[HAL][FREELDR] Fix system timer oscillator frequency on a Xbox (#2245)
[reactos.git] / .gitignore
2019-04-06 Katayama Hirofumi MZalso add modules/AHK_Tests to .gitignore
2019-04-06 Katayama Hirofumi MZadd modules/ahk_tests to .gitignore
2018-11-25 Andrew BoyarshinAdd .vscode folder to .gitignore file (#1060)
2018-11-16 Bernhard Feichtinger[MODULES] Add a convenient option to transfer files...
2018-10-26 Jérôme GardouAdd Eclipse files to .gitignore
2018-09-16 BieHDC[GITIGNORE] Ignore [boot|live|hybrid]cd_extras (#866)
2017-12-10 Thomas FaberMerge branch 'ntfs_rebase' 186/head
2017-10-07 Pierre SchweitzerAdd modules/optional to .gitignore
2017-10-04 Colin FinckAdd .gitattributes and .gitignore files and normalize...
2007-03-01 Alex Ionescu- Fix KiDispatchException to unmask KI_EXCEPTION_INTERN...
2007-02-16 Alex Ionescu- Create KD branch. All debugging support is removed...
2007-02-16 Alex Ionescu- KD Branch