Of course, I forgot to commit the new file in revision 22049...
[reactos.git] / reactos / ReactOS.rbuild
2006-05-11 Andrew MungerRestore original compiler settings. Changed accidentall...
2006-05-10 Alex Ionescu- NDK 0.98, now with versionned headers. Too many chang...
2006-04-20 Saveliy TretiakovAdd GDB property for debugging with gdb
2006-02-23 Martin Fuchsset svn:eol-style to native for *.rbuild
2006-02-18 Art YerkesChange remaining .xml build files to .rbuild and fixup...
2006-02-18 Maarten Bosmafix the build
2006-02-18 Maarten BosmaA few fixes
2006-02-18 Ged Murphyrearrange and add a few things
2006-02-17 Ged Murphyfinish header restructuring
2006-02-17 Art YerkesRbuild changes for include structure change.
2006-02-17 Maarten Bosmareally fix the build
2006-02-17 Maarten BosmaFix the build
2006-02-17 Maarten BosmaAdded all missing rbuild files for reactos/dll
2006-02-17 Maarten BosmaInclude media and ntoskrnl
2006-02-17 Maarten BosmaFix some build files
2006-02-17 Art YerkesMove some xml around and back off one change in ReactOS...
2006-02-16 Ged Murphyadd the base .rbuild files