Detect display controller. Distinguish VGA and VBE display devices.
[reactos.git] / freeldr / freeldr / arch / i386 / hardware.c
2004-06-20 Eric KohlDetect display controller. Distinguish VGA and VBE...
2004-06-19 Vizziniadded support for setting Component Information for...
2004-06-16 Eric KohlAdd keyboard detection.
2004-06-16 Filip Navara- Disable the "Floppy count: x" debug message.
2004-06-15 Eric KohlDetect floppy disk drives.
2004-06-05 Eric KohlStore serial port identifiers at controller keys.
2004-05-28 Filip Navara- Revert the PS/2 timeouts to the old values.
2004-05-25 Filip Navara- Enabled the 'Press any key to boot from CD' message...
2003-12-20 Eric KohlDon't stop after hardware detection.
2003-12-20 Eric Kohl- Detect PS/2 Port and Pointer Device (Mouse).
2003-12-14 Eric KohlDetect serial ports and serial pointer devices (Mice...
2003-06-05 Brian PalmerChanges in v1.8.13 (6/05/2003) (brianp)
2003-05-10 Eric Kohl- Fixed counting the number of available harddisks...
2003-05-08 Eric KohlReworked and fixed most of the CPU and PnP code.
2003-05-06 Eric KohlAdded PnP-BIOS detection.
2003-05-01 Eric KohlAdded CPU detection for multiprocessor systems.
2003-04-30 Eric KohlFixed disk geometry detection bug.
2003-04-30 Eric Kohl- Added DiskGetExtendedDriveParameters()