Check for removable media and Partition length is 0, for DiskClassCheckReadWrite.
[reactos.git] / reactos / drivers / storage / disk / disk.c
2005-02-27 James TaborCheck for removable media and Partition length is 0...
2005-02-01 Filip NavaraProtect against writes beyond the end of partition.
2005-01-06 Martin Fuchsmigrate substitution keywords to SVN
2004-11-24 Eric KohlDon't use a hardcoded sector size of 512 bytes.
2004-07-15 James TaborClear Partition0 DriveNotReady, for Removable Media.
2004-07-13 James TaborForce a rebuild of the partition table if it already...
2004-07-05 Hartmut Birr- Removed IOCTL_DISK_CHECK_VERIFY. We must use the...
2004-07-03 Filip Navara- Fix errors during optimized build.
2004-06-21 Hartmut Birr- Enabled the command queueing (in DiskClassCreateDevic...
2004-05-10 Gé van GeldorpAvoid warnings when using gcc 3.4
2004-04-01 James TaborAdded MediaChangeCount
2004-04-01 James TaborWrong to remove ExFreePool.
2004-03-31 James TaborRemoved ExFreePool and Spell error.
2004-03-31 James TaborMore Oops!
2004-03-31 James TaborAdded removable mediachange support.
2004-02-14 Filip Navarasizeof(SENSE_BUFFER_SIZE) -> SENSE_BUFFER_SIZE
2004-01-09 Gé van GeldorpIOCTL_DISK_SET_DRIVE_LAYOUT doesn't return any info...
2003-11-13 Eric KohlEnabled -Wall and -Werror and fixed resulting bugs.
2003-07-23 Eric KohlImplemented IOCTL_DISK_IS_WRITABLE.
2003-06-24 Eric KohlAllocate a sense data buffer for each disk device.
2003-05-01 Eric KohlGet timeout value from the registry or use default...
2003-04-29 Eric KohlDisabled debug messages.
2003-04-29 Eric KohlImplemented disk geometry update for BIOS drives.
2003-04-28 Eric KohlUse disk signature or MBR checksum to find the right...
2003-04-27 Eric KohlDetect and print BIOS disk geometry.
2003-04-27 Eric KohlMoved disk manager related offset calculation to class2.
2003-04-05 Casper Hornstrup2003-04-05 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2003-03-28 Eric KohlAdded support for the Ontrack Disk Manager.
2003-02-26 Eric KohlDetect disk manager software.
2003-01-30 Eric KohlAdded write cache flushing (untested).
2002-12-15 Eric KohlUse lookaside list to allocate SRBs.
2002-09-19 Eric KohlMoved SCSI headers because they are used by usetup.
2002-09-08 Casper HornstrupReverted latest changes.
2002-09-07 Casper HornstrupUse free Windows DDK and compile with latest MinGW...
2002-07-18 Eric KohlAdded IOCTL_DISK_SET_PARTITION_INFO.
2002-06-06 Eric KohlFixed broken handling of SCSI port capabilities.
2002-05-28 Eric KohlBuild a fake partition table for removable media drives.
2002-05-25 Eric KohlFixed timeout for unpopulated ide channels.
2002-03-22 Eric KohlDisabled annoying debug message.
2002-03-22 Eric KohlStarted support for removable disk drives.
2002-03-20 Eric KohlFixed minor bug.
2002-03-13 Eric KohlMoved creation of ARC names into ntoskrnl.
2002-03-08 Eric KohlAdded IOCTL_DISK_GET_PARTITION_INFO.
2002-03-04 Eric KohlEnabled reading of multiple sectors.
2002-03-01 Eric KohlImplemented IOCTL_DISK_GET_PARTITION_INFO.
2002-02-03 Eric KohlUpdates to the disk driver stack.
2002-01-31 Eric KohlDisk driver stack update.
2002-01-27 Eric KohlBasic work on disk driver stack (still incomplete).
2002-01-14 Eric KohlImproved disk driver stack.
2001-07-24 Eric KohlAdded disk class driver skeleton.