Version info for Minix driver.
[reactos.git] / reactos / drivers / fs / minix / makefile_rex
2000-04-01 Emanuele AlibertiVersion info for Minix driver.
2000-03-22 David WelchUpdated the minix driver
1999-11-24 David WelchBegan converting minix fsd to work with new caching...
1999-08-29 David Welch*** empty log message ***
1999-05-11 Eric KohlFixed clean target.
1999-04-05 David WelchImproved GDT managment
1999-04-03 Rex JolliffAdded a recursive clean rule and cleaned up a few loose...
1998-10-05 Rex JolliffThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
1998-09-13 Rex JolliffInitial revision