[reactos.git] / reactos / base /
2010-03-01 Christoph von Wittich[MSIEXEC]
2010-02-28 Cameron Gutman - Use the rappmgr.cab located on our server
2010-02-28 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]
2010-02-28 Eric KohlReport service status to the service manager.
2010-02-27 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]
2010-02-27 Sylvain PetreolleDon't use #pragma once for pch files. Fixes build.
2010-02-27 Eric KohlReport service status to the service manager.
2010-02-26 Ged Murphy- Move from using include guards to pragma once.
2010-02-22 Eric KohlSplit the initial status code for drivers and services.
2010-02-22 Dmitry GorbachevClean up RPCSS.
2010-02-22 Eric KohlRevert remaining parts of patches 45626 and 45633.
2010-02-22 Eric KohlReenable critical debug messages.
2010-02-21 Colin FinckUse the most probable cabman and rapps path to get...
2010-02-20 Eric KohlPartially revert patches 45626 and 45633.
2010-02-20 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]
2010-02-20 Eric Kohl[SERVICES] When autostart services are up, signal an...
2010-02-20 Eric KohlMake EventLog and Spooler services report their status...
2010-02-20 Daniel ReimerXML Compliance Patch for the RBUILD Files. By Samuel...
2010-02-19 Eric Kohl[SERVICES] Set default status to SERVICE_START_PENDING...
2010-02-10 Daniel ReimerUpdate Rapps Links and add the two RosBE Addons.
2010-02-10 Ged MurphyFound a leak fix patch from years ago
2010-02-09 Colin FinckThe big RosBE 1.5 compatibility patch. You will need...
2010-02-09 Benedikt Freisen[paint] fix rectangular selection tool
2010-02-08 Daniel ReimerGiant German Language Fix Patch by "tux."
2010-02-08 Daniel ReimerSync wordpad, write and xcopy to Wine 1.1.38
2010-02-07 Dmitry GorbachevSimplify a bit, remove unused macros.
2010-02-07 Dmitry GorbachevFix bug #5156.
2010-02-07 Dmitry GorbachevFix formatting.
2010-02-04 Aleksey Bragin[base/system/expand]
2010-02-01 Eric KohlReset a services thread and process ids when the servic...
2010-01-31 Eric Kohl[FORMATTING]
2010-01-31 Eric Kohl- Implement RCreateServiceA.
2010-01-31 Eric KohlImplement basic version of PNP_CreateKey.
2010-01-26 Dmitry Chapyshev- Update Ukrainian translation by Igor Paliychuk (igor...
2010-01-23 Dmitry GorbachevFix English translation of RApps. Andrew Faulds (ajfweb...
2010-01-22 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add/update Ukrainian translation by Sakara Yevhen...
2010-01-21 Timo KreuzerMerge from amd64-branch:
2010-01-21 Cameron GutmanMerge aicom-network-branch (without NDIS changes for...
2010-01-20 Daniel ReimerTry to fix FF2 Download.
2010-01-17 Matthias Kupfer- fix file path in header
2010-01-17 Eric KohlImplement ElfrRegisterEventSourceA.
2010-01-17 Eric KohlEmpty the card stacks before showing the win message...
2010-01-17 Matthias Kupfer- fix and add several German and English translations
2010-01-16 Benedikt Freisen[Paint] Initial support for free selections, resizing...
2010-01-16 Eric KohlImplement CM_Set_HW_Prof[_Ex].
2010-01-16 Eric KohlImplement PNP_HwProfFlags.
2010-01-13 Daniel ReimerUpdate the Rapps Entries to up to date Versions.
2010-01-13 Daniel ReimerBug 5072: PATCH: Add ReMooD to ReactOS Application...
2010-01-10 Matthias Kupfer- fixes issue with cancel button
2010-01-10 Matthias Kupfer- fixes damaged format of comment
2010-01-10 Matthias Kupfer- Fixes a hidden pointer/reference problem with LoadGen...
2010-01-08 Martin Fuchsavoid warning messages on Explorer startup when missing...
2010-01-08 Martin Fuchsdefine _tcscpy_s and _tsplitpath_s again for native...
2010-01-08 Martin Fuchstemporarily revert to query "defined(__STDC_WANT_SECURE...
2010-01-08 Martin Fuchsupdate XMLStorage to 2010 version
2010-01-08 Martin Fuchsfix TCHAR array initialization
2010-01-06 Eric Kohl[umpnpmgr]
2010-01-06 Ged MurphyFix pause / resume code. The buttons need fixing yet...
2010-01-05 Ged MurphyClean up the pause and resume code and a few other...
2010-01-05 Ged MurphyClean up the start code
2010-01-05 Ged Murphy[SERVMAN]
2010-01-05 Eric Kohl[spoolsv]
2010-01-05 Eric Kohl[umpnpmgr]
2010-01-05 Ged MurphyMake the logic easier to read
2010-01-05 Ged MurphyDisplay all service dependants which need stopping
2010-01-05 Ged MurphySwitch to crt string safe functions. Remove some commen...
2010-01-05 Ged MurphyForgot the comments in this file
2010-01-05 Timo Kreuzer[CSRSS]
2010-01-05 Ged Murphy- Reimplement service stop routines.
2010-01-05 Ged MurphyMore code towards getting servman to stop services...
2010-01-05 Aleksey BraginMarcus Boillat <ka6602-280@online.de>
2010-01-04 Ged MurphyRehack the explorer hack for secure CRT usage.
2010-01-03 Eric Kohl[devmgr]
2010-01-03 Dmitry GorbachevAdd / update Japanese translations. Patch by Tomoya...
2010-01-03 Matthias Kupfer- add some German translations
2010-01-02 Ged Murphy[SERVMAN]
2009-12-31 Timo KreuzerPatch by Amine Khaldi: Fix buffer length check
2009-12-30 Eric Kohl[services] Set the given service start name or LocalSys...
2009-12-30 Eric Kohl[umpnpmgr]
2009-12-29 Gregor Schneider[taskmgr]
2009-12-28 Samuel SerapionSync to trunk (r44789)
2009-12-27 Timo Kreuzerspaces -> tabs in rbuild file
2009-12-27 Benedikt FreisenTool box, color palette and status bar can be hidden...
2009-12-27 Samuel SerapionFix warning cast to 'unsigned int' loses precision.
2009-12-27 Samuel Serapionsync to trunk (44770)
2009-12-26 Samuel Serapion[rbuild]
2009-12-25 Eric KohlRQueryServiceConfigA/W: Add missing dependency information.
2009-12-23 Eric Kohl- RChangeServiceConfigA/W: Update the service group...
2009-12-22 Eric KohlIf the user doubleclicked a treeview item, make sure...
2009-12-22 Eric KohlFix a typo. Use lpStartServiceName instead of lpService...
2009-12-22 Eric Kohl- Remove unused variable
2009-12-21 Matthias Kupfer- new icon for sndrec32
2009-12-21 Daniel ReimerSync reg, xcopy, wordpad and winhlp32 to Wine 1.1.35.
2009-12-21 Ged Murphyfix paste error. ros-diffs yet again proves its worth
2009-12-21 Ged MurphyDon't re-add the dependants
2009-12-21 Ged MurphyRecurse the tree and clean up all the strings tagged...
2009-12-21 Ged MurphyAdd full depth of dependencies for the first tree view
2009-12-21 Ged MurphyImplement the first level of service dependants
2009-12-20 Matthias Kupfer- Add some German translations
2009-12-20 Timo KreuzerMerge from amd64 branch: