Bug 2988: slovak translation for downloader by kario@szm.sk
[reactos.git] / reactos / base / shell / cmd /
2008-01-20 Filip NavaraRemove redundant memset call.
2008-01-20 Christoph von Wittichstartpos is zero based
2008-01-20 Christoph von Wittichsupport blocks ( ... )
2008-01-20 Christoph von Wittichfix a buffer overflow
2008-01-19 Christoph von Wittichfix memory leak
2008-01-17 Colin Finck- Define the copyright year one time and then use this...
2008-01-17 Daniel ReimerBug 2944: Polish translation: part 4/4 - Dll (olaf_siej...
2008-01-16 Daniel ReimerSync all RC Files to contain all Stuff. Non Translated...
2008-01-16 Peter WardBig polish translation patch by Olaf Siejka (caemyr...
2008-01-13 Aleksey Bragin- Sync up Mm interface with WinLdr branch (introduce...
2008-01-01 Daniel ReimerFix typos in cmd. thx to amine for spotting.
2007-12-29 Dmitry ChapyshevAdd 8 bits and 16 bits icons
2007-12-23 Marc Piulachs- Remove hard-coded reference to cmdstart.bat and load...
2007-12-21 Marc Piulachsuse tango's terminal icon to have a more consistent...
2007-12-11 Dmitry Chapyshev- Update Russian translation
2007-11-27 Thomas Bluemelcmd_alloc_dbg is NOT available in release builds!!!
2007-11-27 Timo Kreuzer- implement GrowIfNecessary_dbg() using file and line...
2007-11-23 Colin Finck[FORMATTING]
2007-11-23 Colin FinckWhen someone tries to copy a file over itself, show...
2007-11-10 Magnus OlsenMerge from branch ReactX to Trunk,
2007-11-05 Pierre Schweitzer- Fixed typo with ";", ":", "?", "!" in French translat...
2007-11-03 Sylvain PetreolleMiscellanous fixes and updates for french translations
2007-10-27 Thomas BluemelDisplay a list of all leaked memory blocks when terminating
2007-10-27 Thomas BluemelFix memory leaks/wrong heap usage by replacing calls...
2007-10-23 Hervé PoussineauNo need to define __USE_W32API
2007-10-19 Daniel ReimerDelete all Trailing spaces in code.
2007-10-18 Timo Kreuzerrevert my useless hack.
2007-10-15 Timo KreuzerIf cmd was started from a shortcut, use the shortcut...
2007-10-11 Hervé PoussineauRemove unneeded comment (__REACTOS__ is always defined)
2007-10-06 Peter Ward- Fix build.
2007-10-02 Daniel ReimerBug 2708: Ukrainian translation update (temarez@yandex.ru)
2007-09-29 Christoph von Wittich-cmdinput.c(168) - wrong constant is used. patch by...
2007-09-29 Colin FinckFrench translation updates by Pierre Schweitzer (heis_s...
2007-09-28 Hervé PoussineauMoved shared define to header file
2007-09-28 Daniel ReimerForgot this translated file.
2007-09-28 Daniel ReimerBug 2699: Ukrainian translation update (temarez@yandex.ru)
2007-09-28 Hervé PoussineauAdded history possibilities to right key
2007-09-28 Hervé Poussineau[FORMATTING] Replace spaces by tabs
2007-09-27 Aleksey BraginSamuel Erdtman <samuel@erdtman.se>
2007-09-14 Hervé PoussineauClean up .rbuild files and make them xml compliant
2007-09-10 Daniel ReimerBug 2643: Ukrainian translation update (temarez@yandex.ru)
2007-09-04 Daniel ReimerMassive Translations commit:
2007-09-03 Christoph von Wittichfix a small bug in set and added missing german transla...
2007-08-26 Johannes Anderwald- fix warning
2007-08-02 Thomas BluemelFix compiling rostests
2007-08-02 Christoph von Wittichfix a crash
2007-08-02 Christoph von Wittichfix null pointer check
2007-08-02 Christoph von Wittichfix another memory leak
2007-08-01 Christoph von Wittichfix a memory leak
2007-08-01 Christoph von Wittichfix a memory leak
2007-08-01 Thomas BluemelSpecial handling for some fake dos devices
2007-08-01 Thomas BluemelDon't output "file not found" messages in recursive...
