *v1, const GLint *v2 );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glRectsv( const GLshort *v1, const GLshort *v2 );
- * Vertex Arrays  (1.1)
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glVertexPointer( GLint size, GLenum type,
-                                       GLsizei stride, const GLvoid *ptr );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glNormalPointer( GLenum type, GLsizei stride,
-                                       const GLvoid *ptr );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColorPointer( GLint size, GLenum type,
-                                      GLsizei stride, const GLvoid *ptr );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glIndexPointer( GLenum type, GLsizei stride,
-                                      const GLvoid *ptr );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexCoordPointer( GLint size, GLenum type,
-                                         GLsizei stride, const GLvoid *ptr );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEdgeFlagPointer( GLsizei stride, const GLvoid *ptr );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetPointerv( GLenum pname, GLvoid **params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glArrayElement( GLint i );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glDrawArrays( GLenum mode, GLint first, GLsizei count );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glDrawElements( GLenum mode, GLsizei count,
-                                      GLenum type, const GLvoid *indices );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glInterleavedArrays( GLenum format, GLsizei stride,
-                                           const GLvoid *pointer );
- * Lighting
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glShadeModel( GLenum mode );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLightf( GLenum light, GLenum pname, GLfloat param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLighti( GLenum light, GLenum pname, GLint param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLightfv( GLenum light, GLenum pname,
-                                 const GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLightiv( GLenum light, GLenum pname,
-                                 const GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetLightfv( GLenum light, GLenum pname,
-                                    GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetLightiv( GLenum light, GLenum pname,
-                                    GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLightModelf( GLenum pname, GLfloat param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLightModeli( GLenum pname, GLint param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLightModelfv( GLenum pname, const GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLightModeliv( GLenum pname, const GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMaterialf( GLenum face, GLenum pname, GLfloat param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMateriali( GLenum face, GLenum pname, GLint param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMaterialfv( GLenum face, GLenum pname, const GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMaterialiv( GLenum face, GLenum pname, const GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetMaterialfv( GLenum face, GLenum pname, GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetMaterialiv( GLenum face, GLenum pname, GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColorMaterial( GLenum face, GLenum mode );
- * Raster functions
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPixelZoom( GLfloat xfactor, GLfloat yfactor );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPixelStoref( GLenum pname, GLfloat param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPixelStorei( GLenum pname, GLint param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPixelTransferf( GLenum pname, GLfloat param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPixelTransferi( GLenum pname, GLint param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPixelMapfv( GLenum map, GLsizei mapsize,
-                                    const GLfloat *values );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPixelMapuiv( GLenum map, GLsizei mapsize,
-                                     const GLuint *values );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPixelMapusv( GLenum map, GLsizei mapsize,
-                                     const GLushort *values );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetPixelMapfv( GLenum map, GLfloat *values );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetPixelMapuiv( GLenum map, GLuint *values );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetPixelMapusv( GLenum map, GLushort *values );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glBitmap( GLsizei width, GLsizei height,
-                                GLfloat xorig, GLfloat yorig,
-                                GLfloat xmove, GLfloat ymove,
-                                const GLubyte *bitmap );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glReadPixels( GLint x, GLint y,
-                                    GLsizei width, GLsizei height,
-                                    GLenum format, GLenum type,
-                                    GLvoid *pixels );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glDrawPixels( GLsizei width, GLsizei height,
-                                    GLenum format, GLenum type,
