[reactos.git] / reactos / drivers / usb / usbccgp /
2014-02-09 Amine Khaldi[DRIVERS]
2014-02-09 Johannes Anderwald[USBCGGP]
2014-02-03 Amine Khaldi[USBCCGP]
2014-01-15 Sylvain Petreolle[THEMES]
2014-01-02 Amine Khaldi[USBCCGP]
2014-01-02 Amine Khaldi[USBCCGP]
2013-11-28 Amine Khaldi[DRIVERS]
2013-07-20 Alex Ionescu[MISC]: Cleanup a bunch of unused variables, in cases...
2013-07-19 Alex Ionescu[USBCCGP]: FDO_HandleResetCyclePort should complete...
2013-05-24 Johannes Anderwald[HIDCLASS]
2013-05-09 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoMerge my current work done on the kd++ branch:
2013-05-09 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSunc with trunk revision 58971.
2013-04-28 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoCreate this branch to work on loading of different...
2013-04-15 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[REACTOS]
2013-04-13 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk r58740.
2013-04-06 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk r58687.
2013-04-01 Ziliang GuoBranching for 0.3.15 release after two days of no respo...
2013-03-24 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSynchronize with trunk r58606.
2013-03-16 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSynchronize with trunk r58528.
2013-03-10 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSynchronize with trunk r58457.
2013-01-28 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto- Sync with trunk r58248 to bring the latest changes...
2013-01-09 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk r58151 to bring the latest changes...
2012-12-28 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSync with trunk r58033.
2012-12-24 Johannes Anderwald[USBCCGP]
2012-12-10 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto- Synchronize up to trunk's revision r57864.
2012-12-10 Johannes Anderwald[USBCCGP]
2012-12-09 Johannes Anderwald[USBCCGP]
2012-12-08 Johannes Anderwald[USBCCGP]
2012-11-30 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSynchronize up to trunk's revision r57784.
2012-11-24 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSynchronize up to trunk's revision r57756.
2012-11-07 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSynchronize up to trunk's revision r57689.
2012-10-31 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSynchronize with trunk's revision r57652.
2012-10-28 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSynchronize with trunk's revision r57629.
2012-10-23 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoSynchronize with trunk's revision r57599.
2012-10-14 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoCreate a branch for working on csrss and co.
2012-06-01 Amine Khaldi[USBCCGP]
2012-05-28 Thomas Faber[LIBUSB][USBCCGP]
2012-05-28 Thomas Faber[LIBUSB][USBCCGP][USBEHCI]
2012-05-28 Thomas Faber[USBCCGP]
2012-03-12 Thomas Faber[CLT2012]
2012-03-06 Cameron Gutman[USBCCGP]
2012-03-03 Cameron Gutman[USBCCGP]
2012-03-03 Johannes Anderwald[USBCCGP]
2012-03-03 Johannes Anderwald[USBCCG]
2012-02-25 Amine Khaldi* Rbuild, our build system, has served us well so far...
2012-02-25 Johannes Anderwald[USBCCGP]
2012-02-23 Johannes Anderwald[USBCCGP]
2012-02-22 Johannes Anderwald[USBCCGP]
2012-02-21 Johannes Anderwald[USBCCGP]
2012-02-19 Johannes Anderwald[USBCCGP]
2012-02-12 Cameron Gutman[USB]