[RAPPS] Add Portuguese (neutral) translation. (#1656)
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2019-03-13 Thomas Faber[MAINTAINERS] Add 3rd party library files that I've...
2018-12-15 Mark Jansen[MAINTAINERS][DOC] Update mspatcha in README.WINE and... 1087/head
2018-12-12 Pierre Schweitzer[MAINTAINERS] Add the vcdcontroltool app
2018-09-12 Pierre Schweitzer[MAINTAINERS] Complete myself
2018-09-12 Pierre Schweitzer[MAINTAINERS] Define who can be maintainer and how...
2018-09-12 Mark Jansen[MAINTAINERS] Add myself.
2018-09-12 Thomas Faber[MAINTAINERS] Add myself.
2018-09-12 Pierre SchweitzerAdd a maintainers file