re-worked ndis to do device detection from a win2k-style registry enum database,...
[reactos.git] / freeldr / FREELDR.INI
2003-05-19 Eric KohlRemoved obsolete settings.
2003-01-31 Brian PalmerUpdated freeldr.ini to work with latest .ini file changes.
2002-07-22 Brian PalmerAdded BIOS drive mapping functionality
2002-06-06 Brian PalmerChanges in v1.3 (6/5/2002)
2002-04-30 Brian PalmerChanges in v1.2 (4/30/2002)
2002-04-28 Brian PalmerFixed FAT short file name buffer overflow that was...
2002-04-25 Brian PalmerFreeLoader version 1.0!
2002-03-20 Brian PalmerRewrote .ini file code - should be much faster (especia...
2001-11-16 Eric KohlUpdated for booting from C:
2001-11-15 Brian PalmerBIOS Int 13h Extensions Support
2001-06-08 Eric KohlUse ARC-Path to boot ReactOS
2001-05-15 Brian PalmerInitial revision