usetup: translate error codes, fix a typo
[reactos.git] / reactos / base / setup / usetup / lang / en-US.h
2007-12-31 Sylvain Petreolleusetup: translate error codes, fix a typo
2007-12-31 Marc PiulachsAllow usetup page title localization
2007-12-25 Marc Piulachs- Allow LANGUAGE_PAGE localization
2007-12-21 Marc Piulachs- Give language picker listbox a consistent size
2007-12-19 Johannes Anderwald- move nearly all hardcoded strings to the language...
2007-12-15 Daniel Reimereeevil trailing spaces :D
2007-12-15 Johannes Anderwald- move static errocodes to header
2007-12-13 Johannes Anderwald- fix a bug showing the same dialog twice in rev 31173
2007-12-13 Johannes Anderwald- implement displaying and showing language dialog
2007-12-12 Johannes Anderwald- move some hardcoded strings to header en-US.h