[reactos.git] / reactos / dll /
2009-11-07 Johannes Anderwald[DSOUND]
2009-11-07 Johannes Anderwald[DSOUND_NEW]
2009-11-06 Johannes Anderwald- Fix check
2009-11-05 Aleksey Bragin[shell32]
2009-11-05 Aleksey Bragin[shell32]
2009-11-04 Christoph von Wittichsync wininet with wine 1.1.32
2009-11-04 Johannes Anderwald- Add sanity checks
2009-11-03 Johannes Anderwald- Fix checking of flags found by Ged
2009-11-03 Johannes Anderwald- Implement IDirectSoundCaptureBuffer8::Lock, IDirectSo...
2009-11-03 Johannes Anderwald- Fix one more dsound_winetest dsound8 failure
2009-11-03 Johannes Anderwald[DSOUND]
2009-11-03 Johannes Anderwald- Partially revert 43747
2009-11-03 Johannes Anderwald- Add a few sanity checks
2009-11-02 Michael Martin[user32]
2009-11-02 Michael Martin[User32]
2009-11-02 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix support for /CRASHDEBUG and /NODEBUG; we didn...
2009-11-02 Timo Kreuzer[OPENGL32]
2009-11-02 Kamil Hornicek- get rid of some cast frenzy, by Physicus
2009-11-01 Daniel ReimerBug 4893: Dutch translation for Spider Solitaire by...
2009-11-01 Andrew Hill[browseui]
2009-10-31 Andrew Hill[atlnew]
2009-10-31 Johannes Anderwald- Start rewrite of DirectSound
2009-10-31 Andrew Hill[browseui, shell32, explorer_new, include]
2009-10-30 Johannes Anderwald- Check Input Parameter (fixes a skype crash)
2009-10-30 Johannes Anderwald- Fix a broken cast (x64 compability)
2009-10-30 Michael Martin[msi]
2009-10-29 Stefan Ginsberg- Implement the ThreadDescriptorTableEntry case for...
2009-10-28 Dmitry GorbachevRemove byte order mark.
2009-10-28 Dmitry GorbachevPatch for Regional Settings applet by Viliam Lejcik...
2009-10-28 Johannes Anderwald- Silence wdmaud.drv
2009-10-28 James Tabor- [User32] Update MenuShowPopup with wine and add menu...
2009-10-27 Johannes Anderwald[WDMAUD.DRV][MMEBUDDY]
2009-10-27 Johannes Anderwald- Fix a heap corruption at process shutdown
2009-10-27 Dmitry Gorbachev- Update address of Free Software Foundation.
2009-10-26 Johannes Anderwald[WDMAUD.DRV][WDMAUD_KERNEL][MMEBUDDY]
2009-10-26 Johannes Anderwald- Implement reading preferred playback / record device
2009-10-26 Johannes Anderwald- Revert 43774
2009-10-26 James Tabor- Fix wine class test with a sync with wine edit.c.
2009-10-26 Johannes Anderwald- Add an initial stub of DSound
2009-10-26 Giannis AdamopoulosWe should send WM_SYSCOMMAND when we get a WM_SYSKEYUP...
2009-10-26 Cameron Gutman - Update AFD's shared header
2009-10-26 Johannes Anderwald[WDMAUD.DRV]
2009-10-25 Christoph von Wittich-sync rsaenh with wine 1.1.32
2009-10-25 Christoph von Wittichpartial kernel32 GetLocaleInfo sync to wine 1.1.32
2009-10-25 Christoph von Wittich-sync msxml3 with wine 1.1.32
2009-10-25 Christoph von Wittich-sync netapi32 with wine 1.1.32
2009-10-25 Johannes Anderwald- Make sure that no duplicate wdmaud.drv audio drivers...
2009-10-25 Johannes Anderwald- Partially sync winmm
2009-10-25 Christoph von Wittichpartially sync kernel32 profile to wine 1.1.32
2009-10-25 Christoph von Wittich-sync cabinet with wine 1.1.32
2009-10-25 Christoph von Wittichdon't crash in msi install winetest
2009-10-25 Christoph von Wittich-sync msi with wine 1.1.32
2009-10-25 Giannis AdamopoulosSync DrawText funtions with wine 1.1.32
2009-10-25 Christoph von Wittichpartial wine sync to 1.1.32:
2009-10-24 Cameron Gutman - Implement SetIpNetEntry in iphlpapi and InfoTdiSetAr...
