[NTOS:SE] Capture the groups length when creating a token
[reactos.git] / dll / shellext / cryptext /
2021-02-22 George BișocReplace my E-mail with the ReactOS org one (#3475)
2019-10-28 Oleg Dubinskiy[CRYPTEXT] Add Ukrainian translation (#1999)
2019-04-06 Jérôme Gardou[CMAKE] Use modules instead of shared libraries
2019-04-05 Adam Słaboń[TRANSLATION] Polish translation update
2019-03-11 Arnav Bhatt[TRANSLATION] Hindi translation of the shell extensions...
2019-02-13 Bișoc George[CRYPTEXT] Add Romanian & Italian translations (#1352)
2019-02-10 Pierre Schweitzer[CRYPTEX] Add French translation
2019-02-10 Stanislav Motylkov[CRYPTEXT] Add russian translation
2019-02-10 Baruch Rutman[CRYPTEXT] Make extension localizable, and add an icon...
2019-02-09 Mark Jansen[CRYPTEXT] Add a minimal shell extension that will... 1343/head