Fixed the 'REACTOS' volume label bug.
[reactos.git] / reactos / drivers / fs / vfat / fcb.c
2001-07-28 Hartmut BirrFixed the 'REACTOS' volume label bug.
2001-07-25 Hartmut BirrFixed bug in vfatMakeRootFCB().
2001-07-20 Eric KohlEnabled caching for FAT32 partitions.
2001-07-14 Eric KohlFixed a string overrun.
2001-07-05 Rex JolliffPartial directory caching (create calls cached, but...
2001-05-10 Rex Jolliffa few more changes to vfat driver
2001-05-10 Rex Jolliffextracted a few more FCB funcs
2001-05-02 Rex JolliffExtracted vfat8dot3ToFilename from GetEntryName