[reactos.git] / reactos / include / psdk / psdk.rbuild
2010-01-16 Aleksey Bragin[PSDK]
2010-01-05 Timo Kreuzer[CSRSS]
2009-10-14 Timo KreuzerMerge amd64 NDK from amd64 branch:
2009-09-26 Timo KreuzerMerge HAL changes 34743, 34812, 34839, 34917, 35515...
2009-09-19 Timo KreuzerMerge from amd64 branch:
2009-09-19 Timo KreuzerSync with trunk r43000
2009-08-22 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add windowscodecs.dll from Wine 1.1.28
2009-08-15 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add bcrypt, xmllite and hnetcfg from Wine
2009-05-01 Timo KreuzerMerge from amd64-branch:
2009-04-30 Timo Kreuzermerge 37282 from amd64-branch:
2009-04-16 Timo KreuzerSync trunk r40500
2009-04-06 Dmitry Chapyshev- Sync some headers with Wine
2009-03-18 Timo KreuzerSync to trunk head (r40091)
2009-02-26 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add msctf from Wine
2009-02-25 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add inseng, localspl, wuapi from Wine
2009-02-17 Timo KreuzerMerge freeldr from amd64 branch:
2009-02-03 Timo KreuzerSync to trunk r39350.
2009-01-31 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add some headers from Wine
2009-01-18 Christoph von Wittichadd ctxtcall.idl from wine
2008-10-29 KJK::HyperionMerging r37048, r37051, r37052, r37055 from the-real...
2008-10-25 KJK::HyperionVisual C++ backend for rbuild (for now just a hacked...
2008-10-25 KJK::HyperionThe real, definitive, Visual C++ support branch. Accept...
2008-10-20 Timo Kreuzersync to trunk revision 36500
2008-10-20 Timo Kreuzersync to trunk revision 36100
2008-10-13 Cameron Gutman - Merge aicom-network-fixes up to r36740
2008-09-14 Christoph von Wittichbetter hackfix for rpc.h
2008-09-09 Christoph von Wittichadd new stdole2 target for the real typelib (the other...
2008-09-07 Pierre SchweitzerCommit 1/2
2008-08-01 Art YerkesCreate a branch for network fixes.
2008-07-08 Aleksey BraginAutosyncing with Wine HEAD
2008-05-17 Hervé PoussineauAdd fusion.idl from Wine
2008-05-06 Dmitry Chapyshev- Add & update headers
2008-04-11 Hervé PoussineauUpdate some headers (from Wine)
2008-02-11 Hervé PoussineauBring back ext2 code from branch
2008-01-13 Aleksey Bragin- Sync up Mm interface with WinLdr branch (introduce...
2008-01-04 Christoph von Wittichadd mscoree headers from wine
2007-12-21 Marc Piulachs- Update headers from wine (mostly formatting)
2007-09-17 Hervé PoussineauAdd missing svn:eol-style native properties
2007-09-14 Hervé PoussineauClean up .rbuild files and make them xml compliant
2007-08-06 Hervé PoussineauGenerate as much headers as possible from idl
2007-07-28 Christoph von Wittichdelete ocidl.h and autogenerate it from the idl
2007-07-01 Christoph von Wittich-deleted comcat.h
2007-04-20 Christoph von Wittichupdate riched20,ole32,oleaut32 to latest wine versions