- Give the "windows" module a more meaningful name.
[reactos.git] / reactos / boot / bootdata / packages / reactos.dff
2009-06-28 Colin Finck- Give the "windows" module a more meaningful name.
2009-06-16 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add Symbol font from Wine
2009-06-16 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add ntlanman.dll (not implemented)
2009-06-15 Kamil Hornicek- import dmusic from Wine, it's mostly stubs but it...
2009-05-28 Aleksey Bragin- Add missing c_424.nls.
2009-05-25 Timo KreuzerMmGrowKernelStack: go back to the ASSERT and add a...
2009-05-18 Johannes Anderwald- add ReactOS_LogOn.wav to bootcd
2009-05-12 Cameron Gutman - Add paint to bootcd
2009-05-06 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add xinput1_1, xinput1_2, xinput1_3, xinput9_1_0...
2009-05-01 Timo KreuzerMerge from amd64-branch:
2009-04-30 Timo Kreuzermerge 37282 from amd64-branch:
2009-04-29 Colin Finck- Add a "regtest.cmd" for running other commands (here...
2009-04-23 Christoph von Wittichremove wine's wintab32 which relies on x11 drivers
2009-04-22 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add Font Embedding Dll (it is necessary for Iron...
2009-04-13 Steven Edwardsadd telnet service, enable it by default
2009-04-13 Steven Edwardsmove telnetd to main tree, not enabled yet
2009-04-11 Ged MurphyRemove the old rosapps entries
2009-04-11 Ged MurphyMove the downloader tool into trunk
2009-04-11 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add amstream from Wine
2009-04-10 Aleksey Bragin- Move 4 apps from rosapps to trunk for consistency...
2009-04-06 Christoph von Wittichadd cryptnet_winetest to bootcd
2009-04-05 Kamil Hornicek- leftover from the previous commit
2009-04-03 Aleksey Bragin- Get reactos.dff in sync with rosapps cleanup.
2009-04-03 Aleksey Bragin- Remove roswebparser.exe from installable modules...
2009-03-16 Christoph von Wittich-add wlan service to registry
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add mp3 codec from Wine
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add httpapi, initpki, itircl, msisys.ocx, msnet32...
2009-03-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add mssign32, msisip, query, updspapi, wintab32 from...
2009-03-14 Christoph von Wittichstub wlanapi
2009-03-12 Timo KreuzerRemove freetype dll from build, build ftfd instead...
2009-03-11 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add mplay32 to bootcd
2009-03-11 Johannes Anderwald- Add kmixer to bootcd
2009-03-05 Johannes Anderwald- Add wdmaud.drv to bootcd
2009-03-01 Dmitry Chapyshev- Remove duplicates
2009-03-01 Dmitry Chapyshev- Full path to mci*.dll is unneeded
2009-03-01 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add iccvid, imaadp32.acm, msadp32.acm, msg711.acm...
2009-03-01 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add mciavi32, mcicda, mciqtz32, mciseq, mciwave from...
2009-02-26 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add msctf from Wine
2009-02-25 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add inseng, localspl, wuapi from Wine
2009-02-24 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add mscms, msftedit, msrle32 from Wine
2009-02-23 Dmitry Gorbachev- Reenable ACPI, it works now. Patch by Cameron Gutman...
2009-02-21 Daniel ReimerOur mshtml uses Wine Gecko 0.9.1
2009-02-18 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add sti.dll from Wine
2009-02-17 Steven Edwardsadd telnetd to the cd
2009-02-17 Timo KreuzerMerge freeldr from amd64 branch:
2009-02-14 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add url.dll from Wine
2009-02-13 Christoph von Wittichrevert r39578 as it breaks rosautotest on 3rd stage
2009-02-13 Aleksey BraginIgor Koshpaev <tower@reactos.org>
2009-02-12 Johannes Anderwald- Add audio class installer inf
2009-02-12 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add olethk32 from Wine
2009-02-09 Christoph von Wittichadd srclient.dll
2009-02-08 Christoph von Wittichadd qmgrprxy.dll from wine 1.14
2009-02-08 Christoph von Wittichadd actxprxy from wine 1.14
2009-02-07 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add olecli32 and olesvr32 from Wine
2009-02-07 Dmitry Chapyshev- Partially revert r39453
2009-02-07 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add stub program for winhlp32 (should be located...
