Remove some debug output for USB drivers
[reactos.git] / reactos / drivers / storage / floppy /
2005-12-01 Steven Edwardsstop the abuse of having the ddk directory in the path...
2005-11-19 Hervé PoussineauFix access rights (even if not checked in KernelMode)
2005-07-29 Emanuele AlibertiVarious fixes to DPRINT parameter list.
2005-07-24 Martin Fuchsset eol-style for most xml files
2005-06-21 Hervé PoussineauSilent debug messages
2005-06-17 Filip NavaraUse W32API.
2005-06-17 Filip NavaraGet rid of obsolete makefile.
2005-05-28 Casper HornstrupMerge 12735:15568 from xmlbuildsystem branch
2005-05-27 Casper HornstrupMerge 15329:15546 from trunk
2005-05-27 Casper HornstrupCopy rpoolmgr.h from trunk
2005-05-16 Casper HornstrupMerge 15268:15329 from trunk
2005-05-15 Casper HornstrupGenerate proxy makefiles
2005-05-14 Casper HornstrupMerge 14981:15268 from trunk
2005-05-13 Casper HornstrupCopy w32api from trunk
2005-05-12 Casper HornstrupMerge 12736:14980 from trunk
2005-05-08 Steven Edwardsremove whitespace from end of lines
2005-05-05 Casper HornstrupMerge 14551:14980 from trunk
2005-05-05 Casper HornstrupCopy wininet to branch
2005-05-01 Martin Fuchsmerge ROS Shell without integrated explorer part into...
2005-04-10 Hartmut BirrAdded dependency tracking.
2005-04-10 Hartmut BirrSet a better value for gap3 on read/write requests.
2005-04-10 Hartmut BirrMade the hard coded value for the HUT a little bit...
2005-04-10 Casper HornstrupMerge 13831:14550 from trunk
2005-04-08 Casper HornstrupCopy riched20
2005-04-08 Casper HornstrupCopy makefile
2005-04-05 Hartmut Birr- Changed the calculation of the current sector count...
2005-04-05 Hartmut BirrInitialize the maximum length of the device description...
2005-04-05 Hartmut BirrSet the correct CurrentVa in the call to IoFlushAdapter...
2005-04-04 Casper HornstrupInstall generated files
2005-03-12 Thomas BluemelAlex Ionescu <>
2005-03-05 Casper HornstrupCopy msiexec from trunk
2005-03-05 Casper HornstrupMerge 13511:13830 from trunk
2005-03-02 Casper HornstrupCopy bootstrap files to cd
2005-02-28 Alex IonescuReverting to 13775. Sorry for the mess. This is dedicat...
2005-02-28 Alex IonescuTest commit. Not official branch release -- it will...
2005-02-15 Casper HornstrupMerge 13159:13510 from trunk
2005-02-15 Casper HornstrupCopy msimg32
2005-02-12 Casper HornstrupBranch setupapi (again)
2005-02-12 Casper HornstrupBranch setupapi
2005-01-17 Casper HornstrupBuild storage drivers
2005-01-06 Martin Fuchsmigrate substitution keywords to SVN
2005-01-06 Martin Fuchsmigrate substitution keywords to SVN
2004-12-31 Casper HornstrupRemove .cvsignore files.
2004-10-16 Gé van Geldorp- Centralize definition of version resource
2004-08-04 Filip Navara- Disable debug messages of floppy driver.
2004-07-22 Filip Navara- Fix initialization order.
2004-07-18 The ReactOS TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2004-07-15 The ReactOS TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2004-07-05 Hartmut Birr- Check for a valid buffer on a call to IOCTL_DISK_CHEC...
2004-06-22 Vizziniminor debug message fix
2004-06-20 Vizziniclarified a misleading comment
2004-06-15 Gé van GeldorpBuild "new" floppy driver instead of non-functional...
2004-03-13 Vizziniturn off skip bit to support VMWare FDC
2004-03-13 Vizzinifixed two race conditions with motor power-off; now...
2004-03-13 Vizzinifixed a couple motor start/stop bugs; fixed a seek...
2004-03-12 Vizzini - Added arc path support
2004-03-11 VizziniLots of code clean-up; correctly copies files of any...
2004-03-11 VizziniFixed a length calculation bug introduced with transfer...
2004-03-11 Vizzinifixed CHS computation bug
2004-03-11 Vizzini - Implement support for split DMA transfers
2004-03-10 VizziniProperly set the length of the transfer so FastFat...
2004-03-10 VizziniDisabled disk-change notification because it was breaki...
2004-03-04 Filip NavaraCVS maintaince
2004-03-01 VizziniFirst import of in-progress floppy driver replacement...