-                                    const GLvoid *pixels );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCopyPixels( GLint x, GLint y,
-                                    GLsizei width, GLsizei height,
-                                    GLenum type );
- * Stenciling
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glStencilFunc( GLenum func, GLint ref, GLuint mask );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glStencilMask( GLuint mask );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glStencilOp( GLenum fail, GLenum zfail, GLenum zpass );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glClearStencil( GLint s );
- * Texture mapping
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexGend( GLenum coord, GLenum pname, GLdouble param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexGenf( GLenum coord, GLenum pname, GLfloat param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexGeni( GLenum coord, GLenum pname, GLint param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexGendv( GLenum coord, GLenum pname, const GLdouble *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexGenfv( GLenum coord, GLenum pname, const GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexGeniv( GLenum coord, GLenum pname, const GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetTexGendv( GLenum coord, GLenum pname, GLdouble *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetTexGenfv( GLenum coord, GLenum pname, GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetTexGeniv( GLenum coord, GLenum pname, GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexEnvf( GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLfloat param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexEnvi( GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLint param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexEnvfv( GLenum target, GLenum pname, const GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexEnviv( GLenum target, GLenum pname, const GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetTexEnvfv( GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetTexEnviv( GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexParameterf( GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLfloat param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexParameteri( GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLint param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexParameterfv( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-                                          const GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexParameteriv( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-                                          const GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetTexParameterfv( GLenum target,
-                                           GLenum pname, GLfloat *params);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetTexParameteriv( GLenum target,
-                                           GLenum pname, GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetTexLevelParameterfv( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                                GLenum pname, GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetTexLevelParameteriv( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                                GLenum pname, GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexImage1D( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                    GLint internalFormat,
-                                    GLsizei width, GLint border,
-                                    GLenum format, GLenum type,
-                                    const GLvoid *pixels );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexImage2D( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                    GLint internalFormat,
-                                    GLsizei width, GLsizei height,
-                                    GLint border, GLenum format, GLenum type,
-                                    const GLvoid *pixels );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetTexImage( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                     GLenum format, GLenum type,
-                                     GLvoid *pixels );
-/* 1.1 functions */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGenTextures( GLsizei n, GLuint *textures );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glDeleteTextures( GLsizei n, const GLuint *textures);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glBindTexture( GLenum target, GLuint texture );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPrioritizeTextures( GLsizei n,
-                                            const GLuint *textures,
-                                            const GLclampf *priorities );
-GLAPI GLboolean GLAPIENTRY glAreTexturesResident( GLsizei n,
-                                                  const GLuint *textures,
-                                                  GLboolean *residences );
-GLAPI GLboolean GLAPIENTRY glIsTexture( GLuint texture );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexSubImage1D( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                       GLint xoffset,
-                                       GLsizei width, GLenum format,
-                                       GLenum type, const GLvoid *pixels );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexSubImage2D( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                       GLint xoffset, GLint yoffset,
-                                       GLsizei width, GLsizei height,
-                                       GLenum format, GLenum type,
-                                       const GLvoid *pixels );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCopyTexImage1D( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                        GLenum internalformat,
-                                        GLint x, GLint y,
-                                        GLsizei width, GLint border );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCopyTexImage2D( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                        GLenum internalformat,
-                                        GLint x, GLint y,
-                                        GLsizei width, GLsizei height,
-                                        GLint border );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCopyTexSubImage1D( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                           GLint xoffset, GLint x, GLint y,
-                                           GLsizei width );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCopyTexSubImage2D( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                           GLint xoffset, GLint yoffset,
-                                           GLint x, GLint y,
-                                           GLsizei width, GLsizei height );
- * Evaluators
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMap1d( GLenum target, GLdouble u1, GLdouble u2,
-                               GLint stride,
-                               GLint order, const GLdouble *points );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMap1f( GLenum target, GLfloat u1, GLfloat u2,
-                               GLint stride,
-                               GLint order, const GLfloat *points );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMap2d( GLenum target,
-                    GLdouble u1, GLdouble u2, GLint ustride, GLint uorder,
-                    GLdouble v1, GLdouble v2, GLint vstride, GLint vorder,
-                    const GLdouble *points );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMap2f( GLenum target,
-                    GLfloat u1, GLfloat u2, GLint ustride, GLint uorder,
-                    GLfloat v1, GLfloat v2, GLint vstride, GLint vorder,
-                    const GLfloat *points );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetMapdv( GLenum target, GLenum query, GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetMapfv( GLenum target, GLenum query, GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetMapiv( GLenum target, GLenum query, GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEvalCoord1d( GLdouble u );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEvalCoord1f( GLfloat u );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEvalCoord1dv( const GLdouble *u );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEvalCoord1fv( const GLfloat *u );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEvalCoord2d( GLdouble u, GLdouble v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEvalCoord2f( GLfloat u, GLfloat v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEvalCoord2dv( const GLdouble *u );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEvalCoord2fv( const GLfloat *u );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMapGrid1d( GLint un, GLdouble u1, GLdouble u2 );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMapGrid1f( GLint un, GLfloat u1, GLfloat u2 );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMapGrid2d( GLint un, GLdouble u1, GLdouble u2,
-                                   GLint vn, GLdouble v1, GLdouble v2 );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMapGrid2f( GLint un, GLfloat u1, GLfloat u2,
-                                   GLint vn, GLfloat v1, GLfloat v2 );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEvalPoint1( GLint i );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEvalPoint2( GLint i, GLint j );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEvalMesh1( GLenum mode, GLint i1, GLint i2 );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glEvalMesh2( GLenum mode, GLint i1, GLint i2, GLint j1, GLint j2 );
- * Fog
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glFogf( GLenum pname, GLfloat param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glFogi( GLenum pname, GLint param );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glFogfv( GLenum pname, const GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glFogiv( GLenum pname, const GLint *params );
- * Selection and Feedback
- */
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glFeedbackBuffer( GLsizei size, GLenum type, GLfloat *buffer );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPassThrough( GLfloat token );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glSelectBuffer( GLsizei size, GLuint *buffer );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glInitNames( void );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glLoadName( GLuint name );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPushName( GLuint name );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glPopName( void );
- * OpenGL 1.2
- */
-#define GL_RESCALE_NORMAL                      0x803A
-#define GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE                       0x812F
-#define GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_VERTICES               0x80E8
-#define GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_INDICES                        0x80E9
-#define GL_BGR                                 0x80E0
-#define GL_BGRA                                        0x80E1
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE_3_3_2                 0x8032
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE_2_3_3_REV             0x8362
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_6_5                        0x8363
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_6_5_REV            0x8364
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_4_4_4_4              0x8033
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_4_4_4_4_REV          0x8365
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_5_5_1              0x8034
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_1_5_5_5_REV          0x8366
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_INT_8_8_8_8                        0x8035
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_INT_8_8_8_8_REV            0x8367
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_INT_10_10_10_2             0x8036
-#define GL_UNSIGNED_INT_2_10_10_10_REV         0x8368
-#define GL_LIGHT_MODEL_COLOR_CONTROL           0x81F8
-#define GL_SINGLE_COLOR                                0x81F9
-#define GL_SEPARATE_SPECULAR_COLOR             0x81FA
-#define GL_TEXTURE_MIN_LOD                     0x813A
-#define GL_TEXTURE_MAX_LOD                     0x813B
-#define GL_TEXTURE_BASE_LEVEL                  0x813C
-#define GL_TEXTURE_MAX_LEVEL                   0x813D
-#define GL_SMOOTH_POINT_SIZE_RANGE             0x0B12
-#define GL_SMOOTH_LINE_WIDTH_RANGE             0x0B22
-#define GL_ALIASED_POINT_SIZE_RANGE            0x846D
-#define GL_ALIASED_LINE_WIDTH_RANGE            0x846E
-#define GL_PACK_SKIP_IMAGES                    0x806B
-#define GL_PACK_IMAGE_HEIGHT                   0x806C
-#define GL_UNPACK_SKIP_IMAGES                  0x806D
-#define GL_UNPACK_IMAGE_HEIGHT                 0x806E
-#define GL_TEXTURE_3D                          0x806F
-#define GL_PROXY_TEXTURE_3D                    0x8070
-#define GL_TEXTURE_DEPTH                       0x8071
-#define GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_R                      0x8072
-#define GL_MAX_3D_TEXTURE_SIZE                 0x8073
-#define GL_TEXTURE_BINDING_3D                  0x806A
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glDrawRangeElements( GLenum mode, GLuint start,
-       GLuint end, GLsizei count, GLenum type, const GLvoid *indices );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexImage3D( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                      GLint internalFormat,
-                                      GLsizei width, GLsizei height,
-                                      GLsizei depth, GLint border,
-                                      GLenum format, GLenum type,
-                                      const GLvoid *pixels );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glTexSubImage3D( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                         GLint xoffset, GLint yoffset,
-                                         GLint zoffset, GLsizei width,
-                                         GLsizei height, GLsizei depth,
-                                         GLenum format,
-                                         GLenum type, const GLvoid *pixels);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCopyTexSubImage3D( GLenum target, GLint level,
-                                             GLint xoffset, GLint yoffset,
-                                             GLint zoffset, GLint x,
-                                             GLint y, GLsizei width,
-                                             GLsizei height );
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLDRAWRANGEELEMENTSPROC) (GLenum mode, GLuint start, GLuint end, GLsizei count, GLenum type, const GLvoid *indices);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLTEXIMAGE3DPROC) (GLenum target, GLint level, GLint internalformat, GLsizei width, GLsizei height, GLsizei depth, GLint border, GLenum format, GLenum type, const GLvoid *pixels);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLTEXSUBIMAGE3DPROC) (GLenum target, GLint level, GLint xoffset, GLint yoffset, GLint zoffset, GLsizei width, GLsizei height, GLsizei depth, GLenum format, GLenum type, const GLvoid *pixels);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCOPYTEXSUBIMAGE3DPROC) (GLenum target, GLint level, GLint xoffset, GLint yoffset, GLint zoffset, GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width, GLsizei height);
- * GL_ARB_imaging
- */
-#define GL_CONSTANT_COLOR                      0x8001
-#define GL_ONE_MINUS_CONSTANT_COLOR            0x8002
-#define GL_CONSTANT_ALPHA                      0x8003
-#define GL_ONE_MINUS_CONSTANT_ALPHA            0x8004
-#define GL_COLOR_TABLE                         0x80D0
-#define GL_POST_CONVOLUTION_COLOR_TABLE                0x80D1
-#define GL_PROXY_COLOR_TABLE                   0x80D3
-#define GL_COLOR_TABLE_SCALE                   0x80D6
-#define GL_COLOR_TABLE_BIAS                    0x80D7
-#define GL_COLOR_TABLE_FORMAT                  0x80D8
-#define GL_COLOR_TABLE_WIDTH                   0x80D9
-#define GL_COLOR_TABLE_RED_SIZE                        0x80DA
-#define GL_COLOR_TABLE_GREEN_SIZE              0x80DB
-#define GL_COLOR_TABLE_BLUE_SIZE               0x80DC
-#define GL_COLOR_TABLE_ALPHA_SIZE              0x80DD