2009-02-05 Christoph von Wittichadd shdoclc from wine 1.1.14
2009-02-04 Christoph von Wittichallow to use a local copy of wine_gecko.cab instead...
2009-02-03 Colin FinckRename the wallpaper to conform with ISO 9660:1988...
2009-02-03 Colin FinckImport the 4:3 version of the ReactOS wallpaper by...
2009-01-31 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add qmgr to build and bootcd
2009-01-31 Christoph von Wittichadd loadperf and lodctr from wine 1.1.14
2009-01-30 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add activeds from Wine
2009-01-28 Johannes Anderwald- Add wdmaud and sysaudio to bootcd
2009-01-27 Dmitry GorbachevRename Lithuanian keyboard layout. Vytis Girdzijauskas...
2009-01-23 Christoph von Wittichadd cryptdlg from wine 1.1.13
2009-01-22 Christoph von Wittichadd libjpeg
2009-01-22 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add mscat32, ntprint and wmi from Wine
2009-01-21 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add itss and msimtf from Wine
2009-01-21 Christoph von Wittichfix typo
2009-01-21 Christoph von Wittich-add libxslt 1.1.24
2009-01-19 Dmitry Chapyshev- Change hh.exe location
2009-01-17 Dmitry GorbachevCzech (QWERTZ) keyboard layout by Radek Liska. Bug...
2009-01-17 Sylvain Petreolleadd drmk to bootcd
2009-01-06 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add hdwwiz to bootcd
2009-01-05 Colin FinckSupersede the current way for running automatic regress...
2009-01-04 Christoph von Wittichsync msxml3 with wine 1.1.12 (1/2)
2009-01-03 Pierre SchweitzerRemoved avtest.sys from package as it's been removed...
2009-01-03 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add spoolss from Wine
2008-12-31 Christoph von Wittichadd dwmapi from wine 1.1.11
2008-12-30 Christoph von Wittichadd iphlpapi_winetest to bootcd
2008-12-30 Christoph von Wittichadd ws2_32_winetest to bootcd
2008-12-29 Christoph von Wittichadd crypt32_winetest to bootcd
2008-12-29 Christoph von Wittichadd wintrust_winetest to bootcd
2008-12-29 Christoph von Wittichadd jscript_winetest to bootcd
2008-12-23 KJK::HyperionMissing from previous commit
2008-12-17 Johannes Anderwald- Sorry I BROKE build
2008-12-17 Johannes Anderwald- add ks.sys & portcls.sys to bootcd image
2008-12-11 Aleksey Bragin- Fix incorrect drivers installation directories.
2008-12-10 Dmitry GorbachevUpdate NLS files.
2008-12-06 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add localui from Wine
2008-12-02 Daniel ReimerRamDRV is not in our tree anymore.
2008-11-18 Colin FinckOlaf Siejka
2008-11-10 Samuel Serapion- Merge to trunk r37270.
2008-10-30 Timo Kreuzersync to trunk head (37079)
2008-10-29 KJK::HyperionMerging r37048, r37051, r37052, r37055 from the-real...
2008-10-27 Timo Kreuzersync trunk head (37032)
2008-10-26 Matthias KupferOlaf Siejka (Caemyr) <olaf_siejka AT o2 DOT pl>
2008-10-25 KJK::HyperionVisual C++ backend for rbuild (for now just a hacked...
2008-10-25 KJK::HyperionThe real, definitive, Visual C++ support branch. Accept...