Fix file location in file properties dialog.
[reactos.git] / reactos / dll / win32 / shell32 / fprop.c
2009-03-21 Sylvain PetreolleFix file location in file properties dialog.
2009-02-17 Timo KreuzerMerge freeldr from amd64 branch:
2008-12-29 Dmitry Gorbachev- Fix indentation.
2008-10-29 KJK::HyperionMerging r37048, r37051, r37052, r37055 from the-real...
2008-10-25 KJK::HyperionVisual C++ backend for rbuild (for now just a hacked...
2008-10-25 KJK::HyperionThe real, definitive, Visual C++ support branch. Accept...
2008-10-13 Cameron Gutman - Merge aicom-network-fixes up to r36740
2008-08-26 Johannes Anderwaldshell32 update (1/2)
2008-08-23 Johannes Anderwald- Check if source and destination is the same. Fixes...
2008-08-20 Johannes Anderwald- Do not pass SHGDN_INFOLDER flag
2008-08-02 Pierre SchweitzerRevert r35043 on shell32/fprop.c
2008-08-02 Pierre SchweitzerSynced dbghelp.dll with Wine HEAD.
2008-08-01 Art YerkesCreate a branch for network fixes.
2008-07-29 Johannes Anderwald- implement folder property dialog
2008-07-27 Johannes Anderwald- implement changing drive volume name
2008-07-06 Johannes Anderwald- fix potential buffer overflows spotted by Christoph
2008-07-06 Johannes Anderwald- implement IShellPropSheetExt handling for file proper...
2008-06-28 Johannes Anderwald- fix a buffer overflow leading to disapperance of...
2008-06-28 Johannes Anderwald- only display filename in the title for the file prope...
2008-06-27 Johannes Anderwald- display default icon in file property dialog
2008-06-27 Johannes Anderwald- use "FriendlyTypeName" key for file types when available
2008-06-24 Colin FinckGet shell32 to compile warning-free
2008-04-18 Pierre SchweitzerFixed a bug with file version informations
2008-02-11 Hervé PoussineauBring back ext2 code from branch
2008-01-13 Aleksey Bragin- Sync up Mm interface with WinLdr branch (introduce...
2008-01-06 Thomas BluemelFix handling of WM_COMMAND messages
2007-11-24 Hervé PoussineauRemove YDEBUG define support, replaced by DEBUGCHANNEL...
2007-11-10 Magnus OlsenMerge from branch ReactX to Trunk,
2007-10-31 Aleksey Bragin- By default, #define YDEBUG should be generally commen...
2007-10-19 Daniel ReimerDelete all Trailing spaces in code.
2007-10-12 Johannes Anderwald- explictely use PROPSHEETHEADERW
2007-10-11 Johannes Anderwald- sync rest of shell32 excluding resources to wine
2007-10-02 Johannes Anderwald- remove small hack
2007-10-02 Hervé PoussineauAdd a default debug channel
2007-10-01 Johannes Anderwald- start implementing a few shell property dialogs ...