\r processing.
[reactos.git] / reactos / drivers / dd /
2001-07-30 Emanuele Aliberti\r processing.
2001-07-26 Eric KohlRemoved specs files.
2001-07-26 Eric KohlUpdated .cvsignore and makefile.
2001-07-26 Eric KohlVidport did not have an export table because of broken...
2001-07-25 Eric KohlRemove unusable 'driver'.
2001-07-25 Eric KohlAdded missing .cvsignore files.
2001-07-25 Eric KohlMinor update
2001-07-25 Eric KohlAdded missing .cvsignore files.
2001-07-24 Eric KohlUpdated makefile
2001-07-15 Rex Jolliffmove work on clean rule
2001-07-01 Jason FilbyWide characters to conform to LOGFONTW definition
2001-06-29 Eric KohlStarted moving common gdi32/w32k types into common...
2001-06-26 Eric KohlFixed typos and warnings.
2001-06-22 Eric KohlAdded symbol __NTDRIVER__ to identify drivers.
2001-06-18 Phillip SusiEnhanced floppy driver to read up to an entire track...
2001-06-18 Phillip SusiCheck in of new ram disk driver, loads floppy image...
2001-06-12 Eric KohlAdded missing STDCALLs.
2001-06-07 Eric KohlReplaced IDEGetPartitionTable() by call to IoReadPartit...
2001-06-07 Emanuele AlibertiFixed includes to compile.
2001-06-03 Jason FilbySmall fixes
2001-06-02 Eric KohlFixed partition table bug
2001-06-02 Jason FilbyFaster moving mouse cursor
2001-05-26 Jason FilbyWas not clearing screen on some cards
2001-05-26 Jason FilbyVGA software cursor
2001-05-02 Eric KohlFixed typo
2001-05-02 Jason Filbyminor fix
2001-05-02 Jason FilbyUpdate install files
2001-05-02 Jason FilbyVGA driver support for TransparentBlt
2001-05-02 Jason FilbyCorrect palette info. Initial support for bitblt masks
2001-05-02 Jason FilbyCorrectly configure palette registers
2001-04-30 Rex JolliffBUGFIX: Primary partitions that appeared after extended...
2001-04-26 Phillip SusiFloppy driver updates, managed to boot system from...
2001-03-31 Phillip SusiMassive floppy work
2001-03-31 Jason FilbyIndentation corrected, minor fixes
2001-03-29 Jason FilbyInitialize the VGA to work with display driver's vgavideo.c
2001-03-29 David WelchFixed int 10 problems
2001-03-28 David WelchFixed page list initialization
2001-03-27 David WelchPrint addresses in stack frames even early in the boot
2001-03-25 David WelchFurther fixes
2001-03-25 David WelchV86 mode fixes
2001-03-20 Eric KohlUse vidport-functions instead of ntdll-functions
2001-03-20 Eric KohlEstablished forwarded exports in vidport.sys
2001-03-07 David WelchMore .cvsignore files
2001-03-04 Eric KohlIncreased number of busy retries
2001-02-18 David WelchFix for memory management issue.
2001-02-18 Phillip SusiIgnore vidport.coff
2001-02-18 Phillip SusiIgnore vgamp.coff
2001-02-18 Phillip SusiIgnore vgaddi.coff, vgaddi.dll
2001-02-18 Phillip SusiIgnore ide.sys.unstripped
2001-02-18 Phillip SusiIgnore floppy.sys.unstripped
2001-02-18 Phillip SusiIgnore blue.sys.unstripped
2001-01-31 Phillip SusiBug fixes and redesign of a few ioctls
2001-01-06 Rex JolliffFixed a bug in partition chain handling
2000-12-26 David WelchAdded support for calling BIOS functions
2000-12-08 Eric KohlFixed floppy driver bug!
2000-11-20 Eric KohlModified makefiles for use with rcopy
2000-11-16 Jason Filbyminor fix
2000-10-22 Eric KohlReplaced linux io calls
2000-10-22 Eric KohlReplaced linux io calls
2000-10-22 Eric KohlRemoved duplicate code and replaced linux io calls
2000-10-18 Jason Filby*** empty log message ***
2000-10-18 Jason Filby*** empty log message ***
2000-10-14 Jason FilbyImproved bitblt and painting performance
2000-10-14 Jason Filby*** empty log message ***
2000-10-08 Eric KohlAdded atom table stubs
2000-10-07 David WelchAdded multiboot support to ntoskrnl
2000-10-05 Eric KohlAdded missing STDCALLs
2000-09-29 jeanwork on registry
2000-09-12 jeanchanges in IRP for compatibility
2000-08-25 Eric KohlFinished drive letter assignment
2000-08-24 Eric KohlMinor ide driver cleanup
2000-08-22 Eric KohlFixed disk size and partition limits
2000-08-21 Eric KohlImplemented IoReadPartitionTable().
2000-08-20 David WelchFixed memory manager bugs
2000-08-18 David WelchAdded .o -> .sys rule to simplify driver makefiles
2000-08-18 Eric KohlFixed port i/o functions
2000-08-18 Eric KohlFixed partition id bug
2000-08-11 Eric KohlRemoved M$ driver
2000-08-11 Eric KohlRenamed pseudo target 'floppy' to 'install'
2000-08-05 David WelchIntegrated fixes from prep0016
2000-07-19 David WelchAdded floppy makefile and version resource file
2000-07-19 David WelchRemoved broken dma code
2000-07-11 Phillip SusiMinor bug fix
2000-07-09 Rex Jolliffadded files to be ignored
2000-07-07 Eric KohlFixed a typo
2000-07-07 Eric KohlAdded dist target
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiOne should not say the device does not exist causing...
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiImplimented reset to text mode
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiConverted a bunch of DbgPrint() calls to DPRINT()
2000-07-07 Phillip SusiImplimented switch back to text mode after gditest
2000-07-02 Eric KohlSimplified driver initialization
2000-07-01 David WelchRemoved unused header file
2000-06-29 David WelchMade header file usage more consistent
2000-06-19 Eric KohlAdded counting physical discs
2000-06-18 Jason FilbyCommented out test code that prevented compilation
2000-06-16 Jason FilbyVGA display driver improvements
2000-05-26 Phillip Susibig work on the console front
2000-05-13 Emanuele AlibertiIoSetThreadHardErrorMode().
2000-05-08 Eric KohlImplemented IOCTL to draw screen buffer
2000-04-23 Phillip SusiWas reporting geometry backwards, and needed to add...