[CSRSRV]: Fix two DPRINTs.
[reactos.git] / reactos / drivers /
2013-09-28 Thomas Faber[NPFS]
2013-09-20 Thomas Faber[NPFS]
2013-09-16 Thomas Faber[NPFS]
2013-09-15 Amine Khaldi* Update Johannes's email address.
2013-09-15 Johannes Anderwald[AUDIO]
2013-09-13 Amine Khaldi[HIDUSB][USBHUB]
2013-09-13 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[MOUNTMGR]
2013-09-13 Thomas Faber[NPFS_NEW]
2013-09-13 Thomas Faber[NPFS_NEW]
2013-09-13 Alex Ionescu[NPFS-NEW]: Activate NPFS-NEW. Let's see what happens.
2013-09-13 Alex Ionescu[NPFS-NEW]: Fix pool corruption and crashing bugs in...
2013-09-12 Alex Ionescu[NPFS-NEW]: Implement NpImpersonate, needed by FSCTL_PI...
2013-09-12 Alex Ionescu[NPFS-NEW]: Fix a bug in NpRemoveDataQueueEntry.
2013-09-12 Alex Ionescu[NPFS-NEW]: Fix moar bougs. pipe: 33920 tests execute...
2013-09-12 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoFix other _SEH2_YIELD() issues, spotted for most of...
2013-09-12 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[NPFS_NEW]
2013-09-12 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[NPFS_NEW]
2013-09-11 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[NPFS_NEW]: Add file header info.
2013-09-11 Alex Ionescu[NPFS-NEW]: ntdll_winetest pipe : 107 tests executed...
2013-09-11 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[SAC]: Don't return things from a VOID function (MSVC_w...
2013-09-11 Alex Ionescu[NPFS-NEW]: Use locking and IRP completion macros from...
2013-09-11 Alex Ionescu[NPFS-NEW]:
2013-09-11 Alex Ionescu[NPFS-NEW]: Multiple code fixes to almost all code...
2013-09-10 Alex IonescuFor our 60000th commit, I bring you a complete rewrite...
2013-09-10 Alex Ionescu[NPFS-NEW]: Implement Close, Cleanup, Disconnect, Flush...
2013-09-09 Alex Ionescu[NPFS-NEW]: Add data queue management routines, and...
2013-09-07 Amine Khaldi[NPFS_NEW]
2013-09-01 Amine Khaldi[NPFS/KERNEL32]
2013-08-31 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[FREELDR-KDCOM-KDBG]
2013-08-31 Alex IonescuCORE-2198 #resolve #time 15m #comment [NPFS/KERNEL32...
2013-08-31 Alex Ionescu[NPFS]: Add support for a few more volume information...
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescu[HIDPARSE]: Stop the HID debug spam.
2013-08-26 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: Implement DoCrashCommand.
2013-08-26 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: SAC expects its memory allocations to be...
2013-08-26 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: Implement VTUTF8ChannelProcessAttributes...
2013-08-26 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: Switch !SAC back to VT-UTF8 and remove the...
2013-08-26 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: Implement VTUTF8ChannelOWrite2. Time to try...
2013-08-25 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: Last WIP pass at VTUTF8ChannelConsumeEscapeSe...
2013-08-25 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: A few more ANSI commands. Also now that I...
2013-08-25 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: Start adding definitions/macros/etc based...
2013-08-25 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: Implement VTUTF8ChannelScanForNumber.
2013-08-19 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: IReadLast returns WCHAR, not CHAR.
2013-08-18 Alex Ionescu[KDCOM]: Also adhere to new standard.
2013-08-18 Alex Ionescu[CPORTLIB/KDBG/FREELDR]: Fix CpGetByte and its callers...
2013-08-14 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: fix a bug in ChannelReferenceToOneByIndexwith...
2013-08-13 Alex Ionescu[NTOSKRNL]: Add and fix more glue code for EMS/Headless...
2013-08-12 Cameron Gutman[TCPIP]
2013-08-12 Cameron Gutman[TCPIP]
2013-08-12 Cameron Gutman[CMAKE]
2013-08-12 Cameron Gutman[TCPIP]
2013-08-06 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: Another attempt to make MSVC happy.
2013-08-06 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: Great job GCC at not realizing a variable...
2013-08-06 Alex Ionescu[SACDRV]: Set dependency on sacmsg.
2013-08-06 Alex Ionescu[HIVES]: Add "System Reserved" and "EMS" group types.
2013-08-04 Cameron Gutman[TCPIP]
2013-08-01 Amine Khaldi[MOUNTMGR]
2013-08-01 Amine Khaldi[CMIDRIVER]
2013-07-24 Amine Khaldi[NTFS]
2013-07-24 Amine Khaldi[MSFS][MUP]
2013-07-20 Thomas Faber[PORTCLS]
2013-07-20 Alex Ionescu[USBEHCI]: Straggler fix.
2013-07-20 Alex Ionescu[MISC]: Cleanup a bunch of unused variables, in cases...
2013-07-19 Alex Ionescu[USBCCGP]: FDO_HandleResetCyclePort should complete...
2013-07-19 Amine Khaldi[FBTUSB]
2013-07-19 Amine Khaldi[UNIATA]
2013-07-19 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoFinal fixes for the SYNCHRONIZE flag
2013-07-19 Hermès Bélusca-MaïtoFix ASSERTMSG definition and usage (which is: ASSERTMSG...
2013-07-07 Eric Kohl[NPFS]
2013-07-07 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[CONDRV]
2013-07-07 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[CONDRV]
2013-07-05 Cameron Gutman[RTL8139]
2013-07-05 Cameron Gutman[RTL8139]
2013-07-05 Cameron Gutman[RTL8139]
2013-07-05 Cameron Gutman[RTL8139]
2013-07-05 Cameron Gutman[NDIS]
2013-07-03 Cameron Gutman[TCPIP]
2013-07-03 Cameron Gutman[TCPIP]
2013-06-29 Hermès Bélusca-Maïto[MUP]
2013-06-22 Thomas Faber[CMAKE]
2013-06-17 Amine Khaldi[EXT2FS]
2013-06-16 Eric Kohl[NTFS]
2013-06-15 Johannes Anderwald[MOUHID]
2013-06-15 Johannes Anderwald[HIDPARSER, HIDPARSE, INCLUDE]
2013-06-01 Johannes Anderwald[AUDIO]
2013-05-31 Aleksey Bragin[PCIX]
2013-05-30 Johannes Anderwald[SYSAUDIO]
2013-05-30 Johannes Anderwald[PORTCLS]
2013-05-27 Thomas Faber[CLASS2]
2013-05-26 Johannes Anderwald[USBSTOR]
2013-05-26 Johannes Anderwald[USBSTOR]
2013-05-24 Johannes Anderwald[USBSTOR]
2013-05-24 Johannes Anderwald[HIDCLASS]
2013-05-19 Johannes Anderwald[HIDCLASS]
2013-05-19 Johannes Anderwald[HIDCLASS]
2013-05-19 Johannes Anderwald[MOUHID]
2013-05-18 Johannes Anderwald[USB]
2013-05-17 Eric Kohl[FASTFAT]
2013-05-16 Eric Kohl[FASTFAT]
2013-05-16 Eric Kohl[FASTFAT]
2013-05-12 Thomas Faber[HIDUSB]