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2016-07-24 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EVENTVWR]
2016-07-21 Eric Kohl[USETUP]
2016-07-19 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]
2016-07-18 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[REGEDIT]
2016-07-18 Eric Kohl[SERVMAN]
2016-07-17 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EVENTVWR]
2016-07-16 Mark Jansen[EXPLORER] Fix the Explore all users/open all users...
2016-07-16 Eric KohlOoops! These were not meant to be committed!
2016-07-16 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]
2016-07-15 Mark Jansen[EXPLORER] HACK: ignore unimplemented SetBandSiteInfo...
2016-07-14 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EVENTVWR]: Fix transparency problems for some icons.
2016-07-13 Mark Jansen[RAPPS_NEW] Use the actual buffer size instead of hardc...
2016-07-13 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[NET]
2016-07-13 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[SETUP]
2016-07-13 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[MAGNIFY]
2016-07-13 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[CHARMAP]
2016-07-12 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[SHELL32]
2016-07-12 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[USETUP]
2016-07-12 Amine Khaldi[SCHTASKS] Import from Wine Staging 1.9.14. CORE-11576
2016-07-11 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoFix usage of the first parameter for TranslateAccelerat...
2016-07-10 Eric Kohl[SERVMGR]
2016-07-10 Eric Kohl[USETUP]
2016-07-09 Thomas Faber[SERVMAN]
2016-07-09 Eric Kohl[SERVMAN]
2016-07-09 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EVENTVWR]
2016-07-07 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EVENTVWR]: Fix the look of the status bar.
2016-07-07 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EVENTVWR]: Allow the user to enumerate the events...
2016-07-07 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EVENTVWR]
2016-07-06 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EVENTVWR]: Improve the user interface of the Event...
2016-07-05 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[CLIPBRD]: Use NULL for null pointer.
2016-07-05 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[RAPPS(_new)][REGEDIT]: Fix our usage of (Begin)DeferWi...
2016-07-05 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[REGEDIT]: We resize 4 windows --> BeginDeferWindowPos(4).
2016-07-04 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]
2016-07-04 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-07-03 Eric Kohl[USETUP]
2016-07-03 Eric Kohl[TRANSLATION]
2016-07-03 Eric Kohl[TRANSLATION]
2016-07-03 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-07-01 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[TASKMGR]
2016-06-29 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[NOTEPAD]: Fix German menu keyboard shortcuts, by Joach...
2016-06-29 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[PING]: Fix statistics information in the case sending...
2016-06-29 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[NOTEPAD]: Fix russian menu keyboard shortcuts, by...
2016-06-29 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[SUBST]
2016-06-29 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[COMP]: Fix code header & resource program description.
2016-06-28 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[SUBST]
2016-06-28 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[SUBST]: CORE-10681 #comment Apply part of Peter Hater...
2016-06-28 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[COMP]: Russian translation by 'amber'
2016-06-27 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]
2016-06-27 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]
2016-06-27 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[SUBST]: Fix help message indentation in different...
2016-06-26 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]
2016-06-26 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EVENTVWR]
2016-06-26 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]
2016-06-25 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoFix build (i.e. a change that shouldn't have been done).
2016-06-25 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EVENTVWR]
2016-06-25 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EVENTVWR]
2016-06-18 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-16 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-16 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-15 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-14 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-14 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-14 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-13 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-13 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-13 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[TELNET]: Add russian translation by "amber".
2016-06-12 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-12 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-12 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[DXDIAG]: Update russian translation by "leha-bot"...
2016-06-12 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[DXDIAG]: Sync some translations with the english one.
2016-06-12 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[SC]: Fix a typo in the help.
2016-06-11 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-11 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-11 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]
2016-06-10 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[WRITE]: Add wordpad's icon to write.exe compatibility...
2016-06-09 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]
2016-06-09 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[SOLITAIRE][SPIDER][CARDLIB]
2016-06-09 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[COMP]
2016-06-09 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[COMP]
2016-06-09 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[COMP]
2016-06-07 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[DHCPSVC]: It's a service, move it in the correct direc...
2016-06-07 Eric Kohl[SC]
2016-06-05 Amine Khaldi[WORDPAD] Sync with Wine Staging 1.9.11. CORE-11368
2016-06-05 Amine Khaldi[WINHLP32] Sync with Wine Staging 1.9.11. CORE-11368
2016-06-05 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EXPLORER]: Also, sending direct WM_CLOSE messages...
2016-06-05 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EXPLORER]: Minor style changes only.
2016-06-04 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EXPLORER]: Minor stylistic formatting changes; add...
2016-06-04 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EXPLORER]: Use _countof where needed.
2016-06-04 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[RSHELL]: When rshell is compiled and used on Windows...
2016-06-04 Amine Khaldi[WMIC] Sync with Wine Staging 1.9.11. CORE-11368
2016-06-04 Amine Khaldi[REG] Sync with Wine Staging 1.9.11. CORE-11368
2016-06-04 Amine Khaldi[MAGNIFY] Resource strings improvements by Henry Tang...
2016-06-04 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[EXPLORER]
2016-06-02 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[SNDREC32]: Use a sunken edge for the waveform viewer.
2016-05-31 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[REACTOS][ROSAPPS][ROSSUBSYS]
2016-05-31 Robert Naumann[TASKMGR] Change "Mem Usage" status text. Patch by...
2016-05-31 Robert Naumann[CALC] Use ShellAbout for the about dialog in Calc...
2016-05-29 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[CMD]: Harmonize CMD's welcome versioning message forma...
2016-05-28 Eric Kohl[MSPAINT]
2016-05-28 Eric Kohl[SERVICES]