- updated blankscr file name
[reactos.git] / reactos / boot / bootdata / packages / reactos.dff
2007-11-25 Marc Piulachs- updated blankscr file name
2007-11-25 Magnus Olseninclude wine d3d9 to bootcd
2007-11-22 Timo Kreuzeradd fontview to bootcd and add ttf file association
2007-11-17 Aleksey BraginDmitry Chapyshev <lentind@yandex.ru>
2007-11-16 Hervé PoussineauPrepare import of rsabase.dll and rsaenh.dll from Wine
2007-11-15 Aleksey Bragin- Import rasapi32 from Wine, add it to the install...
2007-11-15 Marc Piulachsupdate maze screensaver path
2007-11-13 Ged Murphyadd remote desktop to the bootcd as it's now working...
2007-11-13 Aleksey Bragin- Fix dxtn path once again (thanks Pigglesworth).
2007-11-13 Aleksey Bragin- Fix .rbuild indendation.
2007-11-10 Magnus Olsenfix a syntax erorror
2007-11-10 Magnus OlsenMerge from ReactX branch to trunk
2007-11-10 Magnus OlsenMerge from branch ReactX to Trunk,
2007-10-29 Colin FinckMove cylfrac, matrix, scrmsave and starfield to rosapps...
2007-10-25 Marc Piulachsfix cat.exe > tcat.exe executable filename
2007-10-22 Marc PiulachsAdd xcopy and maginify to bootcd to make aicom happy
2007-10-20 Johannes Anderwald- add joy.cpl and tapiui.dll to bootcd
2007-10-20 Aleksey Bragin- Use "windows" module to hold native dlls, which can...
2007-10-18 Peter Ward- Add dwnl.exe utility to the bootcd, patch by Cameron...
2007-10-14 Colin FinckAdd a Czech (QWERTY) keyboard layout by Kamil Hornicek...
2007-10-12 Peter WardPatch by Marc Piulachs (Issue 2737)
2007-10-09 Daniel ReimerTry to remove the old wordpad and prepare fr the new one
2007-10-09 Ged Murphyadd wine's wordpad as the default
2007-10-06 Aleksey BraginDmitry Chapyshev <lentind@yandex.ru>
2007-10-01 Hervé PoussineauFix build
2007-10-01 Hervé PoussineauPrepare import of browseui.dll
2007-09-27 Thomas BluemelFix typo (copy&paste)
2007-09-27 Thomas BluemelAdd an initial (incomplete, not functional) implementat...
2007-09-26 Thomas BluemelAdd deskadp.dll to the bootcd and register the shell...
2007-09-21 Hervé PoussineauAdd Lithuanian keyboard
2007-09-19 Andrew GreenwoodSet service to manual start, and implemented a quick...
2007-09-12 Andrew GreenwoodModified WINE's winmm.dll to support loading of user...
2007-09-04 Christoph von Wittichadd dbgprint to bootcd until a better solution is found
2007-08-28 Johannes Anderwald- remove hack
2007-08-20 Hervé PoussineauFix typo
2007-08-20 Hervé PoussineauAdd rbuild file for winsta.dll, and add it to bootcd
2007-08-17 Magnus Olsenfixing the build and adding wine d3d8 and wined3d to...
2007-08-07 Hervé PoussineauAdd mlang.dll to bootcd
2007-08-06 Colin FinckStarfield Screensaver by Marc Piulachs (marc DOT piulac...
2007-08-03 Thomas BluemelPatch by Frode Lillerud <frode@enkelt.no>
2007-07-30 Colin FinckAdd a Logon screensaver similar to the one of Windows...
2007-07-28 Christoph von Wittichadd hh.exe to bootcd
2007-07-17 Thomas BluemelPatch by Frode Lillerud <frode@enkelt.no>
2007-07-12 Christoph von Wittich-revert my last change - I confused it with regedt32.exe
2007-07-12 Christoph von Wittich-install regedit in system32
2007-07-05 Magnus Olsenadding usp10.dll to bootcd some program need it
2007-07-03 Andrew MungerRemove stdole2.tlb from the bootcd also.
