[HAL][FREELDR] Fix system timer oscillator frequency on a Xbox (#2245)
[reactos.git] / CODEOWNERS
2020-01-06 Oleg Dubinskiy[SDK][USB] Delete old USB drivers and libusb
2019-10-17 Serge Gautherie[CODEOWNERS] Add /drivers/filters/*/ entries
2019-09-21 Mark Jansen[CODEOWNERS] Add some entries, fix some others
2019-08-04 Thomas Faber[CODEOWNERS] Remove 'CMakeLists.txt' rule, which is...
2019-07-24 Serge Gautherie[CODEOWNERS] Add UniATA (#1689)
2019-07-13 Victor Perevertkin[DOCS] Add myself to CODEOWNERS file
2019-07-13 Timo Kreuzer[DOCS] Replace MAINTAINERS file with CODEOWNERS