Sync to trunk (r44371)
[reactos.git] / reactos / dll /
2009-12-03 Samuel SerapionSync to trunk (r44371)
2009-12-03 Michael MartinSXS Support Part 2 of 2.
2009-12-02 Colin Finck[General]
2009-12-02 Daniel ReimerBug 4970: PATCH: Dutch translation for newdev by Maikel...
2009-12-01 Gregor Schneider[kernel]
2009-12-01 Michael Martin[kernel32]
2009-11-29 Johannes Anderwald[WDMAUD.DRV]
2009-11-29 Gregor Schneider[setupapi] Sync SetupGetIntField to Wine, fixes six...
2009-11-29 Michael Martin[ntdll]
2009-11-28 Gregor Schneider[gdiplus]
2009-11-25 Aleksey Bragin[rpcrt4]
2009-11-21 Aleksey Bragin[kernel32]
2009-11-20 Aleksey Bragin[wininet]
2009-11-20 Aleksey Bragin[wininet]
2009-11-18 Aleksey Bragin- Properly convert mswsock.def to mswsock.spec (we...
2009-11-16 Johannes Anderwald- Build fix by Pigglesworth
2009-11-16 Johannes Anderwald- Various bugfixes found by Amine48rz
2009-11-16 Christoph von Wittichpartial FormatMessage wine sync
2009-11-16 Christoph von Wittichsync msi to wine 1.1.33
2009-11-15 Christoph von Wittichsync mshtml to wine 1.1.33
2009-11-15 Christoph von Wittichsync rsaenh with wine 1.1.33
2009-11-15 Christoph von Wittichpartial shell32 sync
2009-11-15 Christoph von Wittichsync crypt32 with wine 1.1.33
2009-11-15 Christoph von Wittichsync dde with wine 1.1.33
2009-11-15 Johannes Anderwald- Implement reading user shell folders from registry
2009-11-14 Sylvain PetreolleGetCurrencyFormatW() formatting bug fix by Viliam Lejci...
2009-11-13 Johannes Anderwald[KERNEL32]
2009-11-13 Johannes Anderwald[PSDK]
2009-11-13 Aleksey Bragin- Sync rpcrt4 with Wine-1.1.32. ReactOS-specific change...
2009-11-13 Christoph von Wittichsync dde with wine 1.1.32
2009-11-13 Christoph von Wittichsync dwmapi with wine 1.1.32
2009-11-13 Johannes Anderwald- Implement updating volume position / mute state after...
2009-11-13 Samuel Serapion- Enable telnet, and tftpd.
2009-11-12 Aleksey Bragin[advapi32]
2009-11-11 Christoph von Wittichreturn TRUE in ReadFile if there is nothing to read
2009-11-11 KJK::Hyperionmodified lib/3rdparty/mingw/mingw.rbuild
2009-11-10 Dmitry GorbachevFix Japanese bug #4776.
2009-11-10 Christoph von Wittichsync shlwapi to wine 1.1.32
2009-11-10 Christoph von Wittichsync SHGetFileInfo and CommandLineToArgvW to wine 1...
2009-11-10 Christoph von Wittichpartial shell32 sync to wine 1.1.32
2009-11-10 Christoph von Wittichfix ILCreateControlPanel and ILCreatePrinters
2009-11-10 Christoph von Wittichsync shell32/shelllink to wine 1.1.32
2009-11-10 Johannes Anderwald- Remove ASSERT && add param checks
2009-11-10 Timo KreuzerMerge trunk HEAD (r44067)
2009-11-09 KJK::Hyperionmodified base/shell/explorer/notifyhook/notifyhook.def
2009-11-09 Samuel SerapionFix ws2_32 64bit build (2 of 2)
2009-11-09 Samuel SerapionSync with trunk and additional 64bit build hacks^H...
2009-11-09 Samuel SerapionFix Build.