2007-08-01 Thomas BluemelFix displaying the free space on the volume
2007-08-01 Thomas BluemelImprove output of directory summaries
2007-08-01 Thomas Bluemel- Correctly detect volume changes when querying in...
2007-08-01 Thomas BluemelSimplify and fix code by using GetFullPathName and...
2007-08-01 Thomas BluemelFix a memory leak in the dir command
2007-08-01 Thomas BluemelFix buffer overflow bug in mkdir command
2007-08-01 Thomas BluemelRemove debug statements I accidently committed
2007-08-01 Thomas Bluemel- Detect memory leaks when cmd exits
2007-08-01 Thomas BluemelCompile memory heap corruption detection code with...
2007-08-01 Thomas BluemelImprove debug message
2007-08-01 Thomas BluemelAllocate correct amount of memory.
2007-08-01 Thomas Bluemel- Add code to detect buffer overflows and buffer underf...
2007-07-30 Daniel ReimerMake output of "vol" command (more) compatible with...
2007-07-29 Colin FinckVarious cmd fixes by Carlo Bramini (carlo DOT bramix...
2007-07-29 Magnus Olsenfixing the langues show right,
2007-07-28 Johannes Anderwald- fix cmd not to crash when just typing "start" [enter]
2007-07-25 Colin FinckUpdated language files by Olaf Siejka (caemyr AT gmail...
2007-07-24 Daniel ReimerCommit final fixes for RC files except for Wine autosyn...
2007-07-20 Sylvain Petreollefix 2 mistyped \n
2007-07-20 Colin FinckFix cmd build, when compilation units are turned off
2007-07-20 Johannes Anderwald- update norwegian translation by Frode Lillerud
2007-07-18 Colin FinckRemove the wrong \0 character
2007-07-18 Colin FinckAdd the missing "help <command>" functionality in cmd...
2007-07-14 Thomas BluemelDon't strip the trailing backslash if the path is only...
2007-07-14 Thomas BluemelDisplay junction points
2007-07-09 Daniel ReimerDOZENS of SUBLANG Fixes.
2007-07-09 Colin FinckPart 1 of X of trying to end up with all this SUBLANG...
2007-07-09 Daniel ReimerPart 1 of X.
2007-07-08 Daniel Reimer- set all RC Files to eol:style native
2007-07-08 Magnus OlsenFixing some of the wrong sublang problem
2007-05-27 Eric KohlRemove outdated email address.
2007-05-05 Eric KohlRemove outdated email addresses.
2007-04-27 Hervé PoussineauFix mkdir command, if compiled in UNICODE. Patch by...
2007-04-18 Christoph von Wittichpolish translation from the polish translation team
2007-04-08 Dmitry GorbachevUse separate directory for language-specific files.
2007-03-27 Timo Kreuzerfix a tiny mem leak
2007-03-26 Hervé Poussineau- Move NCI generated files to arch-specific directories
2007-03-25 Hervé PoussineauAllocate enough memory to copy string
2007-03-13 Andrew MungerTypo fixes, patch by our friend Coviti.
2007-03-10 Dmitry GorbachevNorwegian translation by LMH1 (bugs 1699, 1739, 1740)
2007-03-06 Aleksey BraginMove what's left in trunk here (2/2).
2007-03-04 Hervé PoussineauConvert text to multibyte before displaying it
2007-03-04 Hervé PoussineauSome reformatting, no code change
2007-03-01 Alex Ionescu- Fix KiDispatchException to unmask KI_EXCEPTION_INTERN...
2007-02-28 Saveliy TretiakovAndrey Janzen (virus126):
2007-02-25 Dmitry GorbachevIndonesian translation (Zaenal Mutaqin)
2007-02-23 Saveliy TretiakovAndrey Janzen (virus126):
2007-02-16 Alex Ionescu- Create KD branch. All debugging support is removed...