[ADVAPI32] SEH-protext the calls to service control handlers
[reactos.git] / dll / shellext / zipfldr /
2018-04-22 Eric Kohl[ZIPFLDR] Fix russian translation
2018-04-22 Mark Jansen[ZIPFLDR] Various usability improvements
2018-04-22 Stanislav Motylkov[ZIPFLDR] Add Russian translation
2018-04-15 Li Keqing[ZIPFLDR] Add Chinese(Simplified) translation
2018-04-15 Pierre Schweitzer[ZIPFLDR] Add French translation
2018-04-14 Joann Mõndresku[TRANSLATION][ZIPFLDR] Added Estonian translation
2018-04-14 Bișoc George[ZIPFLDR] Implement Romanian resource translation 476/head
2018-04-14 Bișoc George[ZIPFLDR] Implement Italian resource translation
2018-04-14 Bișoc George[ZIPFLDR] Typo fix on constant
2018-04-14 Bișoc George[ZIPFLDR] Support for multiple languages interface
2018-04-08 Bișoc George[ZIPFLDR] Typo fix
2018-04-07 Mark Jansen[ZIPFLDR] Initial implementation.