-#define GL_COLOR_TABLE_LUMINANCE_SIZE          0x80DE
-#define GL_COLOR_TABLE_INTENSITY_SIZE          0x80DF
-#define GL_CONVOLUTION_1D                      0x8010
-#define GL_CONVOLUTION_2D                      0x8011
-#define GL_SEPARABLE_2D                                0x8012
-#define GL_CONVOLUTION_BORDER_MODE             0x8013
-#define GL_CONVOLUTION_FILTER_SCALE            0x8014
-#define GL_CONVOLUTION_FILTER_BIAS             0x8015
-#define GL_REDUCE                              0x8016
-#define GL_CONVOLUTION_FORMAT                  0x8017
-#define GL_CONVOLUTION_WIDTH                   0x8018
-#define GL_CONVOLUTION_HEIGHT                  0x8019
-#define GL_MAX_CONVOLUTION_WIDTH               0x801A
-#define GL_MAX_CONVOLUTION_HEIGHT              0x801B
-#define GL_POST_CONVOLUTION_RED_SCALE          0x801C
-#define GL_POST_CONVOLUTION_GREEN_SCALE                0x801D
-#define GL_POST_CONVOLUTION_BLUE_SCALE         0x801E
-#define GL_POST_CONVOLUTION_ALPHA_SCALE                0x801F
-#define GL_POST_CONVOLUTION_RED_BIAS           0x8020
-#define GL_POST_CONVOLUTION_GREEN_BIAS         0x8021
-#define GL_POST_CONVOLUTION_BLUE_BIAS          0x8022
-#define GL_POST_CONVOLUTION_ALPHA_BIAS         0x8023
-#define GL_CONSTANT_BORDER                     0x8151
-#define GL_REPLICATE_BORDER                    0x8153
-#define GL_CONVOLUTION_BORDER_COLOR            0x8154
-#define GL_COLOR_MATRIX                                0x80B1
-#define GL_COLOR_MATRIX_STACK_DEPTH            0x80B2
-#define GL_MAX_COLOR_MATRIX_STACK_DEPTH                0x80B3
-#define GL_POST_COLOR_MATRIX_RED_SCALE         0x80B4
-#define GL_POST_COLOR_MATRIX_BLUE_SCALE                0x80B6
-#define GL_POST_COLOR_MATRIX_RED_BIAS          0x80B8
-#define GL_POST_COLOR_MATRIX_GREEN_BIAS                0x80B9
-#define GL_POST_COLOR_MATRIX_BLUE_BIAS         0x80BA
-#define GL_POST_COLOR_MATRIX_ALPHA_BIAS                0x80BB
-#define GL_HISTOGRAM                           0x8024
-#define GL_PROXY_HISTOGRAM                     0x8025
-#define GL_HISTOGRAM_WIDTH                     0x8026
-#define GL_HISTOGRAM_FORMAT                    0x8027
-#define GL_HISTOGRAM_RED_SIZE                  0x8028
-#define GL_HISTOGRAM_GREEN_SIZE                        0x8029
-#define GL_HISTOGRAM_BLUE_SIZE                 0x802A
-#define GL_HISTOGRAM_ALPHA_SIZE                        0x802B
-#define GL_HISTOGRAM_LUMINANCE_SIZE            0x802C
-#define GL_HISTOGRAM_SINK                      0x802D
-#define GL_MINMAX                              0x802E
-#define GL_MINMAX_FORMAT                       0x802F
-#define GL_MINMAX_SINK                         0x8030
-#define GL_TABLE_TOO_LARGE                     0x8031
-#define GL_BLEND_EQUATION                      0x8009
-#define GL_MIN                                 0x8007
-#define GL_MAX                                 0x8008
-#define GL_FUNC_ADD                            0x8006
-#define GL_FUNC_SUBTRACT                       0x800A
-#define GL_FUNC_REVERSE_SUBTRACT               0x800B
-#define GL_BLEND_COLOR                         0x8005
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColorTable( GLenum target, GLenum internalformat,
-                                    GLsizei width, GLenum format,
-                                    GLenum type, const GLvoid *table );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColorSubTable( GLenum target,
-                                       GLsizei start, GLsizei count,
-                                       GLenum format, GLenum type,
-                                       const GLvoid *data );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColorTableParameteriv(GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-                                              const GLint *params);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glColorTableParameterfv(GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-                                              const GLfloat *params);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCopyColorSubTable( GLenum target, GLsizei start,
-                                           GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCopyColorTable( GLenum target, GLenum internalformat,
-                                        GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetColorTable( GLenum target, GLenum format,
-                                       GLenum type, GLvoid *table );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetColorTableParameterfv( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-                                                  GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetColorTableParameteriv( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-                                                  GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glBlendEquation( GLenum mode );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glBlendColor( GLclampf red, GLclampf green,
-                                    GLclampf blue, GLclampf alpha );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glHistogram( GLenum target, GLsizei width,
-                                  GLenum internalformat, GLboolean sink );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glResetHistogram( GLenum target );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetHistogram( GLenum target, GLboolean reset,
-                                     GLenum format, GLenum type,