2009-10-24 Sylvain Petreolleadd missing checks
2009-10-24 Dmitry Chapyshev- Fix Russian translation
2009-10-24 Kamil Hornicek- merge some of the more meaningful stuff from the...
2009-10-24 Gregor Schneider[kernel32] Check for valid atom, fixes the remaining...
2009-10-23 Stefan Ginsberg- Replace RtlpGetExceptionAddress by the _ReturnAddress...
2009-10-23 Johannes Anderwald- Fix build
2009-10-23 Johannes Anderwald- Make sure string is null terminated
2009-10-22 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix 43192 -- MAXUINT and MAXULONGLONG are only define...
2009-10-22 Andrew Hill[shell32]
2009-10-21 James Tabor- [User32] Rein Klazes : Handle MN_GETHMENU in PopupMen...
2009-10-20 Christoph von Wittich-sync mapi32 with wine 1.1.31
2009-10-20 Christoph von Wittich-sync mshtml with wine 1.1.31
2009-10-20 Gregor Schneider[gdi32] Prevent possible buffer overrun in TranslateCha...
2009-10-20 Cameron Gutman - Don't set AT_ARP for the loopback interface
2009-10-19 Aleksey BraginDaniel Zimmermann <netzimme@aim.com>
2009-10-19 Christoph von Wittichpartial rpcrt4 sync to wine 1.1.31
2009-10-19 Christoph von Wittichupdate libxml2 to version 2.7.6
2009-10-19 Christoph von Wittichupdate libxslt to version 1.1.26
2009-10-19 Christoph von Wittich-sync msxml3 with wine 1.1.31
2009-10-19 Christoph von Wittich-sync atl with wine 1.1.31
2009-10-19 Christoph von Wittich-sync wintrust with wine 1.1.31
2009-10-19 Christoph von Wittich-sync urlmon with wine 1.1.31
2009-10-19 Christoph von Wittich-sync jscript with wine 1.1.31
2009-10-18 Dmitry Gorbachev[3DTEXT, FREELDR, HAL, MINGW_COMMON, MMDRV, MSGINA...
2009-10-18 Christoph von Wittichadd some NULL checks
2009-10-18 Stefan Ginsberg- Fix error return of EnumPrinterKeyA/W, spotted by...
2009-10-18 Stefan GinsbergPatch from David "gigaherz" Quintana: Stub out EnumPrin...
2009-10-17 Christoph von Wittichsync msi to wine 1.1.31
2009-10-17 Christoph von Wittichsync shlwapi to wine 1.1.31
2009-10-17 Christoph von Wittichsync dialog to wine 1.1.31 (fixes one dialog winetest)
2009-10-17 Christoph von Wittichsync edit to wine 1.1.31
2009-10-17 Christoph von Wittich[Shell32]: in shell view, use the expected value for...
2009-10-17 Stefan Ginsberg- ntdll: Remove deprecated LdrpLoadUserModuleSymbols...
2009-10-17 Daniel ReimerAdded 11 new Backs for my bavarian cards dll. Way bette...
2009-10-16 Cameron Gutman - Add rasadhlp to build and bootcd
2009-10-16 Cameron Gutman - Fix build
2009-10-16 Cameron Gutman - Add Alex's rasadhlp
2009-10-15 Gregor SchneiderAmendment to r43487: check last character as well
2009-10-15 Gregor Schneider[kernel32] IsBadStringPtrA/W:
2009-10-15 Aleksey Bragin[kernel32]
2009-10-15 ReactOS Portable... - Multiple Virtual Memory API fixes:
2009-10-14 Timo KreuzerMerge amd64 NDK from amd64 branch:
2009-10-13 Christoph von Wittichpartial sync to wine 1.1.31
2009-10-12 Dmitry GorbachevCheck for error.
2009-10-12 Matthias Kupfer- small fix for SystemParametersInfo-call for DragFullW...