[reactos.git] / reactos / dll / cpl /
2011-05-13 Timo Kreuzer[MSI]
2011-05-13 Amine Khaldi* Reduce difference to the cmake branch.
2011-05-13 Gabriel Ilardi[input]
2011-05-12 Giannis Adamopoulos[desk cpl]
2011-05-08 Rafal Harabien[DESK]
2011-05-04 Pierre Schweitzer[DESK]
2011-05-01 Rafal Harabien[DESK]
2011-04-29 Gabriel Ilardi[DESK]
2011-04-14 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS]
2011-04-09 Kamil HornicekUpdated Czech translations for ping, charmap, reactos...
2011-04-08 Olaf Siejka[DOSKEY]
2011-04-05 Rafal Harabien[USRMGR]
2011-04-03 Sylvain Petreolle[CONSOLE]
2011-03-30 Olaf Siejka[DESK]
2011-03-23 Gabriel IlardiPaolo Devoti: Some Italian fixes.
2011-03-21 Rafal HarabienDon't destroy ImageList used by ListView if control...
2011-03-19 Olaf Siejka[DESK.CPL]
2011-03-13 Roel Messiant[DLL]
2011-02-26 Pierre Schweitzer[USRMGR]
2011-02-26 Pierre Schweitzer[USRMGR]
2011-02-20 Pierre Schweitzer[CONSOLE]
2011-02-09 Timo Kreuzersync trunk HEAD (r50626)
2011-01-31 Sylvain Petreolle[CMAKE]
2011-01-28 Johannes Anderwald[KS]
2011-01-28 Johannes Anderwald[MMEBUDDY]
2011-01-27 Matthias Kupfer- save the KeyboardCues value correctly
2011-01-27 Matthias Kupfer- effects dialog doesn't affect the color scheme (comme...
2011-01-26 Sylvain Petreolle[CMAKE]
2011-01-03 Amine Khaldi[CMAKE]
2010-12-26 Daniel ReimerBug 5756: TRANSLATION: multiple modules: Bulgarian...
2010-12-03 Johannes Anderwald- Update to trunk
2010-11-26 Sylvain Petreolle[CMAKE]
2010-11-20 Amine Khaldi[CMAKE]
2010-11-16 Timo Kreuzer[CMAKE]
2010-11-13 Timo Kreuzer[FREELDR]
2010-11-06 Johannes Anderwald- merge audio headers
2010-11-05 Johannes Anderwald- Merge audio components from head
2010-11-05 Timo KreuzerCreate a branch for audio work
2010-10-29 Sylvain Petreolle[TIMEDATE]
2010-10-27 Jérôme Gardousync with trunk r49322
2010-10-27 Jérôme GardouSync with trunk (r49303)
2010-10-25 Timo Kreuzer[YAROTOWS] Reintegrate the branch. For a brighter future.
2010-10-23 Sylvain Petreolle[CMAKE]
2010-10-23 Timo Kreuzersync with trunk (r49238)
2010-10-14 Jérôme GardouSync with trunk head (r49139)
2010-10-13 Daniel ReimerAnother dll addition to cmake, another rc file fix.
2010-10-06 Ged Murphy- Implement monitor bitmap support for the display...
2010-09-20 Timo Kreuzer[CMAKE]
2010-09-19 Aleksey Bragin[DESK.CPL]
2010-09-17 Timo KreuzerSync with trunk head (r48786)
2010-09-12 Cameron Gutman[DESK]
2010-09-10 Eric Kohl[DESK.CPL]
2010-08-30 Timo KreuzerSync with trunk head (r48654)
2010-08-29 Amine Khaldi[CMAKE]
2010-08-14 Jérôme GardouSync with trunk (r48545)
2010-08-02 Jérôme GardouSync with trunk (r48414)
2010-07-25 Jérôme GardouSync with trunk (48237)
2010-07-24 Amine KhaldiCreate a branch for cmake bringup.
2010-07-21 Gabriel Ilardi[DESK]
2010-07-20 Jérôme GardouSync with trunk (r48144)
2010-07-20 Jérôme GardouSync with trunk (r48123)
2010-07-20 Timo Kreuzer[ACCESS]
2010-07-20 Sylvain PetreolleRemove BOM from UTF-8 rc files.
2010-07-19 Timo Kreuzer[KERNEL32]
2010-07-16 Daniel Reimer[PATCH] user32: DrawText: CJK and Thai line-wrapping
2010-07-15 Jérôme GardouSync with trunk 48067
2010-07-14 Jérôme GardouSync with trunk (r48042), except win32k/ntuser/cursoricon.c
2010-07-13 Jérôme GardouSync with trunk (r48008)
2010-07-12 Cameron Gutman[WINSOCK]
2010-07-12 Daniel ReimerReapply the idea of r44368. Remove the "kernel32" libra...
2010-07-05 Daniel Reimerupdate wine's unicode app to 1.2rc6. (Samuel Serapion)
2010-07-04 Matthias KupferKatayama Hirofumi MZ <katayama DOT hirofumi DOT mz...
2010-07-01 Daniel ReimerUkrainian translation Updates (Igor Paliychuk)
2010-06-23 Sylvain PetreolleAdd leftover from sync, fixes build.
2010-06-23 Timo KreuzerSync to trunk (r47832)
2010-06-17 Jérôme GardouHopefully fail to break anything in the process of...
2010-06-12 Daniel ReimerBug 5457: updated slovak translations by Mario Kacmar.
2010-06-10 Timo KreuzerSync to trunk head (r47736)
2010-06-09 Amine KhaldiReintegrate header-work branch. Important changes inclu...
2010-06-07 Amine KhaldiSync trunk.
2010-06-03 Gregor Schneider[DESK]
2010-06-03 Gabriel Ilardi[SYSDM]
2010-06-03 Eric Kohl[SYSDM]
2010-06-02 Gabriel Ilardi[SYSDM]
2010-06-02 Eric Kohl[SYSDM]
2010-06-02 Gabriel IlardiSeveral Italian translation updates by Paolo Devoti.
2010-05-30 Gregor Schneider[MMSYS] Load the no sound item in the shared buffer...
2010-05-30 Gregor Schneider[MMSYS] Adjust German dialog item positions and sizes
2010-05-26 Gabriel Ilardi[USETUP]
2010-05-25 Jérôme Gardousync with trunk r47346
2010-05-23 Gabriel Ilardi[INTL]
2010-05-22 Eric Kohl[INTL]
2010-05-22 Amine KhaldiSync up to trunk head.
2010-05-22 Gabriel Ilardi[INTL]
2010-05-22 Eric Kohl[INTL]
2010-05-15 Jérôme Gardousync with trunk r47227
2010-05-12 Gregor Schneider[USRMGR]
2010-05-10 Amine Khaldi- Sync with trunk up to r46941.
2010-05-09 Gregor Schneider[INPUT]
2010-05-09 Johannes Anderwald[CONSOLE]