-                                     GLvoid *values );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetHistogramParameterfv( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-                                                GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetHistogramParameteriv( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-                                                GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMinmax( GLenum target, GLenum internalformat,
-                               GLboolean sink );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glResetMinmax( GLenum target );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetMinmax( GLenum target, GLboolean reset,
-                                   GLenum format, GLenum types,
-                                   GLvoid *values );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetMinmaxParameterfv( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-                                             GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetMinmaxParameteriv( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-                                             GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glConvolutionFilter1D( GLenum target,
-       GLenum internalformat, GLsizei width, GLenum format, GLenum type,
-       const GLvoid *image );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glConvolutionFilter2D( GLenum target,
-       GLenum internalformat, GLsizei width, GLsizei height, GLenum format,
-       GLenum type, const GLvoid *image );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glConvolutionParameterf( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-       GLfloat params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glConvolutionParameterfv( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-       const GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glConvolutionParameteri( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-       GLint params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glConvolutionParameteriv( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-       const GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCopyConvolutionFilter1D( GLenum target,
-       GLenum internalformat, GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCopyConvolutionFilter2D( GLenum target,
-       GLenum internalformat, GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width,
-       GLsizei height);
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetConvolutionFilter( GLenum target, GLenum format,
-       GLenum type, GLvoid *image );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetConvolutionParameterfv( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-       GLfloat *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetConvolutionParameteriv( GLenum target, GLenum pname,
-       GLint *params );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glSeparableFilter2D( GLenum target,
-       GLenum internalformat, GLsizei width, GLsizei height, GLenum format,
-       GLenum type, const GLvoid *row, const GLvoid *column );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetSeparableFilter( GLenum target, GLenum format,
-       GLenum type, GLvoid *row, GLvoid *column, GLvoid *span );
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLBLENDCOLORPROC) (GLclampf red, GLclampf green, GLclampf blue, GLclampf alpha);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCOLORTABLEPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum internalformat, GLsizei width, GLenum format, GLenum type, const GLvoid *table);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCOLORTABLEPARAMETERFVPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, const GLfloat *params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCOLORTABLEPARAMETERIVPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, const GLint *params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCOPYCOLORTABLEPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum internalformat, GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETCOLORTABLEPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum format, GLenum type, GLvoid *table);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETCOLORTABLEPARAMETERFVPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLfloat *params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETCOLORTABLEPARAMETERIVPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLint *params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCOLORSUBTABLEPROC) (GLenum target, GLsizei start, GLsizei count, GLenum format, GLenum type, const GLvoid *data);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCOPYCOLORSUBTABLEPROC) (GLenum target, GLsizei start, GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCONVOLUTIONFILTER1DPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum internalformat, GLsizei width, GLenum format, GLenum type, const GLvoid *image);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCONVOLUTIONFILTER2DPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum internalformat, GLsizei width, GLsizei height, GLenum format, GLenum type, const GLvoid *image);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCONVOLUTIONPARAMETERFPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLfloat params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCONVOLUTIONPARAMETERFVPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, const GLfloat *params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCONVOLUTIONPARAMETERIPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLint params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCONVOLUTIONPARAMETERIVPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, const GLint *params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCOPYCONVOLUTIONFILTER1DPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum internalformat, GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLCOPYCONVOLUTIONFILTER2DPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum internalformat, GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width, GLsizei height);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETCONVOLUTIONFILTERPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum format, GLenum type, GLvoid *image);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETCONVOLUTIONPARAMETERFVPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLfloat *params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETCONVOLUTIONPARAMETERIVPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLint *params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETSEPARABLEFILTERPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum format, GLenum type, GLvoid *row, GLvoid *column, GLvoid *span);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLSEPARABLEFILTER2DPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum internalformat, GLsizei width, GLsizei height, GLenum format, GLenum type, const GLvoid *row, const GLvoid *column);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETHISTOGRAMPROC) (GLenum target, GLboolean reset, GLenum format, GLenum type, GLvoid *values);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETHISTOGRAMPARAMETERFVPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLfloat *params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETHISTOGRAMPARAMETERIVPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLint *params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETMINMAXPROC) (GLenum target, GLboolean reset, GLenum format, GLenum type, GLvoid *values);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETMINMAXPARAMETERFVPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLfloat *params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLGETMINMAXPARAMETERIVPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLint *params);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLHISTOGRAMPROC) (GLenum target, GLsizei width, GLenum internalformat, GLboolean sink);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLMINMAXPROC) (GLenum target, GLenum internalformat, GLboolean sink);
-typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLRESETMINMAXPROC) (GLenum target);
- * OpenGL 1.3
- */
-/* multitexture */
-#define GL_TEXTURE0                            0x84C0
-#define GL_TEXTURE1                            0x84C1
-#define GL_TEXTURE2                            0x84C2
-#define GL_TEXTURE3                            0x84C3
-#define GL_TEXTURE4                            0x84C4
-#define GL_TEXTURE5                            0x84C5
-#define GL_TEXTURE6                            0x84C6
-#define GL_TEXTURE7                            0x84C7
-#define GL_TEXTURE8                            0x84C8
-#define GL_TEXTURE9                            0x84C9
-#define GL_TEXTURE10                           0x84CA
-#define GL_TEXTURE11                           0x84CB
-#define GL_TEXTURE12                           0x84CC
-#define GL_TEXTURE13                           0x84CD
-#define GL_TEXTURE14                           0x84CE
-#define GL_TEXTURE15                           0x84CF
-#define GL_TEXTURE16                           0x84D0
-#define GL_TEXTURE17                           0x84D1
-#define GL_TEXTURE18                           0x84D2
-#define GL_TEXTURE19                           0x84D3
-#define GL_TEXTURE20                           0x84D4
-#define GL_TEXTURE21                           0x84D5
-#define GL_TEXTURE22                           0x84D6
-#define GL_TEXTURE23                           0x84D7
-#define GL_TEXTURE24                           0x84D8
-#define GL_TEXTURE25                           0x84D9
-#define GL_TEXTURE26                           0x84DA
-#define GL_TEXTURE27                           0x84DB
-#define GL_TEXTURE28                           0x84DC
-#define GL_TEXTURE29                           0x84DD
-#define GL_TEXTURE30                           0x84DE
-#define GL_TEXTURE31                           0x84DF
-#define GL_ACTIVE_TEXTURE                      0x84E0
-#define GL_CLIENT_ACTIVE_TEXTURE               0x84E1
-#define GL_MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS                   0x84E2
-/* texture_cube_map */
-#define GL_NORMAL_MAP                          0x8511
-#define GL_REFLECTION_MAP                      0x8512
-#define GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP                    0x8513
-#define GL_TEXTURE_BINDING_CUBE_MAP            0x8514
-#define GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_POSITIVE_X         0x8515
-#define GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_NEGATIVE_X         0x8516
-#define GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_POSITIVE_Y         0x8517
-#define GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_NEGATIVE_Y         0x8518
-#define GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_POSITIVE_Z         0x8519
-#define GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_NEGATIVE_Z         0x851A
-#define GL_PROXY_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP              0x851B
