[SETUPLIB][USETUP] Factor out the usage of FS provider structures.
[reactos.git] / base / services / schedsvc /
2018-11-04 Eric Kohl[SCHEDSVC] Start jobs on timeout
2018-10-28 Eric Kohl[SCHEDSVC] Reschedule a job after it was started
2018-10-27 Eric Kohl[SCHEDSVC] Improvements to the scheduler service
2018-09-19 Joachim Henze[SCHEDSVC] Fix a typo in debug print that was introduce...
2018-08-18 Eric Kohl[SCHEDSVC] Add stubs for the wlnotify control codes
2017-10-03 Colin FinckGit conversion: Make reactos the root directory, move...
2017-01-27 Amine Khaldi[STORAHCI] Merge Storport Miniport driver by Aman Priya...
2016-04-24 Pierre SchweitzerCreate the AHCI branch for Aman's work