Created new subtree for groups of related test programs.
[reactos.git] / reactos / apps /
2002-11-19 Robert DickensonCreated new subtree for groups of related test programs.
2002-11-10 Robert Dickensonsome un-important modifications to my serial coms test...
2002-11-10 Robert Dickensonjust some code to to some specific key reading tests.
2002-11-03 Casper Hornstrup2002-11-03 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2002-10-31 David WelchRemoved surplus debug messages.
2002-10-25 Casper Hornstrup2002-10-25 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2002-10-24 Steven Edwardsadded tests for StretchBlt, PatBlt and BitBlt by Damon...
2002-10-03 Robert DickensonSimple test program for Serial Driver testing.
2002-10-01 Jurgen van GaelFIX:previous was wrong file
2002-10-01 Jurgen van GaelFIX:memory leak - font objects got create for every...
2002-10-01 Eugene Ingerman1. Cleanup GDI objects when process is deleted.
2002-09-25 Steven Edwardsadded test for mktime()
2002-09-24 Jason FilbyWin32k fixes including better 1BPP support
2002-09-24 Robert DickensonTest app for some visibility on whats in the registry.
2002-09-22 Jason FilbyAdded dibtest - only 1BPP test for now
2002-09-11 Steven EdwardsFixed text output for simple messagebox test
2002-09-08 Casper HornstrupReverted latest changes.
2002-09-07 Casper HornstrupUse free Windows DDK and compile with latest MinGW...
2002-09-01 David WelchDon't reinitialize the VGA on an enable surface if...
2002-08-27 David WelchMore painting fixes.
2002-08-20 KJK::HyperionNew macros InitializeUnicodeString(), RtlInitUnicodeStr...
2002-08-18 Eugene Ingerman1. CLIPOBJ_bEnum, CLIPOBJ_cEnumStart - implemented...
2002-08-16 Eugene IngermanUpdated memory area const names.
2002-08-14 David Welch2002-08-14 David Welch <welch@computer2.darkstar...
2002-08-09 David Welch2002-08-09 David Welch <welch@computer2.darkstar...
2002-08-04 Eugene IngermanAdded more tests to gditest.c
2002-07-23 Eugene IngermanFixed bugs in region operations code (should run region...
2002-07-22 Eric KohlRead drive number from the command line.
2002-07-22 Eugene IngermanAdded GetRegionData gdi function. Added region test...
2002-07-20 David WelchRenamed ->
2002-07-20 Eugene IngermanUse (text format ntoskrnl symbols) instead...
2002-07-10 Robert DickensonCorrected makefiles for all tests and added new applica...
2002-07-04 David Welch2002-07-04 David Welch <welch@computer2.darkstar...
2002-06-30 Eugene IngermanVideo mode switching when entering pice shell.
2002-06-30 Eugene IngermanIgnore v86 faults (for now).
2002-06-20 Eugene IngermanUpdated PICE to work with recent kernel changes. Change...
2002-06-19 Eric KohlAdded registry link tests.
2002-06-17 joegapps/tests/tokentest.c
2002-06-17 joegntoskrnl/ps/process.c
2002-06-17 Steven Edwardsadded simple tcp server test
2002-06-15 Eric KohlCleanup, add display of token values being passed into...
2002-06-11 David Welch2002-06-11 David Welch <welch@whitehall1-5.seh.ox...
2002-06-07 Eric Kohl- Implement NtCreateToken()
2002-06-07 Eugene IngermanUpdated paths after directory was moved.
2002-06-02 Casper HornstrupCompile with new layout
2002-05-23 Emanuele AlibertiBuild failed, then I removed it and checked it out...
2002-05-13 Casper HornstrupAdded section test
2002-05-08 Casper HornstrupSupport multiple debug targets at the same time.
2002-05-02 David WelchFixed irq problems.
2002-04-26 Eric KohlFixed drive map in the shared user page.
2002-04-26 Eric KohlSimplified access to the shared user page.
2002-04-10 Steven Edwardsfix some warnings in the makefile and added a time_t...
2002-04-10 Steven EdwardsA even more simple windowing test.
2002-03-25 Eric KohlCosmetic changes
2002-03-20 Eric KohlAdded isotest utility.
2002-03-17 KJK::HyperionMoved zlib in reactos/lib/zlib and updated to version...
2002-03-17 KJK::HyperionMoved zlib in reactos/lib/zlib and updated to version...
2002-03-09 Phillip SusiSome fixes for the expression evaluator:
2002-02-24 Emanuele AlibertiModified demo LPC server and client with verbose output.
2002-02-10 Casper HornstrupCapture debug prints in PICE.
2002-02-10 Casper HornstrupMade it easier to add new keyboard layouts.
2002-02-09 Casper HornstrupAccept /DEBUGPORT=GDB and /DEBUGPORT=PICE on command...
2002-02-09 Eugene IngermanFixed locals and evaluation in pice.
2002-02-03 Eugene IngermanFix for current source line unassembly bug in pice.
2002-01-31 Eugene Ingermanno message
2002-01-31 Eugene IngermanFixed source code display on breakpoint in pice.
2002-01-30 Eugene IngermanDebug output cleanup.
2002-01-30 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Workaround for a bug in gcc. Some other...
2002-01-29 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Bug fixes for disassembly.
2002-01-29 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Bug fixes.
2002-01-27 Phillip SusiFixed vma command to show kernel memory space too,...
2002-01-27 Phillip SusiFixed page fault handler to walk the correct memory...
2002-01-26 Phillip SusiFixed keyboard scancode maps for US keyboards
2002-01-26 Phillip SusiRead files in non cached mode, much faster this way
2002-01-26 Phillip SusiFixed bug in SwitchTable
2002-01-26 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Fixed bug in interrupt handling.
2002-01-25 Phillip SusiFixed a file IO calls to handle failure correctly
2002-01-25 Phillip SusiFixed infinite recursive call in debug print
2002-01-21 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Bug fixes.
2002-01-15 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Forgot this one.
2002-01-15 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Intermediate checkin. Now compiles and...
2002-01-15 David WelchImplemented NtW32Call and NtCallbackReturn
2002-01-14 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Intermediate checkin. Now compiles.
2002-01-13 David WelchBegan work on message queue and default window procedure
2002-01-13 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Intermediate checkin.
2002-01-08 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Changed symbolic information handling.
2002-01-08 David WelchMore swapping fixes
2002-01-04 Casper HornstrupAdded application that will display statistics for...
2002-01-04 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Added coff symbol parsing to pice, and...
2001-12-30 Steven Edwardsupdated gditest.c
2001-12-30 Steven Edwardsmoved ping to rosapps/net
2001-12-30 Steven EdwardsRemoved ncftp
2001-12-30 Steven EdwardsUpdates for move of net apps to rosapps
2001-12-30 Steven EdwardsUpdates for move of net apps to rosapps
2001-12-30 Steven EdwardsMove network apps to rosapps
2001-12-20 Steven EdwardsUpdates for ncftp 3.0.3 for reactos
2001-12-20 Steven Edwardsncftp for win32 3.0.3
2001-12-15 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Added pe parsing in loader.
2001-12-06 Eugene IngermanPorting pice. Added keyboard hook and some file functions.
2001-11-29 Steven Edwardsfound out shell has kill built it