Full memory management support (memory.c & memory.h & mem.S)
[reactos.git] / reactos / install.bochs
2001-04-16 David WelchSMP detection work
2001-03-31 David WelchFix for not valid PE module bug
2001-03-07 David WelchAdded tagging of most allocates
2001-01-17 David WelchMultiboot fixes
2000-12-10 David WelchSome work on file caching
2000-07-19 David WelchRemoved broken dma code
2000-04-07 David WelchBegan seperation of machine-dependant/independant secti...
2000-03-24 David WelchConnected standard input/output to the console
2000-03-16 David WelchImplemented setting the fs register to point to the TEB