2007-07-03 Christoph von Wittichadd stdole2.tlb to bootcd
2007-07-02 Hervé PoussineauFix paths to some files
2007-07-02 Christoph von Wittichadd comcat.dll to build
2007-06-21 Colin FinckRe-add the "lake.bmp" wallpaper inclusion (partly impor...
2007-05-31 Dmitry Gorbachev- Add Finnish keyboard layout to CD.
2007-05-30 Dmitry GorbachevBurmese keyboard layout (2/2)
2007-05-27 Dmitry Gorbachev- Add Hebrew keyboard layout to CD.
2007-05-16 Maarten BosmaAdd downloader.xml again.
2007-05-01 Sebastian Gasiorekimplement polish keyboard layout
2007-04-30 Hervé PoussineauRename msacm directory to msacm32
2007-04-28 Ged Murphyadd sensapi.dll to bootcd
2007-04-27 Ged Murphyadd hhctrl.ocx to bootcd
2007-04-27 Ged Murphyadd wtsapi32.dll from Wine
2007-04-27 Ged Murphy- add cryptnet.dll from wine (stub)
2007-04-26 Hervé PoussineauAdd clusapi.dll to bootcd, and set it as autosynced...
2007-04-25 Johannes Anderwald- add missing rosapps targets
2007-04-25 Sylvain Petreollewinver now lives in rosapps,
2007-04-25 Hervé PoussineauDo not try to copy winver.exe on the bootcd, it was...
2007-04-25 Hervé PoussineauRename msvideo to msvfw32, part 2/2
2007-04-18 Christoph von Wittichadd rbuild files for wldap32 and add it to bootcd
2007-04-18 Christoph von Wittichfix build of d3d9.dll and add it to bootcd
2007-04-17 Christoph von Wittichadd cryptui.dll to bootcd
2007-04-04 Aleksey Bragin... and pciide/pciidex.
2007-04-04 Aleksey Bragin- Fix up npfs/msfs drivers paths.
2007-03-26 Hervé Poussineau- Move NCI generated files to arch-specific directories
2007-03-10 Dmitry GorbachevDo not install them two times.
2007-03-09 Alex Ionescu- Fix building the BootCD.
2007-03-07 Aleksey Bragin- Fix bootcd (taking in account rostests module too)
2007-03-03 Sylvain Petreolledownloader fixes:
2007-03-01 Alex Ionescu- Fix KiDispatchException to unmask KI_EXCEPTION_INTERN...
2007-02-24 Saveliy Tretiakovkbdse.dll -> kbdsw.dll
2007-02-17 Ged Murphyadd to bootcd to highlight the paint issue
2007-02-16 Alex Ionescu- Create KD branch. All debugging support is removed...
2007-02-11 Sylvain Petreollemove from branch
2007-02-08 Sylvain Petreolleadd msacm32.drv to bootcd
2007-02-05 Aleksey BraginMerge 25584, 25588.
2007-02-04 Aleksey BraginA stub driver for wmilib.sys. Since we don't implement...
2007-02-03 Alex Ionescu- Replace broken bootvid by a new bootvid based on...
2007-02-02 Ged Murphyadd renamed font
2007-01-31 Magnus Olsenmerge trunk rev : 25663 and 25664 to 0.3.1 branch ...
2007-01-28 Dmitry GorbachevPrototype of Italian keyboard support (see bug #1963)
2007-01-20 Aleksey BraginMerge 25429:25431, 25437, 25441:25443.
2007-01-19 Thomas BluemelMove the "Computer Name" page to netid.dll
2007-01-11 Dmitry GorbachevThai language support: keyboard layout
2007-01-01 Maarten Bosmaapps.xml => downloader.xml
2006-12-31 Maarten Bosmainclude the xml of the downloader.
2006-12-25 Maarten BosmaAdd downloader to installation.
2006-11-19 Johannes Anderwaldfix typo
2006-11-19 Alex Ionescu- Change kdcom.sys to kdcom.dll.
2006-11-19 Alex Ionescu- Major changes to HAL/kernel loading and freeldr hacks:
2006-11-12 Johannes Anderwald- add dbgprint tool as optional tool
2006-11-10 Johannes Anderwald- add a sample bootchecking script (running after 3rd...
2006-10-26 Christoph von Wittichnow it is possible to build bootcd and bootcdregtest...