[NTOSKRNL] Reference the file object before issuing the unlock all IRP
[reactos.git] / dll / shellext / shellbtrfs /
2018-09-15 Pierre Schweitzer[SHELLBTRFS] Fix GCC build
2018-09-15 Thomas Faber[SHELLBTRFS] Add exports according to upstream .def...
2018-08-15 Mike SwansonRemove unnecessary executable bits
2018-05-26 Pierre Schweitzer[SHELLBTRFS] Upgrade to 1.0.2
2017-12-10 Thomas FaberMerge branch 'ntfs_rebase' 186/head
2017-11-26 Amine Khaldi[SHELLBTRFS] Add a PCH.
2017-10-16 Pierre Schweitzer[SHELLBTRFS] Upgrade to 1.0.1
2017-10-03 Colin FinckGit conversion: Make reactos the root directory, move...