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2017-05-24 Benedikt Freisen[MSPAINT]
2017-02-25 Benedikt Freisen[MSPAINT]
2017-02-01 Kamil Hornicek[TRANSLATIONS]
2017-01-31 Thomas Faber[MSPAINT]
2017-01-27 Amine Khaldi[STORAHCI] Merge Storport Miniport driver by Aman Priya...
2016-11-27 Robert Naumann[TRANSLATION] Massive resource maintenance update....
2016-10-28 Benedikt Freisen[MSPAINT] refactor RegistrySettings::SetWallpaper,...
2016-10-26 Colin Finck[PRINTING]
2016-10-15 Benedikt Freisen[MSPAINT]
2016-10-09 Benedikt Freisen[MSPAINT] get rid of all _stprintf occurrences and...
2016-10-08 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS] Russian translation update by Sergey...
2016-10-02 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS] Turkish translation update by Erdem...
2016-10-01 Benedikt Freisen[MSPAINT]
2016-09-26 Benedikt Freisen[MSPAINT]
2016-09-22 Benedikt Freisen[MSPAINT] Lets
2016-09-14 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS] One step further towards improving our...
2016-08-08 Benedikt Freisen[MSPAINT] Handle settings from registry correctly....
2016-05-28 Eric Kohl[MSPAINT]
2016-04-24 Pierre SchweitzerCreate the AHCI branch for Aman's work
2016-04-20 Amine Khaldi[SDK] One step further towards ReactOS source code...
2016-03-09 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS] Spanish translation update by Ismael...
2016-02-25 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS] Spanish translation update and general...
2016-02-24 Eric KohlRussian translation for mspaint.
2016-01-18 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS] Turkish translation update by Erdem...
2015-12-18 Robert Naumann[MSPAINT] Fix some English strings, to match Windows...
2015-12-16 Amine Khaldi[ICONS] Fix some blurry icons by Henry Tang Ih. CORE...
2015-12-03 Robert Naumann[ICONS] Remove unneeded icon sizes, such as 24px. This...
2015-10-18 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS] Traditional Chinese (zh-TW) translation...
2015-09-17 Daniel Reimer[TRANSLATION]
2015-09-09 Amine Khaldi[APPLICATIONS] Improve the FILE header section. Brought...
2015-08-17 Benedikt Freisen[MSPAINT] rename source directory
2015-08-17 Benedikt Freisen[MSPAINT]
2015-08-09 Daniel Reimer[TRANSLATION]
2015-07-18 Colin FinckMerge r68232 to get Windows' rpcrt4.dll to work under...
2015-06-17 Amine Khaldi[APPLICATIONS] Properly track resource file dependencie...
2015-04-19 Daniel Reimer[zh-CN, zh-TW, ko-KR] - Fix font size for Chinese and...
2015-04-11 Christoph von Wittich[MSPAINT]
2015-03-19 Timo KreuzerMerge the following revisions from kernel-fun branch:
2015-03-03 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[TRANSLATION]: Global Romanian translation update,...
2015-02-04 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[MSPAINT]: Improve help menu name in some languages.
2015-01-02 Benedikt Freisen[MSPAINT] partially apply patch by swyter (bugfixes...
2014-12-26 Amine Khaldi[FONTVIEW][MPLAY32][MSPAINT][TASKMGR] Chinese (zh-CN...
2014-12-21 Pierre Schweitzer[MSPAINT]
2014-12-20 Daniel Reimer[TRANSLATION]
2014-12-14 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoPartial merge of condrv_restructure branch r65657.
2014-12-14 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk r65656.
2014-12-14 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[MSPAINT]: Remove trailing whitespace.
2014-12-05 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoFix merge r65567.
2014-12-05 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync to trunk r65566.
2014-11-26 Amine Khaldi* The Shell.. for a long time we dreamed of having...
2014-11-25 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r65481).
2014-11-17 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r65426).
2014-11-13 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r65394).
2014-11-10 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r65353).
2014-11-09 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS]
2014-11-05 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r65270).
2014-10-31 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r65147).
2014-10-30 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r65120).
2014-10-29 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r65095).
2014-10-28 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r65074).
2014-10-24 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r64959).
2014-10-23 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r64939).
2014-10-22 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r64894).
2014-10-19 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r64829).
2014-10-15 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS]
2014-10-13 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS]
2014-10-13 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r64716).
2014-10-04 Pierre Schweitzer[MSPAINT]
2014-10-03 David QuintanaSync with trunk r64509.
2014-09-29 David Quintana* Sync with trunk r64401.
2014-09-28 Amine Khaldi* Sync up to trunk head (r64377).
2014-09-27 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS]
2014-09-22 David QuintanaSync with trunk r64222.
2014-09-21 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS]
2014-09-12 Amine Khaldi[SHELL-EXPERIMENTS]
2014-09-10 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[REACTOS]
2014-09-09 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk revision 64099.
2014-08-24 David QuintanaSync with trunk r63935.
2014-08-23 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync to trunk revision 63922.
2014-08-10 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync to trunk revision 63857.
2014-08-09 David Quintana* Sync to trunk r63845.
2014-08-07 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk r63831.
2014-08-06 Daniel Reimer[TRANSLATION]
2014-08-04 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoPartial merge of the condrv_restructure branch, including:
2014-08-01 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk r63793.
2014-07-31 David QuintanaSync with trunk r63786.
2014-07-27 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk r63743.
2014-06-30 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS]
2014-06-27 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk r63647.
2014-06-23 David QuintanaSync with trunk r63637.
2014-06-22 Thomas Faber[APPLICATIONS][NEWDEV]
2014-05-30 David QuintanaSync with trunk r63502.
2014-05-24 David QuintanaSync with trunk r63430.
2014-05-20 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk r63383 .
2014-05-18 David QuintanaSync with trunk r63343.
2014-05-13 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk r63283
2014-05-13 David QuintanaSync with trunk r63270.
2014-05-08 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk r63192.
2014-05-06 Aleksandar Andrejevic[BRANCHES]
2014-05-06 David QuintanaSync with trunk r63174.