-#define GL_MAX_CUBE_MAP_TEXTURE_SIZE           0x851C
-/* texture_compression */
-#define GL_COMPRESSED_ALPHA                    0x84E9
-#define GL_COMPRESSED_LUMINANCE                        0x84EA
-#define GL_COMPRESSED_INTENSITY                        0x84EC
-#define GL_COMPRESSED_RGB                      0x84ED
-#define GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA                     0x84EE
-#define GL_TEXTURE_COMPRESSION_HINT            0x84EF
-#define GL_TEXTURE_COMPRESSED                  0x86A1
-#define GL_COMPRESSED_TEXTURE_FORMATS          0x86A3
-/* multisample */
-#define GL_MULTISAMPLE                         0x809D
-#define GL_SAMPLE_ALPHA_TO_COVERAGE            0x809E
-#define GL_SAMPLE_ALPHA_TO_ONE                 0x809F
-#define GL_SAMPLE_COVERAGE                     0x80A0
-#define GL_SAMPLE_BUFFERS                      0x80A8
-#define GL_SAMPLES                             0x80A9
-#define GL_SAMPLE_COVERAGE_VALUE               0x80AA
-#define GL_SAMPLE_COVERAGE_INVERT              0x80AB
-#define GL_MULTISAMPLE_BIT                     0x20000000
-/* transpose_matrix */
-#define GL_TRANSPOSE_MODELVIEW_MATRIX          0x84E3
-#define GL_TRANSPOSE_TEXTURE_MATRIX            0x84E5
-#define GL_TRANSPOSE_COLOR_MATRIX              0x84E6
-/* texture_env_combine */
-#define GL_COMBINE                             0x8570
-#define GL_COMBINE_RGB                         0x8571
-#define GL_COMBINE_ALPHA                       0x8572
-#define GL_SOURCE0_RGB                         0x8580
-#define GL_SOURCE1_RGB                         0x8581
-#define GL_SOURCE2_RGB                         0x8582
-#define GL_SOURCE0_ALPHA                       0x8588
-#define GL_SOURCE1_ALPHA                       0x8589
-#define GL_SOURCE2_ALPHA                       0x858A
-#define GL_OPERAND0_RGB                                0x8590
-#define GL_OPERAND1_RGB                                0x8591
-#define GL_OPERAND2_RGB                                0x8592
-#define GL_OPERAND0_ALPHA                      0x8598
-#define GL_OPERAND1_ALPHA                      0x8599
-#define GL_OPERAND2_ALPHA                      0x859A
-#define GL_RGB_SCALE                           0x8573
-#define GL_ADD_SIGNED                          0x8574
-#define GL_INTERPOLATE                         0x8575
-#define GL_SUBTRACT                            0x84E7
-#define GL_CONSTANT                            0x8576
-#define GL_PRIMARY_COLOR                       0x8577
-#define GL_PREVIOUS                            0x8578
-/* texture_env_dot3 */
-#define GL_DOT3_RGB                            0x86AE
-#define GL_DOT3_RGBA                           0x86AF
-/* texture_border_clamp */
-#define GL_CLAMP_TO_BORDER                     0x812D
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glActiveTexture( GLenum texture );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glClientActiveTexture( GLenum texture );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCompressedTexImage1D( GLenum target, GLint level, GLenum internalformat, GLsizei width, GLint border, GLsizei imageSize, const GLvoid *data );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCompressedTexImage2D( GLenum target, GLint level, GLenum internalformat, GLsizei width, GLsizei height, GLint border, GLsizei imageSize, const GLvoid *data );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCompressedTexImage3D( GLenum target, GLint level, GLenum internalformat, GLsizei width, GLsizei height, GLsizei depth, GLint border, GLsizei imageSize, const GLvoid *data );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCompressedTexSubImage1D( GLenum target, GLint level, GLint xoffset, GLsizei width, GLenum format, GLsizei imageSize, const GLvoid *data );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCompressedTexSubImage2D( GLenum target, GLint level, GLint xoffset, GLint yoffset, GLsizei width, GLsizei height, GLenum format, GLsizei imageSize, const GLvoid *data );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glCompressedTexSubImage3D( GLenum target, GLint level, GLint xoffset, GLint yoffset, GLint zoffset, GLsizei width, GLsizei height, GLsizei depth, GLenum format, GLsizei imageSize, const GLvoid *data );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glGetCompressedTexImage( GLenum target, GLint lod, GLvoid *img );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord1d( GLenum target, GLdouble s );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord1dv( GLenum target, const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord1f( GLenum target, GLfloat s );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord1fv( GLenum target, const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord1i( GLenum target, GLint s );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord1iv( GLenum target, const GLint *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord1s( GLenum target, GLshort s );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord1sv( GLenum target, const GLshort *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord2d( GLenum target, GLdouble s, GLdouble t );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord2dv( GLenum target, const GLdouble *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord2f( GLenum target, GLfloat s, GLfloat t );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord2fv( GLenum target, const GLfloat *v );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord2i( GLenum target, GLint s, GLint t );
-GLAPI void GLAPIENTRY glMultiTexCoord2iv( GLenum