Fix for DeviceIoControl masking FILE_DEVICE_FILE_SYSTEM incorrectly.
[reactos.git] / reactos / lib / crtdll /
2002-09-08 Casper HornstrupReverted latest changes.
2002-09-07 Casper HornstrupUse free Windows DDK and compile with latest MinGW...
2002-08-25 Robert DickensonAdded a whole lot of CVS sugar so I can use WinCVS...
2002-06-15 Eric KohlEnable %wZ and %Z format specifiers (remove #if 0).
2002-05-05 Casper HornstrupFixed warnings and errors so ReactOS can be compiled...
2002-01-27 David WelchAdded missing files
2001-09-24 Casper HornstrupFix for compile error
2001-09-23 Casper HornstrupCompile using gcc 3.0
2001-09-09 Hartmut BirrFixed a bug, that will add a '.' when the ext string...
2001-08-21 Casper HornstrupMajor update of the build system:
2001-08-02 Hartmut BirrFixed a minor bug in __getmainargs()/__GetMainArgs().
2001-08-02 Hartmut BirrFixed a minor bug in _filbuf().
2001-07-27 Eric KohlFixed a warning.
2001-07-21 Emanuele AlibertiMinor fix.
2001-07-19 Eric KohlFixed bug in _makepath().
2001-07-18 Eric KohlFixed a tiny bug.
2001-07-15 Rex Jolliffmove work on clean rule
2001-06-25 Eric KohlFixed a lot of warnings.
2001-05-30 Eric KohlFixed potential crash when empty ANSI_STRING or UNICODE...
2001-03-06 Carl NettelbladAdditional fixes.
2001-03-02 Carl NettelbladFixes for cmd copy command.
2001-02-19 David WelchCorrected va_arg bugs
2001-02-03 jeanoops! leave make a pop, and caller of alloca make esp...
2001-02-01 jean*** empty log message ***
2001-02-01 jeancorrect some bugs in spawn... functions
2001-02-01 jeanchanges in alloca because gcc push only ebp at begin...
2001-01-27 Eric KohlFixed _iob bug
2001-01-25 jeanchanges in _iob
2001-01-25 jeancorrect some arguments for CreateFile
2001-01-18 jeansuppress use of FILE_READ_xx and FILE_WRITE_xxx defines.
2001-01-18 jeancorrect _environ assignment, because it's an array...
2001-01-17 jeanbetter clean
2000-12-22 Emanuele Aliberti_itow, _ltow, _ultow added to crtdll.
2000-12-03 Eric KohlSome minor fixes
2000-12-02 Eric KohlFixed compiler warnings
2000-11-20 Eric KohlModified makefiles for use with rcopy
2000-11-16 Eric KohlFixed a compiler warning
2000-10-08 David WelchFixed compilation bugs
2000-10-08 Eric KohlFixed a typo
2000-10-08 David WelchAdditional bug fixes
2000-10-07 David WelchAdded multiboot support to ntoskrnl
2000-08-18 David WelchAdded .o -> .sys rule to simplify driver makefiles
2000-08-11 Eric KohlRenamed pseudo target 'floppy' to 'install'
2000-08-10 Eric KohlFixed typo
2000-08-05 David WelchIntegrated fixes from prep0016
2000-05-01 Emanuele AlibertiSome STDCALL/FASTCALL added in Ex code.
2000-04-08 Eric KohlFixed compiler warnings
2000-03-18 Eric KohlFixed compiler warnings
2000-03-17 Eric KohlFixed compiler warning
2000-03-10 Eric KohlFixed compiler warning
2000-02-05 Eric KohlFixed _wcsnicmp()
2000-01-20 Eric KohlAdded missing format types to vfprintf()
2000-01-19 Eric KohlCleanup
2000-01-19 Eric KohlFixed compiler warning
2000-01-05 Eric KohlFixed ctype table and functions.
1999-12-24 Eric KohlFixed compiler warnings
1999-12-13 David WelchReworked APC and waiting code, seems more stable now
1999-11-28 Eric Kohlfixed a typo
1999-11-09 Eric KohlFixed bug with gcc 2.95.2
1999-10-15 Eric KohlFixed a typo.
1999-10-07 Eric KohlFixed header inclusion order.
1999-08-29 David Welch*** empty log message ***
1999-07-16 Rex Jolliffadded dist rule
1999-06-25 Rex Jolliffconsolidated makefiles and added floppy and dist rules.
1999-06-24 Boudewijn Dekkerno message
1999-06-18 Emanuele AlibertiNTOSKRNL.ZwXXX functions now call NTOSKRNL.NtXXX via...
1999-06-08 Emanuele AlibertiUpdated to 0.0.14
1999-05-29 David WelchLots of changes to the kernel
1999-05-28 Rex JolliffFirst hack at KMDLLs
1999-05-24 Boudewijn Dekkerno message
1999-05-24 Boudewijn Dekkerno message
1999-05-24 Boudewijn Dekkerno message
1999-05-21 Rex Jolliffpatches to get v14 to compile.
1999-05-18 Boudewijn DekkerCommit to implement all symbols initially
1999-05-14 Eric KohlFixed overlapping buffer handling.
1999-05-11 Eric KohlUpdate to build cmd separately.
1999-05-10 Rex Jolliffa little work on the registry code
1999-05-09 Boudewijn Dekkerfixed bug in scanf
1999-04-29 Eric KohlFixed 'implicid declaration' warnings.
1999-04-27 Eric KohlFixed the 'clean' rule.
1999-04-27 Boudewijn DekkerFixed bug in modfl and in fread and fwrite and added
1999-04-25 Emanuele Alibertiversion information
1999-04-23 Boudewijn DekkerFixed some bugs.
1999-04-20 Eric Kohlcompatibility fixes
1999-04-18 David WelchFixed silly bug (sorry)
1999-04-18 David WelchCorrected bug which stopped(!) crtdll from compiling
1999-04-18 David WelchSeveral bug fixes
1999-04-17 Boudewijn DekkerReplaced old version of printf and added some long...
1999-04-14 Eric Kohlchanged strupr() to _strupr()
1999-04-14 Boudewijn DekkerAdded various files.
1999-04-14 David WelchFixed more compilation bugs (sorry)
1999-04-14 David Welch*** empty log message ***
1999-04-10 David WelchPartially implemented PEB
1999-04-03 Boudewijn Dekkerminor fixes
1999-04-02 Boudewijn Dekkermoved some header files from top level to crtdll directory
1999-04-02 Rex JolliffSetup CRTDLL config to build DLL
1999-03-22 Boudewijn Dekkerno message
1999-03-22 Boudewijn DekkerAdded __set_errno to file.h
1999-03-22 Boudewijn DekkerChanges and improved mingw32 compile
1999-03-22 Boudewijn DekkerConverted cwait.c and system.c to lower case.