2009-11-07 Aleksey Bragin[comctl32]
2009-11-07 KJK::HyperionFix keyboard navigation of menus (up/down keys)
2009-11-07 Johannes Anderwald[DSOUND]
2009-11-07 Johannes Anderwald[DSOUND_NEW]
2009-11-07 Samuel SerapionFix user32 build mostly tested in trunk. Some local...
2009-11-06 Johannes Anderwald- Fix check
2009-11-05 Timo KreuzerUpdate forwarder entries in kernel32.pspec
2009-11-05 Timo Kreuzeruse RtlPcToFileHeader instead of RtlpLookupModuleBase
2009-11-05 Timo KreuzerUpdate kernel32.pspec based on Win7 32 and 64 bit,...
2009-11-05 Aleksey Bragin[shell32]
2009-11-05 Aleksey Bragin[shell32]
2009-11-05 Samuel Serapion[USER32]
2009-11-04 Timo Kreuzerfix the pspec, too
2009-11-04 Timo KreuzerAdd some amd64 specific exports to kernel32
2009-11-04 Christoph von Wittichsync wininet with wine 1.1.32
2009-11-04 Johannes Anderwald- Add sanity checks
2009-11-03 Johannes Anderwald- Fix checking of flags found by Ged
2009-11-03 Johannes Anderwald- Implement IDirectSoundCaptureBuffer8::Lock, IDirectSo...
2009-11-03 Johannes Anderwald- Fix one more dsound_winetest dsound8 failure
2009-11-03 Johannes Anderwald[DSOUND]
2009-11-03 Johannes Anderwald- Partially revert 43747
2009-11-03 Johannes Anderwald- Add a few sanity checks
2009-11-02 Michael Martin[user32]
2009-11-02 Michael Martin[User32]
2009-11-02 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix support for /CRASHDEBUG and /NODEBUG; we didn...
2009-11-02 Timo Kreuzer[OPENGL32]
2009-11-02 Kamil Hornicek- get rid of some cast frenzy, by Physicus
2009-11-02 Samuel SerapionRevert wrong fix with correct one.
2009-11-01 Daniel ReimerBug 4893: Dutch translation for Spider Solitaire by...
2009-11-01 Andrew Hill[browseui]
2009-10-31 Andrew Hill[atlnew]
2009-10-31 Johannes Anderwald- Start rewrite of DirectSound
2009-10-31 Andrew Hill[browseui, shell32, explorer_new, include]
2009-10-30 Samuel SerapionPlease don't cast NULL to an integer type. Fixes buildi...
2009-10-30 Samuel SerapionRemove unneeded casts. Fix build.
2009-10-30 Johannes Anderwald- Check Input Parameter (fixes a skype crash)
2009-10-30 Samuel SerapionAdd missing files. Kernel32 now links.
2009-10-30 Johannes Anderwald- Fix a broken cast (x64 compability)
2009-10-30 Samuel SerapionFix gdi32 build for real.
2009-10-30 Michael Martin[msi]
2009-10-30 Samuel SerapionTemporarily remove mmebuddy dependencies.
2009-10-30 Samuel SerapionFix gdi32 build.
2009-10-29 Samuel SerapionFix Build.
2009-10-29 Samuel SerapionFix comctl32 build and potential bug.
2009-10-29 Samuel SerapionFix avicap32 build.
2009-10-29 Stefan Ginsberg- Implement the ThreadDescriptorTableEntry case for...
2009-10-28 Dmitry GorbachevRemove byte order mark.
2009-10-28 Dmitry GorbachevPatch for Regional Settings applet by Viliam Lejcik...
2009-10-28 Johannes Anderwald- Silence wdmaud.drv
2009-10-28 James Tabor- [User32] Update MenuShowPopup with wine and add menu...
2009-10-27 Johannes Anderwald[WDMAUD.DRV][MMEBUDDY]
2009-10-27 Johannes Anderwald- Fix a heap corruption at process shutdown