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2002-07-13 Casper HornstrupIf symbols are available then pass them to the OS as...
2002-06-28 Brian PalmerChanges in v1.4 (6/27/2002)
2002-06-26 Brian PalmerMakefile now generates a sorted symbol file - freeldr.sym
2002-06-26 Brian PalmerFixed Makefile so it will work when you do a clean...
2002-06-20 Eric KohlFixed severe bugs in the default value handling of...
2002-06-18 Brian PalmerFixed GetBiosMemoryMap() function.
2002-06-13 Brian PalmerCross-platform tools added to Makefiles.
2002-06-11 Casper HornstrupAdd multi and expand registry key type support.
2002-06-11 Brian PalmerCaches the current FAT sector so it doesn't read again...
2002-06-11 Casper HornstrupKill warnings.\n Use DbgPrint for debugging registry.
2002-06-11 Brian PalmerOptimized FAT32 bootsector to read more than 1 sector...
2002-06-09 Eric KohlHandle multi-string group order list properly.
2002-06-09 Brian PalmerFixed bug that was preventing FreeLoader from booting...
2002-06-08 Brian PalmerChanges in v1.3.1 (6/8/2002)
2002-06-06 Brian PalmerMakefile fixes
2002-06-06 Brian PalmerChanges in v1.3 (6/5/2002)
2002-05-22 Brian PalmerCompared the output of fat.asm from nasm v0.98 and...
2002-05-04 Brian PalmerChanges in v1.2.2 (5/4/2002)
2002-05-04 Brian PalmerQuick Makefile fix
2002-05-03 Brian PalmerChanges in v1.2.1 (5/3/2002)
2002-04-30 Brian PalmerChanges in v1.2 (4/30/2002)
2002-04-28 Brian PalmerFixed FAT short file name buffer overflow that was...
2002-04-25 Eric KohlRemoved direct debug output.
2002-04-25 Eric KohlAdded the original copyright from isolinux.
2002-04-25 Brian PalmerFreeLoader version 1.0!
2002-04-23 Eric KohlAdded ISO-9660 support.
2002-04-22 Eric KohlAdded ISO-9660 boot sector description.
2002-04-22 Eric KohlAdded .cvsignore file.
2002-04-16 Brian PalmerAdded LBA support to FAT12/16 boot sector
2002-03-20 Brian PalmerRewrote .ini file code - should be much faster (especia...
2002-03-12 Brian PalmerFixed bug in LBA code.
2002-03-11 Brian PalmerReworked LoadAndBootPartition() function, got rid of...
2002-03-06 Brian PalmerFixed a bug in the LBA extensions detection code.
2002-02-27 Brian PalmerImproved memory management
2002-02-26 Brian PalmerFix for buffer conflict between fat code and cache...
2002-02-26 Brian PalmerAdded full disk partition management functions
2002-02-14 Brian PalmerFixed bug in partition table code where it incorrectly...
2002-02-08 Brian PalmerCacheInitializeDrive() no longer retains old cache...
2002-01-24 Brian PalmerReworked the boot sector & boot drive code
2002-01-23 Brian PalmerRemoved code to save screen contents before entering...
2002-01-22 Brian PalmerImproved disk error reporting
2002-01-19 Brian PalmerFixed bug that occurred during DEBUG builds
2002-01-19 Eric KohlDisabled nls file loading
2002-01-19 Brian PalmerBetter LBA support
2002-01-18 Eric KohlFixed obvious typos.
2002-01-18 Eric KohlAdded missing prototype.
2002-01-18 Brian PalmerRecommitting file as binary
2002-01-18 Brian PalmerAccidentally committed this file without the -kb flag
2002-01-18 Brian PalmerAdded disk cache
2001-12-28 Eric KohlAdded NLS-file loader.
2001-12-28 Eric KohlFixed a bug.
2001-11-29 Brian PalmerFixed Makefile problem
2001-11-28 Brian PalmerRe-organized things a slight bit.
2001-11-27 Eric KohlAdded system hive support.
2001-11-26 Eric KohlAdded system hive support.
2001-11-18 Eric KohlFixed a few compiler warinings.
2001-11-17 Eric KohlFixed GetExtendedMemorySize(). My i486-DX4/75 didn...
2001-11-16 Eric KohlUpdated for booting from C:
2001-11-16 Eric KohlAdded loading the HAL.
2001-11-16 Eric KohlFixed warnings.
2001-11-15 Brian PalmerBIOS Int 13h Extensions Support
2001-10-17 Phillip SusiOnly pass file name as module name, not full path
2001-08-10 Brian PalmerFixed nasm calling bug.
2001-08-07 Eric KohlFixed nasm calling bug.
2001-08-07 Brian PalmerAdded support for debug prints over a RS232 line.
2001-08-07 Brian PalmerSimple Win32 boot sector installer. Will not work under...
2001-07-06 Brian PalmerFull memory management support (memory.c & memory.h...
2001-06-20 Brian PalmerWin2k FAT32 Boot Sector Disassembly
2001-06-12 Brian PalmerImplemented memory detection & BIOS memory map
2001-06-09 Eric KohlFixed MaxRootEntries. This caused disk corruption.
2001-06-08 Brian PalmerForgot to add a semi-colon at end of statement
2001-06-08 Brian PalmerSeparated multiboot kernel loader and reactos kernel...
2001-06-08 Eric KohlUse ARC-Path to boot ReactOS
2001-06-05 Brian PalmerMultiboot Kernel Compliance
2001-05-15 Brian PalmerInitial revision